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Islamabad Se (IRI Survey & Imran Khan Reservations) – 28th January 2013

GUESTS:-Ahsan Rasheed(PTI),Tariq Fazal Chaudhry(PML-N),Senator Talha Mehmood(JUI F)!



  • mohammrd rafiq

    PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif made financial gains of $418 million during his twice stints as Prime Minister of the country, according to a book entitled Capitalism’s Achilles Heel by Raymond W Baker.
    The book is a dossier on the corruption of most dominated political families in the history including Nawaz Sharif and how they accumulated their properties, factories and enormous wealth.
    According to the book, at least $160 million were pocketed by Nawaz Sharif during his first stint as the Prime Minister in the 1990, from a contract to build a highway from Lahore, his home town, to Islamabad, the nation’s capital.
    At least $140 million in unsecured loans from Pakistan’s state banks. More than $60 million generated from government rebates on sugar exported by mills controlled by Mr. Sharif and his business associates.
    At least $58 million skimmed from prices paid for imported wheat from the United States and Canada. In the wheat deal, Mr. Sharif’s government paid prices far above market value to a private company owned by a close associate of his in Washington, the records show. Falsely in?ated invoices for the wheat generated tens of millions of dollars in cash

  • Khan

    The anchor is inclined towards Tariq Fazal Chaudry, Seems to be biased regarding PTI


    Hahaha…I know…most of talk shows .will be on PTI..down graph..in this IRI..survey..they presents
    PTI.like that..they are sitting in the Gov.and all worst things happened in pakistan..because of PTI
    What ever the Survey..the ground reality is that..me and my all family members.and friends..was in PTI
    and is with PTI….and we are committed with IMRAN..we hate PPP..and PMLN.

  • chali

    QUESTION FOR Punjab government??
    1) Did Punjab government generate electricity themselves
    2)why textile industries moved to Bangladesh
    3)Gujranwala power tools industries almost dead
    4)sialkot surgical tools industries almost dead
    still PMLN popular in survey in IRA i have no idea

  • PTI lover

    abhi jang start ho gyi hai between status quo and the youth of pakistan…..we are gonna prove them wrong anyway in the upcoming elections……

  • PTI lover

    mei nahi manta mei nahi manta…..this is one sided survey….and whatever this sold out media to nawaz sharif and america….we are gonna prove them wrong in the upcoming elections…come on PTI tigers…

  • Amjad Sheikh

    Current Political Situation in Pakistan

    All parties part of “Bhan Mati ka Kumba” headed by Zardari are out to spread confusion in Pakistan. MQM is using this opportunity to take away the focus on Election and stopping people talking about how Election Commission is going about to count voters in certain areas of Karachi as ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

    New provinces
    Election Commission
    Re-registering voters in Certain Halqas
    Who is popular Party in Pakistan
    Using money to spread around in media channels

    These are different tricks they are using to either postpone the elections or taking away the public focus on different election frauds that these parties are habitual to commit.
    People of Pakistan beware this is very crucial time for you. This time around if these dirty and corrupt parties are able to achieve what they have in their agenda than remember Pakistan could take a turn for worst. Why these thieves do not talk about what they have done for the last 5 years. MQM took thousands of containers when Babar Ghuri was their minister for the ports. PPP has show that they want to govern Pakistan like a Vedera controls his land and the people working in it. Please wake up and stand for your rights. Country is going through the most dangerous time. It is not the time to sit down and let the situation flow wherever it goes. Look at the PPP leadership headed by this wheler dealer in Punjab. How hard they are working to do no mater what happens to Pakistan.

    We the workers of PTI demand from the PTI leadership to keep the focus on the present situation and if the long march is the need of today then do it. We are with you. The entire young generation of Pakistan is looking forward to PTI that they will take the right step at the right time.

  • himayoun

    for pti to b leading party in upcomming elections,is satasfied by simple logic.In 2013 elections 3.6 cr new voters will b voting ist time,they r hell bent 4 change .if we take only 70% of them vote in favour of pti,then pti will have almost 2 cr votes from young people plus some votes from voters who have chaned their view.pti is almost to gain 2cr min to 2.5 cr maximum votes which is 4 the sure winning situation…this servey is fabricated

  • israr

    IRI jo b kahy….phir b IMRAN KHAN zindabaad………….Geo khan saab
    jitny pesy pmln ne lagaya….itna agar me b kharch krta too…..40% percent maqboliat paata..
    PAKISTAN KI SHAN …PAKISTAN KI AAN……..only…….khan imran khan

  • zarbkaleem


    • http://twitter.com/umer_1619 @umer_1619

      tum b??

  • shahzad

    مارو گولی صوبے بنانے کو ووٹ پانچ سال کی کارکردگی پر ہی دینا ہے
    پانچ سال میں روٹی کپڑا مکان دیا نہیں بجلی گیس مہنگائی ،صنعتیں بند مزدور بیروزگار کچھ کر سکے نہیں اور اب صوبہ بنانے چلے عوام کو بے وقوف سمج رکھا ہے بھلا ہو میڈیا کا عوام اب سب جانتے ہیں صوبے کے نام پر پانچ سال کی کارکردگی نہیں بھولی

  • Arshad

    ilzamat ki siasat n league (magrmachh)

  • Tough Pakistani

    The fallacy of this survey is evident from the poll that says that PPP has 14% support whereas PTI has 18% support nationally. So according to this, PPP and PTI have almost the same approval rating in Pakistan. HA HA HA HA WHAT A JOKE !

  • Rafiq Sabir

    To be in gov from ZIA time is a big advantage& Can influence in many ways So what is to be surprised to gain in survey PTI have No advantage of this type. They are in Power from long Time So what they need more time to prove. Only to distribute peopl's TAX money to gain VOTE.

  • Junaid

    You guys have to know… "Foreign" countries are totally involved in PK politics & media,
    whoever are slave of those countries, they are getting popularity like this type of surveys & by money & by drama/propagenda… & I am sure it will increase… till election. The only hope after God is Imran khan…, will face more challenges & I am sure again… people who don't want to use their brain they will act & give stupid comments again…. I am sorry to say but this is fact mostly Sindhi (Chor, Dakko) Punjabi (Dirty Brain) not a Sikh community,… Atleast let other people to run this country…..

  • pappo yaar


    Jub kissi cheese ko zoor lagana hota hai…tu…you slide it back then push it up…yeahi cheese Tsunami kee honay wali hai…just a slight pull for a BIG PUSH

  • himayoun

    im 100 percent sure that this servey is manupulted.in punjab im dead sure that pti is most popular than plmn

    • http://twitter.com/umer_1619 @umer_1619

      bhai manipulate KPK ,sindh or balouchistan me kerna shaid bhool gye werna uder b kerte had ha yr 2008 ka IRI survey utha k dekh lo jo kaha woi result tha or N 2nd pe thi kia us waqt nhi manipulate ker sakte thy