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  • shani

    Wasim bhai sirf baton se kaam nai chalay ga ap ne vote bhi dena ha Imran Khan ko :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/PTIBedford Pti Worker

    thanks wasim bahi for doing this

  • shahid mirza

    well said and it comes across as clearly straight from the heart,
    you too are a man who has done the nation proud and are admired universally. may Allah always bless you and yours.

  • mujahid

    insha Allah he will win

  • maverick

    Love you Imran khan………we are with you…

  • The Truth

    This video is made by Gen Sujha Pasha, wasim akram is part of establishment.

    • maverick

      Tum say aise hi bakwas ki umeed thi…bolay bhi tu kia stink mare hae….hahahaha

  • http://www.munnatv.com/imrankhan Imran Khan

    Imran khan is the best one he can do a lot to make this country a better place to live in…!!! Please all support him

  • Ahmad

    I like it very nice wasim and I like to imran bhai

  • kafeel

    insha allah imran khan will be win.

  • marinakhan

    only waseen learn from imran that u should fight till the last ball.noone else learn after that

  • marinakhan

    always love u waseem the legend.

  • meeeee

    nadeem you are Gaandoo

  • shujaat

    my leader ik

  • http://twitter.com/bashirchoudhary @bashirchoudhary

    True pakistani hero all will be with Imran but Raw CIA Saudi Agent are with PMLN
    Suggestion of Asma jahangir for Interim PM by PMLN proof of pleasing west .
    I hope musharraf will be back soon and nawaz family will not sleep again.

    • abdul khan

      Imran khan is a golden oportunity for pakistani nation, please take this opportunity and save pakistan.please spread this message to every pakistani and guide them to support and vote imran khan for noble cause of saving pakistan and defeat STATUS CO parties who are in power since 35 years but result is zero exept their own increase of wealth and properties.please donot support PMLN and PPP this time and give chance to honest Imran Khan.Inshallah You will feel big difference

  • Pakistan Zindabad

    Wasim Akram himself is Joowari, Match Fixer A Booky,what he tells about otherImran booky??? hahaha
    khawaja ka gawaah Daddooo……………..
    It seems that PTI Chicks are busy finding Imran's Totaay to bore the people,
    what Fking special in this kind of videos, why not showing his other videos where he is Drinking Wine and Dancing in the ClubS,
    the other ones sitting in H E E R A M A N DI watching Mujras etc. Stop spreading this kind of Fake Promoting material like he is an Angel Do some normal things you Rat A S S

    • http://twitter.com/bashirchoudhary @bashirchoudhary

      Think about your future and your kids /// do u want to be slave of sharif family ? Be pakistani and think about Pakistan Vote for best.
      Allah Taala us qoum ki halat naheen badlta jis ko khial na ho khud apni halat badlnay ka.

      Any way even he get some seats army will kick pmln and ppp no more time left pakistan is near bank corrupt
      same as Nawaz left when he was in power Use ur brain don't think with ur belly but brain

      • Pakistan Zindabad

        Tum is ko Khuda bana kar Pooja karo, kyun k Khuda per tum log Yaqeen nahi katay. Isaan kisi ka kuch nahee kar saktaa jab tak Khudaa ki marzee na ho. Kissi ko aik had tak acha kaho Khuda na bana lo, ye Jahalat hai:@

    • http://facebook.com imran

      oooye loooty of nora or ppppp k…..
      kuch hoooosh kr mulk ka sawallllllllll ha………….
      us ilm ko use kr jis na tujhy shaooor diya hai…………….