Training For PTI Members about Election Day

Training For PTI Members about Election Day

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Training For PTI Members about Election Day, 8.7 out of 10 based on 56 ratings

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  1. KAYANI says:

    great speech brother,
    God bless IMRAN KHAN and PTI worker.

  2. Rizwan says:

    Punjabi will vote for Ganja
    Pathan will vote for AANP
    Shia and Sindhi will vote for PPP
    Karachiites will vote for MQM
    Educated youth will vote for PTI

  3. umar says:

    from where can i get flag of pti?

  4. arif says:


  5. abida says:


  6. shahzad says:

    hhhhahahaha PPP will win and ZARDARI will continue as President

  7. wequar711 says:

    It is heartening to see this Video and knowing that PTI is going to train its workers who one day will become political and social leaders.The idea of training your workers, having elections in the party, and presenting its future plans and strategy augurs well. I pray that our future generation will respond to this intelligent way of running a political party. Well done;

    Dr Wequar Ali Khan
    Miami Florida

  8. maverick says:

    Please you can make this advertisement more better, as the person anchoring is moving his hands too much….please make it again….song is really good…

  9. 143 ik says:

    golden words. . . . . . .

  10. PAKISTAN says:


  11. akhtar says:

    sir pti ka inthabi nishaan kon sa hai?

  12. usman says:

    gooooood job
    we are with you bro thank you for help
    we love p t i
    we love imran khan

  13. Abdul wadood says:

    i will take responsibility for my own village, i know how to manage all this, i did this before.

  14. Killer says:

    very good Meer sb, and thx for guiding, insha Allah Assy he ho ga,,,

  15. Shamim Adil says:

    Well done Meer Ikram.

  16. Ali Ibnay Zia says:

    great message vote for PTI

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