Aik din geo ke saath – Rabi Pirzada – 20th January 2013


Aik din geo ke saath – Rabi Pirzada – 20th January 2013

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  • zahidsz

    Yaar Sohail Sahib jehan jaatay hain pehlay say behtreen khanoun kee dishes tiyar houtin haain- otherwise there is no use of such programs meeting the people. What it has to do with the general public.

    Sohail apni tound bharanay kay chakar main aisay interviews karta hay aur khaskar celeberties kay sath, kabhi kissee mazdoor kay saath bhee program karo bhai Sohail.

  • amir

    yaar she is very sexyyyyyyyyyy

  • mssghari

    very fine prformance

  • Sheeda

    Geo for God sake have some standard . She is not worth it . Had ho gai manafqat ke

  • Zeeshan

    Who is she? I never heared her name

  • Adeel

    She is actually from Gujranwala… Use to study in same school grammer public…


      wow…U know her very well, she is U R sister??:p

  • Pakistan Zindabad

    Har Heeraa Mandi waali kehti hai k Main Boht Parhi Likhee hoon;) aur main Latenight bahir nahee rehti =/ Aur main Drink nahee karti, 5 Waqt ki Namaazi, Aur Main Aisee Waisee Larkee Nahee hoon etc^_^ Infact they Everything That God ForbidxD, What an acting in this show, full of liesxD;)

    • Fari

      How do you know soo much about her are you her brother! infact you are lying cause you dont know anything about her and just criticizing her for fun have you any solid proof that she is lying?


        First tell me r u a girl or a boy?? then I will give u full detail:p;)

    • Malveros

      Looks like u are a typical ugly dirty shameless badboodar mohajir. Go back to India where u came from and be a slave there.

  • khan

    metric mae first position li……what a joke

    • Fari

      What do you mean by joke cant she get a position?! :@

    • Adeel

      O bhai principal ki beti hai… Major humayun nam tha

      • abc

        adeel ur from gramer school ?

  • onlinewatcher

    she never been on Dean's Merit List….wat a joke.

    • onlinewatcher

      bagarat admi sharam kar,…apnay naam ki heeya karo…

      • amir

        kiyun tumharay paas nahe hay ___________

        • amir

          oh ho.afsoos hua.yay larkian khud he attract karti hain naaaaa

        • Amir

          you using my name ?

          • amir

            amir naam ka sirf tu nahe hay