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Hasb e Haal – 19th January 2013

Hasb e Haal – 19th January 2013






  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    Hi Azizi.

    I listen one program in which Mr. Hasan nasar said that your mother is passed away. May allah rest her soul in peace heaven.
    I live in canada with my family. My 2 years daughter like yr program very much.

    Muhammad Shahbaz
    Saskatoon Canada

  • faisal

    aik car ka pacha lakhia tha ma bhari ho kar bus bano ge……………

  • Mirza Tanveer Ahmed

    Dear Azizi,
    I would like to submit my heartiest condolence to you for sad demise of your mother.May allah rest her soul in peace and grant her best place in junat ul Firdous(AAmeen)May Allah give you and your family members courrage to cope up with the loss with courrage and strength to bear mother loss. .

    Your Brother ,
    Mirza Tanveer Ahmed
    Rioyadh Saudi Arabia..

  • Machan

    AZIZI,Thank you.I really couldn't stop laughing .

    • Emad F Farooqi

      The ONLY solution of Pakistan get rid of Zardari & for Karachi, get rid of Altaf Husain & their mafias. As a whole PPP & MQM are not Bad, these are very organised & civilized parties but unfortunately these are HIJACKED by zardari & Altaf Husain & their group.Related with AH why people are not understanding the reason of his stay in UK, how he got British passport so easily. Because he is a plotted AGENT of UK & other foreign agencies same as QADYANIES. So pls wakeup your soul & develop your courage to RESIST these Saitans ( Zardari / Altaf Husain ). Majority of MQM supporters easily distinguish between Right & Wrong but can't put their lives on stake therefore they can't open their mouth.
      ALLAH kay wasty think about Doom's Day, one day everyone has to appear infront of ALLAH, then what 'll you answer?????????

  • aussie

    nawaz and co are corrupt mf retrads.should be lynched in public

  • Inam

    Buhat khoob!

  • muhammadfarooq

    yahaan jis party ke khilaaf baat hoti hai wo baat karne wale par lifafa lene ka ilzaam laga deta hai.bagher suboot k ye sara sar jahalat hai.eyse logoon ke bare main kaha gaya hai parhe likhe jahil.hahahaha

  • Azizi

    Azizi lefafa mill geay na…



  • Abdul1943

    Best of all.hasb-e-Hal team realy a positive inter trainment. Lot of vprries we have, but when we enjoiy hasbe hall,we feel comfort.

  • alifbypy

    یار یہ عمران قادری کی حمایت کیوں کر رہا ہے، اس کا صرف ایجنڈا نواز شریف پر بھونکنے والے ہر کتے بلے کی حمایت رہ گیا ہے

    • Mohammad

      Actually Noora is not even worth for a joke..


    When young people will sit on right hand of imran
    he is just collecting electable

    • Bilal

      Lanat o tery ty electables sirf nawaz ganja akathey kr raha ha r u blind?????

      • Ali Ibnay Zia

        Bhai ya andhay he han :p