Hazara Target killing in Quetta


Hazara Target killing in Quetta

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  • Hussain

    We need to unite to request the white house to take action. Please sign this petition

  • sardar-ishaq

    Hazara Nation is the Unique nation in the world, they are able to control the condition of Quetta but the government control the condition of this place,if the Government do not accept our demand then our new youth will do any thing,
    long Live Hazara Nation for ever.

  • Shaheryar

    This Raisani and other Baluchistan ministers should be hanged; rather than taking their resignation.

  • insaan

    bey gherut aur kameeni hakumat.

  • Rizwan

    Why Hazara people is being targeted, are they SHIA? thats why….

  • Aly Orakzai

    brave sisters and mothers, i feel sorry for You being pakistani, Only God protects you……………………Dont expect anything from these Mafias….Nor i can cry for You neither i can watch see falling ppl apart in Quetta specially Hazara community…………..Its really shame for US And apologies for not protecting U……………..BUT SOONER OR LATER THEY HAVE TO PAY WHO EVER DONE THIS TO YOU…God Bless You

  • M.iqbal khan

    this is tomuch,think before voting; later is to late

  • Pti tiger

    If the government don't do any thing then imran need to go there and support him

  • Zubair Mughal

    Please vote to PTI to save this country.

  • imran

    we are with you!

  • zak


  • Pakimafia007

    we miss Musharaf…………… any1 can save pakistan and its people from Dajjal?which is USA?

  • Pakimafia007

    behind all of this is CIA-MOSSAD-RAW-BLACKWATER-MI6,RAMA,who are using TTP,LEJ,Jindullah,BLA,BLF,,who are funded terrorist,who are enemy of islam and pakistan,they want to destabilize pakistan and take its Nukes…….

    I m Sunni Syed,but my Heart goes for innocent shia killed in quetta,even sunnies…..we should know shia-sunni are not enemy,but CIA-Blackwater-Raw-rama is ….who is killing muslims using munafiqs….nalat

    • Zubair Mughal

      u r absolutaly right my brother

  • Mokan

    people who are killing innocent people are munafiqs and will go to hell. There is no pardon for them and no place in any religion for them,

  • Rahilakbar

    killing killing hoti he chaie hazara ke logon ki ya punjabi ki. RAISANI to friends ke sath dubai hotel bana raha budget ke peson se billion RS KA or quetta india ke hawale kr diea shame on zardari tola:x

  • thrumchur


  • Imran UK

    justified that the present regime is failed rastically all Shia Brothern should follow Dr, Qadri who is truely having Husaini Alm and marching tomorrow to Islamabad…………

  • hasan

    I am a sunni muslim but believe that our govt., federal & provincials are all shameproof, crooks, corrupt, incompetant & baighairat, our media is all the same, did they cover recent hazara killings reasonably ? NO, shame on govts & those who vote for Nawaz & Zardari

  • fortis321

    It is heartbreaking to see those helpless women ….. Allah in ki madad farma .. ameen !!!

  • kkkkkkkkk


    • Malik

      Totaly agree with you man N also once set up an example to all those kind of politicians like Zardari , Nawaz , Altaf , Gillani , Raja rental , Wali khan , Mulana Diesel , show baz , so on so far …….. Pakistanio plzzzzzzzz utho jago apney mulk ko khud bacho warna phr mat khana k ya Kya ho gaya humray saath………

  • Dr. My point

    Where is Federal Govt, Provincial Govt, and civil society. It's genocide of a sect and a community in our country. Today, I feel myself, ashamed, helpless, and very low as I have no country. Where are big figures who are hungry for power but not for rule of law, respect and peace. Why people are not on roads today. At least match your gharat with India where one lady was raped and the whole country was on strike till the criminals were arrested and a new law was tabled in the national assembly.

    • khan

      Brother I agree with you. I am very sorry and ashamed of our cuntryy's leadership…whats going on there…We must hang and shoot the criminals in public who did this massacre in Queta? I really believe these criminals are foreign sponsored by the foreign intelligence agencies to destabilize Pakistan and create FITNA between Suunis and Shias. May Allah(s) give subir to these victims' families. I want to know where are our ISI, MI, and IB..Please catch these professional criminals or foreign agents.

  • Liaqat Yousufzai

    What CJ can do more?
    Let's join hands to get rid of the current political mafia and bring true and sincere people to run this country. It is very unfortunate that neither president nor prime ministers have visited Quetta.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mubashar.hassan.50 Mubashar Hassan

      Cheif justice is the one responsible for all this , Every body knows lashkar-e-Jhanghwi is carrying out this massacre and our honarable CJ released the malik Ishaq leader of LJ.

  • Rana

    All is true, we strongly condemn hazara killing,