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Agenda 360 (Tahir ul Qadri’s Long March!) – 13th January 2013

GUESTS:-Omer Riaz(Minhaj ul Quran),Nadir Laghari(PTI)&Fawad Chaudhry(PPP) !




  • http://twitter.com/haidersays @haidersays
  • shaheed

    watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgpSQ-6jUzk&f

  • Real Face Of Media

    All Pakistani media today is at their peak, they are oozing out poison against Dr. Qadri and his march, with their news casters, reporters, anchors, analysts they call in talk shows & on highlights of long march. Only 1% time they talk good about Dr.Qadri and his march and 99% of time they criticise him. It is not difficult to know, with whom they are??

    Jutton ka IG Rehman Malik must be disappointed that there is no rain in Islambad today and weather is not as bad as expected by badkhuwa Saitan Malik

    The person who sits in the majlis of saaitan, he himself is saaitan, who will sit in the company of person like sharabi and zaaaaani our hukumraan , angels?? Why Dr. Qadri and Imran Khan don't seat in his company or they don't have friendship or alliance with zardari?? Kiun kay badi aur naik aik jagaah ikhata nahi ho sacti, isslia Altaf wanhi gaya jhana ki khaak thi yahi evil force kay paas wapis.

  • Jiay Bhutto

    Awam is praying for long life of Zardari and this government, "Zuban-e-Khalaq ko Naqaar-e-Khuda samjo"

  • Gaddar-e-Watan

    Pakistani Electronic media is very baist against Dr. Qadri, like foreign media is baist against musalmaan, means they are showing/presenting just one time good thing about Dr.Qadri and talking bad "tohamat" 99 times against him, whether they are their anchors, analysts whom they call in their talk shows, analysts during long march highlights or their own reporters and news casters during news their news segment. It is not difficult to figure it out that whose mouth pieces are these Pakistani medias, samaa tv is subsidary of CNBC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CNBC

    Just Peshawar women: http://jang.com.pk/jang/jan2013-daily/14-01-2013/….

  • illegal NRO Govt.

    Samaa and AAJ TVs are giving live coverage of Long March, All media's attitude against Dr. Qadri is very aggressive, they bring very anti-Dr. Qadri analysts online during highlights even reporter's poisoning is not hidden from the public, still few reporters say that quantity of public is increasing of march, by enering in to every new city or town. During March interview Dr. Qadri took kasam and said that PM Bob Hope told him with kasam that he tried to bring investment in Pakistan, but hukumran of Pakistan demanded 30% commission/rishwat (on every 100 dollars investment he has to send 30 dollars to our hukumran's bank accounts) so I didn't make any investment in Pakistan, plus David Longi PM of New Zealand said to Dr. Qadri with Kasam too that one of your (Pakistani) PM has so much wealth in New Zealand that half of our one big city's investment belongs to him alone. Another thing he said one high government official with kasam told me (in 2010) that separating Balochistan has already been decided.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mohammed.a.fattani Mohammed Aslam Fattani

    i am big fan of cnbc but get disappointed when they bring fawad this man has no manners and no respect for queta tragedy all he cares for 5 more years Lie Lie Lie

  • https://www.facebook.com/mohammad.zaheeruddin.5 Mohammad Zaheeruddin

    If Imran Khan and his PTI team do not phsically support in joining the march of Dr. Tahirul Qadri sahab, history will remember Imran Khan and his PTI team as cowards and opportunists…All these years he was talking about tsunami march, BULL SHIT. When the time has come for Imran Khan to join the march, him and his party is playing politics. People will not forgive him for this hypocracy…Still there is time for him to act, otherwise, his name will be no better than these corrupt rulers.

  • Farrukh

    Fawad Chaudhary, u r a big time cheap. Your days are over, a middle class non-partisan citizen will blow you all vultures, who are eating this nation………… bloody rascals

  • Zaheer

    Imran Khan's PTI party just sitting on the fence, just watching to take political gains, rather than physically helping, participating Dr. Tahirul Qadri sahab…this shows a blatant hypocracy…Ye sharam se doob marne ka maqaam hai PTI ke liye. Ek scholar, senior man physically leading the march and the so called youth, just sitting idle. Laanat on this double standard of Imran Khan and his team…