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Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – Imran Khan – 11th January 2013

Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – Imran Khan – 11th January 2013



  • A. Khan

    Imran Khan is an immage of Altaf Hussain, big talks but no actions.
    Very sad to see Imran Khan helping zardari and Nawaz Sharif by refusing to march with Tahir-ul-Qadri.

  • Hassan

    They should change their name from MQM to JQM, Joker Qoumi mment

    • http://www.facebook.com/shamshad.ali.1044186 Shamshad Ali

      Muhajron ko badnam na karo. Unhon ny to Pakistan ky liy Jan bhi qurban ki

      • Hassan

        i dont know what you meant by Mohajir? My pararents migrated from India To Pakistan in 1947, I am neither a MQM supporter, nor a Mohajir. I am a proud Sindhi and Pakistani. Infact i am their arch critic.

  • ali

    mqm wale kuti de puttar jistarah in ka baap aik nhain istarah in ki zuban aik nhain

  • ali

    mqm wale kuti de puttar jistarah in ka baap aik nhain istarah in ki zuban aik nhain
    laakh laanat laakh laanat laakh laanat on all mqm leadrs.

  • yazeedi taqat

    How come Rehman Malik is so sure about attack on Dr. Qadri?? It means he has connections with deshat gerds, who are updating him minute by mintue???!!!##. If he is so well informed then why he didn't tell awam and our security agencies about Quetta attack where hundreds of Pakistanis died. TTP is against this government, that is why they are attacking governmental departments, then why they didn't attack in nodhero where both zardari and bilawal were present, why rehman malik didn't alert the crowd there, prior to nodehro jalsa?? Because he didn't want to distrub zardari bilawal jalsa there, here he wants to disturb and strongly want that this long march doesn't take place, that is why they have stopped transport facilities to dr.sahab's people. We don't know what else they will do in their evil desires. This yazeedi force can also stop electricity and water for Dr. Qadri's people.

  • Chachoo Euro

    A beautiful stances of Imran Khan…. We love you PTI and Imran Khan… may Allah give success you in Pakistan .. :)

  • NDIM

    Imran Khan zinda abad

  • malik USA

    if N leage or PTI come to governments they will clean MQM DOGGGGGS

  • malik USA

    kick that doooogs out of pakistan

  • Mir Jafir Ki Auladon

    Zalimo, Namak Haramo, Watan Ka Khaya Namak to Namak Halal Bano, this song is from your one of the master country
    Altaf Hussain apni zuban kaat ker ku*ton ko khila dey. You are so greedy bast**d, you can do anything for greed, most of our politician's charactors are same like him, except Imran Khan, today I am damn sure that Zulfiqar Mirza was 100% right, watch, see the kartoot of our politicians:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJGesHf6Jhw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yl7GN1R_3A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm__x4YbT8c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BekVYTY-fGo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN5PRA_-i20

  • Evil Forces

    Good forces never scared of no one. Evil forces are alway scared of good forces, Zardari & our corrupt politicians ( except Imran Khan) are scared of Dr. Qadri or Dr. Qadri is scared chorr politicians?? Answer everybody knows, and Everybody knows who is behind Zardari?
    Since day one of this world till end of this world, fight between evil forces and good forces will continue, now differentiating between Dr. Qadir and our persent politicians in power, it is not difficult to know which one is evil force and which one is good one, by looking past, what these politicians have done to this nation is not hidden from no one. Plus these politicians are not ready to do monazra with Dr. Qadri, Dr. Qadri challenged monazra to politicians (monazra finishes evil forces right away, if some one doesn't know what is monazra let me know!! history is evident that nasara ran away from monazra, because they knew they will be finished, if monazra takes place) they are not even ready to take kasam like Dr. Qadri that they (politicians except Imran Khan) are not foriegn puppets, so it is not difficult to know who are against our beloved country and who are these evil forces??

  • Jaani

    In the previouse program on 10th January, 2013, they did not show, the Kashmir is the part of Pakistan. ,,, NO body notice the Map of Pakistan shown in that program… In the past, indian government Ban the one international magazine because it just shows the Kashmir as a Disputed territory, and what are our media doing?

  • farooOO

    yar MQM nay jo long march k leye jo chanda jama keya ta uska kia banay ga…?

    • pakistani

      aala yaar

    • shahj

      Aray bhai wo hi ho ga jo,khalo, bhta, or dakaityo ka hot a hay yani ANNA BHAI(ALTAF HUSSAIN) LONDON WALAY TAK pohanch jai ga!

  • farooOO

    great my leader., yehi hay jis k waja say aaj mujay umeed hay k mera Pakistan k halat teek hosaktay hain.., yehi ek umeed hay., Pakistani awam ko ab agar Pakistan aziz hay tu essay vote dena chae hay… PTI is the only hope.. PTI may jo gandi machlia te wo chor ker ja chukay hain.. ab PTI k behtareen team samnay aye gee,.. i trust PTI more then ever before that this is the party of change…

  • Kick A$$

    They understand only boot language
    SC should announce election 2008 cancel, because they were against the constitution of Pakistan, then Gen. Kayani, we request you to please kick these bast**ds (corrupt politicians & anchors throw them in to adyala jail for good, until politicians don't bring mine and this awam's looted wealth back to Pakistan) out (they understand only juton ki zubaan), who came into power through 3 illegal and fraud procedures, which all are frauds against the constitution of Pakistan and people of Pakistan, now this illegal governments are stopping long march with power (not letting busses and wagons go for long march) which awam of Pakistan has rights under the constitution. Let Dr. Qadri to bring reform in our anti-awam corrupt electerol system and next elections should be held in the month of may 2013.

  • saqi

    imran khan<3

  • baimaan

    siyasaadaano (political actors) ko apni zabaney kat ker phenk deyni chiay, may Pakistan may koi bi politician siwaiy Imran Khan kay nahi dekhta jo apni zaban ka ameen ya dehni ho, yeh hamarey leaders bantay hien jin ki zabano kaa koi aytbaar nahi. Acha hua aik gundh (MQM) Qadri SB sey dur hut gaiy, woh un jassey insaan ko suit nahi kerta thaa.

  • ahmed BS

    bhagori mqm ne ghatya ahrkat ki he jo b he mqm bhaag gai he qadri salute you imran zindabaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • ahmed BS


  • ajmal

    Anwar sb, Lag tu aesa hi raha he let see the public response to IK