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Hasb e Haal – 10th January 2013

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  • Peace lover

    Dear indians like Raji if you don't believe Pakistani people then why you watch Pakistani programs. You cannot accept truth..

    • Raji

      Dear, I don't have any negative feelings against upright honest people whether they are from Pakistan or from any other country but its hard to digest utter garbage some people speak (Blatant lies) to support their arguments……Mr. Junaid said , that someone from Indian side has said that the Indian soldier has not been beheaded……I live in India and I have not read or heard anyone making that statement over here…..The Anchor is lying because he very well knows that most of his audience don't have the means to cross check the facts…….. in fact in one of his previous shows he was seen supporting lies…….He said, we cannot tell the whole truth about our history or past because it will or can depress the future generations……When one educated person promotes lies on a T.V Chanel then what message should the whole world get from it ?

      • Faheem Aslam

        Mr.raji its not our media which lies about facts…its your media which is anti-Pakistan and practice propaganda against Pak…what anhor said is 100 % right..hindustani spoke person RAJESH KALIA did give that statement…you fools didn't get it because your sucker media wont highlight pro-Pakistani statements….dont bullshit around.

        • owaisi

          Try to read the news from some neutral source, He said one body mutilated. Use dictionary and try to get the message. Pakistani media, which will obviously say whatever they are instructed to say by the actual rulers of this country, makes their own interpretation of any statement. This is the reason why you are heading towards a failed state since you dont have any kind of exposure to whats going on in World, its not others but you are fools to follow what your hostile media has to say. No one from this state can taljk his mind, everyone speaks what army have to say, even ministers and head of state Mr. Zarda-dari.

        • Raji


      • Naveed

        Dear, will you please like to tell us how much facts your media shows on TV? And an other thing is that do you have complete knowledge about each and every thing? No you don't have, Don't say that this specific anchor lies because you might not have the source of gathering information as much as he has… TBC

  • Raji

    World champion of lies…….nobody can beat you guys…….Allah kasam……..Aise jhoote log nahin daikhe……kamaal ki kaum hai.

  • Tayyab7ak

    On December 6, 2012, the International Peoples' Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Indian-administered Kashmir (IPTK) released a report -"Alleged Perpetrators – Stories of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir". The report, a painstaking research work of two years, used data from official state documents and witness testimonies, examined 214 cases of gross human-rights abuses and the role of 500 alleged perpetrators.

  • Tayyab7ak

    Among the 500 perpetrators were 235 army personnel, 123 paramilitary personnel, 111 Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel and 31 government-backed associates. The list of alleged perpetrators included many heavyweights, including two major generals, three brigadiers, nine colonels, three lieutenant colonels, 78 majors and 25 captains. The list also included 37 senior officials of the federal paramilitary forces, a retired director general of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, and a serving inspector general.

    "Cases presented in this report reveal that there is a policy to not genuinely investigate or prosecute the armed forces for human-rights violations," said a press handout by the IPTK.

  • chali

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  • Umar

    Azizi bhai agar aj dhamako ka ziker b ho jata to bahtr tha kya ya sub India nahe krwa raha ha kya hamara hukmran Andha han

  • http://www.facebook.com zaheer ahmed

    great azizi great azizi

  • shahid

    very good azizi

  • Atif Mahmood

    Azizi Sb,
    Hope u all r fine & doing gud.
    I saw ur program & got real disappointment jst bcz of "Ather Abbas".You must knw his son "Tari shah" is a famous criminal & gambler. plz ..