MUST WATCH – Utho Meri Dunya Kay Ghareebo Ko Jaga Do


AAO mil ke PAKISTAN bachain…………Apna Future ROSHAN banain

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  • abbottabad politics

    2 Millions those who came out in Lahore Jalsa were poor, bookey, nangey peoples were all agents of USA and Israil. Are all that are stupid and few media men are loyal to Pakistan. Molana Tahir ul Qadri is last hope for poor peoples of Pakistan against corrupt and hypocrates. Insha Allah Inqalab-e-Islamabad will bring the new government of Pooerest Pakistanis of 98%.

  • shirjeelanwar

    copy of pti

  • Sheikh Noor Ahmad


    We must Support him.

    Agar Awaam apni Bhalai Chahti hai ………………. then Awaam must support him.

  • calico666

    QUEEN of CORRUPTION, Nawaz……..B U T T NAKED………. in front of…RAYMOND BAKER ?

    No DARBARI……. DEFENDED…….. Nawaz’s….B U T T……….in U.K COURT.

    At least $160 million ……………Kickbacks………………….Motor way

    At least $140 million………….unsecured loans from Pakistan’s state banks.

    More than $60 million stolen from rebates on Sugar exported by Nawaz and his
    Political Associates/Darbaries.

  • muhammad ihtisham

    imran khan zindabad

  • muhammad ihtisham

    pti zindabad..baqi sab harami hai

  • Khan

    IK, the only true leader,
    baqi sb darmee baaaz

  • Raza

    abe salay tu ye 4 sal kahan ta ?
    Ullo ka patta

  • salam

    futile toool of West

  • salam

    Ulllo ka patta, Dr. Padri

    • Sheikh Noor Ahmad

      Allah ap ko Hidayet de. Aamin.

  • Siddique Jan

    We R With Dr Tahir Ul Qadri Sb…

  • salma

    imran khan zindabaad ptiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    • Hafeez Ahmed

      i request the people who r in pakistan at the moment please join dr saab in march and take ur friends with u in march plz

      • Sheikh Noor Ahmad

        I also request

        • Farrukh Mushtaq

          good replies sheikh sahb.welldone gentleman

    • Muhammad Arif

      Dear Sister, We Love Imran Khan …………… His role is in elections………….But Tahir ul Qadri role before election is very important for "INQLAB" or "SONAMI".

  • arif

    ye nawaz zardari ki ab phatnay wali hae

  • Ishtiaq Ahmed khan

    Allah oor us kay rasool nay deen ki tujdeed kay leay Dr Qadri ko chun lia hea , akil kay undhoo phelay illm hasil kero or phir apni rai doo, 5 fit ka qad or batain dekhoo, aik shukse or kitni mukhalfet
    yahi schai per hea

  • Shakeel Mian

    InshaAllah, this is the time, O people of Pakistan, stand by this Great Person. Stand up for Change then Revolution then total clean up. Long live Dr Qadri. People are with you to clean this dirt. 14th January is another 14th August. A rebirth of a Nation.

  • Ishtiaq Ahmed khan

    Dr tahir ul qadri is most hounerable person in this world, threekoon ki zindgi main yeh more attay hain, Imam aali muqam ki misall lay lain un kay sath kitnay loog thay, or yazeed murdood kay sath kitnay loog. undhay ko bi puta hea, lekin jiss kay dil main Allah moher subt ker day us ka kia elaj, iss qoom ko Qadri ki qader aay gee

  • Niazi

    I support QADRI SAHB!!!!!!!! DO YOU ????????

  • cofcol

    wah . . . .kia video hai . . . .

    very good . . . liked it very much . . . . powerful poetry of Allama Iqbal and powerful speach of Qadri sab

    subhan Allah

  • Muhammad Waqas Ranjha



  • Muhammad Waqas Ranjha


  • Islamic revolution

    Who is more cia pro then our current system

  • gujar

    tahir ul padri make people fool in name of islam

  • leo

    laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnti admi begairt

  • Khurram

    lakha lanat teri shakal tai shaitan dia chailiya lanat baishumar lanat hazar bar lanat padri

  • Zubair Mughal

    Laak Lanat on This US agent Padri. Lanat on you.

  • Islamic revolution

    Tnsunami is formed with with waves not single wave, Dr Sahib and IK/ PTI= Tnsunami.

  • siddique

    nice and good cause and struggle.

  • Chabi Wala Baba

    This person works for Isreal and CIA… he is corrupt and imoral person who collect funds from CIA and JEWS and keep no audit……..most corrupt Mullah……..disgrace

    • Islamic revolution


      • Chabi Wala Baba

        He is liar how can he tell other to be Honest??? haven't you heard his statment about the publication of stanic Cartoon in Denmark and then what he said in Pakistan???

        Padri is total liar ………..Infact I see him as comedian…………like "citizen kan"…………..Padri the liar!!!

    • Malik

      shame on you. you dirty mind and dirty face bhaigharat insan. Doob maro agar zara bhi ghairat hay tum may.

    • shahjee

      Kash tum nay QURAN parha hota Thumat lagan without any Proof Shame on U Illiterate

  • ZaheerParis

    This video link is for those lowest mind thinking against Tahir'ul Qadri " sajda " propangada reply.

  • Islamic revolution

    Dr Sahib we are with u

  • Islamic revolution

    Dr Sahib we are with u, PTI JOIN ISLAM, BE A MUSLIM FIRST. join dr Sahib,
    Do not rely on people who are yet to learn nawaz to change life of muslims.



    Very true mr. Haroon this padri is shameless

  • Muhammad Germany

    Dr qadri sahib we are with you

    IMRAN sahib bhi 14 Jan ko aa rahe hain ;)

    • haroon

      Dream on Imran is Tiger he make his own way………..!!!
      He will never follow PADRI……..

  • Huma ,spain

    qadri imandar he imran khan ki tarah

    • haroon

      Watch todays Bhonkta Pakistan then you will know how honest this LIar is !!!

  • ghareeb ki awaz

    men Vote PTI ko doon ga inshallah
    leken koi yeh tu bataee Qadri ki mujhalfat karne waloo
    Qadri sahib ki kitni factories heen?
    Qadri imandar Imran khan ki tarah imandar he
    zaradri aur nawaz se bahut ziada behter he ****
    Qadri ne ghareeboon keleye eduction ka acha nizam banaya kar dikhaya hee
    na keh nawaz zardari ki tarah bank balance aur har bar factories .

  • JEVE Pak watan

    leken koi yeh tu bataee Qadri ki mujhalfat karne waloo
    Qadri sahib ki kitni factories heen?
    Qadri imandar Imran khan ki tarah imandar he
    zaradri aur nawaz se bahut ziada behter he ****
    Qadri ne ghareeboon keleye eduction ka acha nizam banaya kar dikhaya hee
    na keh nawaz zardari ki tarah bank balance aur har bar factories .

  • saif ullah

    kahin ye CANADA kay ghreeb to nahin?

  • abid qureshi

    disagreeing with someone is ok but don't use bad language, just point out the point you don't like or don't disagree with but in a respected way !

    • haroon

      I can't beleive how people forget this liar making one statment in Denmark on publication of insulting cartoon against Mohammed (PNUH) and then back in Pakistan what he said…..He has insulted our Prophet PBUH .. if you need proof of his lie I can paste it later but I assume you all have seen..
      He talk about honesty He should learn not to lie first…his family Limited company has been exposed in Bhonkta Pakistan

  • sam

    Zimni intkhabat kay bad Sab Lagharr Bagharr akathay ho kar Sher ko ghyernay ki koshish kar rahian hian lykin in ko pata nahi Sher jab japtt ta hy toooooooooo

    • Jaago Pakistan

      Is shair numa geedhar ko Allah Pak tabah o barbaad kray ga along with its Madari. Jis k hathon per is geedar ne 5 saal is qom ko khud kushion per majboor kia……………. Allah tabah kray Nawaz and Zardari brothers ko. Ameen Sum Ameen………….. Aik sachay Pakistani ki dil se nikli hui AH.

  • nasir Khan

    good song

  • haroon

    Lowest kind of person is this liar Padri…….If I was at his place I would have commited sucide after getting exposed my lies …………he is shameless person disgusting shit on earth

    • Muhammad Germany

      LAANAT ho us pe jo aik MUSLIM ko ghaat nam se pukarta he

      aur jhhot phelane wale pe bhi LAANAT

      qadri sahib we are with u

      • haroon

        Sure shame on PADRI who Insulted our Prophet Mohammed PBUH by defending the cartoonist in Denmark…….shame on you Thair PADRI

        • khan

          He denfended islam and prophet mohammad. His madaris send drood to prohet Mohammad day and night….Now tell me how you or your leaders protested the cartoonist incident…OUT of the crises Dr. Qadri and other sincere muslim leaders came out to do the Da'ahwa to non muslims and told them what islam is and who the prophet Mohammad is?. Now tell me what did you do…you should be ashemed…

          • shahjee

            He always Teach about Real Islam without any FIRQA That we cannot absorb bcoz we are divided into several Firqas

          • shahjee

            I am listening his Lectures from last 5 days he never teach a single word about Rishwat Sharab Chori or any thing about Pakistani Corrupt Politics & Politician He is a Great Scholar & a Real Guide of Real Islam If U really want to be a true Muslim then listen or watch his several lectures & Join Minhaj UL Quran asap U will find Peace

        • khan

          Now you came out to complain ..Could you tell us at your personal capacity how you defended the Muslims , Islam, and prophet Mohammad ….Did you write any comments on any blog, written article or any website to condemn the cartoonist/ Quran burning incidents. Honest i think answer is big NO, so shut the hell up and get lost.

    • shahjee

      Ab kuch bhee ho Hazrat Qadri Saheb kay liaye sub kuch Qurban hay Aakhri Sans talak QADRI hum Tayray hein INQILAB ko Salam

      • shahjee

        Yeh Zindagi Allah key amanat hay na kay kissi Corrupt System key Allah aur Quran ka Zikar karnay waloon kay peechay chalo na kay Rishwat Sharab aur Zina kay Peechay

  • Iffi

    Noora ki tarha Qadri nai bhi PTI ki copy shuru kar di.

    • Riaz

      Now PTI will copy Qadri and do a tsunami march?

      • khan

        Hahahaha Imran aur naqal ??? Abey dhakkan teray ganjey ki tarah school k students ko zaberdasti apney jalsey main nahi bulayen gey…. Ganjey ko bol …..Ganjey be-ghairat koi to sharam ker chhotay bachhon ko to chhor day LANTI GANJEY