Islamabad tonight on Aaj news – What is Tahir ul Qadri’s Agenda ? – 9th January 2013


Islamabad tonight on Aaj news – What is Tahir ul Qadri’s Agenda ? – 9th January 2013

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  • shaheed


  • Nisar Ahmed

    it is the next finance minister because this is the qualified person

  • Muhammed Shamsi

    Nadeem Malik Shab calling someone like Mr. Ishaq Dar, you think he will endose the march by Thair Ul Qadri, or anyone who talks about change, these guys are the benifishery of the system, honestly will they say that they want this change, if this change come, first casualty will be Danggi Brothers, loan defaulters, SRO, Plots, Changa Manga, etc, etc, same situation is with PPP, so why do you waster our time.

    If you really want to know the truth ask people of Pakistan the question not about Dr. Thair Ul Qadri, but ask this from people " Has democracy have delivered to people" 99% will say that non of these parties have delivered, yes they have delivered to the leaders and their cronies.

    we the people of Pakistan want to see them out of power, we want a change, this system is not working, and it cant continue like this any longer, the econemy have crashed, and the country will disintegrate if we continue this path, we need to get raid of these people.

    Change Change and Change who ever brings it, but this time get raid of all these corrupt politisions, no Mulk Bardar, take them to task over here. so they cant raise their heads in future.

    Long Live Pakistan.


    One of the most competent economist in pakistan.
    Love you Ishaque Dar…
    Pml n Zindabad..
    Pti Mqm and Qadri shame on all of them…………

    • norozkahn

      Ishaq Dar is the biggest crook and a thug, he was involved in huge corruptions with Nawaz Sharif.
      Dar admitted that he was part of money laundering and he helped Nawaz Sharif to send billions of stolen wealth from Pakistan to U.K and Dubai.

    • kalubaba


      • AK Tamman

        100% true

  • Haji G

    Following the 23rd December public vote of no confidence, desperate politicians regularly appeared (and continue to do so), on media chat shows and initiated what can only be described as a vilification campaign. Perhaps politicians felt that personal attacks and stalling tactics would provide a way to diffuse Dr Qadri’s sudden impact, which many analysts predicted would wither or perhaps fizzle out. However the opposite has proven to be true; as time passes, Dr Qadri’s prominence has grown and his importance increasingly felt by the day. Having realised albeit a little late, that Dr Qadri should be taken seriously, the main political leaders finally broke their silence. In an unlikely political union aimed at offsetting the effects of the ‘Qadri factor’, arch rivals PPP and PML-N decided to join forces in what seems to be a case of a forced marriage rather than a union of love. Dr Qadri has not only become the object of the political elite’s obsession, but the media too.

  • mohammed rafiq

    hum ganjay hay hum choor hay
    hum punjab kay adaam koor hay
    lootmar hamaara kam hay
    punjab may hamara nam hay
    tax taw ham na dattay han
    haram ki roti kattay han
    mera bhai hay zardari
    wo kameena nikla madari
    hum ganjay han
    hum choor han

  • adam beetwo

    If criticism is a marker by which to measure success, then it is fair to assume that Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s re-emergence in Pakistani politics can be viewed thus far, as having been hugely successful. Underestimated and largely ignored by politicians in the past few years, Dr Qadri recently shot to prominence after a public address in Lahore on 23rd December 2012. Addressing an estimated two million strong audience, Dr Qadri delivered a damning account of the current government’s failure to tackle the country’s increasing socio-political and socio-economic problems. In a speech that lasted approximately two hours, Dr Qadri announced an agenda for political reforms aimed at tackling the country’s crippling economic state, the breakdown of law and order, and the absence of basic provisions such as gas, electricity and healthcare

  • y2k

    he is cat sh1t dont wana waste my time to listen his bak bak

  • http://WORDPRESS.COM Arifwaheed

    King of money launndring Ishaq dar bhai ye sab kuch Punjabio ke MEHERBANIO se horaha he is GHAREEB QUM ke sat

  • http://WORDPRESS.COM Arifwaheed

    Ye DAKOO Ishaq Dar money laundering ka king he iske HARAMIPAN se Gwalmandi ka LOHAR aj England me Queen of England se bhi ziyada maldar he akhir Punjabi kab tak in CHOR,DKOO ko mulk per MUSALLAT rakhege?

    • Ansar

      Bhai Punjabion e kya masla hai tumhe?