Aisa bhi hota hai (Crime Show) on Samaa News Tv – 8th January 2013

Watch Latest Aisa bhi hota hai (Crime Show) on Samaa News Tv – 8th January 2013

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Aisa bhi hota hai (Crime Show) on Samaa News Tv - 8th January 2013, 7.2 out of 10 based on 206 ratings

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  1. lalu paki says:

    Irrelevant topic to this programe….keep your political shit to yourself dont teach here.

  2. Malik says:

    Bewoqoof urrat

  3. calico666 says:

    QUEEN of CORRUPTION, Nawaz……..B U T T NAKED………. in front of…RAYMOND BAKER ?

    At least $160 million ……………Kickbacks………………….Motor way

    At least $140 million………….unsecured loans from Pakistan’s state banks.

    More than $60 million stolen from rebates on Sugar exported by Nawaz and his
    Political Associates/Darbaries.

  4. Mirza says:

    Thanks for all the info about TQ, just let us know

    1. Why TQ all family are managing his organisation.
    2. Why he waited for so long to come to Pakistan
    3. Why he has given different speeches on the same topic internationally
    4. As I am dual national and has no problem with TQ on that but what he is trying to achieve when elections are so close
    5. When he is not part of the system and according to him has no political agenda then what change he can bring by affiliating with MQM, as MQM is part of the government all this time when being an opposition party should have walked out after seeing what's happening in Karachi everyday
    6. How confident is TQ that his show on 14th, January 2013 will make Pakistan better
    7. Will he takes responsibility or all those innocent people who are joining TQ with a hope that there is some miracle going to happen on 14th January 2013

    In the end I just want to say, o people of pakistan just think hard and use your vote to pakistan a better place, otherwise you are to blame coz these political leader go back their palaces overseas and leave you rot in Pakistan with no water, food, electricity, security, education, gas, petrol and life


  5. lalu paki says:

    Simple answer is tahir ul PADRI

  6. CHAN MAHEE says:

    sonia may tmhary sath hoon my dear

  7. CHAN MAHEE says:

    kyun bhyoon tm log b sonia G k sath he hona dearest

  8. CHAN MAHEE says:

    kya sonia G aap b JAWARYA ke tarah he khobsoorat hain dearest SONIA G

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