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  • muharramshah

    plz play this move

  • muhammad anees

    after few days shieak.ul.Islam is death in capital of pakistan.

    • mufti hanif qureashi

      mufti haneef qureashi

  • Rehan

    Dear Friends, The maulana of Ahle Sunnat just said that what ever Prophet Mohammad (PDUH) ever says is "Allah's Wahi" (start of Clip). Then when Prophet said:
    1- Who ever helps me today will be my wazir (in the first invitation to Islam) – Ali (A.S.) was the first person to stand up ==> He is the Wazir
    2- In Khyber after 39 days of defeat, Prophet said: "Tomorrow I will give Alam to him who will be a man and who will not retreat" ==> Ali was given the Alam and he beat Marhab. Therefore, only Ali was the MAN among all
    3- At the Time of Tabook, Prophet said: "Ali you are to me like Haroon was to Musa (my Wazir), the only difference is that there will be no proophet after me" ==> Hazrat Ali was Prohpet's Wazir
    4- In Khandaq Prophet said, "A sword strike of Ali (a.s.) on the battle of Khandaq (ditch) was superior to the combined worship of men and jinns till the day of Qiyamat"
    5- In Ghadeer Khum, Prophet Said, "Ali is the Maula of all of whom, I am Maula"

    To summarize, as this Maulana has said that all of Prophet's words are Wahi of Allah. Then all of the above narration clearly suggest that Ali was appointed the Wazir of Holy Prophet by Allah. And that this the truth!!

    • alihussain

      Rehan, ap ki batain bahot gehri hain aor ye in nam nehad MULLAON ki samaj mn nn anewali hain.

    • pakistani

      great bro … kash logon ko ya baat smjh aajati to ummat divide nhe hoti ….

  • solemnlyjia

    jhota aur fraud insan hai yeh qadri agar pakistan k awam main aqal hai to is ko dhakkay de kar Pakistan se bahar nikal dain gey

    • farhan

      yar agar pakistan ki awam main akal hoti to aj in ka ye kuton wala haal nai hota

  • calico666

    What Nawaz did with PAKISTANI People's FUNDS in Billions…………….MONEY LAUNDRY ?

    Nawaz Billionaire….NEW….. QUEEN of ENGLAND………..Through CORRUPTION.

    Nawaz's CORRUPTION made him………RICHER then………QUEEN of ENGLAND………TAX PAID $ 50

  • Zubair Mughal

    Padri is an agent of US. Please kill him now. Do not give him chance to fly out.

    • calico666

      QADRI……..HELP us…….GET RID off…………MALANGI(Nawaz)…………FARANGI(Zardari)

      Nawaz Billionaire….NEW….. QUEEN of ENGLAND………..Through CORRUPTION.

      Nawaz's CORRUPTION made him………RICHER then………QUEEN of ENGLAND………TAX PAID $ 50

  • http://www.facebook.com/asghamalik Asghar Malik
  • pakistani

    pakistan ke tmam gher mulki pakistan ko hadi dalna chur dein koi pakistani ghar paise bhejna band kar dein tu in ki tmam gher mulki ki raat band ho jay gi
    begherat host
    jin ko forignexchange acha lagta hey .

  • ahmad

    Hang on before saying any thing about Dr qadri's dream what about the dream of molvi qasim nanotvi who said Nabi pak (saw) came to madrasah Duband to learn Urdu language ,and obout the dream of molvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi who saw himself sitting in the lap of Allah. And all students in the madrasah of this fraudi molvi Haneef quraishi know that he has bad relations with boys.

  • alisherdil

    I think.after watching this programme…..no.sensible.person ll follow….tahir.ul.qadri….canadian.mullah………



  • Talavarkhan

    Awesome!!! Jhottay ko usskay gharr tuck choor ker ayein hein yeh sahib…Terrific!!! The only CHANGE will come insAllah from PTI…Imran Khan lived here in Pakistan and struggle for last 16 years….VOTE FOR IMRAN KHAN…VOTE FOR BETTER PAKISTAN



      • kamal

        jalnay walay ka moon kalaxD lotay sa tumari doi jai gi

  • Feroze Naqvi

    Noora League is paying for such programs?

  • Feroze Naqvi

    Cheap publicity at someone's expense?
    Please be serious and compare Hanif Qureshi's contribution to Muslim's welfare vs Tahir ul Qadri's contribution Than Decide about his allegations?
    Media is operating below the belt; when they bring such individuals and present them in search of Ratings.
    Media has the responsibility towards respectable journalism?
    Do you find Hanif Qureshi Responsible & Respectable?
    Shows anchor; Director and the station owner; all are responsible for such an act? -Cheap Popularity?
    Hit the button to change the chanal.

    • solemnlyjia

      what do you mean that is qadri sensible. Agar qadri itna sacha musalman hota to Pakistan se na bhagta baqi aur logo ke tarha yahan rehta laken yeh qadri jhota insan hai buzdil hai aur aik aur qatil altaf ko apnay sath milaya hoa hai

      • Feroze Naqvi

        Nor League's leadership also left Pakistan when going got tough?
        See who has done what to Pakistan; Pakistani's and Muslims? than Decide.
        Dual Nationality is not a "Gali"
        Thanks to Dual Nationals; Pakistan is able to pay some bills on its own; before "Khairat" kicks in
        Pakistan will be the sum of its collected wisdom? B Careful?

  • http://WORDPRESS.COM Arifwaheed

    NOORA MEDIA CELL ajkal 24/7 kamkarraha he warna ye bat pehle kyu nahi karte the yahi Dr Tahirulqadri kaha khutba detet the Ganja ke kan me Model town ki masjid me

  • Jawo

    Molvi became Molana
    Molana became Professor
    Professor became Doctor
    Doctor became Allama
    Allama now becomes Sheikh Ul islam
    Allah kher kere agye pata nahi kya banay ga yeh banda

  • https://www.facebook.com/faisal.bari1 Faisal Bari

    Zabardust salute the person who shared this video.
    Allah aap ko jaziay khair day