Hasb e Haal – 6th January 2013


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  • Farooq

    u r great azizi and no doubt qazi sahib was the leader of islamic umma may allah bless upon on his soul and send to jannat aameen

  • khalid hussain

    dunya news walo mehar bokhari kahan chali gai, bohat deir ho gai cross fire main nazer ni a rehe hen,

  • Arim

    Warning to Azizi You must watch your weight and Health…………………………

  • A viewer

    Hasb Hall is no more a neutral programe, your a paving the way for particular political party which is packed in an Islamic slogan, Junaid sb either you are member of Jamat Islami or you should learn about the ideology of this Jamat, Azizi is so innocent, he even may not know the difference between different sects if Islam.

  • Casteal

    Qazi sb was a great human and muslim…I am deeply sadened by his death. May Allah rest his soul in peace and give him high position in Jannah.

  • aks

    Useless Programme. If the Qazi was a supporter of Taliban, he does not deserve any respect.

  • patriotpaki

    نمازِ عشاٴ کے بعد مسجدِ حرام مکە مکرمە میں امامِ کعبہ نے قاضی صاحب کی غائبانہ نمازِ جنازە پڑھائی۔
    الله ان کے درجات بلند فرمائے

  • aaaa

    learn some manners maaan! Has nobody ever told you not to speak ill of the dead?I know he was pro-taliban and all that ,but name a single politician who proved to be good for the country…you think that saints are moving around..? the politician or judiciary whatever can be as conscientious and transparent as the common public…still most of you jerks think that if this or that politician would die everything would be alright..the only thing that is needed to be changed is yyyooouuu,the rest would change automatically…anyway who the hell you think you are?God?who can send anyone to heaven or hell by choice…..you wish you were.

  • khatana

    qazi sahab ko ALLAH TAALAH janat mein jaga dein,unki sachai, imandari ka to us waqt hi pata chal gaya tha jab unho ne sab jamaaton aur imran khan ke saath mil kar election bycot kiya tha aur us per haesha qaim rahe,wo aur khan sab aik hi the.

  • http://www.facebook.com/farooqkhan.khan.77 Farooqkhan Khan

    dear has e hal team main aap ke jetna b shukriya ada karun kam he .__Q k ap ne QAZI saheb ki taarif k, ______

  • sajid mahmood

    I had chance of shaking hand with Qazi Sahib in karachi after Nimaze Asar fine person, May Allah bless him

  • Human

    Azizi darpook from shehbaz sharif. lol

  • Mustansirbashir


  • master mind

    best progrem for ever.,.,

  • Z I

    Zalamoo Qazi mar gia hai, may ALLAH bless him. But here is an other sad thing that allthe top leadership of jamat e islami in Bungladesh are in jail in crime of trying to keep Pakistan together. Even Bungali are sure that Hasina Wajid govt. will hang them. then I told my Bungali friend that they will be MARTER of Pakistan. Does any body know this in Pakistan. I will request to all the media of Pakistan to investigate this issue and try to run a compain about it.

    • FromPMLtoPTI

      I would recommend submitting it to Haseb-e-Haal official page on FaceBook but do so with credible reports not just saying a Bengali friend mentioned this. Positive journalism asks for proofs. Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mahammadkhan.saleem Mohammad Saleem Khan

    mujhe lagta hay kay hum hameshan murdon ki hi tareef karen gay hamey zinda achay krakter walay log nazer nahi atay tahir ul qadri jis nay muhtram qazi sahab say bar ker terorism ki jang lary hay wo acah nahi lagta to main samajhnay say qaser hon kay phir munafiqat kis ko kehtay hai . qazi sahab ko allah alla muqam atta keray leken jis tarhan qadri sahab nay maslak say bala ter hoker islam ki khidmat ki hay wo hum logn ko nazer kion nahi ati hum ancher log andhay kion hogayee hain .

    • koogee

      islam ki khidmat ka ye sila nahi he ke ham un ko iqtidar me la kr bitha den… wo alim hen to ulema wala kam kren… agar siyasat krni he to party banaen aur election laren… akhri saal me aa kr logon ko bewaqoof mat banaen…

    • adeel

      jiya qadri sb to great hain ke NAUZBILLAH , RASOOL KAREIM(PBUH) khawab main , aur woh ahle pakistan se naraz thay ,aur qadri ne razi kia aur kharcha uthya aur phir madina ka ticket b le ke diya,, MASHALLAH, jo TAIF main pathar kha ke b naraz na huwe ,,woh baqool qadri,, khuda ka naam lo apni taqleed ko itna andha na kr lo…

  • mohammed asif

    Congratulatin Azizi sb aaj tu 40000- rupay mile hen, wa g wa…………….

  • mohammed asif

    Du ser ( Najiya ) veldig saxy ut i dag.

  • Mustav

    Bohat sey log yeh nahin realise kartay that Imran Khan has now approached the respectable age of 60 – ppl still talk about him like he is 40!

  • conspiracy_buster

    For a second I thought Azizi was going to talk about the 7 people killed in Swabi including 6 women. Our priorities are different we are morally bankrupt as well. Azizi , you belong to Jamaat-e-Islami and such partisan rant is totally unacceptable and plain wrong for majority of Pakistanis let alone the entire world as you view the world from a studio in Lahore..

  • anwar

    aslamolkom ek traf ap bool rahy han adami ki zindgi man qadar nahi ki gaty dusry traf kal k program man ap sun kar fesla kar lo man ap ko dekh kar ap ko ilmi admi samgta tha lekan mujhy dukh hua he

  • Ali Murtaza

    Rand,i Sana Lucha is coming back with her filthy face.

  • http://www.facebook.com/muzaffariqbal Muzaffar Iqbal

    nice aziz uncle bht acha show krta ho i am fine u ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • khalid hafeez

    ALLAH qazi sahib ko jannat man aala muqam ata farmay ammeen
    junaid or azizi app nay haq ada kar diya ALLAH aap ko is ki jaza day

  • imran

    u r great azizi and no doubt qazi sahib was the leader of islamic umma may allah bless upon on his soul and send to jannat aameen

  • Insight

    I am sorry to say this if any one gets hurt. Most of the anchors are shamelessly unaware of their responsibilities and the impact they have in general public. If any of these anchors happen to read this my request to them is think and analyze before what you say in live program, not after it. There are some among these it seems that they can revert back in my opinion, and some have gone to the point of no return. Today they introduce one of the later one. The best critic to you is yourself. Talk shows ratings are going down day by day. I may differ with views of Mr. Talat, but I consider no one even near to him in terms of professionalism. This is for Sanna Bucha and for Dunia News. If she is going to do the same Bull shit as she has done in past, be aware that lot of viewers are now allergic to bull shit…

    • Insight

      This is only for sana bucha

  • maverick

    Sana Bucha kahan say bari anchor aur journalist ho gaye yaar…..
    ab aisay tu naa kero yaar

  • maverick

    Kia tha Qazi, Mazhabi extremism ko support kernay wala tha yaar, Allah unki maghfarat keray, but sochna tu chaye…kay yae bare shaksiaat kia kerti thi….

    religious extremism ki buniyaad aisay hi logon nay dali….yehe log universities main badmashi ko support kertay hain,….aur kertay thay…so think like intelligent people…

    Azizi awayen emotional ho raha hae…

  • umer4961

    is mulk kia haal hai sare zindage siyasatdan to gali dete hain or marne pe izat dete hain e.g benazir salman taseer fozia wahab bloor and qazi hussain ahmed

  • student 5

    nice tribute azizi sb

  • Ashtiaq

    great job from azizi uncle

  • Shafiq Ahsan

    ya ALLAHA qazi sheb ko jannet naseeb krna ameen

  • Pakistan

    Sorry Azizi sab Qazi hamara to bap nhi ap ka ho sakta hai.. First time Azizi ny bohat bari ghalt bat ki hai.. Qazi ik jahanumi hai… Khuda pak is malon ka azab or zyada kary ameeeen

    • Rao Rizwan

      dont say bad words to a nice man qazi sahab was a great man

    • Zulfiqar

      Allah aap ko khush rkhay

    • sajid mahmood

      you are just a person who need lot of prayer I am hurt by your words. I dont belong to JamateIslami, but I have lot of respect for Qazi sahib. may I know why are you calling him with bad words.

    • FromPMLtoPTI

      Who gave you the right to even think about who goes to heaven or hell? If you have a problem with Qazi Sahib or his party that does not mean you start talking bullshit and things that have no place in Islam.

    • sami

      Qazi sb great great Insan tha Dear Hasb e hal team i Sluit you and thanks for Sepical programe today for Qazi sb

    • adeel

      chal tu apne liye azab ka intizar kr .. unka jo ho ga woh ho ga,, reh gyi baap ki baat to tum to apne baap ke liye b aese hi kalemaat kehte ho ge…

    • ………

      Qazi sahab once came to our masjid and he spoke very well! There is always a reason for why so many people like anybody! i never supported jamat e islami but thats doesnt mean that i cant support the good people in it! qazi sahab was a good man may his soul rest in peace! and by the way Allah knows best who is gud nd who is bad! U r no one to speak ill about anyone! especially when someone is dead, especially IF u r MUSLIM!

    • http://www.facebook.com/shamim.haidar.jadoon Shamim Haidar Safi

      thuma aik zalil gatya insaan hoo . allah app ko us jahannam mey dakhelien jes ka thum dua mang rahey hoo…….

  • khan_ezzy

    Junaid saleem,, a real anchor……….

    Vote for change,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vote for Pakistan……

  • Pakistan

    Qazi wasil jahanum hogia…Alhamdulliah… Fazlu to be jaldi sy Qazi sy mil jao to maza aajai…

    • https://www.facebook.com/shuja.sapp Sapp Hire

      ALLAH kay banday ALLAH nay tumhay sanad di hay k jis ko chaho jhanumi or janati kh do ?????????????

      • khipk

        waisay main agree nahi kerta "Pakistan" sahab kee statement say, per jab in janab ko koi haq nahi , us hee tarah in maulvion ko (inc Qazi sahab) ko bhi koi haq nahi kisi ko jahannumi kehnay kee!.
        Allah maghfirat kernay wala hay, per mujhay Qazi hussain Ahmed sahab munafiq lagtay hain.

        • http://twitter.com/umer_1619 @umer_1619

          o bhai me ne kabi nahi suna k qazi sahb ne kisi ko kafer kaha ho ap ne suna to link dena

    • http://twitter.com/umer_1619 @umer_1619

      ap 1000% shia hai jo esa keh rahe hain ap ne sahaba Ra ko nahi chora ye to phir khuch nai

    • https://www.facebook.com/umar.h.faroq Umar Hayat Farooq

      Apne baap k mrne pe bhee esa kehna k wo jahunmi ho gea

    • Mustav

      Jo banda mar gya us key liye dua kiya karo; takay jab tum maro to Allah kisi aur key moon seu tumharay liye dua nikalwaye!

  • multan


  • zaigham shah


    • KAWA


  • ali khokhar

    ya ALLAHA qazi sheb ko jannet naseeb krna ameen

    • ata


  • something


    • http://www.facebook.com/ahmed.munawar.3 Ahmed Munawar

      azizi uar duniya tv ka be had shukria allah aap ko khush rkhe bara saf tbsra kya he qazi sahib ke bare men allah qazi sahib ko jannt men aala muqam aata frmay ham aek azeem ledar se mhroom ho gy

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