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  • akbar

    allah ki laanat tun per, aur tammam laanat bhaijne walu ki b

  • jamal


    • mohsin

      WoW What a Language
      You're the true lover of This Fitna

  • kayani


  • xx11222

    1stime i agree with talalt.hes 100/5 right.qadri has lot of dramas in the past.hes clown he just trying to take achance for winning election.he was out from pak for a longtime. only jahil people can follow him not educated,
    jitni janwerrrr pakistan k mulla hien dunya mien kahin nhi.
    pakistan have world famous noble prize scientist in physics mr abdul salam.but lantii mullass do not let him help pakistan.lantiii all paki mullasss

    • khan

      padri is a drama

  • xx11222

    qadri have foriegn agenda.he came here to disturb people from imran khan .qadri plan is very dangerous whether u believe it or not.he came to pakistan to destroyslowly to pak army specially imran khan support.

  • zem123

    talat you are true.1000%

  • ali

    hr anker chta he ke myra analysis koch new hoo, achi bat he . app bhi kryne talat hussain sahb


    Talat hussain punjabi dagga nawaz shareef ka toliet cleaner hy. Es harmkhooor ky jhot bol bol kar en ki shakal bhi bigar gi hy. Lannat es ki mahoooos shakal pe.

    • zem123

      lanat to us shakhs pai jo shaikh ul islam ka lubadha orahay jhot bakta hai. shame qadri


    honest anchor……?

  • Zubair Mughal

    Talat is best analyst.

  • true Pakistani

    Talat is a good Person and he said very right, at least the educated people should support what talat is saying

  • mask

    dear friends,we people when start to worship someone ,we never go against him even he is doing biggest mistake.this is what heppening in case of TALAT.this time when we need unity ,he knowingly or unknowingly try to divid us on brelvy ,deobandi,wahabi,shia basis. because just heeeeeeeeeeeeeee think that it islike that.cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wrongggggggggggggggggggg.we supporting imran khan and we belong to different sect of life.sooooooooooooooo haveeeeeeeeeeeeeee courageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tooooooooooooo sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wrongggggggggg WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Khalid Alvi

      You better shut your mouth idiot – you appeared to have no brain and no intelligence, you are unable to understand the depth of current affiars, OR you are …….

      • mask

        THANKS,idol worshiper

  • M.Navees

    Talat,s thought are based on conspiracy theory .. no evidence still displaying his chaotic intellectualism.. he sometime satnd himself as i,m the best to see the things.. a kind of egoistic who sometimes see the things in a bookish way on illogical hypothesis .. ground realities of poor masses is so miserable due to this corrupt rulers who are resisting any voice for the change.. they don,t bother about these so-called drawing rooms analysis makers.. 14 Jan is day for change.. people are gathering themselves for 14 Jan to get rid of these disgusting rule…

    • Khalid Alvi

      Never happened before – that someone was able to PROVE with EVIDENCE as per your standard, to warn ppl about an undergoing agenda, human always conclude with the help of secondary evidences, and in this case, too many secondary evidences, but not for you, for you have prodided a proof here , that you are an idiot.

      • M.Navees

        where logic stop itself there prejudiced bashing start itself.. You Machiavellian guru and addicted of such conspiracy theories let live in ur utopian stat of mind.. people here are dying due to these corrupt 1% moron ruling class.. and these egoistic are paid anchors are discussing things which are irrelevant for poor.. rather to discuss on content they are bashing illogically.. but who cares people like u are here to appreciate them and declare fatwas who dare to bring them on earth.. An earth where we poor people live.. u,ll remain in ur warm blankets but people who are suffering ,ll be on roads on 14 Jan.. inshAllah… the night is long.. it must break into a dawn

  • wikileakk

    qadri have foriegn agenda.he came here to disturb people from imran khan .qadri plan is very dangerous whether u believe it or not.he came to pakistan to destroyslowly to pak army specially imran khan support.
    he will play an evil role but u people cannot understand soon.it will take time.better avoid qadri kick him out of pakistan.he have no role in pak.

  • solemnlyjia

    well said Talat hussain, I totally agree with Talat.

  • Abrar

    tallat sahib ko bhi koi takleef ho gi Dr sahib sy.isi liy aisy fazool kisam ki takreer kr di. sb janty hy k mulk k halaat kis ny kharab kiy or Dr sahib ka agenda iss waqt mulk k mafaad may hy. jo nahi janty wo bhi jaan jayn gy. agr phir next 5 year k liy jooty khay to sb ki aankhy kkhul jayn gi lakin us waqt koi faida nhi ho ga. isi liy abhi possitive faisla bahut zroori hy.

  • Dr arshad

    STUPID TALAT, very bad comments

    • shoaib

      ur stupid not talat. u piece of shit

    • Khalid Alvi

      I bet you aint a doctor stupid arshad, you fail to understand whats going on

  • calico666

    LAFFAFA………………….. vs…………………. PEOPLE’s Journalist

    LAFFAFAS Journalism……Plots/Permits/Perks/Privileges……..Free Hajj……..Want….MORE the SAME

    Absar/Irfan Sadiqi/ Javaid Ch./ Minhas/ Nagi/ Nusrat/Kamran Shahid/Qasmi/Rauf khusra/ Sethi/SAFI /Sana/Sherazi

    People’s…Journalists………Voice of People

    Talat/Dr.Danish/Haroon/Hasan Nisar/Orya Maqbool/Saleem Bokhari/Agha Masood/

  • saad

    yi sab kuch zardari ky kehnay py ho ra hai yi sari planning ho ri hai kistara pml n ko harana hai agalay election mein yi sab mil chukay hai mqm ppp pti aur qadari saab mulak ko tauba kar dy gy yi jhotay chehre hai yi logo kay saray dual national hai

    • Hidden Truth

      jahel comments nahi do idhar, PTI ka naam isme kyun dala? Comment de ne se pehle research kar le. Hawa fire mat kar.

    • shoaib

      bewaqoof bath jab samaj na aye to comment nahi kerty. first understand thn comments

  • Tariq

    Kia baat hai janaab Talat sb ki. He is 100% correct in his analysis.

    • Hidden Truth

      I agree with Talat too. PPP President leader/possible MQM prime minister….Lets see what happens….

    • lord

      Analysis? c'mon friend this was a conspiracy theroy rooted in typical housewife gossip. completely lacking any analysis and completely subjective. No analysis at all. Every one in pakistan or for that matter in muslim world belongs to some specific maslak…to bring religion into this was completely unimaginative and show the level of best of our TV talk show hosts.

    • IMRAN

      har chotia insan tu daggao ko pasand hota hy.