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On The Front (Bhutto Se Bhutto Tak – Exclusive) – 5th January 2013

Watch Colonel(r) Rafiuddin (eye witness of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s hang) in the Special documentary on the hang trial of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and after that in On The Front – 5th January 2013





  • calico666calico

    LAFFAFA………………….. vs…………………. PEOPLE’s Journalist

    LAFFAFAS Journalism……Plots/Permits/Perks/Privileges……..Free Hajj……..Want….MORE the SAME

    Absar/Arif BADNAMI/Irfan Sadiqi/ Javaid Ch./ Minhas/ Nagi/ Nusrat/Kamran Shahid/Qasmi/Rauf khusra/ Sethi/SAFI /Sana/Sherazi ……SINGING PRAISES of

    Zardari/Nawaz……Political Genius/Elected/Democratic/Corruption/Incompetence NOT PROVEN?


    Talat/Dr.Danish/Haroon/Hasan Nisar/Orya Maqbool/Saleem Bokhari/Agha Masood/

    NO Gas/Electricity/Job/Schools/Hospitals/Fake Medi./PIA/OGDC/Wapda/Railway/Steel Mill/ ELECTORAL REFORM/Corruption/Incompetence/Favoritism

  • https://www.facebook.com/alihussain5 Ali Hussain

    beghairat se beghairton tak ………lanat beshumar….Agar ALLAH pak in se raazi hota to zillat ki mot na deta in ko…….jesi kerni wesi bharni…….jo awam se kiya ALLAH ne wesa end diya…sari umar loot k hasil kaya hua in ko…….??????????

  • pakistaniMn

    you delete lot of comments.still other left are bad.


    Bhuttos were realy great leader,but now,ppp is the opposite of their goodness.

  • spy eye

    Admin Pls yaar ab is perogram pay lannat bhej k isko remove kar dy top say…kasam say ab to terey page pay aney ka dil b ni karta just bkz of this bullshit name of bhuttoo soo pls remove it now…Thanks & Regards

  • guest a

    pakistan quid e AZAM http://youtu.be/Bku-54E7N7M tahir our madenay ka kharcha ? ? whahh gee whahhh
    see for your self

  • amir

    @admin ,,,,,,,,,,ain lanti butoo ke video frount page sa hatoo ,

  • Rizwan

    Z A Bhutto was arrogant by default, he was a hard fan of Filmstar Nargis (late), and used to go studio to see her shooting regularly in Bombay. Once he was stopped by the Studio Chowkidars to see the shooting which he took as his insult and he took out his PISTOL and fired. Police was called and he was arrested. Later on he was released on personal GUARENTEE and ASSURANCE bu his father.

    The above material I read in Monthly SHAMA magazine from New Delhi when Filmstar Nargis died as a special coverage…

  • Rizwan

    Bhutto Family is the Only ENEMY of Pakistan and its people…

    • Rashid

      and PPP

  • https://www.facebook.com/fahim.ghauri Fahim Ghauri

    Rating of this show after 111 votes is only 4.7….
    only 263 comments so far…
    Still this show is on top for several days and will remain on top ….

    Butto Zinda ha aur Media Azaad ha!!!

  • pervez

    Londoner · 12 hours ago

    Col Rafis statement is like dying declaration, must be made part of Bhutto reference pending in Supreme court.

  • mohammed rafiq

    hum ganjay hay hum choor hay
    hum punjab kay adaam koor hay
    lootmar hamaara kam hay
    punjab may hamara nam hay
    tax taw ham na dattay han
    awam pay hokumat karty han
    hum ganjay han
    dow choor han


      pakistani kom kaa kartot

      1990- bhuto ki kabar ko vote dia- chitar kai

      1992- zia ul haq ki kabar ko vote dia-chitar kai

      – bhuto ki kabar ko vote dia- chitar kai

      1998- zia ul haq ki kabar ko vote dia-chitar kai

      2007- bainazeer ki kabar ko vote dia- chitar kai

      BHI- is kom kaa paas koi zinda LEADER nahain?

    • zardaa-khabees

      Main mohammad rafiq hoon,,,main zardaar ka chaila hoon,,main Raja Rental ka chamcha hoon,,main Ga-ylani ka ku-tta hoon aur Qaatil League ke pervez Laahi ka sooo-ar hoon

    • Arshad

      Since 1958 a Punjabi has ruled Pakistan for only 14 (Nawaz plus Zia) and a half years. Thats 40 years of non Punjabi rule. Most of the blame of present mess goes to non-Punjabis like Ayub Khan, Bhuttos, Yahya, Musharraf, even Altaf Husain etc.

      Ayub Khan, Bhutto, and Musharraf (all non-Punjabis) used military to start operation in Baluchistan. Now, only one person Nawaz (Punjabi) is trying to get Baluch leaders back.

      But all of us now can get together to make Pakistan successfull. All sindhis, urdu speaking, punjabi, pakhtun, baluch, kashmiri must unite, shia sunni must unite to make this country great.

  • Future PK

    Dead Bhutto is more powerful than all of u 'internet mujahideen'…Because he serve the nation & Islamic world

    • ABU GEE

      LUN KHAN HOW????????????????????????????

  • PK 1st

    Fu*ck Bhutoo and his whole bull shit family.

  • chaudhary

    Bhutto was so nice he was near to death and he was telling stories of how he had a sex with so many girls OMG when I heard Army man he seems to be watching him I thought was Bhutto Muslim? do u know his mother? Than watched asghar khan s video where Bhutto told him politics mean fraud and fool your people.
    I understand no point to support even Bhutto family. We are following our Hindu culture still in our blood we worship Bhutto and nawaz? even we understand they been in position to make changes but just ruled and nothing done for common peoples. Bhutto was promoted by Army same as NAwaz .
    Nawaz and B Bhutto make records in money laundering both know how to hide and escape for law .Actually they been always friend of each others. Public wake up try for change and hang them all in crossings billions in foreign exchange collected from taxes and robbed by banks from different companies names please expose these things I am tiered to explain…..

  • chaudhary

    Please remove this video Bhutto was a fraud as I voted for bbhutto once but my friend 2 brothers one ppp rawalpindi died now arshad chaudhary and 2nd javed chaudhary been near to bhutto family javed was young when he met bhutto in big luxury hotel ask bhutto if u r awami leader behave like chines leader. He just lied and bhutto was drama our nation is still not mature I changed my stance I voted 1st time for b we thought bhutto was a some thing special as I was too young to understand bb and ppp than I voted for nawaz OMG I swear both are same Corrupt families and their society and living standard are very different to public you can not imagine even . Bhutto was faraoon even i cried when he died but I was not mature like our most part of society. Please Ignore and don't waste time this is mafia either ppp or pmln . Think about nation building and support new change either that come through army Imran Qadri or MQM. If we keep experiencing same thing result will be same so go for change. InshAllah we are going to change this system…..