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  • engr.hussain

    meray khyaal myn inn doctors is itni chathroul honi chahyeh k unn ki akul thikanay aa jaay…Mashray myn aur b parha likha tabka hy,woh b rozgaar k hvalay say bhaut say muskhlat say guzr raha hy.yeh tu phir job kr rahay hyn..Kya hangama krnay say he mslay hul hotay hyn..yeh parhay likhay khotay hyn…

  • Arim

    Warning to Azizi You must watch your weight and Health.

  • Saparlai

    These AZIZI and Junid also look like they are unreasonably supporting Punjab governament. I agree that whatever, the young doctors have done is not suitable for educated people and for a civilized society, but Junid and AZIZI strongly criticised the young doctors and whatever, they could do against the young doctors in this Hasb-e-hall, they did. On the other hand they did not say any single word about the failure of the Punjab governament to solve this. This clearly showed that theses two guys are also supporting Punjab governament for some reason. This may be a dark spot on the honesty of Azizi and Junid Saleem

  • Saparlai

    These AZIZI and Junid also look loke they are unreasonably supporting Punjab governament. I agree that whatever, the young doctors have done is not suitable for educated people and for a civilized society, but Junid and AZIZI strongly criticised the young doctors and whatever, they could do against the young doctors in this Hasb-e-hall, they did. On the other hand they did not say any single word about the failure of the Punjab governament to solve this. This clearly showed that theses two guys are also supporting Punjab governament for some reason. This may be a dark spot on the honesty of Azizi and Junid Saleem.

  • calico666


    NO Gas/Electricity/Job/Schools/Hospitals/Fake Medi./PIA/OGDC/Wapda/Railway/Steel Mill/ ELECTORAL REFORM/Corruption/Incompetence/Favoritism

    LAFFAFAS Journalism……Plots/Permits/Perks/Privileges……..Free Hajj……..Want….MORE the SAME

    Absar/Irfan Sadiqi/ Javaid Ch./ Minhas/ Nagi/ Nusrat/Kamran Shahid/Qasmi/Rauf khusra/ Sethi/SAFI /Sana/Sherazi

    People’s…Journalists………Voice of People

    Talat/Dr.Danish/Haroon/Hasan Nisar/Orya Maqbool/Saleem Bokhari/Agha Masood/

  • rashid farooqi

    slam hasbe hal teem main reguler veiver hoon hasbehal ka akser mera dil chahta hay coments kay liy
    lekin aaj azizi sahab ki bat per saber na hoska doctors kay bary main jo shikayat ki ja rahi hay kay pry likhay loog hain insan banny kayliy srif prahi say kuch nahi banta jabtak taleem kesath tarbiyat zrori hay jo napaid hay

  • khan

    Excellent show. Love you junaid saleem as you are one of the very few journalists and anchors whom we can trust amongst this lots of lot of lifafa journalist



  • sadiq Butt

    Azizi Zinda Bad

  • Pakistani

    is this is democracy then establishment was fine

  • Sincerity With Awam

    Pakistan is among top illeterate population, What good that democracy is for these 80% people (67% of our rural population lives under iron claws of feudal lords), who don't know what is their rights and duties under democracy and constitution of Pakistan??

  • pakifriend

    Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said " muflasi ek lanat hai". the whole Pakistani society is going down because of poverty and inflation. these acts of Dr.'s is also part of it. 2nd every one in Pakistan wants to become rich overnight. these Dr.'s call themselves cream of nation and doing strike every 3 months

  • Khangeneva

    Please give ur comments about programe. Political comments on politician interview side. Tnxs

  • Spectroscopy

    Great show Azizi

  • sajid mahmood

    i am going to vote for pmln this election, but we should never use this space for poltical purpose, it is meant for comments on this programme. please refrain from using poltical and indecent language

  • Haider

    Pak Army ki azmat ko salaam,,,,

  • Sincerity With Awam


    Countries where:
    * Lack of education in public about democracy
    * Incompetent and Corrupt governments
    * Inability to deliver to the public
    * Government doesn't improve the Living condition of their masses/awam
    * Population that is predominantly illiterate

    Aga Khan why democracies fail:
    BBC Monitoring Europe – Political
    Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring
    October 9, 2006 Monday

    SPIEGEL: Not many are functioning democracies.
    Aga Khan: People speak about failed states. I do not think that states can fail, but democracies certainly can.
    The failure of democracies is not specific to the Islamic world. About two years ago the UN commissioned a study of Latin America and came to the conclusion that some 55 per cent of the populations there would prefer to live under a paternalistic dictatorship rather than an incompetent, corrupt democracy that does not improve their living conditions. What do you gain if you hold a referendum in a population that is predominantly illiterate? What should the vote on a constitution mean if hardly any of those entitled to vote know the difference between a presidential government and a constitutional monarchy? Votes, laws: all that is important, but far from sufficient for a democratic development.

    for full interview got to following link: http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/spieg

  • rana

    pakistan main 90% masjid nahi jate ap library ki baat karte ho

  • Human

    yaar kab MQM PPP PMLQ ki news aana khatam hon gi. 5 saal hogaye yahi museebat galey pari huwi he. Inn ko pata nahi ke gareeb log jab roti khatey he to aisey khatey he jesey pehli daffa roti mili ho. Lannat he iss government per. Currupt maafia. PPP MQM PMLQ Currupt maafia.
    PPP = ghattya and Currupt Govt
    MQM = Killer of nonsupporters and Currupt Maafia
    PMLQ = Currupt Maafia

  • http://www.facebook.com/qudrat.ullah.50 Qudrat Ullah


  • master mind

    i love hasb e hal

  • http://www.facebook.com/ZAYAN2010 Rehan Siddiqui

    ARMY PERSONS and his Relative……..Don't use Bad Language Against AZIZI…….Your Charcter less Army peoples…….You Ruin Pakistan And His Economy…Only In Pakistan ARMY officer have Defence society and have Too Much Right…..ARMY OFFICER Son and Daughters have cota In Education no MERITS…In Islam You cant get with out Merit.But In Pakistan Army Officer and his Familes Get Every thing with out Merit…….Every Officer can get 5-6 Plots and Agriculture Lands in Service…Army officer have Realty Business….and Making Millions In Plot Business.DHA is a good example or Bitter Truth…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/mahammadkhan.saleem Màhammad Khan Saleem

    we want tahir ul qadri awami leader awami baat awami manshoor awami banda awami shor ab nahi koi hor bagado mulk kay chor nahi to rehna nahi kuch aur ye banday hain baray kamzor day do aik dhaka aur siasi chor siasi chor sisat dan siasi chor .

  • calico666

    Media LAFFAFAS……..Plots/Permits/Perks/Privileges……..Free Hajj……..Want….MORE the SAME

    NO Gas/Electricity/Job/Schools/Hospitals/Fake Medi./PIA/OGDC/Wapda/Railway/Steel Mill/ ELECTORAL REFORM

    As LONG as Corrupt leaders………Nawaz/Zardari….Continue their …… HANDOUT

    Shame on your GREED……………………Shame on your WICKEDNESS

  • calico666

    Nawaz Billionaire…. Through CORRUPTION…….. NEW….. QUEEN of ENGLAND_

    Nawaz's CORRUPTION made him………RICHER then………QUEEN of ENGLAND………TAX PAID $ 50

    Queen have to come out of HER PALACE ?

  • Bajwa

    junaid bhai b juugten lgaten han g

  • calico666

    Nawaz/Zardari/……BUILDING….. NEW PAKISTAN….in…..ENGLISTAN…..For the LAST 25YEARS. with STOLEN MONEY

    1) 2000 Elite Guards for Sharif Family……………….. Yes
    2) Controls over Sugar Prices by Sharif Family Industries. ……….Yes
    3) Extra Judicial Killings. ………………………………….Yes.
    4) Riwand Road for Sharif Family……………………….. Yes.
    5) Laptop Purchase from Hamza Shabaz Friend. ………Yes
    6) Gas Pipe Line to Humza’s Cottage instead of town . ……….Yes.
    7) 32 Billion Stolen from Punjab Budget No reply for 3 years Auditor General Punjab…..Yes
    8) Billions syphoned off in Sasta Rotti Scheme……………. Yes
    9) Danish Schools contract to Hamza’s Friend…………… Yes
    10) Model Homes Scheme to Malik Raiz………………….. Yes
    11) Bullet Proof Car from Malik Raiz to Hamza …………….. Yes

  • m azazm

    AZAZI SHAIB AMMB ka boota 3 sal main ammb dena start kar data ha

  • Tahir Azeem

    Aoa to All

    Husbe hall and its whole team is producing a good knowledgeable, entertainment programme for ppls of Pakistan. Please keep doing good work for Pakistan.
    Dr. Tahir Qadri is trying to wake up Pakistani nation before general election, to stop all corrupt politicians to participate in coming election, but he is facing a big resistance and a huge propaganda against his campaign for fair and free election.
    Actually these corrupt politicians knows that majority of Pakistani ppls don't like them because they are like
    '' ALI BABA FOURTY THIEVES'' They all joined together to loot the treasury of Pakistan. What they have done for Pakistan since last four and half years.
    1. Did they finish the load shading of electricity and Gas?
    2. Have they improved any Health and education system?
    3. Have they improved transport facilities for public?
    4. Is law and order situation better than 4yrs ago ?

    These are the main facts Pakistani ppls need to think about before they decide to join long march with Dr. Tahir Qadri saib.
    Pakistani Politicians talks too much that they will make Pakistan a welfare state but practically they do nothing.
    A single gathering on 23th Dec, 2012, leading by Dr. Tahir Qadri have shaken the whole corrupt political system in Pakistan ( so far call Democracy to make Pakistani ppls fool )

    If Dr. Tahir Qadri takes action on long march, I believe most of corrupt politicians will pack their suite case and will be heading toward first available flight for abroad. DR, TAHIR QADRI '''' QADDAM BARRAOW PAKISTANI QOME TUMMAREY SATH HAI '''

  • maryam nawaz

    Isi murdabaad' ch iftikhar murdabaad' pmln zindabaad

    • Ali

      Another Indian shit with fake name :P

      • Safari

        Where does the talk of indian come in this???
        Lets look at ourselves first.its shitty people like you who educated illiterates.

      • Sincerity With Awam

        @Ali you are right safari apnay hindu bhai ko bachanay aagaya

    • ali

      lol teri choor marni paray gi

  • spy eye

    Great Show…

  • https://www.facebook.com/fahabs Fahab Sajjad

    nice show

  • Ashtiaq

    nice today

  • ch imtiaz

    ab app dekh le thair qadri sb bar vnekle ha or dekh le ye begharat sab akthe ho ge ha shaikh sb ab app bi samne hein warna app bi churooo ke sathi ha app bi bari galtian kar chuke ha thair ul qadri zanda bad zanda zanda bad

  • waqarkhan100

    download all dailymotion videos……..simple

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    azizi zindabad

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    yr admin video ko kia masla itne joshs se has e haal dekhne k lie click kerte hai or age dekhe k video chalti he nahi to kitna dukh hta hai khuch to khyal kia kero

    • zemtvadmin

      Full parts on other sources are also posted .. please check now

      • Muhammad Umer

        abi b video nahi chal rahi playwire say.. kia waja hai?

      • https://www.facebook.com/qasimishtiaq.butt Qasim Ishtiaq Butt

        thanks chal gai

  • y2k

    iss khooti ka puter rehman malik or raja bijle choor na youtube or dailymotion be band ke howe ha ptcl pa.
    bhgreet on sa be 10% mangtay han

  • Rao Rizwan

    daily motion is very fast at wateen but playwire is very very bad. tube.pk is also good

    • http://www.enormousseo.com Enormous

      Dear I am talking about PTCL the most widely used internet connection..

  • Anonymous

    dailymotion stinks, upload on tune.pk

  • pml n

    pak fouj murdabad mian sahib zindabad

    • http://www.enormousseo.com Enormous

      Mian Sb Ko Bachi di hai tou nay ? men ghalat nahi bolta lakin paid promoters ko galian he deni chahiye

    • https://www.facebook.com/shuja.sapp Sapp Hire

      fauj na hoti na to tmharay mian or na hi tm hotay

    • Abd

      I am also against army's role in Politics but I will never use the word 'Murdabad' for the army. You have every right to disagree but saying 'Murdabad' is going a bit too far. Next time use your words carefully.

    • Ali

      Indian Sala


      lanat tere sooch per

      • pak army zindabad

        thek kaha lanat hai tmhari soch pe

    • farukh

      dur faty mounh

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    • bazinga

      its working here with PTCL