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  • AltafKalia

    please watch and think": http://www.haqforum.com/vb/attachment.?attachment…
    is this our leader being protected by …….

  • AltafKalia

    With thanks to Kamran
    For all the blind fans of Tahir ul Qadri esp dopplegangers like Syed……please read this n think wisely… http://www.columnpk.com/buhran-ko-zail-karain-by-…. http://ummatpublication.com/2013/01/02/news.php?p….

  • Syed

    the people here are commenting and opposing dr sahab, but their arguments can not be accepted because they belong to a different school of thought (or you can say they belong to different sects of Islam). Dr Sahab is the preacher of Sufi Islam, while most of the people here are belonging to schools like, darul-uloom-deoband and the salafis (also sometimes refered to as wahabis which means the followers of Maulana Abdul Wahab Najdi sahab). and it is well-known that he often criticize these sects in various religious matters

    The proof of the fact stated in the claim above is that the comments favoring the scholars of the deobandi maslak and the salafis are rated higher as compared to the comments favoring dr sahab. to observe this, the commets and their ratings on this post can be observed

    1- this shows that the users commenting and rating the comments belong to the sects of Islam, to which dr sahab does not belong,

    2 -thus in light of the obove inference, the opinion of these users is considered to be biased

    • Syed

      hahaha … i feel pity for you

      you should read first what i have written and then … try to give a response .. if you can

      what you have given does not deny my argument

      • AltafKalia

        Unfortunately unlike you, people at large are not on Valiums and they can perfectly see who is bluffing and who isnt. Trying to hide behind the veil of sectarianism isnt going to help.
        Someone who claims " siysat nahin riyasat" is doing only siyasat and changing his statements more frequently than the diaper of an infant.
        Maybe its time you woke up and smelt the coffee.
        HAve a look at this Shaikh and compare it with Fake Shaikh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeyDVQXv_1g

        • Syed

          haha … first try to have some patience while arguing with someone … ur response are not coming from sense but from anger

          I am not talking about people at large .. that is another matter … thats y I told u to read my comment again, but i think either u dint read it or u dont understand it and dont wanna understand it

          since u have no response so its better to not say anthing rather than changing the topic