Undeniable facts on Dr Tahir ul Qadri & 23rd December 2012


Undeniable facts on Dr Tahir ul Qadri & 23rd December 2012

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  • AltafKalia

    please watch and think": http://www.haqforum.com/vb/attachment.?attachment…
    is this our leader being protected by …….

  • AltafKalia

    With thanks to Kamran
    For all the blind fans of Tahir ul Qadri esp dopplegangers like Syed……please read this n think wisely… http://www.columnpk.com/buhran-ko-zail-karain-by-…. http://ummatpublication.com/2013/01/02/news.php?p….

  • Syed

    the people here are commenting and opposing dr sahab, but their arguments can not be accepted because they belong to a different school of thought (or you can say they belong to different sects of Islam). Dr Sahab is the preacher of Sufi Islam, while most of the people here are belonging to schools like, darul-uloom-deoband and the salafis (also sometimes refered to as wahabis which means the followers of Maulana Abdul Wahab Najdi sahab). and it is well-known that he often criticize these sects in various religious matters

    The proof of the fact stated in the claim above is that the comments favoring the scholars of the deobandi maslak and the salafis are rated higher as compared to the comments favoring dr sahab. to observe this, the commets and their ratings on this post can be observed

    1- this shows that the users commenting and rating the comments belong to the sects of Islam, to which dr sahab does not belong,

    2 -thus in light of the obove inference, the opinion of these users is considered to be biased

    • Syed

      hahaha … i feel pity for you

      you should read first what i have written and then … try to give a response .. if you can

      what you have given does not deny my argument

      • AltafKalia

        Unfortunately unlike you, people at large are not on Valiums and they can perfectly see who is bluffing and who isnt. Trying to hide behind the veil of sectarianism isnt going to help.
        Someone who claims " siysat nahin riyasat" is doing only siyasat and changing his statements more frequently than the diaper of an infant.
        Maybe its time you woke up and smelt the coffee.
        HAve a look at this Shaikh and compare it with Fake Shaikh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeyDVQXv_1g

        • Syed

          haha … first try to have some patience while arguing with someone … ur response are not coming from sense but from anger

          I am not talking about people at large .. that is another matter … thats y I told u to read my comment again, but i think either u dint read it or u dont understand it and dont wanna understand it

          since u have no response so its better to not say anthing rather than changing the topic


  • mohsin

    Altaf Hussain (KALA DAJJAL) + Tahir-ul-qadri(FITNA) = ????

    Only Imran Khan PTI Will bring the real change

  • فہد

    کیا یہ سب کرنے کے لئے جھوٹ بولنے ضروری ہیں؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • ahmad

    That is the reason why Wahabis are jealous of Dr Qadri. Tariq jameel is just a mullah not a scholar, The real scholars are Dr Iqbal ,Moulana Moudoodo,Javed Ahmed Ghamdi and Dr Qadri. I Support Imran Khan and Dr Qadri.

  • tahir

    Rehman malik,

    You should complain to Canadan Govt. that your citizen trying to create a mess in our country and then you'll see the running speed of this Shaikh ul Islam to his country.

  • Jawad

    hahaaa….funny.. qadri.



    • ahmad

      Zakir Naik is Wahabi and against Imam Hussain. whabiism is teaces people to hate other Muslims.They believe all muslims are mushrik except them.

  • https://www.facebook.com/faisal.bari1 Faisal Bari

    yeah khud islam per amal kion nahi kerta
    s kay koul aur fail main tazad kion hai
    yeah baat baaat qasmain kion khata hai
    yeah allah ka sawa qasmain kion khata hai
    yeah jhot kion bolta hai
    yeah apnay mounh say apni tareef khud kion erta hai

  • safdarkamal

    If you have 4 million (40 Lacs) people to follow you Qadri sab, why dont you ask 4 million idiots to VOTE for you in Elections and make your candidate a future prime minister. WHY long march

    • shahjee

      Bcoz after 14 jan,2013 Zardari,Shareef brothers,Ch Nisar,and thousand of other Corrupt Politicians will leave Politics forever

      • safdarkamal

        None of them are leaving politics till death anyway, So Dr. sab wants Altaf to be the new PM? Pethatic alliance as Nawaz and Zardari did to make Govt.

  • Dr Khalid Mahmood

    All non sense. An effort at
    cheap publicity for worldly gains

  • raao

    aik new Pakistan kaisay banain gay janab .. Mohtaram Tahir ul Padri sahib nay ye oath lia hay janab..

    °° I [ Tahir Ul Qadri ] swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen °°

    Bari mushkil say goron ko nikala tha hamaray baron nay janab. Ab in ko phir jagha dain yani aik dafa phir EAST INDIA COMPANY wala chaker.

    Bhai hamain maaf karain aur ja ker Canada ko theek ker dain wahan islam ki bhi zarooret ziada hay , sawab bhi ziada milay ga aur log bhi kafi hain jin ko muslim kia ja sakta hay .. Yahan Pakistan ko hum Pakistani sambhal lain gay ..

    Please aab jain yahan say , Tang na karain humain ye na ho kay phir aap tang ho jain ..

    • raao

      aur han bhai wo yad aya hamaray Paros main rehtay hain aik sahib janab Dr. Zakir Naik ..

      A great Author, A great Muslim Scholar and sooooo onnnnn..

      shaid Padri sahib na pohonch sakain yahan tak kion kay wo 100% sach jo boltay hain hamaisha ..

      • We Own Pakistan

        Raao, JAHANnUM main jao, ZALIL Naik kay Satth jo YAZEED ko Apna Ameer Kahta hay

    • We Own Pakistan

      Raao, Daffa Hojao

    • shahjee

      Canada kay Pakistani Aazad hein aur Aap key Aazadi her Soorat 14,jan,2013 ko aik INQILAB say hogi

  • hasan

    lanat on PPP & PML N


  • Riaz

    Genius person.

    • shahjee

      Thats why He is Sheikh UL Islam

      • fahad

        is it mandatory for Sheikh UL Islam to be a hypocrite

  • imran

    Lanat hai es padri pe shame on you padri saab

    • We Own Pakistan

      BAyIman Apnay Abba MArhoom ko Bhaijo Lanatain

      • https://www.facebook.com/faisal.bari1 Faisal Bari

        lanat hai padri per aur padri ko satda kernay walooo per

    • shahjee

      Yes IMRAN U can Write whatever U wrote bcoz U R a Illiterate Slave doesn't want to get FREE from Fidel Lords INQILAB ko SALAM We will Save our next generation

  • shah

    padri go back to your country

    • We Own Pakistan

      O Jali Shah, He is in his Country

      • http://www.facebook.com/darulquran.hafiz Hafiz Kaleem Ullah

        he is canadian,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • Syed

          but prior to that he is Pakistani

      • raao

        are we in Canad ? if not then Mr. Tahir ul Padri is not is in his country as we Pakistani didnt take oath to obey QUEEN ELIZBETH .

    • shahjee

      Shah Saheb You don't want to get Free from Jageerdar & Wadayras pls wake up & JOIN

  • Zubair Mughal

    Padri is an agent of US with Canadian nationality in Pakistan. just kick on his ass.

  • safdarkamal

    A very nice video.. _Multiple achievments, massively loaded seminaars.. Simple questions_What change Qadri has brought to the life of the common man.. is his publications are free to aqcuire or are they subject to monetary values? _Is getting royalities of the books sale is this his business or not? If yes then he is a sucessful Businessman._Brother you said to Name one influentail muslim like him then please have a look for this file _http://www.yale.edu/worldfellows/fellows/documents/500MostInfluentialMuslims.pdf_I am denying any of Qadri's acheivement but what about after his death. How do minhaj-ul-quran justify that the chanda they are collecting is from Halal earning.__Who paid for the advertisment expenses, because Minhaj ul Quran take Zakat as chanda which cannot be used for advertisment purposes? I would appreciate if we can have appropriate basic answers._Political sturuggle Qadri as already clarify in his show of LIVE WITH TALAT, that as like MQM. Goli ki siyasaat, boori band lassh ki siyasat isnt that what MQM is known all about.

  • ali

    Alas! he could have read European history or even history of Pakistan. Pakistan made through a democratic way. Quaid e Azam didn't do what he(Qadri) is saying. Quaid went for elections even Muslim League was defeated badly in previous elections. Inqilab without elections would make Pakistan like Syria and nothing else. We are not fools. We will wait and will try our best to educate our society to make difference what is ood and bad for us all. There is NO SHORTCUT to democracy and prosperity. If he want to change to system he has to play on the ground, talking outside the ground is easy. What if something worst happens on 14th January and Qadri runs away to Canada who would be responsible? people will distrust change slogan and things would be more worst. Think well……

  • BPP

    James Qadri 007

    • We Own Pakistan

      Kiyoon BP HIgh Hogya

  • Shahzadaa

    Qadri I know u are right … but i want to try PPP and PML, one last time.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004569491421 Rashid Butt

      You are our of your mind brother….YOU WANT TO TRY PPP/PML-N……Than there is something seriously wrong with you. People like you are the reason where Pakistan is today. There is no LAST TIME….it is NOW OR NEVER situation. SO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!

    • shahjee

      They both are History

  • Ahmed-Prime

    I have seen 100 times more people in gathering when MAULANA TARIQ JAMEEL was delivering a bayan in LONDON, MANCHESTER, BIRMINGHAM, SYDNEY, COPENHAGEN, NEW YORK and many more cities and countries but the thing he doesn't show off and he doesn't lie like TQ as he always talks about his dreams… Na chehray pei noor na baton mei lazzat na soorat se koi ba-amal aalim, na hi practically ek aalim-e-deen but only HAWAS SHOHART KI…..HAWAS LEADERSHIP KI….jis ko Highcourt keh dei k he is mentally ill person so what else we can say about him…..He'll loose everything his respect if people have about him…iss beicahray ko tou Bralvi bhi na pasand kartay hain because he said k islaam mei kahin nhi hei ke darrhi barri honi chahiye….darrhi tou woh hei jo nazar aye chehray pei like if you don't shave for a week it is your beard….that is enough …..yeh kiya taleem dei jisko khud taleem ki zaroorat hei…..

    • safdarkamal

      Brother I would appreciate if you would not compare Tariq Jameel, Taqi Usmani or Haji Abdul Wahab etc. There is no match they are the most influential Muslims in the whole world and particularly in Pakistan. http://www.yale.edu/worldfellows/fellows/document

      • Syed

        tariq jameel is not in the list, if he is tell me where? … and i think the bro has put the question wrongly in the video, being influential is something, and to work for the ummah is something else, if you look even bilawal bhutto zardari, and shahrukh khan are listed in this list …. taqi usmani sahab is listed there, he may be more infuential, which I am not sure of, but if even we consider this ok, then there is no comparison of any of the names that u have mentioned to dr sahab, his stature simply so gigantic that there is no comparison, he has worked for Islam, not for a perticular sect, he has fought the case of Islam on the matter of Terorrism across the globe, specially in europe and america, and have shown the true face of Islam there, and many other works as mentioned in the video … and by the way dr sahab does not take any royalty on his books or anything he does for Minhaj-ul-Quran, he has some other small business for his living … and he is also listed in the link you have provided :D

        • safdarkamal

          Brother, with all due respect I refer to Tariq Jameel just in a context of not using his comparison, influantual list is a different thing, where we have ltd number of Pakistani Muslims. As like comparing Shahruhk Khan with Qadri sab will not be justified as well, Shahrukh Khan has gathered far more public than Qadri, as it was shown off in video. BrotherQadri sab hasnt fought for terrorism because he changes his definitions at each each conferences, if you wonder you can find it on youtube or elsewhere, I would appreciate if you can provide me the invoice for his advertisment expenses, which should be paid out of his businesses not Minhaj ul Quran chanda and zakat collections. Dr. Sahib uses Canadian health facilities from a non-muslim govt or He pay for his own expenses? On the contrary as Qadri sab has mention he is a soul mate of Altaf, like two bodies n one soul isn't that pethatic. In simple words any chanda collectors in the name of Islam shouldnt be compared with others personalities.

          • Syed

            I appreciate your patience and humble attitude, and i would like to give the following response:

            1 – I would like to ask, where exactly do you think dr sahab has changed the definitions?

            2 – i think the expenses u r talking abt are regarding the 23rd Dec Jalsa, dr sahab addressed this question in the first few minutes of his speech, it was not from MUQ funds. A seperate collection of funds was done for specifically this event from the members are followers of dr sahab around the world

            3 – i am not sure if he uses canadian health facilities or not, lets say he is using, then please tell me how is it unislamic, or against the law of PK

            4 – please tell me where did he say that he is soul mate of Altaf?

            5 – how is he a chanda collector?

            6 – is collecting chanda for cause of Islam is wrong?

            thank you

    • We Own Pakistan

      Bachchay, MOLANA TARIQ JAMEEL SB. Admit Tahir ul Qadri is SHAYKH UL ISLAM

      • http://www.facebook.com/darulquran.hafiz Hafiz Kaleem Ullah

        he is not shakul islam becoz he missed asar and magrib prayer a lot of people in lahore jalsa..
        shame on u tahirul qadri