Hasb e Haal – 3rd January 2013

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Hasb e Haal - 3rd January 2013, 9.3 out of 10 based on 391 ratings

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  1. RAja hamza says:

    Yar wo madad bht bht f8 hai..

  2. girl says:

    hamay ap say pyaar hain

  3. girl says:

    please please nasir jamshed

  4. girl says:

    nasir jamshed ap say wedding karni hain apna mobile number day day

  5. Muhammad Usman says:

    Admin Please ye "Neo" naam ka banda jo b hay. es k comments hata diya karo. Na to es ko baat karnay ka dhang hay or na he ye Pakistan ka khair khwa hay. her dafa ye pakistan ko terrorist keh kar pukarta hay.

    • anand says:

      The entire world calls you terrorists,…don't get hassled,,mast raha karo..,,tum logon ka vaise bhi koi future nahi hai…Tell me one single thing, you Pakistanis can be proud of in last six decades.
      Whats your contribution to the world other than terrorism.

      • Muhammad Usman says:

        INSHA ALLAH you will see our future. Its too sad that our leadership is puppet of External forces. But one day you all will see our future. And you are asking that what we have contributed? We are giving lessons of humanity. Just because of few peoples you can;t blame the whole nation. And what about you? first ask this question from yourself? My several cousins are working abroad and all over the world employers trust our pakistani brothers more than their own nationals. Because we are hard working. We are providing Human resource, We are morally satisfied. Because a few people cannot represent the whole nation.

  6. shumaila says:

    Azizi SE POOCH batay ka wo wifes ki atni behank tasweer k peech kartay ha.Geo pakistan, Geo hasbehall.You all are Marvellous.

  7. Sarah says:

    Dunya ka koi shakhs iss obesse aurat ko samjha sakta hai kay Khuda kay liay itna na hansa kero. mairy poory family nay yai program sirf iss aurat ki Mustaqil aur bay wajah her waqt ki hansi ki wajah say daikhna he chor diya hai

    • ali khokhar says:

      sarah g main ye soch rha hon jb ap ny program dekhna chor dia ha to comment kion kia ha
      zahir ha program dekh kr hi kia ha na…..
      wesy aik baat manni pary gi pakistani siaset ki ke us ny pakistani awaam ko bhi siaset krna sikha dia..
      hum log khod khty hain pakistan mai chang ana chaye aur khod hi vote bhi waderon ko hi dyte hain
      well don pakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…………

    • Malik says:

      i agree with you. Her laugh is so annoying .

  8. ESHRAN says:

    Nice work i really like your program, the important thing is its family program….

  9. Real007 says:

    Jab se Tahir alQadri Pakistan aaya he . Pakistan Cricket hi jeet jaa raha he.

  10. naseer advocate says:

    qadri sb is the last hope. we wan to change this corrupt system.

  11. Abdullah says:

    That's what we Pakistanis are, useless people. This year started with kidnapping of 40 soldiers and they were murdered ruthlessly, and we are dancing on dhool beats to celebrate Pakistani cricket team's victory in a cricket series.

  12. WAKEUP DON'T GETUP says:


  13. Shabbir Dev says:


  14. Congratulations Pakistan ! A well-deserved victory ! May 2013 be a year of victories for Pakistan Insha'Allah !

  15. umar nazir says:

    Assalam o allaikum team Hasb-e-Haal . kia haal ha ? Aj ka programe dekha bara maz aya ,Ap ne bairoon-e-Mulk Pakistaniyon ka zikr kiya ha .Braye maher bani ap GOVT ko bolein k International incoming calls per Tax b khatam kr dein plzzzzzz.Kiun k High Court ne already hukam jaari kr diya ha aur hamare aik niji tv ne ye News b Nashar ki thi k Tax khatam ho giya lakin abi tak khatam nhi huwa plzzz ap kuch kaho .
    Umar Nazir.

  16. Mustansirbashir says:

    Azizi WELLDOWN

  17. Ashtiaq says:

    really so nice i like a lot and azizi uncle very good ludy / dhamal

  18. killer says:

    bht acha show hy

  19. TAHIR SAID KPK says:

    imran khaN ZINDA BAD

  20. Neo says:

    Javed Miadad is a good cricketer but he has links with Pak based Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim … he should not be given visa for visiting India… Just because person is a sports person he/she should not expect any leniency on Terrorism front

    Other then this controversy Pakistan cricket team Played very well

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Neo, you are a terrorist………………

      • Neo says:

        you know very well whom people all over the world call terrorists …Pakistanis
        but you can't hide the truth , you are what you are ….

        and India should not allow JM to visit India

        • solemnlyjia says:

          to agar rok saktay thay to rok letay na ab ro kyun rahay ho, waisay adat hai tum logo ge ronay ke rotay raho. pahlay india main rape to rukwa lo phir batain karna chalo niklo ab patli gali se shabash

          • Neo says:

            Its Indian government decision, which most of peoples did not like, Msg is very clear for JM, Terrorist ans supporter of Terrorists are treated equally in our society…

            Our way showing disagreement is completely different than yours , we will not pick up the AK 47 or burn Public properties .

            we like him as an cricketer but nop as supporter of terrorist

    • Mirza says:

      Javed is just a good player that's all. He was just there for cricket, he has nothing to do with anyone who is accused of something. We need to promote sports between two countries, hope this will ease lack of trust and bring these countries closer.

      • Neo says:

        Do you think America can invite OBl or Mulla Masood Azhar for having burger ?
        Pak 's TTp can come at lahore for dinner only ?

        Person who supports terrorism is bigger terrorist then terrorists… these kind of peoples ultimately doing bad with good peoples who wants live peacefully…

    • J.K says:

      Bakri naai dodh tu dia mager maingnon say bhara

    • Neo says:

      This who are giving thumbs down are Ultimately somewhere in their wants to get rid of terrorism…… and the best way is first kill the supporters of terrorism ….

      Or come out openly in support of terrorism…. simple be honest or Yeh to Quaran may be lekha hai….

      I challenge any Muslim here ….

      Javed Miadad is Supporting a guy(Dawood Ibrahim) who killed the 2000 peoples in Bombay blast…

    • Muhammad Usman says:

      Hey Mr……….! listen………! You are saying that we are learning bombing techniques and we are supporting terrorism. Now tell me about your deeds in kashmir. What the hell are you doing in kashmir.? is that not terrorism? Killing innocent kashmiris. So when u point out others, first of all look at your own activities. And if you are talking about cricket, then only talk about it, nothing else. You can't win in making arguments about terrorism. I challenge you. Because terrorism was founded by you people in shape of cruelty in kashmir. Hope you will understand brother……….!

      • True Indian says:

        we will continue to do so in Kashmir coz u dont understand any other language u prokis….

      • Neo says:

        Kashmir aapki fufi dahez mai nahi layi thi…….. you just need reason to support terrorism in any part of world

        • Muhammad Usman says:

          Baat karnay ka tariqa seekho to baat kiya karo. meri puri statement main ap ki zaat per main nay koe baat nae ki. or na he karun ga. Ap nay terrorism ki baat ki to main nay ap ko aeena dikhaya hay. Lehaza agar agli baar fufi vali baat ki trha koe ghatiya baat ki to phir lagay raho. Humara mazhab humain jahilon k sath behas karnay say mana karta hay

    • RAMEEZ KHAN says:


    • Iqbal says:

      You Indians are the real terrorists. you start burning your own stadiums when you lose a match.Pakistan is fighting the terrorism of India,US & so many other groups.If we decide to come after you shity Indians then we will srew you up in your own homes. People sell their children for money in India because they are so poor. India is full of terrorist groups like shevsenha etc. indian govt has always sponsered terrorism like Tamil tigers in Sri Lanka..pet
      . Everyone knows the reality of you cunning Indians.

      • anad says:

        Iqbal,ur frustration is laughable,,,get your medical test done..,.your race is cancer to civilized world,.learn to respect people..,gauge your worth before you utter nonsense against Indians.
        You are nation which search animal porn the most in the world….,,,what a country!!!!
        ha,ha,ha…,ha…go do what you are best in,don't spill your frustration here.

        • Muhammad Usman says:

          Iqbal bhai u r right. and anad if some of us are searching porn, then once again i will say that few people cannot represent the whole nation. And i ask you, what happened to your nation, recently there was a incident of gang rape. so is this your nation? if not then you should admire that few people cannot represent the whole nation.

  21. Muhammad Ali says:


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