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Dunya @ 8 with Malick ( Dr.Tahir ul Qadri Exclusive) – 2nd January 2013

Watch Dr.Tahir ul Qadri Exclusive Interview in Dunya @ 8 with Malick – 2nd January 2013





  • http://www.facebook.com/khuram.inqlabi Khuram Shah Inqlabi


    • Babar ch

      ya he to wo chatay hain k president banay ..lolzz

  • Pakistan Zindabad

    What a show (yes a show, because most anchor people on Pakistan TV are very good spin doctors twisting words and not reaching solid conclusions with honesty during this time) it'll be interesting to see who they are really employed by BUT when the silent majority (citizens) are deprived of their fundamental rights in Pakistan which Qaid-e-Azam fought for, then we are not ready to walk-the-walk and instead hide behind a corrupt Parliament.

    Yes the right to vote is a privilege in some countries especially developing countries who have had dictators and military rule. What happens when this vote does not count for anything but just for a slip in a ballot box on polling day? Then after decades as a nation your progress nationally and internationally starts to slow down then slow down even further and eventually start going backwards (where we stand now).

    As a Muslim Pakistani I'm ashamed our Parliamentary leaders and governing system match up to stories you would read in history books which date back to Emperor / Pharaoh times, even they had principles and rules but hey so has the current system which is corruption, fraud, feudalistic, monopolistic and unfair.

    Who am I kidding, I'll just stop typing as these words will only reach deaf ears or blind eyes.

    Pakistan Zindabad


    Mr. Malik! You asked the questions from Dr. Tahir -ul-Qadri which needed detailed answer and you all the time interupted him and he could not answer in detail. Before you ask any question which is explainable, you should wait for the answer. If you say, oh, the time was less, then I say, why do you ask such question which needs a story to tell you.

    Most of the time, you interuppted Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri which I do not like.

  • candid786

    Please see what is the content of main issue — instead of getting bogged down with what undergarments you are putting on type questions — THERE ARE NO TWO VIEWS ON THIS THAT ELECTORAL PROCESS BREEDS THESE BADMASH , FAMILY MAFIA PEOPLE — IS IT WRONG ???? Rest all discussions are USELESS — At no other time and level this MAJOR ISSUE was raised . I have quite a few strong reservations about this QADRI SB — BUT that does not mean that I start just for argument sake and negating the very basic point and getting down to silly questions .
    Malick is a nice anchor but here I find him putting his argument in silly manner with PRE- DETERMINED MIND SET — of putting him to ground — This should not be the case — SEE THE CONTENT — Don't go to the silly level of asking questions like "UNDER-GARMENTS" .
    Spell out one good way to put an end to what these MAFIA in power who use Government and Assembly to defend , protect , give legal coverage to their CORRUPTION , WRONG DOINGS. 5 years and prior period of Pakistan history is full of examples . IS IT NOT WRONG ????. How this process will change ??????? they will never allow that to happen . you will see that even media people have taken it as one on one fight — since their SHOPS and fat salaries Bhattas / monthlies they get from politicians and huge ads for channels they work for would be at stake —
    So where does this Pakistani Nation go –continue suffering at the hands of these CORRUPT family Mafias and Media ???? The reason why all the anchors are behaving like WASPS and highly edgy i sthat their own SHOPS and sources of income from corrupt parties / politicians are endangered.

  • candid786

    Present day POLITICIANS AND BIG GUNS AND SO CALLED CREATED ELITE is basically BECAUSE OF FILTHY ELECTORAL SYSTEM — these people waderas, their off-springs , relatives: they no matter what ,remain in power as a result of this , this kind of “FIRONEAT” in their attitudes . Recall deputy speaker senate who proudly in the senate said we bury women alive –this is our custom — He got away with that ?? What happened to him ? How many KARO- KARI cases and gang rape cases take place every other day — nothing happens to the culprits as they are in power –recent murder of shazeb, bakery case .. This attitude can be broken only when their entry to assemblies through coercion , fraud , deceit , creating fear IS STOPPED — SO LONG AS THEY REMAIN IN THE SYSTEM THEY WILL NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN — 65 years are witness to this — there has to be some derivative to totally swap electoral process so that this VICIOUS CYCLE IS BROKEN –
    CAN OVER 80 % PEOPLE VOTE FREELY IN THIS WADERA , BRADAREE AND SARDAREE SYSTEM — , THAT IS HOW THIS VICIOUS CYCLE GETS STRENGTHENED AFTER EVERY ELECTION AND NOT CHANGED — where private jails are there ,where people prostrate before live and dead and vote for one plate of rice and few hundred rupees and last but not the least under supervision of GHOONDAs let loose by mafia parties – you are stupidly harping on great JAMHOORIAT and COERCION free voting –

  • Arshad

    Malik! you are excellent. You are very good in crafting the questions but no patience to listen to guest's replies. You are in habit to interrupt the replies and raise a new question without allowing the guest to clarify your allegations. This shows your absence of mind. Only float the pre-set questions; you have not guts to pick the questions from the conversations / replies.

  • Punajbi

    Its to little to late effect from Mr Thair ul Qadri
    NATO has said time is over no more friendship we are going to attack and denuclearize Pakistan
    In Pakistan is not a safe place to live half of police are escorting the leadership of the country
    In economic-hob of Karachi been given to amman committee few years back was given to MQM haqi
    by Jamati establishment to unstable city
    Over house it self not in order its to little to late the effect by Alama Thair to eliminate 2% elate corrupt class from Pakistan politic
    If the voice of Altaf Hussain was listen that 30year ago Pakistan would not be in this condition right now
    Sorry if Pakistani not going to united then time is over for beloved country I can see pakistan going to be sandwich between India & NATO Pakistani establishment knows

  • khakyskt

    Malick dont you know you are interviewing Professor of Law? PHD Dr?
    Malick your legs were Trembling
    You can just laid down looters of this corrupt system for your interests
    I salute Dr Tahir ul Qadri




    dr qadri zinda bad

  • Sam Rizvi

    Abdul Malick I ask you on whose payroll you are on…..you are a disgrace to Pakistani Media and to yourself why you look so worried if what ever other people are trying to do for the betterment of country……you want the same game to go on so your lifestyle never change…..just look towards the poor people of Pakistan ….Shame on you again Shame on you ……you are not even a Pakistani…..who suck the blood of poor people of Pakistan….by twisting thing sitting in a comfortable room…..just get-up from you fat ass…and look around..you might see how much Sh….t you have done in your life….I pray that ARMY TAKEOVER AND KICK YOU ALL OUT….AND LET THE PEOPLE BREATH ONCE AGAIN IN A FRESH AIR..

  • patriot

    Tahrir Chowk babany waly pehly ye watch kerlain >>>> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=183726261767

  • patriot

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    dandy khany ke baad :)

    • KRZ

      …Aur Tahrir Square banany k khuwab wapis Canada
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      ░░░▒   :)

  • patriot

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  • http://www.dawat.pk Shahzad

    Dr Tahir ul Qadri will lead 14 January PEACEFUL Long March

  • http://www.dawat.pk Shahzad

    We Support Dr Tahir ul Qadri…………..14 January a day of CHANGE