Capital talk on Geo News (2012 Review) – 31st December 2012

Watch Latest Capital talk on Geo News – 31st December 2012




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Capital talk on Geo News (2012 Review) - 31st December 2012, 7.7 out of 10 based on 34 ratings

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  1. asif says:

    ab sirf aik hi omeed ki kirn baqi hy or woh dr tahir ul qadi onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. mysterious karkoon says:


  3. mysterious karkoon says:

    @hamid meer

    i hope in new year you will take up that issue sir……….JUSTICE FOR SHAHZEB

  4. mysterious karkoon says:

    there will be justice for shahzeb mudassar saheb and it will be very soon. inshallah

  5. mudassar sharif says:

    @hamid meer

    jis shahzeb na behan ki ezzat ke hater jaan day dy…………wo eak acha bhai tha…………….wo eak pakistani tha……….if i was at his place , i would have done the same hamid, and even you my brother………please do justice with shahzeb

    • mysterious karkoon says:

      @mudassar sharif

      ohhh bhai i am not sure about hamid but i am sure that allah will make insaaf with shahzeb as i am also agree with you that i would have done the same if given this situation

  6. mudassar sharif says:

    @ hamid meer

    ager ya waderray ham pakistaneyoon ko essy tara marty rahy sharab ka nassay main, to pher hamid kia ho ga hamaray ess pearray mulk ka………………plz do justice ………..and do some thing for SHAHZEB

  7. mudassar sharif says:


    i expect from you that you will take up this issue and do justice with the matter. thank you hamid

  8. mudassar sharif says:

    @hamid meer

    what is your contribution for JUSTICE FOR SHAHZEB hamid??????????. i respect you from the bottom of my heart and you know it. i want to know your contribution on JUSTICE FOR SHAHZEB?????????

  9. Imran Ghori says:

    like you have done the work you need to be paid…! ISI now paing it….they have produce taliban,BLA,BRA, all anti pak elements

  10. tariq baloch says:


  11. mohammad saleem says:

    you saw this bayghairat, baysharam, thug zardari, when hamid mir asked him about the failure of
    railways, PIA, steel mills, then he is saying only one sentence "aap ki nazar may"
    this baysharam does not know anything else except looting this country. if you would hang him, he
    would say the same sentence.

    he must be kicked out and all his properties in and out of pakistan should be sold and pay for the losses
    of PIA, steel mills and railways.

  12. ali khokhar says:

    ALLAHA na kry zardari dosri dfa sadir bny
    phly hi zardari ny pakistan ki sakhe ko bhut nuqsan punchaya ha
    kash ap ye swal krty 2013 zardari ki zindgi ka kiya akhri saal ho ga
    to hum seb dua krty insallaha 2013 zardari ka akhri saal sabit ho ga
    ameen seb khen

  13. aaa says:

    i saw the video yesterday of aljazir news, in which 21 pakistan security forces people were killed. they covered their eyes and lock their hands with rope made two lines parallel to each other…. and miserably kill one by one by firing bullets on head… terrible it was terrible…
    on the other hand so many shia muslims died in balochistan. Our media hardly speak a line about such incident… It seems we have left no value for a human life…
    No political leader talk about it. None from political and military leadership attend the funeral….

  14. SAMSAM says:

    Where is Imran Khan these days. He is severely missed on TV these days. His air time is being consumed by Tahir ul Qadri and other people.


  15. Asad says:

    A Russian awarded $1million (£666,000) for solving one of the most intractable problems in mathematics said yesterday that he does not want the money.
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