Shahid Afridi MisBehaves with Media Reporter

Shahid Afridi on Fire -Not in Ground But on Media Reporter (Must Watch)



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Shahid Afridi MisBehaves with Media Reporter, 6.6 out of 10 based on 161 ratings

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  1. nadia says:

    shahid afridi very good answer …that's what reporter deserve they don't no how to speak to the LEGEND. very stupid reporter ..

  2. Gosho0o says:

    What Is Wrong With You People Didn't Know Ure Language First LIsten What Reporter Say To The Legend Crickter, Ye Whi Shahid Afridi Hai Jiski Tareefo K Pul Bande Thay Logo Ne World Cup Me. Reporter Ne Usse Jahilo Ki Tarah Question Kia 1 Choka Or 1 Chaka Lagaya Per Phir '' PHUS '' Hogye Kia Language Isper Usne Reporter Ko Reply Kia Apne Age K Hisab Se Tameez Ka Sawal Karein.
    U People Think And See What Is Wrong And Rite Then Critisice

  3. Tamer Ali says:

    I think it was a very valid question.It has been many years since Afridi made a century,mostly he comes to bat,hits a couple of fours and an odd one or two sixers,and back to the pavilion.
    He is now a days selected as a leg spin bowler,and not as a front line batsman,as he once was in the past.

  4. hazarachicago says:

    Mr.Talat Hussain you are a good man,but it is so sad that just for sack of little more money you keep changing news channels.

  5. ezba says:

    cum on media… ye misbehave nhi tha
    afridi <3 welldone

  6. Ahmad Khan says:

    the asking of the question by the reporter was a bit useless as the way afridi got out was not new. afridi getting pissed off is stupid as he should know he will be asked such questions if he preformed as he did. the actual response by afridi is very shameful. insan ko apni aukat nahi bhoolni chahiye

  7. Hafiz says:

    Reymond devis of pakistan. s.afridi

  8. KhalidHafeez says:

    Jahil reporter or people ask stupid question than of course answer will be similar I totally agree with afridi he is honest and good people often ask very stupid question for them his answer were great

  9. Risky says:

    We should back our hero Shahid Afridi. He is a genius. He have tormented every bowling line up in world & made many records in cricketing world. Please do not criticise him. He is going through a bad patch. Inshallah he will be back on lime light with a boom. We should give him due respect.

    These media people are getting out of control. They think they can do every thing what they want. Thats hillarious.

  10. Dr.H.R.Abbasi says:

    Afridi played many match winning innings for the country.I think he still has career in ODIs and T20Ts but what he needs to do get his form back?. Probably play domestic cricket.I think these comments were out of frustration.

  11. CHAHAT says:

    fak media channels

  12. tahir says:

    For God Sake,

    Afridi is not sacred cow, he has to perform to earn respect.

  13. Spectroscopy says:

    Stupid reporter and untrained media

  14. Taj Kohistani says:

    Afridi just paid in the same coin to the Media Reporter. They must know how to question? Media, specially in Pakistan, has become an evil. They think of themselves to be free for doing anything but people must not react. Media SUCKS in Pakistan.

  15. Khalid Alvi says:

    media is un-civilized, no doubt. They abuse everyone, and when someone replis harsh, they propagate as misbehave. What an ill-mannered pakistani media

  16. esa says:

    CHUTIYA reporter misbehaves with national STAR

  17. TahirJaved javed says:

    We must give respect to our player,media should not use bad languge ,he is a great player we must respect him
    Thanks taz

  18. Human says:

    Jo log battmiz hotey he woh hamesha jaldi out ho jatey he.. Aur agar battmiz hotey rahe to out bhi jaldi hotey rahey ge..

  19. Mustav says:

    Pakistani log afridi key liye itnay pagal kion hain? lol . Baat simple hai Afridi had some good times and some bad times, but its time for him to go. Afridi has been lucky in two ways: first yeh us waqt aya jab hamary pass wasim, waqar, aur saeed anwar jesay log thay, us waqt is key 2 – 4 chokey matter kartay thay; magar ab hamain genuine batsmen aur genuine bowlers ki zaroorat hai. Afridi ka gussa Baja hai, but he should realise key us ko Pakistan ney bohat pesa diya hai, yeh log gareeb hotay hain, magar ohir ameer ban key nikaltay hain; Afridi ney Pakistan ko kya diya I do not want to discuss, but he has been quite rude to a number of people, and his attitude does not balance his contribution!

  20. farhanahmed12 says:

    Afridi we love u. Media deserves even more
    Shame to Media

  21. asif says:

    sach karwa hota hai is bat pay kisi ko shak?

  22. mqm says:

    chutya ko sawaal karna nahi aata, phus kya hota hai, jaahil media waala…
    good reply by shahid bhai

  23. Disgusted says:

    Media can ask any question. It is their job. That is where you show your gentleness. Shahid did not misbehave, he just did not like the question and snapped. It was a knee jerk reaction. Total leg behind the wicket. He tried to play a shot on a no ball.

  24. calico666 says:

    Shahid Afridi was very NICE to this MEDIA PUNK who does not know anything about cricket.

    Media PUNK should have some basic knowledge about cricket.

  25. Shahid - USA says:

    I think this is the time Afridi should retire from cricket and let other new talents give a chance to prove themselves. Also rather one should giving attitude or misbehaving live on air; unacceptable for the public. Simple rule; respect and have respect or discipline and get disciplined.

  26. Harris Zafar says:

    Shahid bhai aap kal b hamaray Hero thay aur Aaj b Hero ho…. Ye jo aap pe awaz uthatay hain aur batain banatay hain ye sab AHSAAN FARAMOOSH hain! Shayad in terbiyat hi esi hui ho…
    Aap ne jab 37 balls pe 100 score kiya aap tab b hero thay aur jab aap pehli ball pe Out huay aap tab b hero thay!
    And for those who make fun of our stars must learn to RESPECT our real Heros…
    Long live shahid bhai

  27. naveed khan says:

    hahahaha,,,,,,kiu ye bazaar samaj raka hain,,,,,fazool kahi ki,,,,

  28. Zia Ibrar says:

    afridi was abosuletely right there that was another bullshit from media People love you afridi and we hate these media idiots who even dont know how to speak and to you mr heading here this is shit you are putting afridi misbehave you should behave first lone you lala boom boom

  29. khan says:

    why dont u go heera mandi to find a friend . and dont use khan name u panjabi **** .

  30. norozkhan says:

    Yes, Shaiza Khan you can get lots of rich customers in the Parliament , plenty of corrupt politicians with looted money will pounce on you. For quick bussiness you should go to Mustafa Khar or Shahbaz Sharif, they always welcome girls like you.

  31. A. khan says:

    What is the matter with this idiot Shahid Afridi, he should realize that his cricket days are over. He should also learn to behave with reporters and general public.
    I wonder what was he trying to prove by insulting some old reporter, I am sure one day someone will punch him on his face and kick his ass to teach him a lesson.

    • shabir says:

      dosroo par kechar ochalna boht asaan hai. hum log doosro ke kamo me khami doondte rehtai hai par khud apna kaam teek se nahi karte. Afridi we love you…..

  32. khan says:

    shaiza why u panjabei people use khan with your name , u **** this is not a dating site heera mandi jao u ll find some one there ,

  33. Imran says:

    Well don Afridi you are right he realy deserved this responce ..
    He should know how to ask quastion!

    • Ali Khan says:

      actually in our country people feel happiness when they insult other, i am in Europe here people always respect one another, these European people behave in very islamic way but we pakisatnis are not behaving in islamic way and not respecting each other.

  34. Asad says:

    Nothing wrong with Afridi Behavior. Problem is with Pak media's Behavior. I wonder if They(Media) can behave like that with Pak Politicians.

  35. bilal says:

    Deobandi Taliban (Shahid Afridi) vs. Jewish media

  36. saleem qureshi says:

    ham pakistani hen or Alhamdolilah musalman hen
    galti hote hay lekin
    na chalny ki galti bardasht kar sakty hen is umeed per ka INSHALLAH bohat jald chalen gay shahid bhai
    magar saty bazi ki waja say mulk ka name badnam karny ki ijazat kisi ko nahen den gay
    or ALLAH ka shukar hay hy k shahid bhai nay hamesha pakistan ka name roshan kea hay
    or agy bhi karen gay

  37. Rizwan says:

    Love u afridi, we hate such media

  38. Atif Khan says:

    is link per jis jis ne afridi k khilaaf comment kia hai……………….unki maa ki qus

  39. Ali says:

    All of there performance is due to there bad attitude because he is too much proudly and Allaha Pak does't like proudly People

  40. Zubair Mughal says:

    iss taraha ke badtameez reporters ko iss taraha ki hi jawab dena chahaye tu badtameez hoon inne issi tarah ka response milna chahye well done mr afridi

  41. AZEEM says:


  42. talat kaiser says:

    Great work shahid bhai :)

  43. Waqas Khan says:

    afridi ko hata dayna chahie ye isi qaabil hay

  44. Zuhair Khan says:

    asal issue yea ha ka last year ak Interview ma Shahid Afridi na Onair keh dia tha ka

    "Jo Dil Musalman ka Dil ha waisa Dil ak Hindu ka nahi hu sakta"
    or dosri tarf News ANchor jis sa Afridi Bat kar raha tha who Musalsal yeah he keeh ja rahi the ka India na Hamra Wellcome bhoot acha kia hamy Ice Cream Khilyee Blah Blah Blah……

    os he din sa Yeah JEW Channel Intizar ma tha ka kub Afridi bad perform kary………

    ab Afridi out of Form ha tu Yeah Jew's Media waly os ka pechy pary howe hai….. or hamari Innocent Awam be os he ka Ha ma Ha mila rahe hai…… Jago Pakistanio Jagoo……

    Ap Ka Misbah kia bhoot acha Player ha os ki Performance Dekho Last 2 years ki…….. Sohail Tanveer.. Younus Khan……………

    kia Afridi in sa be gaya guzra hai…. bhaiyoo Afridi jaisa players bhoot Kum ha… Os ki Fielding os ki Bowling os ki Batting tu additional ha who 50 bar keeh chuka ha ka bhai meri Concentration Bowling par hoti hai……. or Batting Plus point hai………….

    Tamam Patriotic Pakistani's sa Appeal ha ka is Jew's Media ki bat ma na aye….

    Pakistan Zindabad…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  45. shahid says:

    goood answer shahid

  46. witness7590 says:

    what is wrong with that good answer by shahid.

  47. asif says:

    bilkul theek kaha shahid bhai ye media waly esy hee bakwas karty hain

  48. Sunny Ali says:

    sahi kya in media walo ke sth ye deshetgrd ha bagert

  49. Khan says:

    No manners at all.. shame on Pakistani media.. Well said Afridi..

  50. Disgusted says:

    Performance is consistently bad, why taking it out on a reporter?

  51. Zuhair Khan says:

    Well said Afridi…. Yeah Media waly kuty ka bachy hai… agr yea Afridi England ya Austrailia ka plyer hota tu abe os ki Izzat hoti.. yeaha ki tanha nai…

    Afridi ZIndabad…

  52. mohsin says:

    Shahid bhai we Love you, this was not a right way to put quesions <3 <3

  53. sajjad says:

    lanat afridi par

  54. Pakistan Zindabad says:

    Budha koosat ab chakka nahee maar sakta is ko Zooor say do Dhakkaa

  55. Muhammad says:

    Afidi tu to gaya ab.
    Kitna arsa aisay chalay ga ke jub bhee tumhari zaroorat paree tum munh utha ke chal diye.
    There is a lot of young talent waiting for oppertunity.

  56. gatia fun of afridi why he is part of the team lets movie guyes for new talents yar

  57. jawad says:

    hahaha afridi apne 1 chaka mara haha lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz os chake se koi kam nahi chala hafiz ne aise kie sare mare:DxD;)

  58. Khan says:

    Hahaaa…..good one afridi sahib…,,lolzzzzzz yeh aap kay zamane ki cricket nahi ho rahi

  59. mypakistan says:

    well said afridi

  60. lanati shahid afridi says:

    shahid afridi nay aik fastest century kar kay 14 sal cricket kayle afridi pakistan ka talent nahi hay balkay iss nay kisi aur pakistani cricket talent player ka haq mara hay in 14 salo mein. aur oper say attitude bhe dekha tha hay

  61. Khan says:

    Dear administrator, can u pls take some of the pashto comments its totally abusing, some of these people have no respect for there own family's that's why they abuse others…

  62. TONI says:

    kia hua tha afridi sab ap nay bicharay KO SIX MAR DIYA :$

  63. salahuddin says:

    sawal karnay ka b koi tariqa hota media walay b apnay ap ko kamil samajhtay hai ,.baqi ko aayvi.wo b insan hai farishta nahe.telented na hota to 16 crore awam se select na hota.G A LA LA

  64. ayaz khan says:

    well answer by shahid afridi,
    very good

  65. Asif Jan Khan says:

    Why always afridi? is he the only player that under performs every body now and then do it in that match some other players really played bad then why target him. is it because he is afridi pathan that dum journalist should know that you can not hide behind the name of journalist and insult people especially some one with the last name of afridi.

  66. Arshad says:

    it can not reasonable be held that Afridi misbehaved. He is right in disciplining the rude and senseless reporter

  67. Mehdi says:

    I dont get it.wht did he asked?anyone help

  68. Nseer says:

    Great Lala ,, U did gave soo good response to this Corrupt Media
    I Salute To U
    All Pakistanies peoples stand with U

  69. J.K says:

    اگر ایسا ہی سوال انڈیا میں کسی صحافی نے کیا ہوتا اور جواب یہی ہوتا تو سب کے سب یہی کہتے کہ صحافی کو آفریدی نے بلکل صحیح جواب دیا ہے اور وہ ایسا ہی کرتا ہے جو وہ انڈیا میں بھی کر چکا ہے مگر یہاں اس نے صحیح جواب دیا تو کئی دوستو ں کو پسند نہیں آیا صاف گو آدمی ہے لہذا سیدھا سیدھا جواب دیتا ہے جیسا منہ ویسی چپیڑ جیسا سوال ویسا جواب

  70. umar says:

    junaid khan hamaray area ka player hai.main khud us se mila ne bataya ke ye buht munh phat aur maghroor aadmin hai aur khas kar pathanoun ke leiy team main aik nasoor hai.s ke tu shakal hi mardoun wali mard kahin ka

    • J.K says:

      Ager Junaid khan naai waqai yeh kaha hay tu wo khud acha admi nahin hay ju teem kay khilarion kay baray main aisay remarks daita hay,munh phat hona aor woh bhi saheh baat per tu koi buraai nahin aor jahan tak ghroor ki baat hay tu akser loog ghalti ker jatay hain aaj kal kay zamanay main kon hay jis ki gardan main sarya nahin hay woh haj ker chuka hay betion ka baap hay pakistan ka naam roshan kia hay ,rahi baat pathanon kay naam per nasoor ki tu ird gird dekhu senkron aisay milain gaay ju sirf qoom per nahin dherti per nasoor hain

  71. Chaudhry Kamran says:

    un trained journalist……..who's don't have idea how to ask questions, this kind of journalist u wl c a lot in nowadays news media.

  72. Hassan says:


    Afridi bhai ap k zamanay ki b cricket nahi hai , ab maf kar do is qoam ko :D

  73. sshiz says:

    badtameez admi lala balls chaba tha hai phir pitch pai stomping kar tha hai kisi ko bala dikha tha hai aur media sai baath kar nai ki tameez nahi hai. Jab insan kisi buland rutbai pai puhaunch tha hai usko buhauth soch kai baath karni chaiye ya phir cricket ki ball ki tarah well left kar dai na chaiyai

  74. maqsood says:

    v good reply by afridi these kind of stupid n uneducated people creating problems for our Pakistan.

  75. Adnan ji says:

    Mere kiyal mein afridi bhai ko oneday mien na khilane ka ghusa bohat hai ,,,,,per afridi sahib App kuch karty bi to nahi hein na sirf baloon mein hath pheerne ke elawa ,,,,,,,

    • ahmed says:

      jab aik ya do balls ke lia afridi ko batting milay gi to wo kia karay ga, just remember those days when he was playing as an opener. now if you send him for two or three balls then please dont expect any good results from him. so he was, he is a good player.

  76. Tahir Bashir says:

    khush qismat reporter hai jisko afridi ki beyizzati karney ka moqa milla.yeh pakistan k leay nahi khelte yeh records k leay khelte hain.watan say payyar ho to young age may laug shaheed bhi ho jaatey hain.aur yeah budhey ho k bhi saari zindagi bhi retired nahi hotey keyoo k apney leay
    apni family k leay khelte hain.pakistan k leay kahaan

  77. Mr Lad says:

    Pak Media is gettting out of control. If i were Afridi i wud ve punched that illiterate reporter.

  78. Asfaq Munir says:

    HAHA sahi Jawaab diya Lala us budhe ko!! dosent matter what the media barks about we will always love you even if u dont play

  79. Daisi says:

    What is misbehave in it ?? is this a way of putting questions ?? is this the decent language ??? what is thuss ?? why this newly born media guys learn the ethics first ??? why media started using slang words??
    Afridi didnt said any thing wrong the questioner deserve to be replied like this….

  80. khan says:

    bakwas me kava zalima……….. da saritob khaberi kava

  81. khan says:

    rude afridi..abi tak s ko baat karnay ka tareeke nhe ata….har koi idar pakistan may a aankay dikaata hai…bahhir to kuch nhe saka..

  82. MuSiK_kInG78 says:

    HAHA sahi Jawaab diya Lala us budhe ko!! :D dosent matter what the media barks about we will always love you even if u dont play :D <3

  83. azadpakistani says:

    Afridi should have kept quite and move away. When not performing silence is best answer

  84. bilal says:

    blackmail media people jahill

  85. Rosi says:

    Han , ap nay wahi pathano wala kam keya .

  86. Sniper says:

    Media Reporter Misbehaves with Shahid Afridi.

  87. karachiite says:

    Afridi ko tu chahiye tha, aik joota bhi lagata is jahil anparh journalist ko.

  88. Muhammad Khan says:

    abay O tassaub pasando, admin dont have dare to do the correction … tum loog change laow gay iss mulk may bluddy biased … is this a way to ask a question, shame on media of propagating this type of videos, shame on these illiterate so called journalist … Absolutely right balkay ussay aik aad rakh dayna chaiyay thaa …

  89. Sniper says:

    Media Reporter with Misbehaves Shahid Afridi.

  90. shan_ak27 says:

    Afridi was absolutely right! He was not a reporter tharial sala

  91. @ssobii says:

    immature media of pakistan………..very bad and unethical way of putting a question to a national hero……….pls dont manipulate the minds he didnt misbehaved just answered what the journalist deserved

    • timber says:

      im shocked at some of the ignorance on this thread. afridi is a cricket genius. he is the most talented cricketer that Pakistan has EVER had on its team. In terms of talent no one comes even close. yes his temperament as always needed improvement. he should have slapped this reporter instead of replying. ppl who don't understand cricket should not watch it. if they did understand they would know what kind of talent afridi is. losers.

  92. asim afridi says:

    sta da moor kuus shahid afridi h@ramiya

  93. peer says:

    salay say full toss par 6xer nai laga, hes fking old ,,retire selfish khan afridi

  94. Rana says:

    He is right, these chawal media reporters dont think what they gona ask and to whom.

  95. Obaid says:

    Yar main aap ko batata hon Lala bhut talented crickter hay aur Pakistni har achay coach ne is ko bhut samjhyaa he double figures main aao aur us ko three figures main convert karo especially Javed bhai woolmer , laykin is banday ke kbhe samjhe nhe aae kabhe nhe jisko agay barhna hota hay ya koi vision hota hay wohi to kuch sekhna chahata hay aap is ke misal aisay lain ke kitnay he cricketer bhut kahrab aaye laykin unhon ne seekha aur samjha aur bhut acha carreer guzara

  96. Kabir Khan says:

    typical hot headed low IQ pathan…

  97. ADIL says:

    asi wja sy man kh rha ho groor k waja sy shad afrid k career barbad hogai ye kabi be come back nai kar skahga i promise jb thak ye garoor na choory

  98. Faisal says:

    Afridi has done the right thing……….there is a dire need to put media persons like him in control……..he has misbehaved and he must respect afridi for what he is. I dont know why this nation forgets things so easily….If I am right then I think afridi was the only player who fought hard to put Pakistani side in world cup semi finlas in last world cup. Alassss……no body in this country talks about the stupid role some media persons are playing….and irony is that they never excuse for what they do.

  99. momin says:

    is ka best solution ha k next time isko koi mou na lagaye……pata nhe kya samjta ha apny ap ko Chut*** chaks

  100. Omar says:

    Stupid uploader.

  101. spy eye says:

    very good reply…bullshit question nd awesome answer by LALA

  102. MQM Zindabad says:

    Yar es ko kaho koi performence b tu dikhao,,, mujizzzat par hum sub ko yaqeen hy,,,merit pe tu ye khailta he nahi..tukka lag gea tu theek wrna .,.,., team es tarah nae banti…

  103. Arifwaheed says:

    Ye alfafa journalism her chez ke TEESMAR KHAN bante he Afridi aik azeem qumi hero he jnho ne is mulk ko kai aham matches jetwane me aham kirdar ada kia he ager aj apne BURE WQAQT se guzar raha he to hame inki himammat barhani chahiye na ke isko mazid DISCOURAGE kare

  104. hate u lala for this.A BAD ARROGANT WAY

  105. ali says:

    very bad way of asking

  106. haroon says:

    lala best….. luv u lala

  107. shamim anwar says:

    It is a proven truth Afridi is very hyper and never plays carefully, just in order to get more runs through Chakkas and Chowkas he was out on ZERO – right from 1996 World Cup, people want him to be discharged from Pakistan Cricket Team but no one knows who is behind him he is still playing. We recommend Afridi has now earned a lot for the rest of his life, he better quit cricket immediately.

  108. burhan says:

    buhat ghusay main hai g

  109. pakistani says:

    koi shahid khan ney misbehave nehin keya ,

  110. qahar achkzai says:

    you are right bro

  111. mnk says:

    Language of the question was not right.

  112. yousuf says:

    afridi is right, the journalist was very rude

  113. muhammad Ishfaq says:

    Majority of journalists are under metric. So how can they behave rationally? Khud ko tees mar khan samjhty han. log enk munh nhi lgna chahty or yeh samjhty han k log dar rhy han:)

  114. Lazar Iqbal says:

    Afridi wz Right,,,,,!
    The Caption shud b like this " A media person misbehaved with Afridi "

  115. usman_arshad says:

    Simply Afridi is 100 % at his right

  116. IMKING says:

    I think he said right reporter should not use these kind of words in public. though reporter was partially right about his performence.

  117. moin says:

    Afridi was right… Jahil journalist sirf rating k peche han aj kal sab… Biast media.. of course 20 20 cricket hai… Test match nhe k soch soch k khele

  118. ssss says:

    afridi is our hero i dont care if he fail 100 times but u dont have right to talk our hero like this way.u asshwholeee reporter.afridi should slap u.afridi palying as a bowler.batting is bonus and we dont care if he out soon.we still lov him.and budhee gandu tmizz seekh tu kis hramiiiii channel ka hai jisne tujhe rekha hai

  119. shafiq butt says:

    this midia person need some education .afridi was right this repoter desorve

  120. Rizwan says:

    JAHIL Qaum JAHIL journalist

  121. ssss says:

    very good answer by shahid.kutttii ka bachaaa reporter ager mien hota afridi ki jaga to thapper marta.hramiiiii reporter tamiz nhi baat krne ki sale.phuss ho gae k bache tu khud phus ho chuka apni ganddd us k aage kerrr phir pataa lage ga kon phuss ho gyaaa.knjrrr salaa.

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