Pak India Taakra – Geo News Special on Cricket!


Watch Pak India Taakra – Geo News Special on Cricket!




  • adil

    what a drama.geo group lafafa group.

  • Bhutta

    Remember all " SHARMAS" are BRAHMANS ( they believe they are the pure and super Hindu cast in India) always hate the creation of Pakistan…..even on the play fields with guest team players. I tell the youth of the Pakistan to learn that SHERMA, VERMA, MELHOTRAY, GUPTAY, PANDAY, CHAKERVERTI, SINHA etc will always oppose Pakistan where do can be found on planet earth. The Pakistani Youth who love Cricket have now looked on TV screens about their negative attitude even with an international game such as Cricket.

  • Bhutta

    I have watched this TV TAKRA SHOW twice. I have enjoyed watching the deeply uncomfortable faces of the Indian retired Cricket Players. They were as usual expecting that they will once again humiliate the Pakistani Cricket Team as well as the Nation. I think it was more than a surprise to the Indians. Many of the Indians refused to talk to me on phone about the defeats they have received on the play fields in India. When they defeat Pakistani any team they call me and cannot hide their joy to irritate me. Even so called community radios ( AKASH WANI ) are on purpose black out the news of their Cricket team by Pakistan. I`m UK resident since early 70`s.I meet and greet many Indians regularly and my life time experience always strengthen my beliefs that Indians will never be a friendly and entrusting next door country. This is a lesson for the NGO`S in Pakistan who always favor India….Shame on them.

  • Ahsan Safdar

    geo is a good channel in pakistan and all over world.plz i request geo management plz you try best and sana bucha on air again on geo tv network.

  • jafar

    in this takkra man of the match is sakanar

  • mqm

    Jiye Mohtram Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai !! Jiye MQM

  • J/K

    Sikander bakht,yahya ,sidharth or whatever ,hamid mir and speciasly childish kamli is show per chawal maar rahay hain

  • Londoner


    Pakistan exploited conditions perfectly in first match. India will come back like an injured lion. Pakistan must organise its camp well in batting, bowling and fielding to maintain lead which will not be easy to sustain, playing India in India.

  • Talal

    y there iz so much background music and noise , what for , stupid geo managment , no need of that

  • calico666

    Irfan, GIRAFF, was fiddling with his NECK CHAIN, instead of focusing on game ?

    FAN are NOT there to watch their GOLD Chain but paid to watch game.

  • calico666

    Nawaz Building New Pakistan in ENGLISTAN for the Last 25 Years w/…………STOLEN MONEY

    Kick Backs….Motorway, Tandoor
    Kushta Family….To Harass Singer T, Ayesha Ahad, Kim Jewish Journalist….
    Laffa Journalism…..Paid to Build Fake Image
    Land Mafia……Encroaching Public Land
    Loan Write off……..Created Fake Co. and Wrote off Loans
    Money Laundering……Stolen Money of Poor Nation
    Patwari………Another Tool to Control People
    Rigging………..Asghar Khan Case
    Tax Evasion…..$ 50 ……Properties in Billions
    Thanidar………Hire and Fire

  • sara khan

    all sincere pakistanis like this page

  • mohib-e-wattan

    Present government lost it's legitimacy since day one how?? See followings:
    Elections 2008
    *On the basis of illegal NRO (which is/was against the law and constitution of Pakistan, it was fraud with people of Pakistan and constitution)
    *23% of total voteable population casted votes in that elections, out which 45% were forged/fake/fraud votes only real votes were 11.50% of total voteable Pakistani casted.
    *Fake degrees, 90 members of parliments submitted fake degrees to election commission of Pakistan, which is against the constitution of Pakistan and punishable by law, none of them was punished, but were blessed by parliment, parliment removed bechlor degree conditions and allowed them for re-elections without punishment.

    In the light of above frauds committed against constitution and people of Pakistan, CJ should cancel elections 2008 and announced new and fresh elections. "Kiun kay hamaray siyasaatdaan tehrey?not striaght hien, inka ulti oonli sey hi ghee nikala ja sacta hey" which they deserve.

  • mohib-e-wattan

    Dr.Qadri nay corrupt politicians kay julab laga diay hein, derpok zardari khof kay marey india match dekhnay kay bahanay india baag jaiy gaa (apnay baap kay pass) saath may ussi jessay corrupt, derpok, chorr wazir bi ho'ngay. salaaaa yeh derpok bunker may chuppnay wala qurbani deyga qom kay liya?? :D

  • mohib-e-wattan

    We all know where these so-called TTP's are operating from and hidding, who are supporting them. They attack only our innocent civillians and our police, levis and army, but they don't go after corrupt people, wine stores or other ayashi's adaahs, from where they are extremists?? They are paid and supported by enemies of Pakistan to finish it, like our present rulers were installed to finish Pakistan financially, and they did it most efficiently.

  • M Luqman


  • @khanbaba__

    inshALLAH Pakistan will win next 2 matchs.AMEEN

  • @khanbaba__

    hahahaha good answer woo app ka damad hai shoib malik

  • MuSiK_kInG78

    DHoni badnaam hua kaamli tere liye!! HAHAHA :D

    • pinprick

      I think Imran Nazir said Kamli badnaam huwi dhone tery liey which was even more funny :D

  • Nasir

    i think we (Pakistani) getting too excited by winning first match which is i guess not a typical Pakistani style. i dont know our media is acting like an indian media.

    Junaid done good bowling but also got supporting condition to be honest so keep it low and should show off too much.

  • norozkhan

    What a tragedy, 21 Levis Police were shot dead by Talibans in Peshawar, 20 killed in Mastung by Talibans, several killed when the bus was bombed in Karachi and we are talking about cricket on talk show and celebrating a insignificant win over India.
    I did not hear any politician or religious leaders condemning the killings of forty fifty innocent people by terroriists Talibans.
    Pakistan intelligence, Police and our armed forces appear to be extremely incompetant and ineffective.
    Talibans are bombing kidnapping and killing our soldiers, police and civilians every day all over the country and we are totally unable to trace and kill their leaders and destroy their camps.
    Shame on Us.

    • mohib-e-wattan

      We all know where these so-called TTP's are operating from and hidding, who are supporting them. They attack only our innocent civillians and our police, levis and army, but they don't go after corrupt people, wine stores or other ayashi's adaahs, and from where they are extremists, they are paid and supported by enemies of Pakistan to finish it, like our present rulers were installed to finish Pakistan financially, and did it that one thing most efficiently.

    • Sajid Mehmood

      ye sab army wale aour agencies wale bakwaas karte hein , agar Daku kisi ko agwa kar lein to kia securities agencies government se puchti hein k kia hum en ko pakrein ya na pakrein, ya aap ki dakuon ko pakrne k bare mein policy kia hai.
      ya to army ye kahe k hum pakar nahi sakte ya wo parkarna nahi chahte. aap en dehshat gardon ko pakrein phir agar government ne kaha k keun pakre hein ya kaha k en ko choor do phir to banda kahe k hakumat nahi karne deti .
      agencied sirf governemt ko badnaam karne k leye haalaat kharaab kar rahi hein.

  • mohib-e-wattan
  • SatanTwin

    Kamli is a shithole …

  • SatanTwin

    WTF Taakra even means ???

  • mysterious karkon


    once again sir………….respect for u

  • mysterious karkon

    @indian pannel

    brother i am a pakistani………..i like indians and i respect them……i also want to say the best soul in india is KAPEL DAVE……….

  • mysterious karkon

    @indian pannel

    respect you sir…………from a pakistani

  • mysterious karkon


    i am pakistani but i like you brother………..khush rahoooo…………pakistan zindhabad

  • Adam

    Immature show!!!

  • mrd

    cheap media doing anything for rating……………..

  • hamza

    Bring IMRAN KHAN in this show, that would be great.

  • MQM Zindabad

    Ye hay hamary Sikandar bakht aor onn k vinud kmbly…kiss tarah jahilaon ki tarah baath kr rahy thy ye sub

  • Qaisar Butt

    pakistan zindabad

  • M Luqman


    ab 90 se bhttay ke calls shroo hogaien

  • Redrose_519

    jal gae hy saalon ke

  • imran

    very immature way of criticism..non-professional attitude… biryani and other stupid jokes,, it could have been a serious debate for such a sensational win…..

  • J.K

    Sara show vinod kamli nay barbad ker dia ,ager Pakistan sereis jeet bhi jaay ju Inshallah jetay ga tu bhi yeh kambli isi tarah uchal kood karay ga non serious character.

  • ahsan

    its just a match why theses media anchors are creating fess

  • Syed

    breaking news: MQM joins 14th Jan long march

  • PTI

    Shameless media … creating hatred through their ridiculous comments … no one is there to appreciate the talent…..


    Pakistan ZINDABAD

  • AAA

    Pak won d match.GREAT. Another Madari or Tamasha by geo news.Geo is famous for the kind of Tamasha shows

  • Rizwan

    Bravo, Pakistani Team, well played, well deserved WINNER. Mabrook to all fellow Pakistanies.

  • Khan HK

    ALLAH bless PAKISTAN in next match ,Because I heard our President Ghadary will be in Ground to watch this match with Indian PM So please all pray that ( ALLAH Zardari yani Ghadari ke Shar se mefuuz fermai hamari Team ko ) AMEEEEEEEN

    • ppp jiyala

      Ap ko hamare president ko ghadari kesee khha app ko sharim anii cha he yee

      • muzzamil

        gadari nhe hai to kia hai sala kha gya lot ke sara Pakistan

      • Khan HK

        Mujee bohoot sharim atii hai jab log kehtee hain
        k pakistan ka president Zardari
        to pir pakistan se bahr ree kar afssoos he kar saktee hian
        k eesa Ghadar Shetaan numma insan hamaree mulkh pe raj kar raha hai
        or Hawam ka khun pii rha hai
        Allah karee hamaree mulkh ko koi mukhlis insan mill jai AmmeeeeN

    • ppp jiyala

      Tum log patta nahian hum loghoon se kiya chahitee ho ? khaa ma kha hammaree leader or party ko bura bala ketee rehtee hian PURA mulkh khush hia par tum kuch muthi bahar jamuriat mukhalif logh drameein karttee rehtee ho. Aghli bariiiiiii phirrrr ZARDARI

      • LongLivePakistan

        jee jnab Poora mulak khush ha. Bijlee to jatee he ni.. or ab to gas b ni atee.. or vo jo new KHUSRA aya ha aapka.. us haram khor ki baher harkatay daikho kesay mulk ka pasa larkio par urata ha… or AAp jesay jahil log BISP k 2000 k peecahy unko vote day gay.. JYALAY may may 3 lafz zyada ha aik say he kam chal jata .. jayalay word k 2 ALIF or aik YE nikal kar HEH lga day to kam chal jata ha.. ab zara soch kar btaye k HEH lganay k bad kya banta ha.. aapko to ye b ni pata ho ga… JAHIL kahee h

  • Farooq

    Compliments for Siddharth Sharma, he is much talented guy and has quality questions to ask, geo guys seems very poor.

    It would be nice if it can be serious show.

    Its requested, please try to listen more instead to speak. For now it looks like a fish market.
    Please give credit to each player and team with open heart.
    Indians are much better then Pakistanis to give credit and appreciate players, Pakistanis seems selfish.

  • ahmed nawaz

    very very nice… Sikander bakht is a winner.

  • Muhammad Sabir Khan

    Imran nazir aur sikandar bakht ny jama k jawab dia, non-muslim kabhi bhi muslims ka dost nahi ho sakta, rahi baat kaamli ki tou wo kehtay haina bara bol baray baray ko zaman m daal chuka hy tou ye kaamli kya hy, khuda ki lathi bay awaz hy jb ghoomti hy tou phr koi b kuch nahi karta, yehi aaj kaamli k sath hua hy, bahar haal hum logon ko b bara bol nahi bolna chaiye QK abhi agay 2 matches baki hain,

  • Farooq

    Fish market, Very sad; no body has patience to listen.
    Please try to resolve this issue;

    Questions quality is very poor and both are hesitating to give credit to each other.

  • Mohinder sandhu

    this should be a serious discussion so that people can learn,this discussion is more of a one up man-ship which is such a shame. THis is so immature on every bodies part

  • NIaz M K Mehmand

    very very nice… Sikander bakht is a winner…..!!


    i was also waiting to see kamlis face today lol :p

  • adnan

    bus dua karain rehman malik na kud jain otherwise indian cant beat with pakistan

    • Muhammad Sabir Khan

      han bhai ye baat sahi ki aapny, lkn aap dhek lena ye matches b book hain, pakistan sy ziada musalman india m hain aur agr hm indians ko match haraty hain tou then phr hmara musalman bhaiyou ko wahan problem face karna parti hy,

  • ahmed


  • Arsalan

    i was waiting for this show today..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MuSiK_kInG78

    Kaamli k kya mazay le rahe hain ye yaar HAHAHA :P

  • Rashid meher

    V bad link.lollllzzzzz

  • sohaib

    ye kiu ni open ho rha???