Imran Khan’s message for Christians and Minorities


Imran Khan’s message for Christians and Minorities

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  • akey

    east or west imran is the best

  • roohulamin khan

    long life my leader king khan

  • kalim

    Allah is Rabul AAllaameen not jus Rab ul muslemeen.So we shall live with our christian brothers with peace and harmoney.Islam means peace.shame on those shit heads making comments wich are not according to islam.Imran khan is great leader but pakistani people dont understand.

  • ambri…

    lub u imran khan

  • tipu

    Yar Khan sahab kahan hain?/ tv dekhanay ka maza nahi aa raha.


    • John

      Yes this true, love Imran, please win election and rule our so beautiful nation to make it more sweet

  • jonas

    عمران پاگل ہونے والا ہے اسی لئے عمران خانم کا مقصد ہے فوج آ جائے اور کسی طرح کرسی پر بٹھا دے ۔طاہر قادری پادری اسی کا شوشا ہے… YE ISLAAM HAI ???… YE ISLAAM HAI ???… YE ISLAAM HAI ???… YE ISLAAM HAI ???

    Sajdah to Mullah Tahir-ul-Qadri! Mullah Shirk مشرک ملا اور شرک
    PTI MQM Thar Qadri …………….KEA YE ISLAAM HAI ???

    • calico666

      Anybody WHO…. STOLE PUBLIC FUNDS from POOR NATION………I wish them the SAME


      ONE GONE…………………..MORE to FOLLOW?


      • syed

        engine seller is still alive the one died is different bilur.

    • Shoaib Bajwa

      Jonas is one of the paid nooras I always see his comments are biased with no sense.beware of these paid nooras even sohail waraich has mentioned about their media cell working in model town under the supervision of Mariam nawaz.they even pretend pti pro and abuse others.which is very cheap effort to defame pti.May Allah show you guys the right path.

  • Spectroscopy

    This upcoming elections will be between money and youth. We will see if money can buy youth or youth isn't for sale.

  • FKB

    loved the music…vote for IK!!

  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    Imran khan isi Ghalt fehmi me na rehna k log ap k sath hain noora aor pp k pas awaam b hai aor tmaam idare b un k under main hain aap is system ko badly bagher election men 20 zyada seat nai le sktey aor qaum phir usi azab men phans jayegi is liye qadri sahb ka sath do aor pehle system theek krao aor phir ap 2 therd mijority le saktay ho nai to ap b zero hi raho gy. Jaldi se faisla kar lo

    • Umer

      Qadri sab ku ab khayal aya ha es ka bahi…IK ka sath dena he waqt ki sab say ahem zaroorat ha…

      • Muhammad Shahbaz

        O mera Bhai un ki poori speech Ik ki behtri k liye thi aor ik b is se agree krta ho ga lekin lekin lekin us k sathi politition us ko marwaen gy ap sb ko ye bat election k bad samaj men aaye gi lekin tab waqat hath se nikal chuka ho ga aor phir qadri sab ki baat b samj men aa jaye gi. Understand ?

        • pakistani


    • Shahid

      Imran Khan, you must alliance with other good parties otherwise it will be very very difficult for you. People who still support PPP and PML(N), are ruining not their own but also their children future. We need new people not the used and rusty people. You will start selling your soul if these used people return.

  • samajhna_mushkil

    am i idiot? then who is genius? i like potatoes

  • Tariq Abi Nazir

    I am Tariq Abi Nazir Christian Residing in USA would like to request all Christians of my country Paksitan to join hands with Imran Khan and leave the previous leaders, try him once and see if he can do some good for the country. We need a new leader to make change and Imran is the one on whom we can trust. He respects all the religions and we need to support him. so please try this time mr. Imran Khan. thanks and merry Christmas to all . be Blessed

    • Guest

      Good one brother. Pakistan is our mother land no matter where we reside. Many Pakistani Christians have done so much for Pakistan, not because they had a point to prove but because they, just like others, love their motherland. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas

    • Kalib George

      Hello abi nazar, where do you live in USA please?

  • Mohd khan


  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    Sirf 2 se 3 din men Imran khan aor qadri sahib 1sath ho jayen gy aor ap supporter b jaldi se comments ko positiv ker Len ta k mil Kr mulk ko corruption aor muk muka se bachaya jaye

    • Mohd khan


    • sajpti

      PAtwari bhai aap k aaj k comnets nay aaj ki dehari laga di kal phir aana dehari laganay tab tak ALLAH hafiz

  • Shahid – USA

    Let us celebrate all these festivals together with respect to each other religious faith. Living abroad we all respect every one's religious faith and live in peace and harmony. May Almighty Allah give us courage to think right, do right for us and others (Ameen). We got to think out of the box. I have so many good friends (Hindu, Sikh, Christians, Muslims, Jewish etc etc) and we celebrate/attends each other festivals with same spirit like its our own festivals.

    • khanzada — Canada

      Sharam Ani Chahiyeh Aisay logon ko JO KUFFAR KO Dost banatay aur rakhtay hain.I know and experience much harmony, peace, respect for everybody here in Canada but—-Yaad Rakhain KUFAR MILLAT-E-WAHIDA HAIN aur yeh aap say tab tak razi nahe hongay jub tak aap in jaisay nahe ho jatey– aur yeh Quraan Ka Faisla hay. Musalmaan Kuffar k sath Muamlaat kar saktay hain magar Dosti aur Azaadana mail milaap nahe. Mr Shahid said he celebrate/attends Kuffar's Festivals with same spirit like its HIS OWN festival– very alarming for your faith mr shahid IF, IF your are from muslims, Bcuz it means you are endorsing subconsiously their False belifs which are totaly against islam. Marry christmas means your are saying CONGRATS christian fellows on the Birth of son of GOD (Naauzubillah). Think about your EMAAN n grave and NOT ABOUT IMRAN KHAN. Dont say anything which could make u infidel or Mushrik, IMRAN KHAN Can not save any body in Grave. think about it.

      • Guest

        Then what are you doing in Can. All your arguments go out the door once you are making a living in the kafir's land; get out!!!

        • khanzada — Canada

          Living in any NON MUSLIM is not prohibited but Making friends and loving their festivals and way of life is prohibited my Well learned reader.

          • Guest

            Thats called HYPOCRISY; which is a bigger sin in Islam. Unfortunately people like you are dried of true knowledge of the greatest religion in the universe.

          • khanzada- canada

            @ Mr Guest Prove me that living in non-muslim country is Prohibited.. waiting only for proof. Nothing else.
            To all Muslims supporter of IK: See thats what i told you guys– Non-belivers openly do blasphemy about our ISLAM and its festivals (SEE John's reply above- though i did not attacked any specific religion) shame on MUSLIMS who are supporting this bullshit,. John doesnt desreve any reply because he is disrespectfull despite of his so-called claim.

          • John

            So, your feelings are hurting, wow. When you say others " kafir" and openly that Jesus is not the son of God ." then what do you think that you do not hurt other's feeling. Shame on you that you speak blasphemy which is write but if other tells you the reality then what you think,

            Shame on you thousand of thousands time,

      • John

        Do not be worry mr khanzada, today you are Canada, Muslims can not accept jahil, ganwaar and terrorist people like you as saudia, but this Canada the Christian country who gave you right and love to live in peace in their country, even the celebrate your Eid which is false festival, because Christians do not believe that Muhammad is prophet of God, shame on you ghaddar, you live in Christian country, eats their food and drinks their water, still ghaddar because you have been taught Illminded doctrine.

      • John

        Sorry for Muslim friends, this is just for mr khanzada

  • faisal khan

    kya imran khan blasphamy law jo keh bilkul galat he oos ko khatam karwa sakey ga?

    • abdulbari

      Ap ko kis nay kah dea k blashphamy lah gult ha us ka gult estimall ho raha ha ok

      • abdulbari


  • brightness

    Inshallah Imran Khan

  • khan_ezzy

    YES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, VOTE ONLY FOR PTI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    FOR A BETTER PAKISTAN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,IN SHAA ALLAH,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • khan_ezzy

    yes Sir we are with u and all minorities are with u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, may Allah success u,,,,,,,,,,,

    Pakistan Zindabad

    • Gulfam Emanuel

      Yes my my brother, we all Christians are with our loving leader, Imran Khan.

  • shairi

    MashaAllah… v lov u khan sb

  • Zubair Mughal

    Imran khan is real leader look even in worst condition of Pakistan he never every forget the minorities of Pakistan and he is still thinking about them. please people of Pakistan wake up now or never and vote only for Sir IK. please for the sake of Pakistan and for the survival of Pakistan.

  • Rana

    Minorities should have equal rights in Pakistan


    Love u sir

  • Guest

    Can someone give me one example of Prophet's (P.B.U.H) life where he did not greet non-muslims with love, grace, humility and kindness. Here is an example of the letter dated 628 to the religious leaders of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai who sought his protection:

    “This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them. Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by God! I hold out against anything that displeases them.

    No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries.

    No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses. Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.

    No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.

    Their churches are declared to be protected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants. No one of the nation [Muslims] is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day.”

  • sammmtt

    isko khte hien leader.not like clown liar qaadri sitting behind bulletproof came after 20 years on money of imran haters

  • Zeta


  • Zeta

    Merry Xmas to all our Pakistani Christian brethren. Also people worldwide celebrating

  • Jan-nisar


  • zaesh

    great speach pakistan is not of pathan,punjabi,sindhi sunni,shea,balochi,chrestian,hind,etc pakistan is off all.all these are allah human creatures..

  • zaesh

    great msg by imran khan,thay are alsoo pakistani citizen and in pakistan first cabinet main law minister jigindar nat mandale tay,ur ye white part hamaray flag main minorities ko represent kerta hy jo qaid e azam nay include kerwaya ta,,,patwario ny har jaga tankeed kerny hoty hy narrowminded log,,kuta bhoka mar jayee hukemranb say yee pocha jaega yee tu phr br insan hain,,

  • Arshad

    Same to you Imran and PTI too

  • Joes

    I know Amazed you are Christian looser but IK does not care who the hell you are he is an honest man and wants to see you just another Paki.

  • http://WORDPRESS.COM Arifwaheed

    Sir is bar vote sirf aur sirf apko hi denge inshaAllah

  • khalid

    This is very good gesture showed by the Tehreek-e Insaaf leader. Let's just hope that he has the guts to be the real Muslim and protect the minorities from whatever wrong the majority does to them. This right of theirs is enshrined in our constitution and before that the practice of the Holy Prophet. May Allah be with us all and deliver us from all the fake leaders and bring this country out of misery into its rightful status in the world and that He gives us strength enough to work hard for it and for Him.

  • Shahid

    Teray leader nay ab tak kya teer maar liya Kay ab tu imran khan ki baat karta hay?

  • Adam


  • mudassar sharif


    APP JESSA KOI HO NI SAKTA GREAT KHAN……………i respect you

  • aliK

    our hero IK

  • mudassar sharif

    got ur msg si imran khan……………u r always great

  • purepakistan

    Jaisaiy Nawaz shreef or Shahbaz shreef Zardari Musharaf or Altaf Hassain ny unn ky jootay kabi nahi chaatay

    Kia tum loogon ki soch hai bhai,
    Ye saray choor 5 saal sy aap loogon ka khoon choos rahaiy hain, aap abhi b ye sumjhataiy ho ke ye aap ke khairkhaa hain?, sochho zara,
    aap ke hee tax ke paisaiy sy aap jaisaiy jawaano ko laptop dy ke kharidda ja raha hai,
    ok don't agree with me brother
    But please kabi thundaiy damagh sy sochhna
    good luck

  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    Imran khan isi Ghalt fehmi me na rehna k log ap k sath hain noora aor pp k pas awaam b hai aor tmaam idare b un k under main hain aap is system ko badly bagher election men 20 zyada seat nai le sktey aor qaum phir usi azab men phans jayegi is liye qadri sahb ka sath do aor pehle system theek krao aor phir ap 2 therd mijority le saktay ho nai to ap b zero hi raho gy. Jaldi se faisla kar lo

    • shairi

      Aap ki soch bhe ghalat hai just like loooser befor match haar manne wale…. agar kuch ghalat hoa to humare hathon main dande honge or jo ganje nai bhi hain unhain bhi ganja kardainge… dont underestimate ur youth power, now they r well prepaired and awared thts wats wrong or right…

  • Freeman

    Chandio Imran Khan is a leader of Pakistan where difference religious people live. Leader have to take care of all ethnic minorities. Imran khan is giving very good Message and we should support him on this. We need unity if we want to make our future generations to enjoy good Pakistan. A Islamic Pakistan where everyone have equal rights, Weather they belong to any religion. We all are Paksitani's and we love Pakistan.

  • Asad Majeed Brar

    achi soch

  • saj

    dear chandio, why you so narrow minded ??? Islam is only religion teaches tolerance with everyone and leader never consider religious minority only justice… do you remember one non muslim from Egypt complaint against one muslim i don't remember his name and Hazrat Umer called him back Madina and after hearing proved to guilty and gave that muslim punishment….. that's justice :) and think another thing we millions of Pakistani living in Christian country and you can not imagine how free we are go to mosque and perform our religious activities freely. What message you want to give other people in the world that treat muslims in their countries like you want to treat minorities in Pakistan !!!!! Islam is only religion first in the history protected everyone rights regardless or race, religion, etc. hope you understand what i mean if not then Allah ap jaiso ko hadaya day Ameen

  • hope

    well done imran khan we are human above every thing eles

  • Ibraheem

    Great, Inteligent, selfless Dedicated, Brave, Energetic, Creative and Sincere Leader

  • Muhammad Nazir

    welldone khan sab we are with you

  • tipu

    Nawaz noora was already afraid from Imran Khan after a huge jalsa in lahore but NOW he is more afraid after he Tahir qadri jalsa. hahahaha nawaz nooora you DONE.

  • Azmat

    Imran khan the great vote for pti

  • sarkar

    Excellent Mr. Imran Khan……geo sadda bahar…….vote for pti plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • alifbypy

    وہ تمام پوٹینز جو کل تک فیس بک پر یہ پیغام شیئر کر رہے تھے کہ کرسمس وش کرنا حرام ہے، فوراً یو ٹرن لے لیں

    • Formanite

      no, we still say it is haram……we may differ with Imran Khan in some aspects but as a whole we support him and he is still our leader and In sha Allah we will vote for him if we get a chance.

      • Guest

        Really, give me one example of Prophet's (P.B.U.H) life where he did not greet non-muslims with love, grace, humility and kindness. Do you know the Jews in Medina at the time of the Prophet had their own school of learning, named Bait-ul-Midras, where they would recite the Torah, worship and educate themselves. This is the true teaching of the greatest messenger to this day. Unfortunately ignorants like you have distorted it to the nth extreme.

    • Zeta

      Hum celebrate nahin kar rahe per jo kar rahe hain un ko wish to kar sakte hain na..

      • Chandio

        not at all………we cant even wish them……u understand!!

        • Zeta

          Go live under a rock. BTW who tells you that? Some mullah on corner mosque who know jack.

          Instead of creating harmony between communities and people. Guy like you are out to make enemies. We are already Isolated from rest of the world. Stop creating further cracks

  • Chandio

    what kind of message is this?????? I cant believe that Imran Khan is celebrating Christmas and cutting cake….. this is not suitable for a Muslim Leader. :o

    • Shamim Adil

      Hazrat Eisa was our prophet also. We can celebrate his birthday.

      • Pakistani

        Do u even know his exact Birth date according to Islamic teachings?

      • Genius

        brother, do u know what is the meaning of Christmas?

        • Uzair

          The modern generally known meaning is just a fairy tale. It refers to birth of Hazrat Eesa(PBUH). It has nothing to do with belief that Nauzobillah he is the begotten son. No it only refers to his birth. However there are no genuine records of his exact date of birth. Just like there are no confirming records for 12 Rabiul awwal being date of Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But is it assumed to be safe that it would be somewhere near it.

          I myself do not indulge in anything birthdays of anyone since it is waste of time. But there is nothing fundamentally wrong with it, if anyone does celebrate its just fine. Unless you commit any fundamental wrong. And it very important to what is fundamental and what not.

    • bilal

      bhai u have your faith but this is out of love, respect and harmony! afterall Muslims always treated others nicely and fairly. And thats what exactly imran khan is saying!

    • Zeta

      You sir are an idiot!

    • shairi

      chandio saab dil te karda hai banda chandaan karawe tainu….
      ghatya soch illetrate who dosnt knw the actual meaning of Islam

  • Geo Imran khan

    Nawaz sharif is in a panic now due to IK political rallies countrywide …. So he can't think about any such message

  • ALI


    • Muhammad Shahbaz

      Imran khan isi Ghalt fehmi me na rehna k log ap k sath hain noora aor pp k pas awaam b hai aor tmaam idare b un k under main hain aap is system ko badly bagher election men 20 zyada seat nai le sktey aor qaum phir usi azab men phans jayegi is liye qadri sahb ka sath do aor pehle system theek krao aor phir ap 2 therd mijority le saktay ho nai to ap b zero hi raho gy. Jaldi se faisla kar lo

  • Jasoos

    Now Noora is going to copy this and send their own message to the minorities.

    • ALI

      lolx true

    • Joe

      Lol! Don't hit then so hard they are cry baby pmln