Baat se Baat [Cyber s-e-x ka Dhanda Apne Urooj Par] – 22nd December 2012

Watch Baat se Baat [Cyber s-e-x ka Dhanda Apne Urooj Par] – 22nd December 2012

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  • Muhammad Aziz Subhani

    please youth Khuda k waasty apny halaat py reham khao

  • Muhammad Aziz Subhani

    jin ko nhe pta tha proxy lga k site chala skty hen……………..keep in mind k ye sonia aur wo call girl aik e larki hy………….great job done by paki media against paki youth

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  • zahid

    kia hall ha

  • khan
  • Inferno

    this program is totally Fake…just like Maria Khan had done and than confessed that all is planted…..i can't understand why those TV personals doing all that..


    May Allah SWT protect Dr Maria from the evils who she exposes every day with her courage, had work and passion. If we have a few people like her in pakistan it will look a different society, i mean the best and saefe society. Amjad Ali Khan MD USA

  • Mehr G

    Its only the women independance that is againts islamic inormation

  • tausif


  • hasan

    totally fake

  • Afnan Junejo

    kya ha yar yeh ISLAMI JUMMARIA HA PAKISTAN hai yeh??

  • Arsalan Ahmed

    ALLAH sab ki izat ko mehfoz rakhy

  • hammy

    ye seb teek hay aisa hi hota hay …. pehlay log apne bachon ko fast banene k liay is terha ki azdi daite hain .. phir un kay ane jane pe koi rok tok nhi or phir mob or tenhaiiii result badnameee or bachoun ki tebaheee …..

  • Son G Son G

    Allah ki panah

  • Ibrahim Bangash

    Totaly fake……..
    yar 5 mins pehlay to Ro raha tha aur Toba nikaal raha tha ……….aur pir Again larkiyoo ko call kartha hai……Magar poverty behcharay ki raah mien rokawat bani hai……..Kabi card k paisay nahin hai…..kabhi 16000 ki jaga 6000 deyna chahtah hai
    whats this nonsense yaar…………..Kya Is programe mein hamay call girls k rates bataye ja rahay hai ?
    aur ek akhiri baat…………….Yar ye program ki Host bohot ugly hai……………kahi ye khud call girl to nahin ?


    Allah muaf karay kon sahi hay.. MEHR SAGHIR ULLAH.

  • multithinker

    It is everywhere in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is humble request to you all my sisters please beware from these telephonic contacts

  • DLB

    she didnt knw that a cameran was sitting behind her :D lmfao gay video…

  • DLB

    lmfao fkn fake arse :D its fake video he isnt even crying lmfao he's just pretending lol :D wtf lol he is just only trying to convey a msg only…

  • javed

    it is funny and fake espacially these two stupid women

  • Daniwilly

    All fake, all actors this channel should be banned to show this bull shitt

  • shani

    This is a scripted program….. All are characters ….Don't see these kinds of programs.. They r just waste of time.. They are all actors

  • Ali Reza

    Boy is saying PTA has blocked the sites but still we can open by using proxy, so is it a suggestion to people how to open, what the hell our media doing so ashamed. There is an indian short film showed in Dubai Film Festival based on same story.

  • N Sheikh

    38:02 minutes wasted of my life Dr Maria think about something positive to get famous … Don't have to be so cheap!

  • Liaqat H Malik

    This boy is talking bull shit. He went to meet that girl and he saw that she was his own sister and now he is so ashamed. He has not said a word as to what his sister was doing there in response to the call of the boy who had called her to meet him. He has not asked his sister what character she had shown to her brother as well.

  • TV Analyst

    Jahil anchor, sara program fake hy, wohi lerka jo apni sis wali story sunany aaya wo programe k baqi segments k liye bhi acting ker raha hy lolzzz its a joke, rating barhany k liye dr maria ny fake program kiya hy istarah k program kerny k liye hardwork kerna parta hy jo ap k bas ki bat nahi dr maria sahiba, jayo shabash apna clinic chalayo journalism ap k bas ki bat nahi, istarah ki sifarshi anchors tv directors aur owners sy sex kerwa ker tv channels main bharti hoti hain kabhi is topic per bhi program karo na, fake program na karo hardwork karo sifarshi anchor

  • Sniper

    Dr. Maria Zulifqar …. New Maya Khan

  • Naveed Abbasi

    phansi do es ko

  • rana ansir

    topi drama …….. :p

  • Razi Khan

    good show hai
    laikun Hamari Qoom ki halat daik lo . afsoos hai .

  • Abrar Hussain Pti


  • Abrar Hussain Pti


  • Abrar Hussain Pti


  • Abrar Hussain Pti


    • Amar


  • Wasif Mir

    the stories of victims are true……..i m also from abbottabad.
    and i m aware of the story

  • mast

    pakistan ma sab drama hotaa hai

  • mast

    total drama

  • Zain

    Sharm ane chae ese fake videos broadcast karny walo ko. Srf programe ke rating k ly drama kia gea hea. lakh lanat ho programe karny walo pr. Dob marny ka muqam hea channel walo k ly aur host k ly.

  • raza

    wohi baat hai k kisi bhookay say poochoo tera naame kiya hai,jawab milay ga 2rotiyaan,mozoo jo bhi hai tum logon ki aik hi faryaad bhik maangon wali,k,vote for imran khan

  • Scorpio

    Wht a drama first mr azhar talkin abt his own story n da same guy call to call girl opzzzzz n listan tooo slag she saying m belongs to brave family if is she then y she did n also if she is really then y she is here its just maya chawal drama n paid girlzzz

  • mehdi

    Fukng news channel spreading modesty.Shame on you EXPRESS NEWS

  • Bilal

    Its total Drama .. !!

  • Zain

    Fokin another maya khan drama. Koi bhi hot topic utha k TPR k lia us per programe ker daitay hein. Where is Media Regulatory Authority ?

  • Magic

    Maria don't bring people's personal matter to public, find better thing for your show. This is cheap and not interesting. If some 1 is selling her body this is her business…… just like you are doing this show for living….

  • Haroon

    muje ye interview karne wali jis ko host kehte hain koe aik uneducated or wo larki jis ko kahen kamyabi nai hoe tu media main a gae or wo b sifarshi,
    es ko pata hi nai ha k media host ky hota ha or news kya hoti ha, aik pehle b programe kar chuki ha bijli k kundon pe. es ko tu tv pe bethne k ejazat nai honi chaze

  • Muddasir

    drama tou yeah lagta hai per aik baat samajh nahe aai kay pura kaam honay kay baad tumhain pata chala kay wo tum hari behan hai us say phelay tak kia us nay parda kia huwa tha appartment main? koi hai jo mujhay yeah samjhai please aur dosra yeah larki jo car main behti hai us ko pata nahe chala kay car ki back per camera laga hai?

    • A Clone Alone

      Es tarha ke insan dekh ke kabi kabi lagta hai ki Hajooj Majooj waqt se pehli bahir nikal aae hai hum mein aik Nation wali baat koi nahi hai ….

  • X-2

    total bakwas , toty ki trha raty rtaye jumly bol rha ha har koi ,for God sake PAkistani media hosh karo awam ko pagal mat bnao

  • X-2

    i blv this is total drama just like maya khan

  • X-2

    wtf yar ajeeb show a telling a sis story jisk bary main koi insan soch bhi nahe skta and also telling k proxy lga k khol skty hain jisk bary main kisi ko nahe pta usy bhi pta lag jaye ga

    • jinga

      you are exactly right show them the way

  • Faisal

    Ya another sana bucha hai lol

  • eddy

    I never thought that an educated host like Dr. Maria will present such a cynical program on such a delicate and a sensitve issue. I do admire her previous exertions. This whole episode was exaggerated and so much so her effort ruined her endeavor. She played herself and in the scene where she played her role as a call girl. I must say it was bad effort.

  • Tret

    does anyone know how I can meet up with these girls?? I have tried FB but that does not work….


    HAHAHA itnay comments imran khan ki videos pe nahi hotay jitnay ajj sex topic pe howay haan thari log

  • Aftab

    totaly drama.
    copied on an indian add story

  • rehan khan london

    he is so bastered person such a pig in shape of human being,,,,,,

    but the lady wellcome for this such bad incident why she got nikkah with the approval of family,,,
    but shame on that boy who behave like this and the time declare the same incident revise with him because this world is running by Allah not human being,,,,

    oh Allah guide us and forgive our sins,,

  • Thinker

    When guy was picking up the call girl on the road and she was telling him where to stop then how come cameraman was cross the street to make her movie, remember its one way road.

    • Bilal

      I agree .. !!

  • Mustansirbashir


  • qasim

    Thanks bat se bat tak

  • zeeshan

    is sy dekh kr aj mjy sultan salah uddin ayoubi ki bt yaad a gye k
    agr kisi qoom ko bagair jung ki sikhst dyna ho tu us k nojawano main fahashi pehla do. yeh us azeem salaar ka qol he aur ye sb yahodi aur essayio ki planning hain in j sy nojawono ko brbd k triqy hain

  • Malik

    How greedy n insatiable our media has become. Exploring every possible sick story n selling it like an oscar movie, just so they can get maximum rating on their channel. Clearly made up stories with fake actors. Don't know whether someone is funding them to air this kind of stuff or maybe they are that disgusting themselves!

  • Waqas

    Bakwas, fake, kuch to socho peechy set mai camera kes trah goowm rha hai, hahhahaha

  • nawaz sharif

    well done iase hi kerna chayie asie girls k sath

  • rahi

    Girl in Black Abaya is look like to me real story but look like fake how it represent it by tv Chanel

  • hani

    all fakee,, shitttttttttt !!!

  • gogi baba

    fake program

  • Nucleus Lostfriend

    har shaks in videos ko fake sabit karnay main laga hwa hay.. my dear friends yeah baat samjho kay yeah sab kuch real life main ho raha hay.
    maashra nihayat bad say bad ter hota chala ja raha hay.

    • jazzy

      Nahi ye fake ne hai in kahtoon ki awaz me jo dard aur karb hai wo joht ne ho sakta,auarat kabi bi galat hona ne cahti ye humra maashara hai jo os majbor krta hai ,ye sab karne pe ,treat women with most respect.

  • pakistan pakistan

    number kaha se milty hai aur kis web site se please tell me

    • X-2


  • Hanzallah Awan

    In this video the Girl in Black Abaya is a Afghani while a boy who did this he is Pakistani and living in Abbottabad and this Hospital is situated near to Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad at front of Al – Muqadas Tower is still operation Police did nothing until now, The name of that person is Saqib he is a medical rap and a lot of complaints are coming against him but Abbottabad – KPK police did nothing. The story of lady in black abaya is real ……………………… ! Police Station Mirpur Abbottabad did nothing until now, this guy Saqib is stupid I know he is a big Kamina and Qamar Hayat SHO of Mirpur Police Station who hide this criminal is now a DSP Investigation Abbottabad, Shame on Abbottabad Police and Shame on the persons who are doing this kind of things……

    • jazzy

      Dear brtr aap ko kese pata hai k ye sab aur aap kese jante hain ,plz reply

    • Suleman's Mano

      ap kO itna sUb kesa pta??

  • Fact

    Girls like this all stuff,,, they know all but chaskay lagatee hain khuuddd… subh kuch karnay kaay baad jhalee bun jatee hai…!!!

  • ibrahim

    what is this nonsence is she is a blind jo ka cemra nahi deke sakti
    ya kya tageed ke publicity karna tarika jo log is site ko nahi janta wo bhi ib jan jye ge

  • Infonex

    Stupid pathatic low life ratting hungry show these channels have no moral values left just became money making machines they run out of genuine issue copy cats imported ideas with poor actors. Even if u want to do a fake show atleast follow some standards. Cheap anchor and show making people and sick society more sick.

  • abu arshad

    پٹھان قوم کے نام پر سیاہ ترین دھبہ پھر جاؤ سکول کالج اور یونیورسٹیوں میں۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ لعنت لعنت

  • Honest Pak

    these guys pull these stories out of their asses… i saw an indian program with these stories and some on youtube… sab fake hain… congratulations aur frustration burhao mulk mei internet ban kurwao computer ban kurwao

  • ßlãçklïstęd VąmÞįrē

    Yar hudh socho yae log zara b nae sochtay just rating watay galt information and dramay baazi dikhatay hai abb kiya usko apni sis. ka number b nae pata tha !!!! Just fake story ager dikhani e hoti hai tu true stories dikhaya kro

  • vicks

    110% fake….lanat ha is pe progran dkhana k lea kya kuch krta hn….clip pura hua aik you tube pe ise story ka…..i thought inspired by that..

  • faisal

    its dramatize but not actual …..must pemra take action on this y that channel not mention .that is dramatize

  • Saad Iqbal

    what a nation Pakistan has become. this video/program is absolute fake! and these channels should be banned for deceiving! so the camera in the back seat kept moving & focussing on the both. which means that there was someone sitting behind the car. absolute crap!!

    • fahad

      its not fake but is may jo jo bat hui hay aur kaha gya hay wo itni gaheria ki game aur krwai baten hay k u nt knw

      jkia ap akhbar nhe prhaty jahn ye kahrbeen tk aati han k parents apni buche ko galat harkat pe rmajbore kr rhay thay to buche adaalat phonch gae

      • fahad

        ts not fake but is may jo jo bat hui hay aur kaha gya hay wo itni gaheria ki game aur krwai baten hay k u nt knw

        jkia ap akhbar nhe prhaty jahn ye kahrbeen tk aati han k parents apni buche ko galat harkat pe rmajbore kr rhay thay to buche adaalat phonch gae

  • junaid

    Jo log fake fake ki rut laga rehe hain wo ya to kabhi gher se bahar ni niklay ya apni ghaltiya accept ni karna chahty

  • shobi

    fake or blackmailing kay liyaye programe tha dr sahiba fail ho gain .

  • junaid

    Kya aisa mumkin hai k oi apni behen se phone pe baat kare aur uski awaz he na pehchane hahaha kardi na sardaro wali baat…

  • junaid

    Is poori video mein sirf first part (sis) wala part fake tha baki callcgirl wale part aur doctor wala part real hain aur in mein aisi kya baat hai jo subko fake lag rahi hai ?? Ab zamana change ho gaya hai ab to achay parhay likhay ghero ki larkiya b prostitution karna shuru ho gai hain aur ye doctor wala qissa b main kafi dafa suna hai not a unique thing shown in this video. Nice job done by media keep exposing the immoralities of our society.

  • amjad sheikh

    Oh My God what has happened to Pakistan!

  • Wajahat Hussain

    Blackmailer media

  • interior minister


    • Great IK Fan


  • Malik

    MQM is responsible for all this….LOL

  • shareef


  • Javed Ali

    TOP class Chutiyapa…. ye program dekhta koi nhi min bhi ajj yehan dekh reha hn

  • rox


  • RAJA


  • safiuddin

    mere jan maria kam chuk k rak kuin k yeh log kabi nahi theek hon gy

  • asasaasda

    kum se kum comment se pehlay yeh sooch leina chayee , what we are saying, jahil logon ne comments deyay hain abi tak, fake hai ya nai, kum se kum uss anchor ka last mein all girls ko warn karna tou deikh leitay, atleast logon ko pata tou hona chayee ke kea kuch ho sakta hai, we people are illetrate and stupid in all ways, atleast Media is trying to educate the people, that they must take care, jahil logon ne sirf video deikh ke fazool comments pass kar deyay, just think, it could be your sister………………then………………

    • waseemdougar

      aik tum he tou sumjdar ho pakistan ,mai ya zardari

  • waseemdougar

    sub bqwas ha media kud ko pagal sumjta ha aur logo ko intelegant

  • farzana Azeemi

    in jesi gidhon ko bhookye koton k agye dal dena chahia jo in ko nanga ker k nochain,Quran k mutabiq kisi ki izat ka qatal kisi ki jann k qatal se kam work or beatian Allah k i rehamat hain is ka jayze istamal kerty howye logon ko moot perti hain,Ager ye gandye log apnye dhandye se baz na aye Allah in ko hjjra bana de ga ye phir orat ki zat in se cheen le ga.esye logon ko foran sazye moot deni work aj ka pulye sirat he.sary sahltain de ker eman Allah cheak ker rha hai.neak log is ko makhlooq ki khdmat k lia istamal ker rahye hain.or borye log nafs persti k lia.sazye moot k bad koi jorat nhi kery qisam ki koi herqat kerny ki.

    • farzana

      ye drama nhi hai,main khud is waqya ki shahid hon aj ka Adam yhi hamqat ker rha hai.

      • Afnan Junejo

        yar aisa kse ho sakta ha?itn a kuch hogea ha aur woh bhi without belive sb aise hi lag rha ha farzana Ji

    • Sibghat Ullah


  • Zohaib Qureshi

    sharam ki baat hai is kisam k program Pakistan k TV channels pe chal rahy hain…. jis me logo ko proxy use karny ka b bataya ja raha hai…

  • Sher Jat


    • zahid

      kia hall ha g

  • malik

    fake story ha jis ko nahi pata yeh kam is tareh hooota ha usaay b bata dooo yeh tareqa is tamal karey aur gunnah ko bharhaye ….. main bhi internet istammal kar raha hooon lakin aaj tak ksi aisay larki ko contact nahi kiya aur na he kisi n aisa kiya ………… its fake ….. jo muhashery main buray log hootay hain woh social media k baghair b apna kam kartay hain pabandi lagani ha to mobile company py lagaooo …. jis say sab kam hoota ha jis k zareeehay say sab deealing hooti hain …. sex ki dunya main internet ka itna kamal nain jitna mobile ka ha ………………..

  • Taleem

    Allah Pak ne aurat ki save jaga us ka ghar muqarar kia hey, Allah k hukm ki nafarmani hogi tu asi buraian janam lain gi, bahar haal parda zarori hey. Allah apney bando k aib chupata hey, media ko b apni shohrat aur paisey k liay aisa nahi krna chahiay, Explore krney se burai khatam nahi hogi balkey aur bohat si buraion ko jana de gi. Meri dua hey k ALLAH tumaam behno aur betion ki jaan aur izat ki hifzat kry. Ameen
    Allah k ha Toba k darwazey har waqat kholey hain, tuba krain aur phir se apni zindagi shoro karain. Waqat k saat barey se bara zakham b bhar jata hey……….

  • zubair shaikh

    every body is saying this is fake. leave it is this fake or not. have u people learned anything from this thats wha matters yeh humain begairtiyoon sai baaz ayen gai yah nahi. love ALLAH u will never get hurt and appreciate this whether its fake or real but these things happen in ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTANevery body is saying this is fake. leave it is this fake or not. have u people learned anything from this thats wha matters yeh humain begairtiyoon sai baaz ayen gai yah nahi. love ALLAH u will never get hurt and appreciate this whether its fake or real but these things happen in ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN

  • zubair shaikh

    kamal krtay hein yaar
    tv pe ye chezein dekha rahay hein
    jisay is cheaz ka koi idea nahi hota us k mind me bhi ye cheazein aa jati hein wo bhi ye cheazein try krta hai

    • waqar javed

      really goog yar sahi bat hai kisi bachay ko pata bhi nahi hoga ye kaya chez hai

  • Ayan

    Astaghfurillah. very saddddddddd

  • Sher Jat


  • zubair shaikh

    woh ladki kya doodh peeti bachhi thi ?

  • saad

    blue print anna to baad ki baat hai ya kam hota he q hai pakistan mai

  • Rose Khan

    Its All Fake Story Express Tv Ko Kohi Bhi Nahi Dekhta Issliya Istarah Kaa Show Bana Ker Ratting Barane Chahti Hai

  • Beginner

    HeHeHe lmao to express tv :D
    yr had hoti itni technology hone k bawojod b itna bacho wala prog bna dia lol :D
    "me ne oron ko b time dia wa" rofl
    had hoti ha tm logo ne social media pe bharas nikalne ki intehai bhondi koshish ki bache ko b dekhao to keh de ga its "FAKE"
    when u dont Make it, Fake it wala kam kr dia yr lamo

  • Sher Jat


    • Syed Owais Ali Zaidy

      very right…..BTW, it was all fake……rem an Indian advert of this type? funny…..? it was a copy of that adv…..a bit disappointed with this prog……because the one on Wapda was awesome!

  • raja sami

    ALLAH sab ko in buri bataon sa bachay lakin parents ko chaay larko sa zada apni daughters ka khayal rakhain ab ya 13 year ki larki ka kia kaam ha k wo kisi sa nikah kar lay 7th class ki larki

  • Abdul Wahab

    sab bakwas

  • Irfan Ullah Khan

    What was the purpose of this show ? To get rating ? Totally flop show, and govt must ban such shows which are creating chaos in the society.

  • Mohammed

    she said that she is pathan and garat mand who is she garat mand when she come out of house with none maram she is bagarat her self she give the chance to do this

    • afzan

      nice u r bari chotya larki te or ye to muje pashtoono ka khilaf soche samji scheme lag rahi k bare me hamare pashtoono ko tasale karna chaheye.

  • jazib

    hahahaha….. nyc drama

  • shahid

    sab drama hai larka hamesha apni picture apne profile mai theek hi lagata hai ..koi larki us bande mai interest nahi rakhti jo aik hi tasveer ko use karta ho

  • mohsin khan tareen

    70 percent aisa hotta hai

  • zaheer

    This is not true story.Artificial made.but doing bad is bad.

  • ADIL


  • Haroon

    FAKE STORY, it is done by Indian TV, on a FATHER & DAUGHTER acts………
    Our Media is very good film makers and Copy Minded….
    Third class Media for Gutter Minded nations………

  • faizan

    this is fake. larki bhi koi bholi nhi .jo apne ghar walon ko dhoka dayti rahi.jab is ne apni maa baapki izzaat ka khayal nhi kia .to is ki izzat ka koi khayal kia karey ga.

  • jawad

    fake story

  • faizan

    this is fake. larki bhi koi bholi nhi .jo apne ghar walon ko dhoka dayti rahi.jab is ne apni maa baapki izzaat ka khayal nhi kia .to is ki izzat ka koi khayal kia karey ga.
    larkion ko maa baap ki izzat ka khayal rakhna chaheye aur un ko sab achi buri baat batana chaheye . is larki ne interview main bola" k main ek izzatdar khandan se talaq rakhti hun" (mera sawal hai k izzatdar auraat ghar walo ko batey bhaghair shadi kar kar rahi hai??? aur us ko apne baap maa ki izzat ka khayal hai?? na mumkin.) sub behno se darkhast hai apne maa baap k atibaar ko tehas na pochanin aur apni aur un ki izzat ka khayaal karin.

  • hammad

    fake hy………………………..

  • Akhtar Jarwar

    facebook to itna gand nai pahla raha jetna express news ka yaa program bana raha hy , in ko sharm b nai atti app log news b nai dakhin gy

  • Sana

    100% fake … real world mein aisa nahi hota …. anchor ne apni publicity k liye ye show kiya …

    • bawa

      tum apna no do phair pta chal jai ga asa hot hy ya ni

    • saqib

      sub real ha

    • junaid

      Sana baji kis door mein rehti ho beta sub real hy

    • fahad

      its not fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      come with me may apko wo gahr dikhon ga jo tbha ho chukay han sitrf is nafs ki wja say i chalenge u k apka word fake ap k moun per he thpr prayr ga

      • fahad

        its not fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        come with me may apko wo gahr dikhon ga jo tbha ho chukay han sitrf is nafs ki wja say i chalenge u k apka word fake ap k moun per he thpr prayr ga

  • Nasir

    great job………………

  • 132

    Realy fake call aese larki reply nai karti ye express news jhoota ha but shukar ha sabaq amoz message dia

  • Jonny

    Listen the voice of all the girls in this video., all have same voice. Its a fake video man.

    • Roofi

      jo b larke or larkiyan aisa krte hien un ki tarbiyat b kharab hoti hey…………….mere khiyal may jin ki tarbiayat achi hoti hey un k sath aisa bohat hi kum hota hey………….larkiyan bila waja khadani back ground janne bagair kisi se free kun hoti hein………..??

  • ameer

    bull shit

  • Rahat

    Jiss cheez ko khatam krna chaho us ka tazkara kaham kr do

  • Malveros

    A shameless anchor. This is her second programme that I have seen. This urdu-speaking anchor's agenda is just to exploit the people from other provinces and make their programmes.

  • ahmed

    how dumb are the viewers if they believe dis is true ….
    the biggest bullshit is a boy who apparently almost had sex with his sister is able to come on tv and tell the whole world and instead of using spy cameras to make dis shit atleast believable they used the camera which had perfect audio and video quality and the girl had no clue abt it and notice every-time the boy talks the camera was focused on him and it did the same thing while the girl talked and furthermore in the beginning it followed the call girl wen she was getting into the car
    let me reiterate HOW DUMB ARE PAKISTANIS if they believe dis crap


  • khan

    chalo ek information toh mil gayee ke aap proxy ke zariye website khol sakte hein,,ab sirf google per search kerna he

  • zee

    first clip of that guy is fake

  • zain ul abideen

    Dr. Mariya you have almost fulfil your journalistic responsibility.

  • akawish

    carry on it

  • jhoota

    HATTS OFF!!! for Dr Maria… inhon ne to logon ki aankhain khol dii hain …. It is a request to please continue making shows like this…. iss se awam ko pta chalay ga k hamaray ird gird ka mahol kaisa hai … or young generation ki mentality kis tarah negative side pe jaa rahi hai …. really informative show..
    after alll these words i think i am the biggest liar… and i can be a part of our media…

  • abcde

    bloody hell…. totally drama… bhai ne park mein apni behn ko dekha yani sari family hi corrupt .. hahahahahahahaa….. … this is all bullshit… lgta hai media walon k paas koi topic nhi tha to socha k…. SHOW MUST GO ON…. express news ko 1121 topon ki salami…. keep it up…. good work..

  • atif

    dis z all fake stuff.girl cant see a big camera behind her in the car.

  • lasjkl kjaksj

    bhai aap ne meri video dekhi thi ???? girl asks at the end and the boy replies Han. WTF how he knows who is he talking to what is the name of the girl and who actually she is??? Bakwasss lame fake total drama pagal samjha hua hai

  • Haniya Bebras

    it really schoking

  • ali

    dramay baaz greedy ,nikkah khud kiya aur doosri k bachay kis say thay???

  • ali

    ywh bhi responsible hain nikkah etc kr liya itni jldi

  • asdf

    Media is always degrading the youth, neg hota hay her mulk me, Pakistan is not only where these things happen. Media should also try to show the good stuff as well.

  • Gironymo

    Who is shooting all this.??? Crap

  • asi

    yar mujhy samaj ni ata hmary mulk mn js ko koi munh ni lagata wo uth k Aenkr bn jata hy ,lagta hy en ko koi apna bhola wkt yad aya jo ye program kia

  • Cocco Nut

    video bhi dikha deti peechy reh kya gya hai???????

    • Ali

      yeh bilkul sach hay
      socail net pe log apni behno tak ki privet pics dikha daity hain

  • Inam

    Niri Dramay baazi!

  • Muhib Kakar

    shocking but don't know what is behind the scene. while the call girl's video is illegal they have made, but still Pakistan ha sb chaltha ha. even the media persons are breaking the rule of law. they have no right to expose one's video etc.

  • ghufran

    Assalam-o-Alaykum aziz hum watneo ya manifiq ka tola ha jis ne electronic media pa qabza kia ha .aj 18 core pepole ko ineo na dunia ka samana ik yadeed bana kr pash kr dia ha kia ma poch sakta hu is anker se k kia tere bi tere voice ni pachn sakta .
    ghar k hado bik ga chamin sara ay dost
    hum bahire ko he dakte ra ge

  • Kami

    Drama baz media … 200% fake story and acting….

  • xmachine

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  • shayan

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  • shayan

    Ajeeb pagal story ha pehli bhok rahi ha ka mara gher ma kisi ko nhi pata aur phr kahty ha ka pora muhalla ma pata ha ka chup ka nikkah kia wa ha hahahhahahahaahahaha bulll shit

  • Captain Nasir

    Assalam-o-Alaykum, aap sub logoun ko ik baat batana charahaa houn woo yh kay humara baygharat Media jo Amerca aur India kay aagay jhuk gaya ka kam bus Pakistan ki burai dekhana hay.yh is pure video may suref yh batarahay hain kay Pakistan may kia horahaa hay.In ko Pakistan may hounay waly achay kam kioun nazar nahi aatay…???mayray azeez hum watano aasa hohee nahi sakta kay kise bhai ko apni bhan kay mobile number ka pata na hoo aur woo us ki awaz phaychanta na hoo.yh Program fabricated hay..chahay kitna bhee baygharat bhai hoo woo kabhe Media per aakay apni aasce khani nahi sunay gaa.aap khud zara is banday ki wording suneya kay yh khud logoun ko bataraha haykay aap BAN web site proxy lagay kay open karsaktay hain, aab jin logoun ko nahi pata thaa aaj un ko bhee pata chal gaya kay BAN web site kaysay open kijasaktee hay.
    baat suref itnee hay kay aaj kal humaray is bayghayrat Media jo her wakat Pakistan ka Imag pure dunia may kharab dekhata hay, in kay khelaf Social Media bhoth active hogaya hay, is Social media may Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo aur dusaree services shamil hain.
    aayea is baygharat Media kay khelaf aur apnay wataan Pakistan ki sir bulandee kay leya is SOCIAL MEDIA ka hisaa bunain aur is baygharat Media ko baynaqab karain.

  • Wasi

    lol harkaten dekho iski aur kehti hain main gheratmand khandan ki larki hun… :D :D :D well Allah sab ko hidayat de… Aameen

  • LEO1978


    • AQMII

      LEO1978 mirzai /qadiani:
      kaon sa imam mahdi aagaya, tera woh mirzai qadiani laanati mirza ghulam qadiani peshabi,……. qadiani mahdi jo 24 ghanton main taqreeban 8 ya 10 ghante toilet main bait'ha guzarta tha (mirza ghulam qadiani ko sao sao baar din main peshab ataa thha), aakhen khuli rakhkhi hain jabhi to laanatimirza qadiani jahannam makani par laanat bhej rahe hain. apna yeh laanati mirza qadiani ka ishtahar dena band karo, har jagan munh ut'tah kar chala aata hai mirzai…..mirza qadiani laanati ka ishtahar lekar jiski maut basababe haizey huyee.

  • ali

    bohat buray level pay hamara mashara ja raha hy

  • makhokhar

    all fake character

    • Hanzallah Awan

      In this video the Girl in Black Abaya is a Afghani while a boy who did this he is Pakistani and living in Abbottabad and this Hospital is situated near to Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad at front of Al – Muqadas Tower is still operation Police did nothing until now, The name of that person is Saqib he is a medical rap and a lot of complaints are coming against him but Abbottabad – KPK police did nothing. The story of lady in black abaya is real ……………………… ! Police Station Mirpur Abbottabad did nothing until now, this guy Saqib is stupid I know he is a big Kamina and Qamar Hayat SHO of Mirpur Police Station who hide this criminal is now a DSP Investigation Abbottabad, Shame on Abbottabad Police and Shame on the persons who are doing this kind of things……

  • farooq

    wot a bloody drama out of nothing , waste of time

  • Yasir H. Sheikh

    Seems fake to me. The guy and other female voice actors all sound so cheesy and planted.

  • Sammeer Crrossdada

    ary humari shop k pass to aik coching center hai wahan to choti choti bachiya humare samne aik gari se oter ker dosri ghari main beth ker larko k sath coching timeing main pata nai kahan jati hain or in k maa baap ko koi tenshan nai hoti

  • iftikhar

    abey apni behan sa bt kar rah ha chotiya tujey awaz ka andaza nhe howa kiya.. ajeeb chotiyape ki store di ha in logon ney had ha yar :D

  • jibran

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    • shahrukh

      jibran bhae ap b nikah krlo jaldy se please yar


    fake story

  • zaidi

    bohat Achiean bhi hain me mery piyery pakistan mai try to telecast these things. jo society ko motivation dey ga ……..

  • Farooq Patel

    KIYA BEWAQUFI HAI YAR ???????????



  • Vicky

    Itna bra camera le k pechy betha admi nazr ni arra

    • Gur Chaman Singh

      mere bhai ye camera man nai betha tha peche… "Spy" cam tha…ye chota sa cam hota ha jahan marzi lga do pta nai chalta……

  • Rashi

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  • Erceylan

    I hate the fact that we always overlook the real causes which lead to such problems. Media should play a responsible role and show the real causes instead of such pathetic and fake ones. Our religion has the perfect remedy for this issue and that is Nikah. Humare muashre mai jahaiz (hindus wala) aur baaki masaail itne ziada paida hogae hain k log sahi umer mai shaadi nahi kr sakte. 30-35 saal ki umer mai ja k shaadia hoti hain which is wrong. As per our religion agar shaadia 19 20 saal ki umer mai kr di jaae to yeh sab social evils khud ba khud khatam hojae.

  • wajid

    all bullshit, dont ve any constructive topic with these medis persons

  • Vicky

    Atleast larki ki awaz he change krelty chutio :P

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  • Malick e ashtar

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  • Akmal khan

    It is not a right way to teach he people. Completely Nonsece….

  • saad

    ohh bibi dr maria zulfiqar aik tu issue ghalt uthay,dosra ghalat tareeqay say uthaya ,teesra log itnay bewaqoof nai hain kay ap jo apnay prog main realtiy batana cha rahein hain woo nai hai kiyun kay kn sii gari hai jis main hidden moving camera laga howa hai .jo thoray time bad kabhi larkay koo focous karta hai kabhe larkee ko focous karta hai.aur issue ko main nay ghalat is liyea batay kay jin logon ko is rastay ka pata nai tha woo rasta bhe app nay bata diyea

  • shani

    sub drama ha social media kay khelaf. . and ya anchor khud kon see bari profacer ha is tarhan kay doctor 10 mil jatay han. basi burger

  • ali

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  • ali

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    its a video make on youtube…..
    nd thy copied in such A way….

  • jibran

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    tv pe ye chezein dekha rahay hein
    jisay is cheaz ka koi idea nahi hota us k mind me bhi ye cheazein aa jati hein wo bhi ye cheazein try krta hai

  • kashan

    go look what people doing on Face book

  • amber ahmed

    ye beshaq true vido na h pr story real ha ku k asa ho raha ha bht e ase grls h jo apna number facebook p date h r end m lkhte h call 4 sex asa hmry mulk m ho raha ha es lya parents ko chaey k vo apny bacho py nazr rakhy r 17 ya 8 sal ky umer c kam bcho ko cell phn ya net us krny ke ejzt mt dy ku k ounha sahe r glt ka pta ni hta

  • Latif

    But u also making some thing wrong, i really never know about this web before but after watching this video i come to know about this site.

  • Muhammad Ameer

    every body is saying this is fake. leave it is this fake or not. have u people learned anything from this thats wha matters yeh humain begairtiyoon sai baaz ayen gai yah nahi. love ALLAH u will never get hurt and appreciate this whether its fake or real but these things happen in ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN

  • muhammadalikhokhar

    i want to just ask one thing who made onair this video do you All can watch it with your daughter,sister,and mother ?/////////////////

  • Pakistani

    ITS JUST A BAKWAS AND DRAMA…. totally drama.. dialogs are just crap.. failed acting.. hahahah

  • chohan

    yaar dunya k har mulk mn yeh websites use ho rhi hain. jo chahe use kr sakta hai ,,,agar ap use nhi krna chahte to mat kholo ab to paki mn gays sites b use krte hain log ,,,kya bnay ga tera kaliya

    ap apne phone k app mn ja k ( jack"d ) download karain or dekhain haal

  • aaa

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  • zafar

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  • waleed sheikh

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    • waleed sheikh

      i don;t knw wht thay want to show

  • shah

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  • killer

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  • Ali

    ab logon ko samj aa gai ha humry media ki ab ye daramy nahi chalen gay …ye darma karny kay liye koi achy actor to bula lety in ko to acting hi nhi aa rahi saf jhot dekhi day raha ha ..

  • ArKhan

    rubbish… just rating stunts nothing else … its pakistani media expect any thing…=/

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  • free link directory

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  • Marias Husband

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  • ali raza

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  • @qasim_1619

    bakwas overaacting kie ja raha…real ho to ye is trha batata phire

    • Abdul Moiz

      H M Adi l is teasing girls on facebook
      so what i`ve to do, to catch H M Adi l

    • abdulrahman

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  • unkonown

    bhai ye sab dramay baziiaan hai… aaj kal saray media walay aisay prorgam kar k facebook aur dosri aisaee social website band karwana chahtay hain.. kiyun k inhi social media website par logon nay in k kartooton ko baynaqab jo kia hai.. ab in tv channels main dour lagi hoe hai k kon sab say acha program kar k inwebsites ko band karwata hai…

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    its a fake video…and bekar anchor h……hahahaha….stupid program…aur stupid log…atupid anchor……yar aisy prgrm chalana bnd kr do…..apny channel ko hit krny k lye..aur prgrm ko hit krny k lye ghtia kam kr rhy hain…….

    • humair

      jhooooooooooooooooooooooot fak fak fak


    all in interview may be right or wrong becos we dont't have a berometer we can access whether person is
    telling turth or lies. But one thing which I can not digest whether boy or girl every body have mind. but still doing the same GANDA KAM , VERY SAD. DIFFICULT TO STOP BECOS MONEY IS NECESSITY FOR EVERY ONE. UNTIL UN-LESS JAB TAK SAZA KA NIZAM RAIJ NAHI HO GA NOBODY CAN STOP

  • ali

    totally fake story indian ne pehle same story banai and pakistani media ne ise apni TRP bnane k liye show kia

    • khan


  • sasa

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  • Kaloo

    Saabb Jhooot…Kala Jhooot…only to promote programm

  • Naeem

    The programme may be fake but it is reflecting the truth! Just google "Pakistani Girls Sex". You would see many girls but it is fault of the girls as well but guys must be hanged who make videos of those girls and upload on the internet. If any girl handovers herself to a lad who she trusts. Does it means that trust should be shattered? M not saying girls r right but boys make videos and then upload the videos. I think youth has got no morality.

  • Al-Rasub

    Although the problem and crimes that we are seeing because of this new technology, yes people using social media for criminal activities but i think this program is more acting then facts… if they really interested to disclose that who are those people or groups who are involved in such activities then they should involved experts to find out how they manage and where they are… but sorry its really a lazy and ill managed program to expose a bigger problem..

  • dua

    pehli baat to yeh k anchor ka attitude ghalat hai….lekin logo ko aware kerne ki thinking achi hai

    is sari video me girls ney khud wrong way choose kiya hai tabhi unhy nateeja bhi mila

    Aurat sach me fitna hai aur massaiel isi liye zayada hain.

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  • Shery Khan

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    • ali

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  • awan


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    totally fake, just for rating n for earnings, bullshit. lanat iss ghaleez media pay, faida kam aur nuqsan zaida ho raha hai. its acting, khuda tu her baat ko maf kar sakta hai no doubt aur khuda pay doubt karna ghalazat ki special misal aur media ka ganda chehra. its a planned show

  • sam

    total drama

  • Abdul

    The Same Voice In call and in INTERVIEW…………….
    koi aur TOPIC nahi hain in MEDIA walon K pass

  • Ibad Rao

    He was the only brother who was ashamed of himself. Most of boys kill their sisters at such occasions and continue their activities.

  • Abdul

    STOP these FAKE Shows

  • Rashid awan

    jo b galt karta hai os ko wasa hi melta hai…..behay larkein islam ko chor kar payar k chakar main per gi hai….jo b asa karti hain un si es si b bora hona chye..

  • yaseen nazar

    story chahey jesi bhi ho us se positive sense men sabak lena chahye na jhoot samajh k apne nafs ko deni chahye remember everything is possible in this world

  • muhammad farooq

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  • MuSiK_kInG78

    ABe yaar kitna fake show hai Matlab konsa Akal se Paidal insaan hoga jisay ye show haqeeqat lage ga???

  • usman

    its the matter of freedom and potential that people have Islam give us awesome system why people can't get married and why marriage is so costly. just a selling news nothing more than it

  • PTI Tiger

    full jhoot fake 100%

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    sir meri request hay k aik baar faisalabad main dhobi ghat ground main b rade kiya jaye kun k fsd main nerwala road per dhobi ghat ground k aagay raat ko takreeban 7 bajay k baad girls sale kernay ka karobar hota hay

    • sajan

      sanam :O

    • saqib

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  • usman

    plz yaar awam ko pagal na bnaya kro ,, ye sun dicided program bnaty ho ap log ,,, ye sub log ap k apny hi hoty han ,, sorry

  • MuSiK_kInG78

    this show was so FAKE!!

  • sohail

    Dear host, get better actors next time!

  • amir

    total drama , noncence ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • shan_ak27

    Adim agar aisai program upload ho saktai hain tu merai masoom comments filter na kia karo please!

    • MuSiK_kInG78

      Mere bhi :(

  • shan_ak27

    media pagal bna raha hai Pakistanis ko

  • Amir Farrukh

    Please be careful

  • Daniel

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  • Farman Khattak

    Story sunanay wala aur baad ma larki say phone per bat karnay walay banday ki aik hi awaz hai. Is ka matlab hai k channel ki khud sakhta kahani hai.

  • shan_ak27

    media pagal bna raha hai Pakistanis ko
    this is not Pakistan's problem this program is shameful for the anchor and the channel.

  • shan_ak27

    this bithtch need another job! you shame
    Please stop depressing and frustrating my nation

  • Trueman


  • Adnan


  • not chutia!!

    bullshit!! like real crap!! what the f!!!

    • Saify

      One thing I could,nt understand. The boy who is telling us the story that he went to meet his real sister.He is feeling guilty and could,nt face his sister bla bla. Why the hell he is not thinking that his sister was equally involve in this friendship ? Lolzz what a crap. Anchor is fullishly describing how a video can be made….And the girl using the words like ( Saima ko chalatay ho) also showing her level. No Doubt 100s of such type of videos are on net and as for as I think girls know very well when videos are made. So avoid it. Dhanda and all that is crap.
      This subject could be present in such nice ways to teach net users but here is the point where we can judge (Class ) of people working in media.

  • shani

    tuba tuba yeh media ko kon lagam de ga kitne besharm progarm onair karte hain wo b saraam fake fake fake

    • Trueman

      sir gee, it is due to rating. Everyone playing their role.

  • Danyal

    totally nonsense!!! It's good to show reality to peoples but not in such ways!!

    Pakistan media is going on wrong side with such bad programes!

    Ya Allah Karam,, iss QAUM pe Karam kar mere Maula

    • Trueman

      Actually media is under their controls, and they are enjoying, because we all are into internet age (aka Internetee) generation.

      • Danyal

        Exactly there are showing to the nation how to get girls if they don't know !!

    • Hassan Askari

      Haqeeqat hamesha talkh hoti hai mey bhai … aor sach ka samna karna bhot mushkil hota hai

  • Trueman

    We have to block Facebook and all social networking websites like we did for Youtube.

  • rajo


  • farukh

    kya fit bezati ki hey larki ney

  • Azeem

    first story is total fake, in the second story v only listened to the one party but its really happening. Yahoo Chat rooms mein to larkian gajar mooli ki tarhan apney ap ko baich rahi theen. But these rooms are closed now. Some girls in those chatrooms were so hungry for sex and most of them teen agers around 20s.

  • Ahmed

    main sumjhta hon kh aek lrka thek nh hy to y lrki bhi koi achi nh hy jo asko ghult sms kr rahi hy aur aski calls ko bhi record kr rahi hy agr as ky pass calls ki recording hy to sabot ky tor pr pesh kry aur apni begunahahi saqt kr. nh to drama bn kry.

  • luckyboy

    totally fake program hai ya………….jis ka na sar hai na phar……….just to improve its
    TRP………..bull shit


    totally fake program hai ya………….jis ka na sar hai na phar……….just to improve its

  • mohsin

    That MA student guy is such a jerk.. he cant keep balance with Studies and Udham Videos
    I've just completed my Graduation with a 3 CGPA and Im watching such videos since 9th class

  • ali



    some content of this program is dramaties

  • student 5

    stupid ANCHORS rating ky ly kiya nhe kerty.

  • mohsin

    Wow this anchor is so much Bold……..Also very HOT

  • fazal

    jo b hy hamara muashra intaha darjy ka burai ki taraf jata ja raha hy! we all have to take measures to stop it!



  • sssss

    its true story it happen many times in pak .do not fool urself,beware of playing with anyone life

  • shoaib

    fakke fake ,, coz pathan shoot such girl at once

  • sami

    Fake media fake anchor fake program

  • salman

    fake programm.. fake story…
    yeh tv pe drama aaya tha aik saal pehlay, will post that link once i'll find

  • Azeem

    TOTAL FAKEE!!!!!

  • Asim Jan

    koi masla nhi hia tu ghalat kaam agar ap sab ko fake lagta hai

    or kisi ki maa behin ki izzaat ko share karne se pehly apney maa behin baeti ke izzat ka injaam zaroor rakna chahiye…………..

    hum log itne gunahgar hu gaye hai ke gunnah ko gunnah samjty hi nhi ……….

    isi waja se hamary halat nhi badalty…………zaroor socheye ga ap log ke samne jo kaam nhi huta tu is ka hargiz yeh matlab nhi ke kaam hu hi nhi sakta.

    • muzafar ali

      r8 ur absoltly

  • mahajar

    mein 7 saal se net use kar raha hon mujhay tu 1 larki bhi nhi mili jhoot sub

  • Umar

    Kya ye sach he

    • COMMANDER2012

      esa hamaray mashray men ho raha hey…koi poochnay wala nai..q k hamary leaders ese hen k police stations unho nay hire kiey heuy hen aur girls ka karobar b krtay hen…aap zahir ahmad ki book "parliament say bazar.e.husn tak" parh len aap ko sab pta chal jaey ga k hamary politicians kitnay ganday hen…

  • Umar

    Yar sharm nai chahye:@

  • laluu paki

    Paid unethical non professional blackmailer pakistani media . 90 shops of circus in pakistan. I never saw any of them being a part of solution but seen them as a part of problem. Money & status maker media….they are in a race of corruption too along side with govt.

  • malik


  • Abubakar Burhan

    abay hum ko nahi miltay aisay loog bc in media walon ko mil jatay hain pata nahi kasay.

  • abbas awan alvi

    ye galt kahani hai

  • abbas awan alvi

    no sex no sex no sex

  • Guest

    Islam itna bura lagta he to chor do… majburi kya he

  • Pakistan

    Jhoot bolta hai its just plan to destroy the image of Pakistan. Yeh india mein hova tha i saw one program .

    here it totally rubish.
    f–k you Media Hara—mi MEDIA

  • Hope

    No Drama No Drama Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Media need just any story .,.,.,.,.,pagal he ohhhhh

  • Adil Waheed Butt

    ya jo larky ki story thi ya fake h tv walo ki apni bani story h kun k wohi larka jo khta k ma behn k sath bt krta tha wohi larka dosri larki k sath ph py bt kr rha h or wohi larka card wali larki sy bt kr rha h ya fake h tv walon ki apni bani story v funny……… asa hota zaroor h k net ka ghlt use hota h pr ya jo inlogo ny story bani h ya fake h

    • waseemdougar

      mi app ke bat se bilkul mutfiq hn dono video mi aik he larrka q?

    • waseemdougar

      same to u

  • Khalid

    bakwas r fake ha ye


    Dear Ham ab PAKAY TALBANI Muslim hain abhee tu SAME SEX bhee PAKI may Phaly gaaa dakhtay jaooo TALABANI ISLAM Kee BAHARAIN.

    • janat

      kse lehaz say ye thq b ha asa ho raha h internet r cell phone m log doste krty ha r phr bad m ye sb hota h

    • humayun

      you are not aware of taliban when in afghnistan their govt there were complete hijab no girl went on tv shows and their ministers and all of them were living a simple life

  • ALI

    all set up our media really to much all about rateing y she sitting in studio

  • jago-pakistan


  • Seriously

    So Fake…….

  • usman

    fake program plus fake people

  • killer

    camera honay kay bawajod larkia kesay bethi reh sakti hy car mai zara mujhy yeh tu bathy yeh host. yeh hy tu such magr media nai isay bna kay esh kia hy

  • waseem-uk

    i do not know either its true or not? but we should take it as warnining and have an eye on our youngers. May Allah pak keep us safe these kinds of issues.

  • zoaib

    fake drama yar bhen ko apnay bhai k number nai pata tha jab exchange kia bhen ko bhai ka name nai pata tha donun k ek dusray k name nai pata tha chalo name tou jhutay ho saktay hain jab num exchange kia tou bhai ko apni bhen aur bhen ko apnay bhai ka num tak nai pata kya drama hai hamara media bhi SAB MILALA MILALA KARO

  • Awan Iz Here

    yar ye host kitne chasky le le ker sawal ker rahi ha

  • MJ79

    WTF—Stupid media

  • fahad

    its true..sabsa bara fahashi ka dhanda yahoo chatrooms main bhi horha tha.jha log web cam par nagnga hokar beth jata tha..aur acha khsa shareef log wha akar khrab hojata tha.jinmain main khud shamil hun.ek acha khasa shareef larka tha..lakin wha nanga jism dekh kar wha ana main lizzat milna lagi..aur card load karka web cam dekhna laga..aur isi ke arr main fake cam dekha kar larka bhi najaiz paisa kama rha hain..lakin fak aur real cam ke pehchan mujha 1 ya 2 dhoka khana k baad hogye thi.ya chatroom abb band hogya aur yeh bht acha hayae ke saza duniya main ALLAH tala yeh deta hai k usko rizk sa mehroom kardeta hai..uspar rizk tang kardeta hai.aur main bhi bhugat rha hun..plzzz dont do like that.thanks

  • noushad

    kia hogaya hai hamre media ko inko sharm aani chaiye

  • MJ79

    Same voice again and again for all calls.Same guy and same girl's voice.

  • 0rdx

    looks like paid actors

    • Haseeb

      it is to bad

  • Mohammad Gul Yousaf Khan

    yeh kaisa banda hay jo apni behan ki awaz nahin pehchan paya aur us ka nam kiran b usay yaad nahin aya aur phir yeh kaisi shareef larki hay jo apnay bhai ki awaz nahin pehchan pai aur phir sharafat ki inteha k date pay nikli apnay bhai say milnay

    • Yasir WAheed

      agree. ya media ka planted show hay.. sirf paysay kamanay ka zarya hay media

  • aaa

    larki ko apna bhai ka no he nai pta tha wah
    what a joke

  • Mohsin Khan

    yeh peeeche beth ker video kis ne banai he????

  • Bilal

    apne waldain se baghawat ka anjam, begherat aurten..

  • Aik Pakistani

    big warning for all and plz check your children activity regularly

  • sunny

    totally drama

  • Chap X

    immature & irresponsible role of media…infact marketing this industry…rubbish :(

  • Murslin

    Ayse Logon Ko Chok Main Khara Kr k Sir Kalam Kr Dena Chaiy

    • sana

      kiew to aap log kisa zanda raho ga ya daka bagahir

    • tehseen ahmad

      enho ny rush movie dekh li hy sub kuch inka apna kya hoa hy

    • m.qasim

      chawali na maar isy face book pay add kar pata chaly ha ic media ka kia ha pk media

  • M. A. Jadoon

    ye log har burai ko sare aam batate han sharam b nai aati k is ko dakh k koi or b ye sab seekh k asa kar sakta ha. so sad of you media. agar bata rahe ho tu is ko khatam karne ka b kuch btao na.
    saza ko sare aam btao na k burai ko. shame on you media :( :(((((((((((((

    • N.Dar.Paris

      jadoon bhai media ko ye sab dikhana chahiay tan k larkian ye sab dekh kar sabaq seekhain aor apni aor apnay ghar walon ki izat ko jhoothay pyar aor apni aor kisi aor ki hawas mitanay k liay youn ruswa na karain

  • Ali's comment

    WTF! all this boy's speech dramatic .. a piece of shit!

    • Azeem

      u r right he sound really funny

    • chaudhry

      totally agree…. its FAKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! … ye sab kush hota hai .. agree …. but fake drama for rating … had hai


    sister baatein tua aap ki tehk hein but aap kud bay perda ho…aur burai ko mazay lay lay ker bayan kerna haad se giri hoi baat hai jo k media walay ker rahy hein.

    • Ali's comment

      ye media walon ka kamany ka tarika hy.

  • Usman Malik

    agar hum Islami Qanoon Nafiz karay to yay kaam khatam ho sakta hai