Top Story on Dunya News – 20th December 2012

Watch Tahir Mashedi, Khalid Ranjha, Khurshed qasori, oria maqbool jan in Top Story on Dunya News – 20th December 2012

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Top Story on Dunya News – 20th December 2012, 7.3 out of 10 based on 26 ratings

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  1. yousuf says:

    there are always pros and cons to any law, what you have to see is that is will help bring criminals to justice if answer is YES overwhelmingly then you should go ahead with it.

  2. calico666 says:


  3. Mokan says:

    Why Saudi Arab has no problem with Israeli Nuclear arsenal !!!! is it not strange !!! the reality is that Saudi Arab is a Zionist country and a big supporter of Israel along with US/NATO and India.
    We don't need this foreign policy any more.

    We should move away from these powers and make more stronger alliance with China and Russia who are our regional partners and the key to the future growth of this region.

    Whereas India is intervening in Afghanistan and PK on behalf of US/NATO to capture this economic opportunity.

    • Akraman says:

      Kyon kya hua tum thappa lage musalmano ko ab kya mecca me kadam nahi rakhne dete saudi arab wale ya phir smuggling nahi kerne dete ya phir ramzan ke din pakistani smuggler ki gardan kaat ker ulta latka dete hai?

  4. Ali Hussain says:

    onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hate for mqm…now only vote for pti…………………

  5. Amer Khan says:

    haarp aik taqat he jisko america istemaal kar sakta he jis se zalzale aasakte hain,aur ye tu resaale media ka har taraf bezniess hoga ye draame tab hote hain jab ko barri taqat dagmaga rahi ho han aik baat he ke islaam ka bol bala hoga is jhooti payshangoeion se ,mot har zeeroh ke leay qayamat he

  6. Adil Shah says:

    MQM Altaf Don Se cutkhara hasil kerpaey gey ???????????????????????????????

  7. calico666 says:

    Nawaz’s Credentials

    Building New Pakistan in Englistan for the Last 25 Years w/…………STOLEN MONEY
    Kick Backs….Motorway, Tandoor
    Kushta Family….To Harass Singer T, Ayesha Ahad, Kim Jewish Journalist….
    Laffa Journalism…..Paid to Build Fake Image
    Land Mafia……Encroaching Public Land
    Loan Write off……..Created Fake Co. and Wrote off Loans
    Money Laundering……Stolen Money of Poor Nation
    Patwari………Another Tool to Control People
    Rigging………..Asghar Khan Case
    Tax Evasion…..$ 50 ……Properties in Billions
    Thanidar………Hire and Fire

    • hasan says:

      Imran tere Jaanisar—-her halke main 2 hazaar
      Where is IMRAN performance?
      CRICKET WORLD CUP 1992 record
      Performance 0% Credit 100%
      Imran Khan has not any world record in One day & Test Cricket.

      Pakistan v West Indies –W. Indies won by 10 wickets— –(Imran Wickets – 0) (Imran Runs- 0)
      Man of match- Brine Lara,

      Pakistan v Zimbabwe —-Pakistan won by 53 runs———- (Imran Wickets – 0) (Imran Runs- 0)
      Man of the match-Aamir Sohail.

      Pakistan v England——————–(draw) ——————— (Imran Wickets – 0) (Imran Runs- 0)
      Man of the match-?

      Pakistan v India————-India won by 43 runs————– (Imran Wickets – 0) (Imran Runs- 0)
      Man of the match –Tendulker.

      Pakistan v S. Africa——-S. Africa won by 20 runs——— (Imran Wickets – 2) (Imran Runs- 34)
      Man of the match-?

      Pakistan v Australia——-Pakistan won by 48 runs——– (Imran Wickets – 2) (Imran Runs- 13)
      Man of the match- Aamir Sohail.

      Pakistan v Sri Lanka——Pakistan won by 4 wickets—— (Imran Wickets – 1) (Imran Runs- 22)
      Man of the match-Javed Miandad.

      Pakistan v NewZeland—-Pakistan won by 7 wickets——- (Imran Wickets – 1) (Imran Runs- 0)
      Man of the match-Mushtaq Ahmad.

      S. Final -PK v N.zel. ——-Pakistan won———————- (Imran Wickets – 0) (Imran Runs- 44)
      Man of the match-Inzmam ul Haq.

      Final- PK v England——–Pakistan won———————–(Imran Wickets – 1) (Imran Runs- 72)
      Man of the match-Waseem Akram.

      Performance 0% Credit 100%

  8. Asif says:

    MQM NE Karachi ko Noman area -nogoarea bana deha ha,


  9. Sajid says:

    Fair Trail mein sab se palhey Zaedri ko hey arest karana chey

  10. rana amir says:

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv nyc shwwwwwwww

  11. waqasshah says:

    PIA ko 100 arab ka khasara zardari ka pala abi bi bhara

    PIA ko 100 arab ka khasara zardari ka pala abi bi bhara

    PIA ko 100 arab ka khasara zardari ka pala abi bi bhara

    PIA ko 100 arab ka khasara zardari ka pala abi bi bhara

  12. Atif says:

    Support Imran Khan PPP and Anp Never take stand against MQM , MQM a killer party ,
    only Imran Khan take mqm .

  13. ffadi says:

    Pakistan main intazamiya buri tarah nakam ho chuki hy so cahnge to lana ho ga ab nahi to phr kab

  14. Javeed says:

    MQM Ko Serf Imran Khan Sedha kersaktha

    Imran Khan Ka Sathj de Karachi Waley

  15. junaid says:

    war on terror…… government failure…… defiantly not complete all challenges

  16. Asif says:

    why not mqm accept S C Orders, is he above law,

    Karachi biggest city of pakistan mqm make city of deads

  17. saadgujjar says:

    very interesting informative program

  18. noman says:

    lo gee kar lo kamaya pehly railway ko lota ab PIA gaya kaam say

  19. A Waheed says:

    Karachi mein Jo Supreme Court ka faisla ha us ke mathbeq he hamaal honha chey

  20. danish says:

    supreme court kay feslo per hukmrano ko labaik kehni chay

  21. hafiz says:

    juggies bureaucratic high authority should go to hell

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