Nawaz Sharif Corruption and Money Laundering


Nawaz Sharif Corruption and Money Laundering

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  • Iftikhar Shah Bukhari

    nawaz shareef is the king of corruption and leader of Taliban….from Iftikhar Shah Bukhari

  • Arsl

    @tariq cactus, put nawaz sharif glasses away from ur weak eyes and don't be aggressive, u said NS risk his life to restore judiciary, a joke of the century, he is such a cowardice who even can't bear a Lille bit jail hardships, Aymal Kansi, in his last interview blamed NS, not farooq lughari

    • Afzaal

      You are absolutely right

  • Naqvi

    NS and of course whole of his family are the biggest misfortune for ou rnation


    Great Imran Khan and Great Leader and Great Human being, please vote for him if you want to save pakistan. Only leader of Pakistan who truely deserves to win the election. He wants to work for Pakistan and not for his foreign based family and friends and supporters.

  • irfan king

    Is main koi shaq nai kay nawaz sharif bohat hi corrupt insan hai.

  • Ibraheem

    Nawaz Sharif is building new Pakistan since last 25 years. Here is detail of that new Pakistan.

    1) 2000 Elite Guards for Sharif Family……………….. Yes
    2) Controls over Sugar Prices by Sharif Family Industries. ……….Yes
    3) Extra Judicial Killings. ………………………………….Yes.
    4) Riwand Road for Sharif Family……………………….. Yes.
    5) Laptop Purchase from Hamza Shabaz Friend. ………Yes
    6) Gas Pipe Line to Humza’s Cottage instead of town . ……….Yes.
    7) 32 Billion Stolen from Punjab Budget No reply for 3 years Auditor General Punjab…..Yes
    8) Billions siphoned off in Sasti Rotti Scheme……………. Yes
    9) Danish School contract to Hamza’s Friend…………… Yes
    10) Model Homes Scheme to Malik Raiz………………….. Yes
    11) Bullet Proof Car from Malik Raiz to Hamza …………….. Yes

  • Sumaira

    Raymond Baker is may be an unknown name for the Pakistanis but for the world he is considered as an authority on the money laundering expose scams. For over forty years in more than sixty countries, Raymond Baker has witnessed the free-market system operating illicitly and corruptly, with devastating consequences. Recently he published his book in which he has exposed the angelic Mian Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan as how the man siphoned off money from the motorway project, and from the purchase of wheat from Canada and America and how he transferred that money to the London and bought luxurious flats. Such front-man oriented and white collar crimes don’t have much hardcore proofs but they do leave traces and one can connect the dots to reach to the conclusions and Raymond has done just that. In this book, dirty money, poverty, and inequality are inextricably intertwined with the Nawaz Sharif. A must read for us.

    • @TariqCactus

      It seems like you was working with Raymond Baker and was assisting for the stuff about money laundering and corruption of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef. I don’t know if you have had read that Raymond Baker's book or not all his assumptions for the corruption of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef are base on the reports of Rehman Malik. It sound so funny that now PTI followers are giving so much credibility to Rehman Malik as what ever he had said become trust worthy for PTI followers. May be Imran Khan and Rehman Malik is going to conduct a joint mass meeting soon like Imran Khan and Shaikh Rasheed. This is a sign of cheapest level of enmity.

      • Imran

        If this is the case can you please answer me who returned the $450 Million to AlTaufiq bank when Sharif's were declared Bank Corrupt if you Know?????

      • ablik

        if all this is false they GREAT NAWAz SHARIF SAHIB must have sue him… he defamed 2 times PM of Pakistan but he didnt neither against Raymond norKim Barker y?????? wese to court jane ka bohat shoq hai…….to waha bhi jate na ..

  • rollinaces

    Nooras chor .per afsos yeh ke aaj bhi awam pagal ban rahi hain in ke hathon

  • sabirkhan

    nawaz and shabaz u will pay all looted money with intrest,belive me we will not let u run.






    laptop- nawaz ka——— VOTE IMRAN KA

    paisa ppp -ka ———VOTE IMRAN KA


  • @TariqCactus

    One can clearly find that the director of this video was Rehman Malik and it’s so interesting to see that Rehman Malik now became trust worthy to the PTI folks.
    There is nothing new in this video; such fake propaganda videos could not effect the affection of Pakistani public towards Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef. InshaAllah he will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan again with the grace of Almighty Allah.
    There is an abusive community who had gone insane while they are sensing their defeat in coming elections so now they are screaming and posting such videos which had already been lost their value.


      laptop- nawaz ka——— VOTE IMRAN KA

      paisa ppp -ka ———VOTE IMRAN KA


    • boom

      chutiyeehh..first of all its a bbc report.. secondly..rehman malik was a no namer in those days..unknown and powerless… tum jaise logon ke mathe pe C H U T I Y A saaf likha hota hai…

  • irfansas

    Nawaz Sharif ke sab followers maha jahil hain unhen ye documentary samajh nahi aye gi. Can someone please put subtitiles to this video in Urdu or Punjabi so that they can understand it and then they might change their mind.

  • Rana

    It was Pakistanis money they snatched and looted.

  • Rana

    it seems nawaz shareef made milion milion pounds

  • Truth Seeker

    NS is Corrupt and Puppet/Slave of USA just like Zardari.

  • Truth Seeker

    Nawaz Sharif doesn't deserve to be the PM of Pakistan ever again. He is a Liar and has Dual Standards, one for himself and one for others. It is open secret now that he Confronted and Maligned Supreme Court exactly the same way Zardari has done, so why he should be Exonerated and Zardari shouldn't be ???

    NS handed over Aymal Kansi to USA and played the role of hand in glove for handing over Raymond Davis. He was and will be the puppet and slave of USA exactly the same way Zardari is.

    Zardari government handed over the helicopter rubble of OBL operation, same way NS handed over the fallen missiles in Pakistan territory that USA (Bill Clinton governent) fired to kill OBL in Afghanistan at that time.

    NS doesn't utter a single word against Drone Attacks and has no policy for confronting USA on Drone Attacks just like Zardari.

    • @TariqCactus

      Your truth seeking is same like Christian Missionaries who although claim that they are seeking truth but their devilish intentions are to mislead.
      Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef is the leader who risks his life and restored this judiciary when Imran Khan cowardly Imran Khan was no where in the scene.
      Aymal Kansi was not handed over to USA by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef he was handed over by Farooq Laghari President of that time. (You call some one as liar with a lie).
      Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef refused to take any instruction and threats of USA and made Pakistan an Atomic Nation. (Where as Imran Khan was begging USA immigration officers to let him enter into USA few days ago).
      Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef is two time Ex Prime Minister he knows how to act or react on National and International issues. (While Imran Khan use weird ways to fetch media attention like an actor)
      This is the real compression now refute it if u can and I know you can’t but will start abusing.

      • Azaan Rayan

        ZA bhotto made Pak an atomic nation, The decision of 28th May was taken by AQ khan, his team and Pakistan Defence forces at that time. While Mr NS was going to USA, to meet and take advise from his Mi Bap(US President).

  • Jamal

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Pakistani quom ab bee na samjo tu Allah hee Hafiz …….open your eyes select ur Honest Leader ship

  • Mokan

    if people still dont believe it then ….they will suffer from Laanat of Allan.

    How can govt allow all these corrupt politicians to take part in the election.

    All these politicians including zardari, shareef , also some army generals are all involved in the money laundering adn stole money from the country and stole industries , land and businesses.
    They have set up trust and private companies abroad in the name of their friend children or other family members,,, they steal all the time…

    People must not vote them and prosecute them after election and recover all the money….this may include some army generals , ambassadors, bankers, media anchors, religious leaders politicians etct..

  • Inam

    Pakistaneooo jago aur jagaoo! Please reject these stupids who have done so much harm to the nation!. Vote for change…Vote PTI!

  • alarkkan training

    lanat ha un pe jo aj b nawaz shareef ko vote de rahain hain lanat ha qoom bukhtay gy

  • mohammed rafiq


  • khan_khan


  • mohammed rafiq


  • Sameer khan

    sharif family is a corrupt family. do not vot nawaz sharif.

  • hasan

    Nawaza dakoooooooooo

  • VotePower

    Ghareeb awaam ko kya pata money laundering kis balaa ka naam ha, chori kahain to shayad samaj be aa lakan chori ka lafz business mein nahe aata lahaza again vote goes to itafaaq foundries and Mughal a Azam limited party.

  • Omar

    Ghareeb mazloom basahara awaam ki hadyoo'n ka rus choos ka banae gae dolat, painfully disgusting.

    • boom

      ghareeb awam? abe in pe tars na kha bhai..they deserved to be devastated .. inhin ghareebon ne 2 baar is ganje ko PM aur 5 times PUNJAB ki governance di.. is ghareeb awam ki to ..forget it..

  • @khanbaba__

    zardari tu choor hai ham ne ye maan liya lakin nawaz sharif zardari se b big big big choor hai.asy logo par ham lanat bajty hai.en ko ALLAH he saza day ga.
    please vote for PTI.

  • proudly pandoo

    they are worst than zardari

  • fortis321

    they are worse than Zardari, coz everyone knows the real face of Zardari, but Nawaz sharif??? (May Allah save us from that kind of so called "leader"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Allah Imran Khan ko apne hifz-o-imaan main rakh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wasif

    abhi bih waqat hai pakistan k logo abi yeh sab dekh kr bh is ganjay ko vote do aur samjha k pakistan taraki karay ga tu hum sab say zayada bewakuf hon gay please imran khan ko vote do sab……..

  • FaRaz

    Noraa the shit face….

    Look at his properties…….hell.

    Our tax money……..

  • waleed