PTI Party Elections EXPOSED – 50 Votes From 1 Mobile


PTI Party Elections EXPOSED – 50 Votes From 1 Mobile

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  • farooqdejutt

    Ek no. se ek e vote cast o skta eh…otherwise cll drop ho jati hai

  • Muhammad Tahir Khalid

    Fake publicity k liye Asma ah stunt kar rahi hzi…it,s not proved yet aiwaen hi chawalen na mara karo….vote sirf imran khan ka hai…

  • Topi

    ohoooooooo ,,,,,,,,,, laikin vote phir b pti ka jitna marzi zoor laga lo

  • Mr K

    Chorrrrrrrrrrrrr PTI

  • afi

    PTI Zinda baad………..i love imran khan.. kuch b kr ..
    vote phir b PTI ka he hai..

  • rizwan32

    u can cast 1000 votes through ur mobile but only one against ur id will be accepted and all other 999 will be rejected so end result will be 1 vote , ab aggar itni si baat bhi nooras ka samaj nahi ati to akhir wo noore hi hain

  • faisal

    asma shirazi be mature we r nt fool agr yeh PTI ka member hai to iska face blour kyun kia n we know ka aap ka kaam sirf pmln ka agenda agay barhana hai aur wohe kaam aap bohat ache tariqa se kar rahe ho

  • Vicky Khan

    pti walo burnol lagaho….hahahahahhahaha ore sharam kro oper sy gali na do 1300 vote cast hoi thi hahahahahahahahha bacho ki terhan ro nai

  • Jamal Khan

    Pakistani media is chore pmln is corrupt and ppp or mqm chore. we just beleave on imran.he will braing the change in pakistan.

    • Sain

      Inqalab aa gaya hai!
      LOL LOL

  • remindme

    yaar khud socho. itna bara loop hole hota iss election process main aor uss ka serf ek video banta asma shirazi kay liye aor woh banda apni shakal aisay chupa raha hay jaisay taliban ka koi video hay lol. ager aisa koi fault hota to i think abhi tak hazaroo videos bana kar PMLN aor PPP nay youtube and pakistani media bhar dia hota
    having said that, this election is not perfect we know, its just a beginning and with time it will improve. our job is to ask others to start elections so things can get better. nobody said PTI is perfect we only believe its better then others becoz they atleast take a step towards a direction n work hard on it

  • HjEssee

    O yar ye to sirf aik vote cast kia,,Q jhoot bol rahay ho,

  • adeel1

    stupid man ,,,loosing money,,,no mater how many time u calll ,,only 1st vote will be register…..same things happened in UK while calling on 0900 no. when people callled many time in compititions and got register only once………………….Stupid People,stupid objections……

  • remindme

    this was explained on very first day of election that no matter how many sms u send or how many sims u use, ur vote will b counted as one based on ur NADRA card number. so wats wrong with that? imran khan and PTI have told it many times that they bought a special software so same NADRA card cannot b used to caste more then two votes through fone, or personal presence or even online.

  • Ali

    she went on hajj paid by taxes of people of pakistan shame on her

  • aik pakistani

    noora and ganja league ka aik aur propaganda PTI ke khilaaf,

    laanat hai munafiq nawaz ganjay par

  • Saad Iqbal

    what a joke – he mustve voted 50 times – but it doesnt mean that the election commission has counted 50. i am amazed at the intelligence level in the media. no wonder they have people like Mehr Bukhari and Mubashar Luqman.

  • Akram

    Noora leak aakhir dika di apni aowqat…. Or ye mu q chupaya he, beshrmoon,
    agar such to kul kr samne aao or mulawis afrad ko adalat le jao,,
    Mgr tum ho hi gatya log, hamesha gatya harkaten hi karoge,

  • xain

    o bhai . vote ID card se cast hota hai . mobile number se nahi.. Even if you cast multiple times from any mobile number or ID card, it won't count. Its an electronic process. Their are filters in place to check multiple votes. Seriously, whoever posted this must be living in stone age.

  • Pando

    As PTI is introducing latest technology there are chances of some shortcomings .There are definately many areas which need improvements. Opponents know it very well PTI is the party of "Best brains of Pakistan"
    There were 3 ways of verifications.
    1)PTI membership with national ID
    2)Person`s residency
    3)Comparing information with NADRA data
    This is what a Pando knows but PTI officials can guide you better if they had more verification checks?
    Hundreds of votes were rejected after verifications.
    PTI supporters can get all the answers on PTI official website.This is another desperate attempt to defame PTI by Jahil opponents.
    Stay Strong

    • Razed

      U comments always like paid pando.

      • Pando

        Whoever you are I request you to stay away.I talk with best of my knowledge and never abuse others.Please look for somebody else

  • Rashid Butt

    I watch the whole video and I still confused how it was proven? PROPAGANDA AGAINST PTI……Nothing more than that! :)

  • Such Zindabaad

    Vote ID card k number pay cast hoty ha, Mobile phone k number say nhi…Mobile eik ho khair hay,ID card different honi hay.

    Dear Nooras, we know you know nothing about "Intra party election"!!!

    • adeel

      han g beshak 1 he banda 100 entries karwa ka vote dalta rahy lyk this guy did wah kya election karway hain ap log to mentally bhi corrupt nikly hahahaha pti chor party lossers

      • xain

        If it really was a PTI guy then why did they blurred his face? Only a darpook Nooner would do this. :P

  • farrukh

    Khan saab nay theak kaha tha kay ab PTI ko sirf PTI hara sakti hay wohi ho raha hay dil khafa ker diya

  • Gujjar Badhshah

    asma shirazi ki kon si baat manta hai jo gharib awam k tax k paison say haj karti hai

  • arif mahmood

    Don't worry about PTI lady, you just prove yourself what sort of person you are when you went on Hajj on tax payer money and kept on insisting that you have done nothing wrong. your Hajj, your personality and your journalism is as incomplete as your Hejaab (doopatta). i and many people like me are so disappointed of you that we do not want to listen or look at you any more.

  • Iffi

    Big Chussssssssss

  • Hamza baloch

    Vote ID card k number pay cast hoty ha, Mobile phone k number say nhi…Mobile eik ho khair hay,ID card different honi hay.

    Dear Nooras, we know you know nothing about "Intra party election"!!!

  • Imaginator

    Straight Propaganda LoLz Nice Try Noora`s.
    Try Something New IK Dilon mae basta hae Fake video`s mae nahi

  • usman

    we r with ik…its fake all

  • jamima khan

    P T I………………..PAKISTAN TEHREEK ISRAEL………….We Make a new ISRAEL In the Subcontinent………..BUT………..BuT…………PMLN Makes Herdels FOr Us,,,,,,,,,

    • ganjja

      pti the populer party of pakistan inshallah will defeate these ganjon, baghiraton,hipocracy fudalsand most techincal in curruption u will see.

    • Vote_for_Change

      What about this PMLN Guys..? Would you like to comment on this..?
      . .
      We will Vote for change, Vote for PTI, in any condition….

    • PK Lover

      Jitna dil karay propaganday karo. The most honest Imran Khan is the next CM of Pakistan
      You will observe a brilliant Change in Pakistan. Very soon we are to destroy these corrupt mafias.

  • Arshad Malik

    we can't believe on this corrupt meida

  • Shahbaaz Builder

    wase bhari haram zadgi ki hi pml n ne in saloon se main yahi kahoon ga k
    tum log jitna marzi media khareed lo hakumat pti ki hi aye gi

  • sunlight123

    ASMA SHERAZI don’t try to make people fool.I think your are with the corrupt parties.
    PTI is the only democratic party in Pakistan, We all now you perform HAAJ on government shut your mouth.

  • shani

    watch Program of hamid khan and shafqat mahmood (Dunya @ 8 with Malick (PTI party elections – First step in pakistani politics) – 19th November 2012) in which they explained the system that you can poll many votes from one mobile but it is screened after the votes are casted and duplicate votes are discarded. Silly video.

  • Affan Dawood


    • Pakistani.

      Please try to save pakistan. Asma Bagi.

      We All Know Imran Khan Is honest person,
      He doesn't like corrupt people.
      why we try to play Game,
      please we all know IMran Khan is not friend of any bad person.

      • Affan Dawood

        I know Bro , everyone should see the fact that Asma didnt played the msg on repeated attempts and i will recommend every one to watch Dunya with Malick in which the question of multiple voting was asked and cleared that a duplicate vote will be discarded by the system . .

  • honestmuslim

    Media se mere sawal ha..aj tak kisi anchors ne kisi bhi party se ye nahi pocha ke ap Intra Party
    election kiyo nahi karwa tey…sab leaders ke assets kiyo nahi media mien latey..? PTI ne kam z kam
    start tu lia ha…issay support karna chahay sab media ko…bohat se mobiles mien aisay software hotey
    hain jis s aisi ghar barh karna asan hota ha lekan PTI ne deals kia ha..this should be appreciated..
    jab PPP…PMLN..Q..MQM..ANP..JUI..itnay saloo se apnay ander election nahi karwa saki…tu PTI ne
    shurahat tu ki hain.un se tu behtar ha PTI…

  • Affan Dawood

    BUHAHAHAHAHAHA , multiple attempts were shown but did she also show or play what message was being played by the system on repeat attempts
    Do u think we cannot understand what u are trying to do . . MAM

  • Ahmed

    mooon chupaia means it fake
    kuon ka jhot ka koe sir or paoon nae hota

  • honest1

    we have trust on IMRAN..he is the only clean leader in pakistan…..aisay ochay akhandey PMLN…aur
    bakao media jitna chahay kar ley…ham pakistan bachanay nikalay hain…we will do this at any cost..

  • Salman Khattak

    who will prove the authenticity of this video?just bcoz she played it in programme doesn't mean tht its a real video..we all knw shez pml n slave so she prepared a fake video to defame PTI yet the rating of the this clip is 4/10 shows that the supporters of PTI have already made their minds n no one can change them at any cost..VOTE PTI


    ye pora media jitna chahay propaganda kar ley….lekan IMRAN tu hamaray diloo mien basta haa
    hamay khud par itna yaqeen nahi jitna IMRAN par ha….aur asma bibi…main bhi sarkari kharchay
    par haj karna chahta hoo main tu ap se ziayda haq dar ho kiyo ke ap tu acha bhala kamati hain jab ke
    main ghareeb admi ho aur meray lia bhi jaiz haa…aisa haj karna…

  • PakSarZameen

    Love you Imran khan.. PTI Zindabad… All PLMNoora propaganda's Murdabad :p

  • Fida

    shame on nooraaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • PK Lover

    Es ne ye Chehra Q chupaya hay? Ye bilkul Fazool log hain or Fazool kam kartay hain . Agar sach bolna hay PTI election k baray main to khul k bolay. Ye munafiqat kab khatam hogi? Or Asma ne ye clip chalye to us k chehray ko Q nhe dikhaya gaya ? Parday k pechaya jhot bolna Ganjo ka kam hay. Agr ye haqeeqat hay to jitnay vote cast keay hain un sub k details Shafqat ko send kar do. Mujay 100% yaqin hay k ye nhe kar sakengay Q nk jhot k pao nhe hotay.


  • Noooooora

    Jitna mazi karo propagandaz. Young educated Tigers ka selab bahot jald anay wala hay Jo sub ko baha lega. Capitalist lords k bunkers tabahi k dahanay per hain. Pori dunya ko hum heran kr dengay tora sa sabr karo.

    PTI Tigers are waiting for One call from IMRAN KHAN.
    PTI Is going to destroy corrupt mafias.

  • arman

    yah video to dawn news ny lagai ha is mein PML N corupt kasy ho gai:p

    • remindme

      PMLN corrupt aisay ho gayi kay tehqeeq kiye baghair uss kay clips internet par lagaye ja rahay hain. issi question ko hazar baar har channel kay har talk show main explain kiya gia hay to pher iss ka matlab kia hay?

    • Lyk Me-as Rebelx

      in ka mind fail ho gya hai in ko kuch samjh ni aa rahi aj kal

  • wajid chaudhary

    pml n sharm karo, yr media cell still not selling those cake which can be eaten…………………..

  • Rana Atif Mahmood

    AOA to all the readers: Yes there was a glitch discovered in the software during the election that from some mobile phones it was possible to cast multiple vote but rather than postponing elections at that time PTI leader ship decide that the before announcing results multiple entries from one mobile will be deleted and glitch will be removed before KPK elections and that's why turn out was 50% at the end while 53000 out 62000 voted initially. If any body still have any question mt email is :[email protected] and Twitter@atif348

  • umar

    pmln apni asli harkaton per phr say utar aye hai .. pti zindabad



  • nabil

    asma currupt anchor

  • Ahad Ashraf

    jhoooooot ……. ganjay apni harkatoon per utaaar ayeeee…………….

    • abdul samad

      abi sharam nai a rhi pti walo ko .abi b dosro pe ilzam laga rahain es mai anchor ka kia kasoor he