Prime Time @ Rana Mubasher (Dr Asim Hussain on CNG issue) – 4th December 2012


Dr. Asim Hussain Joins Rana Mubasher in Prime Time – 4th December 2012

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  • shafiq

    Good anchor yes or no?

    I like him

  • Rizwan

    A Orthopedic Surgeon turned into politician.

  • Mian

    Mr.Rana sub,
    Dr. Asim Hussain sound like qualified man, but,
    Why he chose to be oil and gas Minster ?
    iF you can't make the plain for next 2o year,then you shouldn't work
    Mr. Hussain, if have issues the proper license to the industry, it may work,
    i never understand, Why you have taken a to job, which you can't perfume it,
    Ever problem have a solution, if you Know how to manage it, or have the right people and right plain ?
    i hope you guys understand,