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Takrar on Express News [CNG Crisis in Pakistan]- 30th November 2012

Watch Takrar on Express News [CNG Crisis in Pakistan]- 30th November 2012

  • Faryad

    In The Name Of Allah The Gracious The Merciful
    The coming of a great Divine Reformer in the Latter Days has been predicted in the holy scriptures of various religions. The Grand Prophecies of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) In 14th Hijri Century “The Mahdi will appear” The Divine Guide” the Signs of the eclipses.” Have Seen the Light of Day.
    Is this an act of the Almighty Allah Or you consider it a deception of man?

    The Grand Prophecies of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) "For our Mahdi there shall be two signs which have never happened for any one else since the creation of the heavens and the earth; At his advent there shall occur an eclipse of the moon in the first of its appointed nights and an eclipse of the sun on the middle one of its appointed dates and both will occur in the month of Ramazan." (Dar Qutni, p. 188)

    The remarkable prophecy of the Signs of the eclipses and its fulfillment in our age bears eloquent testimony to the greatness of our lord and master the Holy Prophet Muhammad, (pbuh) "The Advent of the Promised Messiah-the Promised Imam Mahdi as vindicated by the Signs of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses"
    The advent of the promised Mahdi and the lunar and solar eclipses the eclipse of the moon occurred on Thursday evening the 13th of Ramazan, 1311 A.H. (March 21, 1894) the eclipse of the sun occurred on Friday morning the 28th of the same Ramazan (April 6, 1894). Is this an act of the Almighty Allah Or you consider it a deception of man?
    Throughout the 14th Hijri Century There exist only One claimant the recipient of divine converse announced his commission from Allah, God and claimed on the basis of Divine revelation. He also declared on oath that he is the Promised Messiah and the Promised Mahdi “the divine guide”. And named his Jamat after Prophet of Islam name Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat hence called Ahmdi Muslim-Ahmadi.. Is therefore this specific Laws 295C, 298C etc, Ordinance may be called the Anti-Mahdi and the Anti- Messiah specific Laws.
    This promulgate against the teaching of the Holy Quran and The Holy Prophet of Peace-Islam.

    The claim of Hazrat Imam Mahdi The Divine Guide has been testified by the signs appearing in heaven *Sky* and earth. The Grand Prophecy of The Signs of the eclipses has testified the Truth of the beloved Imam Mahdi. “the divine guide”. Congratulations to you, O community of friends. The luster of God's Beneficence has become manifest And for those who can see, the way has become clear.
    In The Name Of Allah The Gracious The Merciful
    They decided not to meet argument by argument but to draw the sword and put down the teaching of the Holly Quran & The Holly Prophet of Peace-Islam by force ; not to match the good example of the Prophet (pbuh) and his followers by their own, nor to reply to kind words in kind, but to maltreat the innocent and to abuse those who spoke kindly. Once again in the world a conflict started between belief and disbelief; the forces of the 14th Hijri Century Ulma,s & Leaders declared war on the angels. The Faithful, still a handful, had no power to resist the onslaughts and violence of the ignorant s. A most cruel campaign began. 14th Hijri Century has long been over now we have enter into 15th Hijri Century…. O people in your day and night prayers ask ALLAH for His mercy, forgiveness, and guidance in this regard ALLAH will answer your prayers, Ameen!
    O Logo Apnain, Mahdi Apnain Messiah Ko Talash Kro
    O People Try to Look For Your, Messiah Your Mahdi

  • poorawam

    NAWAZ and SHAHBAZ…………………….ZINDABAD …………………….ZINDABAD

    What People of Pakistan got????

    Accountability Bill:… never passed:……. PPP/PML together on 17th, 18th, 20th,
    Dirty Drinking Water—………..Hepatitis C
    Dirty Hospital— Leader (PIGS) treated oversees, No infrastructure, Staff less paid.
    Education system: ……..classes in graveyards, poultry farms, ghost schools.
    Fake medicine–…….-Politician Control drug industry, Mosa, Hanif, (Ephedrine)
    Law and Order: ………Public Killed, MNA, MPA, Generals safe etc.
    No Electricity: ……15 to 20 hours, no light, no work, Rental Raja.
    No Gas: …………cooking food is a problem.
    No jobs: ………….Most of industries run on electricity.
    Poverty: Public poor, leaders flying & buying properties oversees with stolen money.
    Price hike: corruption caused price hike, Rich PIGS– Mayfair, and surrey Palace.
    Sewerage system—Gutter water— mixed with drinking water—Hepatitis C