Geo Ajooba – Shahrah e Karakoram – 18th November 2012


Geo Ajooba – Shahrah e Karakoram – 18th November 2012

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  • saif ur rehman

    excellent fantastics mindblowing Ali bhai.

  • safom

    if the host of this program change,,,thn this is awesome show…anyway..Ataabad jheel is Amazing..its real Ajooba,,,,,

  • Mehdi

    change the host he is drunk

  • Mehdi

    The program is great but the host is'nt able to deal with it.harami host looks prick and drunk.If geo wanna make this show popular change this sh.t host…

  • Mehdi


  • hassan

    can somebody teach this man some presenation skills. he is over acting

  • Fouziaambreen

    Nice program

  • Simkey

    This is a nice program we need these kind of a days Pakistani media is taking us in the wrong direction. I want ask a question that news are about just politics and nothing else if the word news is not just about politics then why our talk shows are based on politic. I have an idea for this program you can make a serial based on any safernama of these areas.thanks

  • PTI Tiger

    nice road great engineering

  • kunjahi

    save your childern future vote for IMRAN