Nuqta-e-Nazar with Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami – 15th November 2012


Nuqta-e-Nazar with Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami – 15th November 2012

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  • mohib e watan

    shami kabab!! adhi roti adha kabab ganjay ko maarna bara hi sawaab

    • mohib e watan

      this is just mazaak

  • mohib e watan

    Watch this UNO on Kashmir:

  • mohib e watan

    Watch this, what their own hindu indian lady, who is world renowned peace activists, saying about Kashmir?? She says Kashmir was never part of INDIAN watch this:

  • Imran paris

    Mara slam shmi sab ko

  • Sikander Butt

    Very good programme. Perfect analysis by Shami Sahab.

  • kausar

    Shame on all these people who are talking against the Pakistani army,

  • Doobta Suraj

    I will vote imran khan if he apology on his thinking about Naat's.

  • IM^Pakistan

    I like Shami shb style when he was talking about Gillani & his beloved corruption ,,, :)
    Gillani now looks a hunter in jungle without gun :P …. Bhaga Phir Raha Hay …

    I wish more bad for you uncle gillani ….

    Love Pakistan
    Vote for Pakistan

  • maverick

    Basically Pakistan ka Jahil tareen tabqon main say aik WAKEEL biradri hae, Jo bhi larka ager FSc main achay marks nahi lay sakta yaa kise achay department main admission nahi lay pata wo LAW main admission lay leta hae kisi bhi college main….is terhan say country kay Nalayek tareen log wakeel ban jatay hain….shayed 2% wakeel wo log hain jo Qabil log thay aur LAW profession ko professionally dealkertay hain…..

    iss ka andaza apnay ird gird ghoom phir ker kia jaa sakta hae……aaplogon nay dekha hoga kay inhi wakelon nay ab cartel sa banalia ahe,jisko dilkia Pitaye laga dia,maar dia, police per hath uthaya……tu iss tabqay per yaqeen kabhi bhi nahi kia jaa sakta.

  • maverick

    I like this approach of Mujaab aur Duniya Tv kay yae log Pro Pakistan hain,jesay aaij Tehreek Pakistan kay worker ki death ko sab ko batya….

    Congratulations Duniya Tv, tum Log Pro Pakistan ho, Thanks tum Geo ki terhan nahi ho, joi anti State channel hae, jo 2 qomi nazariyae per discussions kerta hae, India ko Pakistan say agay chukta hae,logon main mayosi phelata hae,Imran Khan kay khilaf bolta hae, yani jo bhi Pro Pakistan hae uskay khilaaf hae hae, …hosakta hae kiseka khialmeray say alag ho, but shayed Lagta yehe hae jo main keh raha hon.

  • aamirmp

    I am an ARMY OFFICER and am very happy and satisfied with SHAMI Sahib view about ARMY and the Lawyers resolution,greatful.

  • lodi

    PPP has a long list of sell-able candidates lined up to get its ticket to win the upcoming election a reciprocal gesture is being visible brightly. By now the second grade and that of the third grade candidature is available to the rest, I mean to the PML-N and PTI, and to the scores of other political parties as well. As far as religious parties are concerned; Fazlurrehman's JUI(F) takes the lead in connivance of the JUP( Jamiat ulama e Pakistan). With Jama'at e Islami at the lowest ebb of the political arena. And this is what is going to happen in the coming years of Pakistan politics

  • lodi

    PPP is set to win the next government because of the fact that PTI is childish like its leader and PML N is confined to merely some parts of Punjab. Moreover these so called youth of Mr Imran is entirely rude & insulting in their behavior. How would they be able to bring about a change? They would rather have a full recipe to bring insult to this great Islamic nation. Everybody would recall the "QAZI AA RAHA HAY" scenario after the up coming election.
    The mantra of PML-N is to start shifting the core of the issue of corruption to its final limits which is lying at infinity, off course. So that the corrupt practices of Mian Nawaz Sharief might be brushed under the carpet. Where were they when that IB money was being spent to topple their government ; where were they when the hearings of Asghar Khan case were being held? And where were they when after having come to know this all fuss for this much long a span of time?

  • hafiz

    No institution alone can form a good government Chief Justice

  • nadeem

    good program.That Bar Council who malign Pak army should be hated and pulled to justice for their conduct?
    zaradari demand to Gilani for 2 billion rupees,that make sense

    • aamirmp

      Agree with you.

    • aamirmp

      CJ must take action on that resolution.

  • junaid

    qatal league or nawaz league bi medan e jang main ser garm dekhai day rahy hain

  • zahid

    awam ki samj say ye bala tar bat to ye hay mulk tabhi ki rah pay gam zan hy or hakomat ka sirf ek hi dialog hy jamhoriat mazbot ho rahi hy?

  • waqasshah

    adaro main tasadum kay parapogandy ho rahy hain ta kay mulk main aman qaim na ho saky

  • saadgujjar

    prime minister kay khalaf toheen e adat case ka akhraj kaha ka insaf hy

  • qasim

    farooq naiq sahib lagta hy bontar gay hain insaf to bari dor ki bat hy her tarf zulm or barbriyat ka bazar garm hy

  • usman

    supreme court ki azadi kay liy bohat say logo nay zulm sahy jaan per khail kar people court banai hy

  • ffadi

    Pakistan ki division hoty waqat bohat say muhib ul watan log teh jinho nay dukh or gaam ka izhar puri zindgi krty rahy

  • aligilani

    supreme court wahid department hy jo sirf es garib mulk ka sahara hy or lead karny ki barpoor koshish kar raha hy