Nuqta-e-Nazar with Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami – 14th November 2012

Nuqta-e-Nazar with Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami – 14th November 2012

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Nuqta-e-Nazar with Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami – 14th November 2012, 9.5 out of 10 based on 33 ratings

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  1. mohib e watan says:


    * Democracies fail when their political leaders become dominated by the influence of large business and financial interests, and vote not in the public interest but in the interest of their wealthy "friends.

    * Most politicians have power and money. Power corrupts. Money corrupts too. Most politicians want even more money and power. Therefore, most politicians are corrupt or corruptible.

    * UN commissioned a study (2004) of Latin America and came to the conclusion that some 55 per cent of the populations there would prefer to live under a paternalistic dictatorship rather than an incompetent, corrupt democracy that does not improve their living conditions.

    And you expect from corrupt people to give you security and safety?? Yeah they (politicians) have secured themselves too much (in the last 5 years not a single politician was killed ( only awams are dying in thousands) this is the way they give qurbani for the nation!!!

  2. malik says:

    Because Nawaz/Zardari/Gilani/60% Parliamentarian….. DONOT PAY TAX and STEAL?

    Billionaire NAWAZ/ZARDARI/GILANI…SCUMBAGS…250 Millions kids Unable to go to Schools ?

    Billionaire NAWAZ/ZARDARI/GILANI….IBNE HAR*MI……Millions Drinking Dirty Water, CONTRACTED Hepatitis-C?


  3. Pervez says:

    Shami and Arslan

    There was overwhelming evidence of use of credit cards and bank statements filed in supreme court against Arslan, on the basis of it court order AG to mobilise state machinery with full force to investigate Arslan.

    If some police officer was walking with Raiz mailk as per vedio of supreme court the court could have asked for another officer instead of giving stay to Arslan stopping JIT to go to UK and then making one man commission against JTI. Shami sahib yr programme was good but Arslan is Dawn, pls be honest and donot camouflage wrong doing.

  4. KAMI ALI says:

    بیوقوف پاکستانیو !!! کب تک شریفوں، زرداریوں کو پالتے رہو گے؟؟؟

    کب جاگو گے… جب سارا پاکستان لوٹ چکا ہوگا ؟؟؟

    • mohib e watan says:

      HN is right that they (politicians) are making people stupid (by guinnes book records, khanay ko roti nahi hey awam kay pass). Asghar Khan said in duniya news (host: Moeed Pirzada) that when Z.A. Bhutto asked him to join in 1971 elections, then asghar khan I asked him what is your problem then Bhutto replied " People of Pakistan are stupid and I will make them stupid".

      People who wants to leave Pakistan or people are living abroad, it is nalaiqi of our governments, if they correct the situation in the country (such as jobs, affordable prices of daily usage items, electricity, gas, law & order, merit per berti, etc.) thousands of people abroad ready to come to Pakistan. This is our ruler's nalaiqi that people wants to leave Pakistan and those are abroad don't want to come Pakistan with their billions of dollars.

  5. Arifwaheed says:

    Shami Sahab ap bhut hi muhtaram he mager oos JALI PIR ki tarah siyasi bayandete he kabhi kabhi SUCH kehne ko avoid karne ke liye Jali pir taweez LIKH ke dete they ager koi BETE ki pedaish ki khwahish karta pir kehte they ke me ne Taweez ME LIKH DIYA HE AUR WAHI HOGA AUR AJB KISI KE HA beti PEDA HOTI to pir sahab se jab shekayat karte ke dekh ye to LARKI peda hogai to pir sahab kehte ke taweez kholo me ne kia likha he aur waha pir sahab ne likha hota tha BETA HOGA NA BETI to istarah pir sahab larke ki pedaish per kehte ke dekho me ne likha tha ke LARKA hoga nake larki aur larki ke pedaish per kehte dekho me ne likha tha LARKA HOGA NA KE LARKI is tarah ap Ganja ke pese lene ki bat jab ati he ap oos PIR wali bat kardete he ye bat apke shan ke munasib nahi

  6. amir sandhu says:

    jan khuda di te vot sef king khan da

  7. lodi says:

    The mantra of PML-N is to start shifting the core of the issue of corruption to its final limits which is lying at infinity, off course. So that the corrupt practices of Mian Nawaz Sharief might be brushed under the carpet. Where were they when that IB money was being spent to topple their government ; where were they when the hearings of Asghar Khan case were being held? And where were they when after having come to know this all fuss for this much long a span of time?

  8. lodi says:

    PPP is set to win the next government because of the fact that PTI is childish like its leader and PML N is confined to merely some parts of Punjab. Moreover these so called youth of Mr Imran is entirely rude & insulting in their behavior. How would they be able to bring about a change? They would rather have a full recipe to bring insult to this great Islamic nation. Everybody would recall the "QAZI AA RAHA HAY" scenario after the up coming election.

  9. imran says:

    CM sahib nay Punjab main bohat achy project kiy leadership say kaam az kaam behter hi Punjab government chalai

  10. rana amir says:

    shehbaz sharif kay kaya kehnay agr gaty hain to mangny kay liy gaty hain

  11. danish says:

    intashar ki shama rang la rahi hy kaladam tanzemain ser garm e aam hain

  12. qasim says:

    sadar zardari ye topi darama hy dehshat gardi ki jang laar rahi hy puri qoom or bechari qoom ki wafadari say najaiz fayda tujy kisi din lay doby ga

  13. waqasshah says:

    Pakistan ka saar phira army chief hotta to kab ki dictatorship ka raaj hona tah zardari sahib dowa dain kiyani sahib ko

  14. noman says:

    army ka kaam state ki hafazat krna hy politics main bayan bazi nahi

  15. saadgujjar says:

    qnoon say bala tar hain asif ali zardai court say astashna hasil hy maza to tab hy jab sader sab ko kethry main lay chief justice sahib

  16. Jee4Bee says:

    Nice show… vote only for Change..

  17. aligilani says:

    state failure nahi kehly ga to phir kaya show ho raha hy zardari sab Karachi main nakami hakomat ki nakami hi hy

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