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Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry [Karachi Main Maut ka Raqs] – 13th Nov 2012

Watch Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry [Karachi Main Maut ka Raqs] – 13th Nov 2012

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  • zahidsz

    Who ever is the spokesman/woman they divert the discussion from Karachi, the main issue, to Punjab or to the personal lives of the individuals, as such, this Shazia Marri and Sharmila Farooqui or Shehla Reza or other women like late Faouzia Wahab, just talk non-sense and do not accept any responsibility.

    People must open their eyes and refrain from voting for MQM, ANP, PPP, PMLN, PMLQ and vote for the right parties sincere to the country.

  • naeem Khanzada

    i am mohajir but iam not with MQM since my childhood because MQM based on fashitism Altaf Hussain is not sincere with urdu speaking people he is the responsible of every murder in karachi .Afaq ahmed is brave mohajir man . if people want to go toward the mohajir nationalism so afaq ahmed is better than Altaf ,

  • m yousaf

    now adays we have started blame game no reality no truth

  • farooq

    all the fundamentals are wrong here, people will get killed like this unless people go back to drawing board and re write the rules for governing in karachi as well as in all Pakistan ,

  • Ahmed Moiz

    two dogs were barking at each other and bechara Afaq was in the middle. Javed needs to control his show and should ask his guests to listen to each other and not to cut off.



  • Junaid Ahmed

    I'm very surprised to see Mr. Afaq Ahmed back on media. It is nice to see him back. If there is democracy (so called) in the country then everyone should be given opportunity to comment on coutry affairs. As for Karachi is concerned, MQM & PPP are responsible for it.

  • mohib e watan

    Actually democracy failed in Pakistan. Whose primary responsiblity is to provide it's citizen safety and security ?? Government right?? Right, did you see this so-called democractic government (federal or provincial) anywhere in Pakistan where awam needed them?? NO. Our politicians only provide the security and safety to themselves (and they are talking they will give qurbani for awam, then come out of your raj mahals and live with awam, why you bast**ds are hidding in bunkers and travel in armoured cars, this how you are going to give qurbain?? Derpok bast**ds) and not to awam.

  • pakifriend

    All the biggest liar BH's are in PPP. shazia maree is one of them, is ka jhoot bhi fozia wahab ki tarha mar kar khatam ho ga.. guy from muhajar qomi movement said absolutely true in start. all parties are competing to gain control of more area for extortion money. liyari have port in it and everyone want control of it.

  • shahpal

    Javed Saib I have nothing to do with pakistani politic but i do listen your program regularly . i am so surprise shazia is talking about punjab about zia about mushroof . its make me sick to listen this nonsence to tilling publce its used to be happen we cant do anything let them die in punjab almost 16000 die so what a big deal if 1800 been killed in karachi . wow please choose her again good luck . honestly she have body gaurd she go to office and then home body gaurd every where so she does not know life out side and she can not till you any thing please we do badaring these people

  • Disgusted

    PPP is failed in Karachi to maintain law and order. NOw MQM should be given the Ministry of Interior. Wazarate Dakla! I would go as far as give them the Federal Ministry of Internal affairs.
    You will see a positive change.