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Awaam ki adalat on Geo news – Ayaz Latif Palijo – 11th November 2012

Awaam ki adalat on Geo news – Ayaz Latif Palijo – 11th November 2012

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  • nazir

    What a nice man/bold such type of people sindh need not …………oh laanti PPP

  • Irfan Wassan

    Such a bold and well educated personality Ayaz Latif palejo, my favorite

  • Zaman Khan

    This anchor does not let Ayaz talk. He is interrupting him again and again.

  • Ahmad

    Hats off for Ayaz latif …. such a bold and well educated person, we need such talents all around to develop Pakistan.

  • Such

    Iftakhtar Ahmad Sahib u are clearly bias towards PPP you always try to give hard time to any person except from PPP but for PPP the most corrupt political party of Pakistan you are always polite and co-operating.
    You have no legitimate right to conduct such programs.
    Geo should take notice of it that their platefarm is being used by a bias political motivated person (Iftakhar Ahmad).
    If iftakhar Ahmad wants to oblige his favorite party he should launch a PPP TV channel as People Party established a Newspaper "Daily Times" by Sulaiman Taseer and in the past history a Newspaper "NUSRAT".
    Ayaz Latif palijo very well done………..you almost make cry to Iftkhar Sahib.
    Here I must shud also appreciate the educated youth of Karachi who behave in well mannered way and pose logical and intellectual question in a very decent way as compare to Kamran Shaid program the aloof and ill-mannered guys who even didn’t seems like university student's.

  • nazir

    Nice to see the program and boldness of Ayaz

  • Mir Mohammad

    PPP& MQM….wanted to postpon elections…so they are killing innocent ppl in Karachi…ALLAH KI LANNAT HO UN PER…..

  • awais yusaf.

    apnay aap sai qaum parasti ka label hattain,aap jaisay leaders ki PAKISTAN ko zaroorat hai.

    • Aamirali

      you are great PALEJO sb, first time laga ky PALEJO nhe koye pakistani dard rakhny wala leader baat kar raha ha, i salute you

  • adv Zahid hussain

    slute to Ayaz latif palijo is jesa pak daman, himth or scha khara insan pakistan m ho nh skta

  • Saeed Ahmed Shaikh

    Ayaz Lateef, Pakistan ka mustakbil sanwaar saktay hain………hamari un se purzoooor appeal hai k ab wo ab syaasi tor per sobaie(provincial) syaasat ki bajae, qoomi(Natianal) syaasat (Pakistan level) pe aye……….. Pakistan ko is waqt un jesay sachay aur mazboot syaasatdaan ki sakht zaroorat hai……



  • Sid

    Logical defence by Mr. Palijo… Some points to be noted…. He and his party believes in humanity… want to attract peaceful Urdu Speakers( I wish they make a good magnism to attract them)… They want to be with all oppressed nations and against all cruel classes even if they are Sindhi wadera or fuedalist…. One thing I am confused in is who he and his party can win elections when the whole Sindh is still overwhemed by feudals…
    Ayaz must orgnise his party first… his party must be a party not a single man show….

  • Pegam Sindh

    سنڌ جو ڪيس ڀرپور نموني سان وڙهندڙ سنڌ دشمن منصوبن خلاف تمام سٺي جاکوڙ ڪندڙ ….هي نوجوان اميد ته سنڌ کي هڪ سٺو مقام ڏياريندو..اچو ته سڀ گڏجي هن نوجوان قيادت جا هٿ مظبوط ڪريون

  • Sachar Sindhi

    هر ڪنهن جا پنهنجو مشن هوندو ديشي دوستن جو مقصد ديش آزاد ڪرڻ آهي ۽ اياز پليجو جي جو سنڌ ۾ پورهيت انقلاب آڻڻ ۽ سرمائيداري ۽ جاگيردانه نطام جو خاتمو آهي، پر آئون پنهنجي سچي نيت سان چوان ٿو اياز سنڌ جي ضرورت آهي۔ ڪالهه جيڪو هن جيو نيوز تي ڀرپور نموني سنڌ جو ڪيس وڙهيو ۽ ان انٽرويو سنڌ سان محبت ڪندڙن کي ته متاثر ڪيو پر غير سنڌي محب وطنن جن ۾ عام اردو ڳالهائيندڙن ، بلوچن ، پختونن، پنجابين ۽ ٻين کي سٺو متاثر ڪيو ۔ شايد انهن جي به دلين اهو خيال هوندو ته اهڙو ليڊر سنڌي قوم وٽ آهي اهڙو بردبار ليڊر اسان وٽ هئڻ کپي۔ اياز پليجي جا مخالف ته چند آگرين تي ڳڻڻ جيترا آهن جيڪي اياز خلاف ڪمينٽس ڏين پيا، باقي سڄي سنڌ جا نوجوان ، ٻار ٻڍا ، عورتون سڀ اياز پليجي تي فخر ڪن ٿا ۽ اياز لطيف سان هر موڙ تي گڏ آهن ، تون مخالفن جي پرواه نه ڪر۔ شايد اي ڪنهن چيو آهي ڪنهن ليڊر جو مخالف هڪ به نه هجي ته ان کي سٺو ليڊر ئي ن چئبو۔ اي اياز پليجو صاحب تو تي اڄ سڄي سنڌ ناز ڪري ٿي تون سنڌ جو ڀرم رکجا..

  • myrawathan

    ayaz latif palijo got will talent and bold man, i want to see hem next pm.

  • waheed shaikh

    Bha You are Genius again We are impressed and soon You will be Appreciated, accepted too by the (Sindhi Geratmand Awam)