Awaam ki adalat on Geo news – Ayaz Latif Palijo – 11th November 2012


Awaam ki adalat on Geo news – Ayaz Latif Palijo – 11th November 2012

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  • nazir

    What a nice man/bold such type of people sindh need not …………oh laanti PPP

  • Irfan Wassan

    Such a bold and well educated personality Ayaz Latif palejo, my favorite

  • Zaman Khan

    This anchor does not let Ayaz talk. He is interrupting him again and again.

  • Ahmad

    Hats off for Ayaz latif …. such a bold and well educated person, we need such talents all around to develop Pakistan.

  • Such

    Iftakhtar Ahmad Sahib u are clearly bias towards PPP you always try to give hard time to any person except from PPP but for PPP the most corrupt political party of Pakistan you are always polite and co-operating.
    You have no legitimate right to conduct such programs.
    Geo should take notice of it that their platefarm is being used by a bias political motivated person (Iftakhar Ahmad).
    If iftakhar Ahmad wants to oblige his favorite party he should launch a PPP TV channel as People Party established a Newspaper "Daily Times" by Sulaiman Taseer and in the past history a Newspaper "NUSRAT".
    Ayaz Latif palijo very well done……… almost make cry to Iftkhar Sahib.
    Here I must shud also appreciate the educated youth of Karachi who behave in well mannered way and pose logical and intellectual question in a very decent way as compare to Kamran Shaid program the aloof and ill-mannered guys who even didn’t seems like university student's.

  • nazir

    Nice to see the program and boldness of Ayaz

  • Mir Mohammad

    PPP& MQM….wanted to postpon elections…so they are killing innocent ppl in Karachi…ALLAH KI LANNAT HO UN PER…..

  • awais yusaf.

    apnay aap sai qaum parasti ka label hattain,aap jaisay leaders ki PAKISTAN ko zaroorat hai.

    • Aamirali

      you are great PALEJO sb, first time laga ky PALEJO nhe koye pakistani dard rakhny wala leader baat kar raha ha, i salute you

  • adv Zahid hussain

    slute to Ayaz latif palijo is jesa pak daman, himth or scha khara insan pakistan m ho nh skta

  • Saeed Ahmed Shaikh

    Ayaz Lateef, Pakistan ka mustakbil sanwaar saktay hain………hamari un se purzoooor appeal hai k ab wo ab syaasi tor per sobaie(provincial) syaasat ki bajae, qoomi(Natianal) syaasat (Pakistan level) pe aye……….. Pakistan ko is waqt un jesay sachay aur mazboot syaasatdaan ki sakht zaroorat hai……



  • Sid

    Logical defence by Mr. Palijo… Some points to be noted…. He and his party believes in humanity… want to attract peaceful Urdu Speakers( I wish they make a good magnism to attract them)… They want to be with all oppressed nations and against all cruel classes even if they are Sindhi wadera or fuedalist…. One thing I am confused in is who he and his party can win elections when the whole Sindh is still overwhemed by feudals…
    Ayaz must orgnise his party first… his party must be a party not a single man show….

  • Pegam Sindh

    سنڌ جو ڪيس ڀرپور نموني سان وڙهندڙ سنڌ دشمن منصوبن خلاف تمام سٺي جاکوڙ ڪندڙ ….هي نوجوان اميد ته سنڌ کي هڪ سٺو مقام ڏياريندو..اچو ته سڀ گڏجي هن نوجوان قيادت جا هٿ مظبوط ڪريون

  • Sachar Sindhi

    هر ڪنهن جا پنهنجو مشن هوندو ديشي دوستن جو مقصد ديش آزاد ڪرڻ آهي ۽ اياز پليجو جي جو سنڌ ۾ پورهيت انقلاب آڻڻ ۽ سرمائيداري ۽ جاگيردانه نطام جو خاتمو آهي، پر آئون پنهنجي سچي نيت سان چوان ٿو اياز سنڌ جي ضرورت آهي۔ ڪالهه جيڪو هن جيو نيوز تي ڀرپور نموني سنڌ جو ڪيس وڙهيو ۽ ان انٽرويو سنڌ سان محبت ڪندڙن کي ته متاثر ڪيو پر غير سنڌي محب وطنن جن ۾ عام اردو ڳالهائيندڙن ، بلوچن ، پختونن، پنجابين ۽ ٻين کي سٺو متاثر ڪيو ۔ شايد انهن جي به دلين اهو خيال هوندو ته اهڙو ليڊر سنڌي قوم وٽ آهي اهڙو بردبار ليڊر اسان وٽ هئڻ کپي۔ اياز پليجي جا مخالف ته چند آگرين تي ڳڻڻ جيترا آهن جيڪي اياز خلاف ڪمينٽس ڏين پيا، باقي سڄي سنڌ جا نوجوان ، ٻار ٻڍا ، عورتون سڀ اياز پليجي تي فخر ڪن ٿا ۽ اياز لطيف سان هر موڙ تي گڏ آهن ، تون مخالفن جي پرواه نه ڪر۔ شايد اي ڪنهن چيو آهي ڪنهن ليڊر جو مخالف هڪ به نه هجي ته ان کي سٺو ليڊر ئي ن چئبو۔ اي اياز پليجو صاحب تو تي اڄ سڄي سنڌ ناز ڪري ٿي تون سنڌ جو ڀرم رکجا..

  • myrawathan

    ayaz latif palijo got will talent and bold man, i want to see hem next pm.

  • waheed shaikh

    Bha You are Genius again We are impressed and soon You will be Appreciated, accepted too by the (Sindhi Geratmand Awam)

  • Indus Asia

    Proud of Saien Ayaz Latif Paljo's arguments, depth, substance, logic in his words & presentation style

  • raja saaikh

    Sirr mene geo k program 'awam ki adalat' men apko daikha , jis tarah aapne sawalon k jawab diye wo kable tareef hain.. Jis tarah apne hamesha sindh aur pakistan k liye awaz uthai haii, wo aik bahadurr insan ki nishani hai.. I like u … God Bless u

  • khaber faqeer

    اياز تنهجا دليل وڻيا، تمام بهتر. پر منهنجو خيال آهي ته هنن سگهارن دليلن سان گڏ ڪو سگهارو عمل هجي ته اڃا به بهتر آهي. سنڌ جو ڪيس وڪيل وانگر وڙهي رهيو آهين. خدا ڪري ته لٻاڙِين کان پري بيهي سگهين. سنڌ وارن کي جوش سان گڏ هوش به کپي. تو ۾ اميدون آهن. سچا دوست گڏ رکڻ جي ڪوشش ڪر.

  • Sikandir ali

    Ayaz sb. in prog. "Awam ki Adalat" U answered various questions very well, .

  • شہزاد خان

    What about un-Islamic, illegal and unconstitutional Quota system that was launched discriminatory and with provincial prejudice against Sind Urban? Everyone has been remained silenced, happy and satisfied.
    these nerds and vocal prodigal people now jumping to use unconstitutional words to support their inside provincial sentiments against Sind Urban. Pakistan in general while Sind Urban talented suffered a lot.
    Present day MQM stubbornness is a result of those decades suppression and isolation.

    • SavePakistan

      Quota system is product of PPP. Why MQM is with PPP? MQM becomes champion of Anti-Feudalism, but its supporting PPP for last five years, is nt it? MQM talks about democracy, but it supported Mushraf. MQM talks about peace and justice but every one knows who did 12 th May, who stopped CJ and IK?Who has militant wings? Secondly, u live in most urban and developed part of Pakistan and against you consider yourself Mohajir and very innocent?Why r u so blind? Pakistan gave you every thing.Every one knows how false claims were made during partition for the sake of grabbing land. Pls first be Pakistani and leave this name tag of Mohajirism.

    • loveforpakistan

      we are agree with you 100 %

  • Love paki

    Gail gali me shor he altar hussain kutta choor hai please please get rid of mqm and ppp in Sindh please wake up bloody lazy Sindhi people wake up

  • mohammed rafiq



    this man has serious talent…welldone Palijo sahib

  • farooOO

    please visit and vote for your favorite party..



  • Imtiaz

    Mr.Ayaz Latif Palijo is right….now there will be a great change in sindh…through the courtsey of modern media,ppl are aware that PPP & MQM Coallation is based on selfishness,corruption etc…in the next election they will be thrown out from the power…PPL have already rejected them…GO TO HELL PPP & MQM…

  • SavePakistan

    I am Punjabi Pakistani but I MUST say, This leader Mr.Palejo from Sindh is very brave and true in his words. He has guts to challenge MQM and its terrorist operations. Pakistan needs such brave and talented leaders. To save Pakistan from terrorist and extremists, such brave leaders should be supported. Pls come to Lahore, we will welcome you.

  • wahid

    honest man

  • mehdi

    sir please join PTI or collation with PTI

  • Mokan

    Hi All

    check this out on face book :

    Sheikh is a muslim scholar and his research is on Quran and Islamic Eschatology (End Time – Akhir-uz-zamah)
    His lecture are very enlightening and i am sure you will undestand the religion and the world around us.

    There is also Dr Zaid who was an ex-illuminati now converted to Islam , his lecture are eye openers about the Zionist history and their objectives.

    I wish you lots of luck as i am sure that the info will help each of you to understand religion and the world around us.

    You will gain the knowledge and be more aware about yourself and can apply this knowledge with better judgement on the issues in PK and the people of PK to set the right direction for the country. You will also understand the politicians , institutions and molvies and their agendas.. Good luck!!!! May Allah guide you )))

  • mehdi

    this man is very articulate and honest


      no dout


    AOA zindabad pakistan ORaltaf hussain london house at mill hill is around 1 millions pounds Altaf Hussain Master of Top Drama and what a joke ! mulk ka sab se bara ghadaar dramabaz ataf hussain begariat zaroor hai magar ghareeb bilkul nahin karachi target killing and he is a big crimnle ataf hussain or MQM no no no no for mqm ok mqms target killer muhammad shahrukh khan ( killer of wali khan babar murder ) zindabad pakistan zindabad

  • Noman

    Ayaz Paleejo always makes sense

  • akhlaq

    Asalam o elukium all Pakistani
    Only solution to Karachi issue
    In the month of Ramadan ALLAH (SBT) keep all Evil behind the bar
    for hole month Muslim to concentrate during hole month
    In Karachi ISI , Police , Ranger , IB., CID, FIA CIA you name it all agencies
    should band for ever Sorry to say they all Punjabi In ISI police & rangers almost 100% Punjabi
    You will get the result with in few days Inshallah
    ISI and Taliban thought thinks to control Pakistan first control Karachi
    Will they going to be success time will tell . In this war we are going to loose Pakistan like we did in 1971
    Sorry to say Punjabi is illness to country specially works in agencies
    I can see in future people of Pakistan going to fight for their own safety
    All these Punjabi works in ISI Police & other agencies going to run away from city

  • zeenat ara

    symbol of bravery mqm ke dehshatgardi ko beniqab kia

  • janu

    excellent viws and observations, MQM is a mafia working as dogs on international agenda

  • Pegam .e.sindh

    Ayaz latief se jalni walo ka muh kala yeh log samjhty he ke un ke hukmat pori umer bher chali ge ayaz ek soch or fiker ka nam he meri bhai jo har waqat hamari pass hogi , app logo ko chaie ke such ka sath de. na ke jo amreka ka agent jo london me betha he cleen shave talban dehshat garad us sath de us ke wojha se pakistan ke halit aj tak yeh he agie ager pher usi ko chuna to baqi bacha pakistan bhe tukri tukri hojai ga yeh us ke agenda pe he keo ke Imran farooq yeh nahi karani deta tha un ko es lie us ko apni rasty se hata deya or us ka subot amrika ke pass he woh jab chai ge alatf ko us ke badly estimal karty rehi ge altaf asil me lo9ndon me azad nahi he balki woh bartania or amreka ke pas ked he jab chaty he us se koe na koe beyan deladety he yeh amreka ke agent

  • aurangzeb shaikh

    we proud of u ayaz.
    jenh tarha awnha sindh jo case ladyo geo j program me an encor iftakhar husan khe shikst dini assa in jurrat bahaduri sachayi te awanha khe suloot thha pesh kryon.

  • @classicadvisor

    Plijo sahib is a real leader. welldone

  • Pegam .e.Sindh

    مفا همت معنئي زال جي قا تلن کي پنهنجو دوست ڪرڻ،؟؟؟؟؟؟مفاهمت معنئي ماء دشمنن کي سيني سان لڳائڻ ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ مفا مهت معنئ ڪرسي خا طر پنهنجي ڌرتي ماء جو سودو ڪرڻ؟؟؟؟؟ ت پوء اسين لعنت ٿا وجهون اهڙي مفاهمت تي…… اها مفامهت ناهي سئين سڌ ڀڙوت آهي ڪرسي کي بچا ئڻ جي

    • asd


  • arman2012

    Iftikhar tum jis ki tarjumani kar rahay ho. zillat unki muqaddar hai.

  • soobia

    yes ayaz latief is real leder leder of pakistani awam

  • Ali

    Asal pet me dard en sahab ko bs ye he k urdu bolne walon ko koi right nhi milne chahiyen baldiati nizam me en ko sindh takseem nazar aata he mgar jb mumtaz bhoto ne sindh assembly me do lassani bil manzur karwaya tha to sindh takseem nhi huwa tha jb sindh me jobs aur admission urban aur rular pe milte hain to en ko sindh takseem nazar nhi aata khud to 60 sal me apne area ko develope nhi karsake mgr karachi aur hyderabad ki development se jalte hain. parvez mesharaf dor me mosuf aur en k father kalabag dam aur thal canal pe shor machate rahe aur ab kalabag dam ki hami party k sath mil k en ko muhabbate sind yad aarahi he kiya azeem munafikat he. geo news ko chahiye jo aik consular ki seat nhi jeet sakte unko hero banane ki koshish na kare ye qoum parast nhi nafrat pasand hain

    • ek Haqeeqat

      urdu bolney walon ko kiya chahiye, sab kuch to hey tum logon key paas. figure in saheb ney kai martaba di hain pehley key programs main, jab tum log ehsas e mehroomi ki baat kartey they aur muhajir soobey key liye roadon par aye they. Agar ham log peechey reh gaye hain to yeh bhi is mulk ki mehrbani hey jis main gair log aa kar wasail par bandook key zor par qaabiz ho gaye ya karwa diye gaye, amn kharab karwa diya gaya, taleem ko kharaab karwa diya gaya, jin main kuch hamarey log bhi shamil hain, wasail, jobs par bahar sey log laa laa kar bharti kiye gaye, tasub ka shikar to Sindh key log hain, jo waqtan ba waqtan tumharey leaders boltey rehtey hain. lekin ab waqt badal raha hey. aap kuch waqiat pesh kar key is baldiyati bill ko jaiz qaraar nahin dey saktey. qoum parast har koi hey, muhajir bhi qoum parast hey, aur yeh koi gunah nahin hey, har koi pehley apni qoum key barey main sochta hey, agar yeh qoum parast itney hi nafrat pasand hotey to aaj jo bahar sey aa kar Sindh main basey huye hain, un ko Sindh main rehney nahin detey, jis tarah karachi main MQM doosri qoumon key saath kar rahi hey. behtar hoga agar haqeeqat aur daleel ki buniyad par baat ki jaye, baqi aisey hi hawa main baat karney sey kuch bhi haasil nahin hoga.

    • sadad


    • shahid

      mere bhai urdu bolne wale kia lekar aae the jo aaj karachi ka malik banane ka sapna dekh rahe hai kia yah bari baat nae k sindh dharti ne aap ko panha diya karachi sindh tha hai aur rahga pakistan jo aaj azaad hai kis sindhi bete ne azaad karwa k diya quad.e.azam ek sindhi tha agar yeh sindhi nae hota to aap aaj bhi ghulam hote

  • aijaz

    great ayaz latif palio

  • Hosh Mohd

    Great thoughts, great discussing, great grip on the subject, Ayaz latif is great leader of the young generation, Keep it going Ayaz, Proud of you.

  • shakeel

    i can say only one thing about Palijo
    sacha khara nidar aur be baak

  • Muhammad Arshad

    RAW aor Mosad ka paesa Khana vala nationlist we should only be Pakistani. He also opposes Kala Bagh Dam because of RAW funding Shame Shame Shame

  • Aftab

    i watched this program twice just because of sir ayaz laitf……….. i think he should make coalation with PTI anf JI . He is a big asset of Pakistan. He speaks truth either its against MQM or America ( by the way they both are same)

  • spadix

    well done ayaz sb ap ne sahe tarh sindh aur pak ke tarjmani ke hae aur is anchor iftikhar ko bhee apne qabo mn kar lia jo ksse ke qabu mn nhi ata aur ayaz palijo sb ap ne qatil jo qatil aur gunda bhata khoor kaha jo koi bhe nhi kehta openly

  • Muhammad Tariq

    i wish this leader in PTI or join PTI

    • mehdi

      mee too

  • Lover of Nation

    The Great power of talking symbol of pride of nation. we need more palijos in our Nation. Keep It Up Ayaz Latif Palijo Sahib.

  • Adnan

    welldon Palejo

  • Q-12r


  • Imran Ghori

    media and to many anchoras of pak, cann,t talk and write against MQM, they can only write and talk and bark against great leader imran khan

  • Imran Ghori

    good ayaz laitf palijo sahab

  • shahnsha

    this baster anchor should be shut up and let him speak.

  • Yousif

    Much Appreciated Ayaz Latif Palifo Sb.

  • DR: Kinza Shaikh

    We Are With you Ayaz latif Palijo

  • human being….


  • Khan

    Isreal !!!! lol what a Lame person.

    • ek Haqeeqat

      tum bhi lol hi lag rahey ho….ek ajab gull hey aur ek tum ajab lol….

  • Khan

    Most Racist Person ever seen in History. Shame on him.

    • DR: Kinza Shaikh

      @Khan You are anti- Sindh person shame on you.

      • human being….

        @khan ,,asal mein khan nahi hai,,,ye adami MQM ka terrorist hai,,,jis ko honest logoon se bare takleef pahchee hai,,,,any how @khan (who ever he is) should go hell and peolpe of pakistan love ayaz lateef paleejo,,,he seems most honest ,brave and educated leadre,,,,i wish to see him next CM of sindh…GOD bless this guy..ameen

    • ek Haqeeqat

      Do you know what is the meaning of racist? i didn't see any racism during his entire talk, how did you conclude that he is racist? first clear are you talking about the anchor or guest?

  • Sattar

    Great thoughts, great discussing, great grip on the subject, Ayaz latif is great leader of the young generation, Keep it going Ayaz, Proud of you.



  • farhan

    why these anchors are so scared to talk about or against MQM.because they do not want to be BORI BAND for imran khan to get rid of these traitors

  • Aijaz Ali

    GEO TV…MQM…USA….they have same agenda….to break Pakistan and to break Sindh….but they will be defeated……INSHALLAH….

  • Tayyab7ak


  • candid

    I first time listened attentively to Ayaz Latif Palijo and found that what so ever he talked was a fact. at one stage I felt Awkward when he demanded 20 crores for wining election.

    • Zahid Ahmed

      It was not that he asked for money and he wants to come in power through that process. it was just to make people understand that the people in power have come in assemblies by using crores and we who are from middle class or lower middle class cant be there because we don't have money… and that's why the only way for us is to resist such policies by bringing forward the people.

  • Aman

    Iftikhar's a@rse belong to Ayaz latif palejo hehehe


    Now this is clear that Iftikhar chaudhary is behind these people(SINDO DASH)that,s way he is PML-N political allies.he donot have any voting power in sind his all argument is bulshit.

    • ek Haqeeqat

      what is SINDO DASH? and still you are not much clear, you only know how to use foul language, talk with arguments, if you dont have any argument, shut your mouth please. no need to show competency.

  • Aftab

    i am not a sindhi i am from abbottabad and living in canada but i love this person he is truely a real leader …… and i totally agree with him

  • Maliha

    What an idiot of an anchor he is!
    Mr. Peligo is talking so much sense.

  • jonas

    Ayaz Latif Palijo Zinda Bad

  • Najeeb Kakar

    Why donot he talk against quota system in SINDH? Is there any quota system in other provinces of Pakistan? 60% urban 40 Rural quota has already divided sindh. Is not there any rural areas in other provinces of Pakistan? Then why this divide only in Sindh? No body talks about this WHY?

    • ek Haqeeqat

      Quota system is not in the favour of Sindhis as well, if you think that Sindhis are getting fruit of quota, you are wrong. i know what is going on in sindh, many intruders and migrants from other regions have achieved their IDs and Domiciles from Sindh which is incompetency of Govt of Sindh, and those peoples are getting benefit of quota system at the same time. quota system is just illusion for Sindhis, Sindh and Sindhs are still looking for their rights.

      • Najeeb Kakar

        Intruders getting internal Sindh domicile is not possible, all Sindhi are worfking in Internal sindh Domicile offices, they never make domicile of non Sindhi

        • ek Haqeeqat

          First let it to be clear that there is no internal and external, you are trying to divide sindh into two but we wouldn't. and i am the inhabitant of Sindh, and i know all the leakages. if you go all around the Sindh including rural areas you will see how many non sindhis are settled there.

  • Yasir Mir Panhwar

    Great Program Every One To watch this show


    I saw a lot of a good qualities of great, well learned leader and politician in the shape of great Ayaz Latief Palejo.I did't stop my self to comment but whatever i heard with proof and with an evidence in the talks of this Great Leader this is true and facts,Your comments make me helpless to apperaciate you.may Allah give you long life.Geo hazroo saall and zinda bad Great Son of Sindh Daharti and special proud of pakistani.

  • Ahmed

    Iftikhar sahb (host) is supporting a specified party and have no patience to listen the answer of Ayaz sahb. and if you noted that the program is edited so badly. by the way Ayaz sahb is right.

  • samar cheema

    hmari badqismti ye hai k anchor person her cheez ko oppose krte hai beshak koi thek b kh rha ho yahi hal is program m hai , m koi sindi nhi hn lekin sindh wala ye banda bat thek kh rha hai aur anchor os ko oppose kr rha hai……………………. agr in anchor k samne Quaid azam b bethy hote to inho ne un ko b oppose karna tha

  • raja

    gud latif saien

  • pathan

    Ajj Sindhu desh ka mutalba karney wala Pakistan ke baat kar raha hay Big Shame on Our Pakistani's

    • Pegam .e.sindh

      lagat he pathan bhai app Ayaz latief palejo ko nahi janty us ne yeh nara khabhi nahi lagya ayaz sacha insan dosit ,sacha sindhi or sacha pakistani he

      • pathan

        @Pegam marey bhai Jis jaga ka yeh hay us jaga ka may b hn or muj say ziada behtar is ko kon janta ho ga aghr sindh say otna he pyar hay to is ko bolo k ajj kal jo Sindh k Halat kharab hay us k lia yeh Amli tor par Kia Kaam Kar raha hay ? Zara eik long Marach Sindh k Halat k lia b kar lay,,

        • Pegam .e.sindh

          me pher app ko yeh bat batna cheta ho ke app bikul ayaz ko nahi janty train march abhi karachi se islambad kis ne keya abhi ye elan es se pheli khandkot se karachi tak 42 din peydil march kis ne keya he abhi app ko nahi pata 10 muhrim ke bad sindh ke lie long march sukur se karachi tak long march hoga bhai app kha rehty ho akhbar parhty nahi ho

  • chulpulpande

    Tasubi man LATIF

    • ek Haqeeqat

      woh kaisey zara bataein……aap ney shayaad gor sey program nahin suna. us ney tasub ka koi zikar nahin kiya. haan lekin aap key barey main kuch nahin keh sakta

      • cofcol

        He called people of Karachi Nazi, if this not bias what is? In a civilized society, calling some Nazi would cause criminal proceedings . . . . .Mr. Palijo is lucky to be living in a land of no law.

        • ek Haqeeqat

          Not the peoples of Karachi, he is talking about fascist groups, please don't misrepresent the statements.

    • Lover of Nation

      how he is showing bias??

  • Tru Pakistani.

    New Natioanal Leader is Ayaz Palejo….

  • jami

    I must appreciate Ayaz Latif Palijo who performed well on GEO tonight in prog 'Awam Ki Adalat Mein' against anti-Sindh so-called Sindh Peoples Local Govt Bill which meant to hand over big cities of Sindh to fascist MQM. Well done Ayaz!

  • wahab

    Salute & appreciate Ayaz Latif Palijo, who performed well on GEO tonight in prog 'Awam Ki Adalat Mein' With Iftaqure Ahmed against anti-Sindh so-called Sindh Peoples Local Govt Bill which meant to hand over big cities of SindhIn the name o fHand made reconciliation Policy. Well done Great son of RB paijo.

    • manzoor

      zindabad ayaz latif palijo.we are with you

  • Irshad Ahmed Kagzi

    Ayaz Latif Palijo IS young dashing leader of Sindh/Pakistan. In his interview he is talking confidently. His answers full of logic,exceptional well, he has explain his views be impress to every one and host also. Ayaz has dispatched in correct manner against SPLO 2012. An extraordinary achievement.

    • fida khoso

      good debate.ayaz is great person.we must suport him and awami tahreek

  • soobia

    pheli dafa koe acha inter view dekha he jes me ayaz latief ne iftkhar sahib ko khamosh karvaya he belint inter view of ayaz latief palejo

    • m.bux khoso

      knowledgeable person,famous lawyer,sapna convenor and awami tahreek president AYAZ LATIF PALIJO

  • mi4u

    a challange for PPP

    • asif khoso

      ppp walo ka neend haram kiya hai AYAZ LATIF NE.leader of pakistan ayaz latif palijo

      • fgd

        right hand of PPP

  • Iklam Takla

    Marad ka bacha hey,not like bili ka,like Eltab and mqm peopel.

  • jawad

    Ayaz latief is most respictable leder Of Pakistan

    • saddam khoso

      ofcourse,we must suport him to change this society

  • optimistic

    a good interview by Ayaz Latif Palijo. He can do well if he comes on the floor of assembly

  • Naveed Khan

    Good Show…..

  • rawal

    long live AYAZ LATIF PALIJO.

  • Mustansirbashir


    • zara

      his dad was really good leader he did real things and sacrifices , but not he he is just like to speeches and show that he is a national hero but in fact he is a just show into the media jo gerjetey hain woh baresetey nahin

  • Iqbal

    Ayaz Latif Palijo is a well educated and best politician, By his sincere struggle to defend rights of Sindh has made him a popular figure of Pakistani politics in general and Sindh in particular. No doubt a large number of Sindhi people due to PPP's anti Sindh politics are looking to Ayaz Latif as an alternate.

    • faiz khoso

      ayaz latif palijo is a good lawer and politics too.he is sincere pakistani.people of pakistan must give ine chance to ayaz latif palijo.he is son of intellectual person ,RASOOL BUX PALIJO who is known as a social scientist of the world of this centuary.long live paligoism

  • Iklam Takla

    Marad ka bacha hey,not like bili ka,like Eltab and all mqm peopel.

    • Baloch

      Great leader, we salute Sir Ayaz Latif Palejo, he is brave like lion and he is also (LION OF SINDH)

    • Fiza

      i totally agreed with @ IkLam TakLa

  • Peral

    Ayaz latief palejo sahib ne bilkul sahi awami mokif pesh keya he hum sallam karty he sindh ke haqeqi awaz ko jo humi ayaz latief palejo ke roop me meli he thx iftkhar sahib app ne es masli ke lie ayaz latief ko bolaya .

    • Mir Raza

      MQM is a Nazi mafia, who has harmed Urdu Speaking Sindhi's more than any other Community. Nazi's can not be negotiated butt they must be defeated.