Pakistani Singers Jal, Haroon and Rabi abusing Atif Aslam (Viewers Discretion – Uncensored Heavy wordings)


Pakistani Singers Jal, Haroon and Rabi peerzada abusing Atif Aslam (Viewers Discretion – Uncensored Heavy wordings)

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  • ihatenawaz

    jealous looser

  • muhkam001

    yeh hai secular pakistan jo k kuch log chahte hai…aur hamara media barpoor madad kar raha hai pakistan ko Secular state banane k liye…check this link

  • Truth Seeker

    This video shows the true life style of Pakistani Elite Class. They are the worst of Pakistani society.

  • Salman

    Please wake up Pakistan for a revolution.. Vote for Imran Khan for change in tis pathetic system of injustice.

    w w w B L O G G I N G C H U N K S c o m

  • True Indian

    See the Chinese was laughing not at these chutiya people but at Pakistanis….
    And these boys dont have manners that they are abusing in front of women and even making them abuse….This is the best video which exposes Pakistani qom….
    Indians might be bad but they never ridicule their worst of enemies or competitors like this….they also never never abuse in front of women….Shame on muslims of Pakistan….THIS IS PAKISTAN EXPOSED…..Gonna share it on facebook….

  • khan555

    my request to all pakistani channels media.please banned these 4 morons jahil hramiii flop singers.who are jealous from atif.

  • Amin Khan Tokyo

    yeh hay Pakistan ki gaandoo nasal jo kaathay Angrez banay bethay hain Asthaghferullah

  • Hassan

    Losers calling Atif a looser…
    They have gone mad after losing success. and BTW Rabi didnt say anything about atif.. watch it again..

  • mudassar sharif

    i dont like this attitude…………….from young people

  • skhan

    tunn mahol… by the way who are they?

  • aamir098

    very old cclip

  • nsb

    in pay comments karna comments kee toheen hay.

  • RIaz

    Shame on all of them, how they are behaving like illiterate people.

  • sheraz

    wah wah wah… Main sadqee,,,main quarbann,,,mera sohnaa pakistan… Inn ko poocho aapne bhai ko koi aisa kehta hai… so baddd. so badd… they must say SORRY.

  • Afnan Khalid


  • Uzair

    hahaha level hai chutiyapay kay… han musician nahi hai woh acha lekin woh successful hai. Aur yeh inki taraf say chutiyapa hai aur kuch nahi

  • mohammad saleem

    please donot upload and shows such people.

  • @snowfall28

    Jalan saaf nazar aa raha hai sab ke chehron se

  • Mian Sahab Jaan dioo

    LOL Seriously we Asians can never be successful because Ju hum mai thora Kamyab Ho Jata hai Hum us k khilaf Batien Shoro Ho Jatay hain, back biting is like in our(Asians) Blood.

  • khan555

    my request to all pakistani channels media.please banned these 4 morons jahil hramiii flop singers.who are jealous from atif.
    ban them all.

  • jj- jompa lagi


  • Imranhypocrite

    this burger culture will prevail in Pakistan if IK comes in power!!!!

    • ttttttttt

      IK is same shit

  • maria

    what a bunch of loosers who are just fukin jealous ….. we are our worst enemy

  • toseef


  • Sahil Shan

    such a cheap retarded dumb losers.

  • Tan

    I dont know about details of atif's character, but I think he is better than these bunch of trash. I once travelled with him frm Khi to Lahore and at KHI airport lounge I saw him offering Asar and Maghrib prayer with Jamaat.
    He looked a decent guy at least as compared to these idiots.

  • bareera

    ye sab atif aslam se jalty hai

  • ahmad

    yeh apni maan ko gan…… ka word sikha raha hai is ko koi faraq nahin parhta kiyonke yeh apni maoon ke saath yehi karte hain. agar is ki apni beti hoti us ke saath bhi yehi karta. is ke aage ka scene kahin aur website pe mile ga.

  • gul


  • hafeez

    see these spoiled eggs of buger and pizza generation, what are they up to, its shame on them, am not a fan of atif but they have shown there small hearts.

  • lalamusa14



    Quite often alcohol brings out the inner truth, jealousy and all that shit…I am very delighted to see ur actual faces…Morons!!!!

  • Muhammad tahir

    V sad…itny cheap log..can't imagin..

  • H.K.

    What's up with all these girls… are they their wives?

  • Punjab UNI,

    itnayyy haramkhur han yh sb,, kia image tha in ka humri nzar mein, or yh rabii,,, shakal sy kitne achi lagti hia, achi family sy lagti hia, whataaaaaaa cheapppp girl croupt girl, OHHHHHH My GOD….. itne lose wording,,, sach mein yarrr yh Log na tu family wise achy hoty han, na reality mein achy insna han,,, boht afsos hoa in sb k yh gathering dekh kr,, or yh wording sun kar,,,,,,,,,,,,, sadd so sad,,,, ab in sb song kabhi bhe nhi sunin gain,,, just atif aslam k he sunin gain,,,,,,,,,, cheapp loggggggg al so rabiiiiiii Croupt mar jao tum ager tum assi gathering mein bethtiii ho ghatiyaa oratttttttttttttttt,,,,,,,

  • anosh khan

    This VDO is too too old mates, now they are good friends :P

    • RFA

      We don't care they are friends right now, new thing is their image has been changed.

  • adeel

    yarr kaisy byhoda hia yeh loug.

  • M Aftab

    Atif, just ignore what ever they have said. We all love you.

  • FacetoFace

    They are our Burger Family Kids….Corruption Money on his Blood. His Fathers are Also Corrupt. No any Sign showing they were Educated . Dont Blame him ITS a BECAN HOUSE Culture.

    • Imranhypocrite

      … and all burger family kids are with Sonami Khan. You have very rightly mentioned Beaconhouse i.e. Khurshid Kasoori.

  • Gosho0o

    They All Didn't Close To Atif. Eat Shit Jailous People

  • waqas

    and this is the mess imran khan wants to clear…

    • ch anwar

      Brother say! Most of his follower are like them.hope you are not like them.

  • @mossread

    they are drunk

  • zeshan

    are they pakistani…or Muslims…?i dont think……..i am sure these are all…Harrami…aulad of..thiers parents.

  • zeshan

    ATIF ASLAM U R GREAT. ye sub harmzaday hain.

  • Lahori84

    Rabi is Drunk. Haroon is in trouble after this. LoL. Jal is already a simple shit.

    • Pakistani

      Dude i thought Haroon was dead….but hes alive :D

  • pakistani italian

    bullshit gays

  • alisherdil

    Absolutely right ……… kamai …..rangg fikhaa rahi hae in haram khooor's off springs.

  • RFA

    What I know about Atif Aslam is he gave us some beautiful songs and I never find anything negative from him, whatever JAL conflict with Atif I don't care, we are your fans, but after watch this clip JAL reputation will damage badly, right now they are best example of "kaalay goray", JAL what do u think u looks westernise, no my friend in "gora" society filthy class of people talk like that, sitting with young girls you looks like out of control maybe you involve in sex recently that's why you try to impress in a childish way. It seems you still jealous with Atif, what I feel your downfall has been started today, you are ambassidor of Pakistan you need to be more careful to talk then anybody else, God bless you.

  • ghq786

    Sub Kachra singers hain, Is hamam main sub hi nangay hain

  • hani

    woh kahan chala gya, and tum kahan ho, ALLAH izaat daita ha !!

  • Shuaib

    What an immature bunch of wanna bees … whatever Atif is .. he is way more talented and has achieved a hell lot more than any of the ones in this video …!

  • Muhammad

    This s wht we called Jealousy.. These guys are not such famous like Aatif Aslam so wht u expect from such these losers..Pathetic ,loser faces..

  • True Indian

    this is Pakistan and its people….cant see their friends succeed…yaar u people are disgusting…ek taraf islam islam chillate ho aur doosri taraf ye sb karte ho…this is nothing but pakistanis exposed…

  • alifbypy

    mery dil ki awaaz. atif wakai me is ka haqdaar hy

  • shoaib

    jealous people

    • alisherdil

      Wht the hell …jealous …man these.filth depot. r rottoning our Future …oyr Youth …..wht b ur reaction if we dont snubb these evil.devilish people ….n.their ..rotton.ideology knock ur own.home ……think …before its tooo late.

  • mohsin

    The Same Is Happening with Imran Khan
    Every one is saying''ur a loser you can win elections blah blah blah…."
    but only the truth will win

  • alisherdil

    For them.i ll say …""
    …."""kaanch ki.chooori sae arzaan ki asmat ka nageen
    …….. innke.mazhabb mae jahannum.ka.tasawar naheen.

    (peral.of modesty faar.lesseer priced Bangle…….as concept of Hell in their faith."")

  • alisherdil

    Loook at these girls …..
    kissi begerat baap….ki begerat beti….
    …kissi begerat bhai ki …begerat behen.
    ….kissi begerat …….hnmmm…Husband …i dont!!!!!…….

  • alisherdil

    As ..great Iabal.said ….""nai tehzeeeb kae yeh gandae andae.hain …..nikaaal.innko bahar.phenkooo""

  • alisherdil

    Was pakistan.founded for such …begerats …certainly not .these …begerats r Black spot on Pakistan……Paaak.naam …….then.why the.hell.they.r in.pakistan ….these NCA …manufactured …..filthy creatures. rusted in fornication.and lust …..must b kicked out pf Paak.sarr zameen.

  • alisherdil

    These. …devilish creatures must b ….crushed ruthlessly …rather ….made an.example.for.all such.filthy creatures ……n.b of.zina….filth ..immodesty …so they can.rot …there for rest of their life

  • kalo karant

    ye sare mil ker bhi atif aslam jesi shuhrat naheen pa sakte es liye en ki gaand jal gayee hay

  • alisherdil

    This is so.called pakistani.elite …they r devil.worshipppers rather devil….offsprings ……….r they less than.some.begerat …europeans …..madaar pidarr azaaad ……they r animals…..they must b thrown.out of pakistan ….

  • @TanveerMatthew

    IS this Pakistan? Are those Pakistanis? Its really a shameful act of these so called Muslims. That is why i say we need to convert people's thinking and not the religion. A Non-Muslim can be a wonderful person and meantime a Bad Muslim cannot be a good person. People must have the courage to admit if they are not practicing Muslims.

  • honest1

    are they pakistani…or Muslims…?i dont think……..i am sure these are all…Harrami…aulad of..thiers parents.

  • anwer

    what are you doing i dont know others but haroon i like your songs its not good soory to say

  • powear

    atif k to phata nahi but ye sub log khud kea hain sub ne dhak lye ha

  • khan555

    u all are mder fkerssssss.bloody loosers.because atif is famous than urs so your mder has been fkeeddd by atif you loosers flop all noone ever call you to sing for anything.




  • Kabir Khan

    lanat inn par