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  • ihatenawaz

    jealous looser

  • muhkam001

    yeh hai secular pakistan jo k kuch log chahte hai…aur hamara media barpoor madad kar raha hai pakistan ko Secular state banane k liye…check this link

  • Truth Seeker

    This video shows the true life style of Pakistani Elite Class. They are the worst of Pakistani society.

  • Salman

    Please wake up Pakistan for a revolution.. Vote for Imran Khan for change in tis pathetic system of injustice.

    w w w B L O G G I N G C H U N K S c o m

  • True Indian

    See the Chinese was laughing not at these chutiya people but at Pakistanis….
    And these boys dont have manners that they are abusing in front of women and even making them abuse….This is the best video which exposes Pakistani qom….
    Indians might be bad but they never ridicule their worst of enemies or competitors like this….they also never never abuse in front of women….Shame on muslims of Pakistan….THIS IS PAKISTAN EXPOSED…..Gonna share it on facebook….

  • khan555

    my request to all pakistani channels media.please banned these 4 morons jahil hramiii flop singers.who are jealous from atif.

  • Amin Khan Tokyo

    yeh hay Pakistan ki gaandoo nasal jo kaathay Angrez banay bethay hain Asthaghferullah

  • Hassan

    Losers calling Atif a looser…
    They have gone mad after losing success. and BTW Rabi didnt say anything about atif.. watch it again..

  • mudassar sharif

    i dont like this attitude…………….from young people

  • skhan

    tunn mahol… by the way who are they?