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Kyun? (Imran Khan Exclusive) Part1- 10th November 2012

Chairman PTI Imran Khan Exclusive interview, This is the first part of Program

Watch Part 2

  • naveed

    we love you imran khan

  • ARIES3472

    Cunning Anchor with outspoken leader…. Youth luv IK….

  • ARIES3472

    Gr8 Leader.

  • sohail

    imran khan the great

  • fame

    ray of light

  • imran

    very good interview

  • Bundu Khan

    This anchor is stupid and anti PTI

  • Bundu Khan

    Don't worry Imran the whole nation is with you except few low lives.

    • son of pakistan

      God bless pakistan , Imran Khan Imran Khan

  • zafar iqbal

    Imran and his followers want that everybody should believe what he says without any logical question. If any anchor asks logical questions PTI followers start abusing him. To me Imran will prove to be a spoiler. He will help Zardari to regain power and then he will fade out just like Asghar khan. He does not want even to listen anything contradictory to his thinking. Have you ever thought why any of his team mates did not join him in his political efforts. This is because they know him very well. They joined him in his efforts for Shaukat Khaum project but none of them joined PTI. Wny?

  • mansoorjaved

    Such a super 3rd class anchor. Extremely silly and intrupt with stupid questions. Apney har question mai sirf or sirf viewers kai dil mai shak peda karney ke koshish kar raha hai. But .. Imran Khan ko jo smjhtey hain, woh jaantey hain.. kai Imran Khan determined aadmi hai.. or insh'Allah pakistan ko bachaye gaa. We love you Imran Khan.