CM’s E-Youth Initiative 2nd Phase – Another 100,000 Laptops


CM Shehbaz Sharif’s E-Youth Initiative – Another 100,000 Laptops to be awarded to the Merit Scholars in the 2nd Phase..!
Government of Punjab is actually doing something instead of yelling and cursing others

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  • rabia ahmad

    laptop scheme for or p.hd teachers me jin teachers k nam late gay hn unka kia banay ga kia unko milenge bad me kindly updates bataye

  • tanzeel

    sir g fsd ma kub ha distribution……………..

    • haseeb

      23 Feb 2013 ko h distribution in fsd

  • love

    we love u pmln ……god blass u

  • furqan

    we are students ofuniversity of education lahore (multan campus). our university is not do registeration for free laptop scheme plz take an action

  • HilaliParcham

    Jitnee marzi lalach dado ab ham tumhary jaal mein pasnay walay nahein vote only for PTI.

  • Khuram

    Laptop Shahbaz ka Vote sirf Imran Ka

  • DLahoree

    Love You Mian Sahib

  • ebiz110

    Africa main ik kahawat hain, jab kutea ko bhook lagti hain to us ko us ki pooch kat kar dea do Another Topi Drama by Noora,

    When d00g is hungry cut his tail and feed him, that what these chor wanna be Noora leaders are doing it, Only Baseless, Brainless Noora Supporters think its a good thing.

    Where is the money coming from to buy these laptops??????? Dumb Nooras and their stupid supporters!!!

  • Gosho0o

    Paisa Pakistanio Ka Picture Apni Aise Lagai Howe Hai Jaise In Dono Har4am Khoro K Baaap Paisa Hai Inki Ma.a Bhi Inko Paida Kar K Na Khush Hoge.

  • valana007

    khao kanjro phudu laga jy .,.,., khan aa gaya to sab roo gay sir per baazo rakh ker .,.,.

  • yes

    point 1 ,,, punjab mien bachien tat per parh rahi hien , school kay toilet nahi hien , schoolon mien janwar bandhay huway hien liken char arab rupees yahan ura di gai
    point 2 … jab nawaz aur showbaz pakistan wapis aya tha musharraf say apni deal khatam ker kay , us waqt us nay press confrence mien parvaiz elahi to sakhat tanqeed ka nishana banaya , keh wo parha likha punjab kay logo per apni tasweer aur naam kay ishtahaar chala raha hai

  • guest

    mian shab zindabad!! you have done lot of development in our area…..salute to you!!

  • Ali

    Agar yae laptop Schools or Colleges ko dehay jatay
    to har saal Million students is say faeda uthaty.
    Qk har saal class change o te new student atay wo
    b yae laptop use krty es tara million students ko
    Faeda ponchta
    PML (N) walay Aqal say blkul farigh hain
    Ya pher Apni Election k lea a sa kr rahay hain.

    • Gulfam noraiz

      Yar ye laptops Universities ko he dye ja rhe hain universities decide kerti hain kisat dena hai. school college level pe laptop ki zarurat nahi hoti jitni university students ko roz hoti hai !! PPP light to deti nahi to kiya karein assignments ka ?? Tum khareed do na sb ko laptop! Aj tak kisi ne education aur youth mae ye kiya kabhi ?

  • mohammed rafiq

    we will take a laptop but vote PTI

  • Ilovpak


  • Imaginator

    Bhaiyon Ap hi logon ke paiso ka Laptop hae chorna nahi.

  • Inam

    Lab top Shahbaz ka aur Vote InshaAllah Imran ka!

  • PoorPakistani

    everyone seems so exited with this laptop scheme regardless of who they are planing to vote for (PTI or PMLN,…)

    Do you realize that this is your money? if it was in your bank account , will you go out and buy a laptop?

    I would think that most students will rather have this money spent on quality education standard, quality labs and research opportunities in Universities, fair exams , and not to mention "BETTER GOVERNANCE" in colleges/universities..

    HEY! actually I wouldn't mind this laptop so I don't have to borrow a computer to post messages here on this forum! :) ….just kidding!

  • Bhatti Agapi

    another drama of pmln

  • Lahore

    I am from Lahore & guys believe me pakistan is completely changed.Their is nothing looks new in Lahore & despite of huge struggle Mian sharif has lot of problems even in Lahore & may be Saad rafique will leave party because he is not denying this news

  • PML..F..K

    I am confused to vote PTI or PML-N But will decide after my laptop …………………….Hopw will finally give vote to PTI

    • Inam

      Lab top shahbaz ka vote Imran ka!

      • Vigilant

        Laptop aap ka apna ha par ya business men aap say pie pie ka hisaab lai'n gay bamaa sood kay.

  • suuni-tehreek

    I will vote sheikh islam tahiru qadari………………………………………but laptop will be of shabaz

  • thandi srakar

    I am the one who will get this laptop but vote i will give to PTI………………………I love PTI

  • cute

    Vote Imran dha……………. &……………………. laptop shabz dha

  • guest22

    Mariam nawaz baji (scarface) aig laptop da dho phir dekhna
    kasa bajtha hain in kiddoroon ki…………in jahailian ki……………………in lootarion ki………………….Mian shabaz aur your baba Nawaz sharif ki…………………lol

  • lodi

    PPP is set to win the next government because of the fact that PTI is childish like its leader and PML N is confined to merely some parts of Punjab. Moreover these so called youth of Mr Imran is entirely rude & insulting in their behavior. How would they be able to bring about a change? They would rather have a full recipe to bring insult to this great Islamic nation. Everybody would recall the "QAZI AA RAHA HAY" scenario after the up coming election.

  • Nawaz

    G@ndu Policy ha in free laptop…..banda in ko Luntop da …

  • right mind

    mujay b milay ga yess magar inko vote phir b nae milay ga yess

  • powear

    jhot jhot sary chor shabaz shirf

  • ex PMLn voter

    latop Shahbaz shreef ka but vote Imran khan ka

  • Pakistani

    Please sign this petitions… we want saad rafique to join PTi………

    • RahayHaq

      Saad Rafique is not fit for PTI, we need visionary leaders who are ready to sacrifice everything for their nation.

  • guest22

    This is called (paoon pay kulhari marana)
    Laptop Nawaz ka…………………………..Vote Imran khan ka
    Punjab run as much advertisement as this is not 1990tenure………here we are in 2012/2013
    Vote sirf PTI ka…………………….aids aur animation ab kuch nahe karskatha
    Vote sirf Imran khan ka hoga.

    • Zakir Niazi

      Yar Ad ke spelling to seekh lo paid commentator PTI ke :P , 'Aid" ka meaning different hota hae , This is ad , derived from the word 'Advertisement"

      • guest22

        thank you Zakir Niazi………………………….you look genius…………..I will nominate you for free laptop…. for the correction of this spelling……..Great job,You are the real face of PML-N.such an educated & genius person on surface of earth.Keep it up.
        If you want another free laptop

        • Zakir Niazi

          I did not get any laptop , I have one, so I won't accept it cause there is a clause if you have one you should not take another. Plus Private Universities Students are not eligible , but there are lot of my friends who got it and they deserved and couldn't afford any . Brother I might not vote PML N but i am just supporting a project of Punjab Government . What you see in other provinces ? Qaim Ali Shah? , Aslam Raissani? , Hoti ? So I think you are genius enough to understand my point . Thankyou and sorry for my rude attitude in previous comment

  • insaaf cheeta


  • Rashid Butt

    Complete PRE POLL RIGGING….Naya show by showbaz! Chaloo kha lo is Pakistan ko jitna khana hae….YOUR TIME IS OVER!!! INSHALLAH!

  • Hassan

    Fool brothers

    • Shafqat

      Awesome Ad and Awesome Initiative , The Only CM who is working I think personally

  • Mohammad Arif


  • mehar of sparkbrook

    one more topi drama 4 vote