Hafiz Saeed Exclusive Interview with CNN


Hafiz Saeed Exclusive Interview with CNN

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  • anonymous

    well done hafiz!!

  • Faisal

    This girl Saima Mohsin is an agent of America. She has video on youtube where she is partying with Americans in US embassy Islamabad. Lanat hai in jaisay logoon per.

    Hafiz Sahab Zindabad.
    Imran Khan Zindabad. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf zindabad.

  • Mokan

    this molvi is an agent of west))) don't forget that Saudi is a Zionist country and ally of west)))

    • shakeel

      in your thinking iran is the greatest nation of the world right ????
      aaj jo america k khilaf bat krta hy tm usay bhi agent keh dyty ho aur jo nahi krta usay darpook aur ghulam kehtay ho ajeeb bewaqoofi hy
      Hafiz saeed zinda bad

    • Waheed


  • usman

    ALLAh ap ko haifo eman main rhakhy

  • Shafat Zahid

    We love you Hafiz Sahib but your nation could not recognize you unfortunately .