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  • http://www.facebook.com/raheelahmed101 Raheel Ahmed

    this anchor appear to be anti pakistan.
    he does not talk about the actual problems with current set-up, rather he picks on people outside the government.

  • hani

    who stupid mdr fker can accept him as a leader.he have no knowledge hes animal he love tokill people .he ran away from program because he dont have the answer.wht a jahil people will be who accept this joker a leader.lnt this shit

  • rizvi

    i must say that there should be collaboration between PTI and JI in the next electin to save pakistan . yes we have last chance .

  • Muhammad Saad

    A great man……………….
    Shahzaib should learn from Wajahat

  • http://yahoo.com Ulfi

    Shahzaib : Sir aapki party Taleban ko support karti hai?
    Munawar: may aap say baat nahi karonga.
    Shazaib : Aray sir may tu sawl poch raha hon
    Munawar: May nay baat hi nahi karni aap kuch bhi kar lain
    Shazaib: aray sir kiya message jaiga
    Munawwar: May nay kaha na mujhe potty a rahi hai may bathroom ja raha hon aap say baat nahi karni

    • Zeta

      Budha coward was exposed badly in that interview. Couldn't even gather enough old rusty balls to say a word against taliban who have slaughtered 40,000 Pakistanis and 3000 soldiers

  • http://www.facebook.com/tariqrehman22 Tariq Ur Rehman

    "Sab sy Achi Tarbiat tu ibless ki hui the , Likn wo kaha gaya"
    Great answer of Munawar Hassan On question relating Hussain Haqani …

  • http://www.facebook.com/tariqrehman22 Tariq Ur Rehman

    Mind Blowing Interview… Munawar Hassan U just Rocked … Like usual are best.. These anchor needs answer like this. the sharpness Munawar Show is excellent..

    • http://yahoo.com Shariq Ali

      You are a terrorist and look like one too with your head band.

  • Tariq

    "I'm the Captain , i know when and how to play" Great answer by Munawar Hassan…