Faisla Awaam Ka (Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi) – 2nd November 2012


Watch Asma Shirazi exclusive from the streets of Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi in Faisla Awaam Ka – 2nd November 2012

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  • Khurram

    ab aisee awam ho to behtaree kee kiya tawaqo rakhnee..
    how sad people still believe in those crap politicians specially PPP

  • kanjarmedia

    Jahil awam ki akheer .
    Asma sherazi in the list of dumb anchoor only can crticize PTi but they have no solution in there bag .

  • Tahir

    Stupid people, slave mentality, clue less, : this stupid guy is complaining about inflation, load shading, and law and order but wants to vote for PMLN, pathetic. Do we need PMLN's thugs again???????

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahmad.raza.9 Cancerian Rules


  • mr42O

    Vote noora ur ppp i will be here to laugh at u every time when u ppl will cry. jahil log

  • s-k

    imran khan

  • amjid

    imran khan zindabaad

  • laila

    sun lou PPP waly be-ghairatooo… yeh hal hy tumhari hakumat ka big shit PPP

    • Imran pilla

      joo tumere maan ki saath ppp waloon ni jo kia tha tue uss ki takleef hi naa gande

  • Mohammad Arif

    Nawaj Shareef Family paid only Rs 51,318 as income tax in 1090. Gajna Big INCOME TAX CHOR.

  • DLahoree

    Pindi Awam Zinda abad
    Mian Nawaz Sharif Zindabad

  • http://www.facebook.com/muhammad.ahmad.980 Muhammad Ahmad

    My brothers you can see people they do not want to change their life they stuck with NAW and PPP Allah will not change their life untill they want to change they try 5 time Naws and about 30 years ppp Allah show us way to change our country but when i hear these people then no hope they need to learn lot about how to get their wright we are thinking about PTI but who will give vot PTI these people sorry for them they are like Donkey no vision.

  • Your Loss

    I have humble request to all Pakistani voters this is only last chance we have to build new Pakistan so please think twice before to give vote once you decide say Allah name and vote to PTI. Thank You!

  • Your Loss

    Save your childern from slavery of bilawl hamza monis elahi and vote for Imran PTI



  • Usman Aslam

    We trust Imran Khan….any only lafafa eye are on propaganda that PTI is going down………….Insha'ALLAH PTI will win the election…

  • logiclover

    Noora league is exposed now so you cant lie to us again and again..they are playing blame games because they want to create doubts in ppl mind about Imran khan and want to hide their own corruption…nawaz shareef can be sadar of anjman e tajraan of a street but he is not capable of anything else…you ppl are worried now how to lie and hide you black money from the people of Pakistan..they are spending billions against Imran khan but alhamdulillah we will still vote for PTI and Imran Khan will be the prime minister of Pakistan INSHALLAH …
    this is the time to kill mughlia empire of shareef and zardari group..For GOD sake stop lying to people of Pakistan and go to Saudi arabia again and look after your steal mills there or in UK to look after billions of pounds business of your khaleefa sons…..but please get the hell out of pakistan because its stinking because of liars black faced so called fake leaders…

  • Ahmad Raza

    PTI Zindabad

  • Inam

    Khan Sahib BB ab is dunya may nahi. PPP now belongs to Zardari now and Zardari we have seen enough!. No more Nawazdari…….Only PTI!

  • sirjee

    Na rahay ga Pakistan-failed state. Na rahay gee asma.
    Agar Nawaz ah gya tu Pakistan Kay tokray pakkay.


    Inn pandi waloon nee too ppp koo heer door unn ki leadroon ki lashian hi dee hain yee koofe ki bassi hain bagharit.

  • babar

    Only Imran khan is the choice now

    rest are tried and tested and falied miserably and people whom are still here chanting there names have there heads screwed feel sorry for them after all this they still supporting those crooks ..oh well

    Vote PTI

  • subhaynau

    A totally confused nation. The host is putting her words in their mouths. The is a proof that we as a nation have been cursed by (ALLAH S.W.T) by imposing Zardari,Nawaz, Asfand, Altaf & maulvi Diesel

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004569491421 Rashid Butt

    To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, be scared what's coming to you, TSUNAMI

  • guest

    PMLN Zindabad

  • Imran

    INSHALLAH Nawaz Sharif will be next primeminster.

  • guest

    just waste of time, feel sory to see this, only good thing is people want to vote


    Asma Shirazi yai sab topi drama karti hai
    apni pasand kai bando sai bat karti hai

  • http://www.facebook.com/salman.khattak.7 Salman Khattak


  • http://www.facebook.com/m.tariq.ayub Muhammad Tariq


  • zak

    Some people are stupid up to ankles.How can they blame Imran khan while he has never been in power.Sometime i wish to take them all and speak to them one by one otherwise put them in jail for a while so they might realized.

  • love

    PMLN IS THE BAST..pakistan zinda bad

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004569491421 Rashid Butt

      yes you are right they are BAST just add L to it and that is what going to happen to PML-N they are going to BLAST :)

  • zak

    She purposely goes to Nawaz league constituency to dominant the public idea that viwers should think Nawaz league is going to win the election.Shame on You and Noon league

  • aslam

    munafiq hijaaban

  • kiran

    imran khan wil b the next prime ministr inshallah.

  • ALi

    Imran Sada Sheer hai baki heer pheer hai

  • http://www.olxcars.com/zemtv.com ClickMe

    momin aik soorakh say dobarah nahi dasa jata THINK people PLEASE

  • Faisal Saddique

    Pindi was the strongest hold of PMLN. If they can't win from Pindi then they should not expect from anywhere. Youth is strongly in favour of Imran Khan. If they will come out on election day for voting then no one can stop Imran Khan on becoming PM of Pakistan which i believe he will because youth will vote for Imran for their own survival. They have no choice left now.

  • nadeem.akhtar

    imran khan

  • faisal

    She just asking from Old ppls about voting :) hahaha cause she knws if she gonna ask young ppls they all will say PTI wot a baised anchor person Asma Shirazi Noon Leauge

    • Iam Pakistan

      she makes me sick. "munafiq hijaaban".

      • waqas

        hey she was not biased let us stop calling every one biased..
        she asked people and they responded …she asked a lot of middle aged people they still resort with pml n ..
        when she asked the youth they said imran khan ..
        this is not the way to react by calling people munafiq hijaban
        p.s. i am a pti supporter and will vote for imran khan come what may

  • ali_ss

    no better choice than IMRAN KHAN,, honest,, credible ,, and visionary ..

  • waqas

    positive part about this show was the youth point of view..
    they were supporting imran khan..

  • waqar

    nawaz sharif next prime minister inshallah

    • ali_ss

      akhhhh thuuuuuuuuuu

    • Waqas

      Yes Pakistan needs a dictator and Nawaz Sharif is the best choice..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004569491421 Rashid Butt

      Koee bat naheen I will let you off this time….App hosh mae naheen hain….cause you are BRAINDEAD person who can not see anything (I mean Pakistan). But let me tell you one thing and I want you to keep it in your mind…..when you get in your senses:

      To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, be scared what's coming to you, TSUNAMI

    • DLahoree

      Inshallah our Lion Nawaz Sharif is next priminister

      • kanjarmedia

        how much he paid u ? lolz
        any plot in defence or any yellow taxi or laptp given to u .
        only chamchaa gheer or joota chat can say that lolzzz

  • mirza

    nawaz sharief

    • waqas

      LOL in your dreams!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004569491421 Rashid Butt

      Yar dil to kush kernay do na bahi!

  • hussain sidhu

    last hope only niwaz sharif

    • waqas

      Haha we have tested him in last 20 years.. Ziada chawlia na maroo please.. Dont waste your time for hoping for a DICTATOR NAWAZ SHARIF

    • maryah


    • abdul khan

      shame on u imran khan zinda bad

    • khan

      Husain which one ganga kay baloon wala ?

  • Kunjahi

    Save your childern future vote for Imran khan

  • salman

    well i must say i am pleased that the youth is still supporting imran khan
    youth is in majority all khan has to do is convince them to come out on voting day

    • DLahoree

      please see again only 12 years boys are defending PTI