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  • Police ka (Dushman.)

    Big bigarattttttt Bigggggg banch…………………d Anchors,, Sur k shakal walyyy,,,,, Mar he jain yh, jo pakistan ko badnam krty han, or koi kam nhi in ko,,,,,,

  • MOYO

    Hahahah…True Face will come out again of these TOP BAIGAIRATS and this time they will not be able to stand in front of public….

  • kamran khan

    he is not drunk stupid, he is jst in jolly mood
    has wo hasan nisar aksar drunk hota hai..on phone calls n he talks chum kind of words too..

  • muhammadkd

    Choudry Nisar is also drinking. Really? Oh brother alcohol is Haram .It is mentioned in Quran. Please read Quran. Even Shabaz-Nawaz Madari or Zardari or you will drink alcohol. This is completely Haram according to Islamic shariat

    • Scarface

      tu apnay kaam say kaam rakh

      it's not my problem if u can't sense SARCASM

      i told u not to bring in religion u IDIOT, n ya i ain't ur brother

      • muhammadkd

        Dont hit the roof .I am your Muslim brother.IDIOT,I just want to receive a taste of your own medicine.

  • satti

    danon kuthy han

  • honestmuslim

    i am speechless….no words……bas itna sochta ho ke ham apnay anay wali nasloo ko kis kisam ke
    rahbar….. intulachuals….de rehya hain…pta nahi…nusrat…aur minhas.ke apnay bachay hain k nahi
    kis tarah ye apnay bachoo ki tirbiat kartay ho gey?in k bachay kiya sochtay ho gey in k baray mien…?

  • baluch_akram

    have seen this and before GAREBAN from Matiullah jan.journalist forum should ban the drunk anchors.not to be allowed to mis lead the nation.looks some one is paying them to mis lead.

  • new icon

    Tun hai full

  • Babbur-Shair

    jahil quom kay jahil anchors

  • chali

    lanat hai Nusrat Javed per

  • ali_ss

    main to hairan hoo, jis ka apna ye kirdar hay wo kaisay doosro pe tanqid ka haq rakhta hay???

  • ali_ss

    media ki "black sheeps"

  • mich

    Two DIRTY / FILTHY characters

  • zeshan


  • naveed

    zardari ka pilla ….sala