Sar e Aam (Pig Leather used in shoes) – 27th October 2012


Watch Latest Sar e Aam by Iqraar ul Hassan – 27th October 2012

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  • nadeem

    This is pretty simple. Whenever you buy a shoe and especially an imported brand, check the description with the seller or over the internet. For example, all the shoes made by Clarke or any other are described by three categories. Upper, inner and sole.
    Upper is made both with leather or non-leather and description says which leather.
    Inner is the part where the pig leather is used as linning most of the time.
    Soles are mostly made by rubber or Leather, again it will tell you of which leather.

    Lastly, if you have done something unknowingly it will not be counted as a sin unless you know it and keep doing!!

    So, in this age of science and technology, there is nothing beyond research.

  • meiji

    topi hay sub kuch: ye banda saray prog jhootay banata hay agar kisi ko proof chaye to main day sakta hoon. meiji.devil@gmail mera address hay jo bhi janna chahye jan sakta hay .

  • Ayesha Ahmed

    As salaam o Alaikum .Hope u all r good . I would like to appreciate each n every person who is involved in the programme an excellent idea n brilliant way to host n alsto bring wrong in front of people…thank for opening people s eyes. Good efforts. Good luck in future

  • asghar khan

    iqrar bhai aap ka program me bare shooq se dekhta ho our me b chahta ho k aap ki tarha logo me ah gahi paida karo our ho sake tu oun ki madad b karo ALLAH aap ko es ka ajar degaa meri duwai our meri tarha bohat sari logo ki duwai aap ka saath hai,

  • Zafar Syed

    Salam, Every body We are as a '' DeadNATION '' who sale to these product who don't know what is this Item, these Shoe stores owner are blined for Profit and Blined Income they need, this product belong with our RELIGIOUS Matters,

  • raheel

    Dear Iqrar, aoa. aik aur masla lunday main sale honay wali leather jackets ka bhi hay jo keh pig leather ki bhi ho sakti hain. also high light that.

  • Enlightenedviews

    well done SAR E AAM

  • Muhammad Naveed Khan

    Dear Iqraar ul Hassan

    Kindly check also Children Food Item like Milke powder ETC,

  • talha

    soooooooo gud eqrar

  • tariqgondal

    aik nea masala,sun ker heran bhi hoo aur preshan bhi .aik aam muslman kese is ko pehcane ga'kia her koi lebartery jae?phir asli pig leather aur is jesa 2 numbre bhi hea.i am very keepers kea sath zara behter tarekey sea baat honi cahea thi OVERALL A GOOD ATTEMPET.ilike ur all program that i have ever seen.i'


    Yaar Iqrar bhai ALLAH aap ko apni Hifz O Amaan mei rakhen…i like ur program based on reality…Keep it up..

  • aayy

    یہ بے غیرت میڈیہ صرف اپنے پروگرام کی کامیابی کیلیے کس طرح سے مزہب کو بیچ رہا ہے۔ حالنکہ اسلام میں سوور کا گوشت کھانا منع ہے ۔کیوں کہ سوور کا گوشت انسان کی روح پر اثر کرتا ہے اور سوور کی حرکات انسان میں آ جاتی ہیں ۔ اس کی کھال سے بنے ہوے جوتوں سے جس کا انسان کو علم تک نہیں کہ وہ وقع ہی میں ہے یا نہیں سے ایمان اور ثواب پہ کس طرح فرق پڑ سکتا ہے ۔
    قوم کو زہنی مرض بنا کر رکھ دیا ہے ان نام نہاد پڑھے لکھے جاہلوں نے

  • Noman Khan

    thanx yar for uploading sar e aam programs, I like it very much
    & please upload jaali dawakhany progaram of sare aam

  • @undefined

    dear goog job ap bohat achy program krty hain yeh b apny bri achi koshish ki hai good par yar shed apko malom ho k jo morgeon ki khorak inda sy mngwai jati hai wo pig k gusht sy bani hoti hai is k bary mein ap kya kahen gy kya yeh glat nahi hai pig k gusht sy bni hoi khorak morgeon k zary hum khty hain kya yeh sahi hai mein ny ek program dekha tha jis mein indin log hi ptta rahy thy k jo khorak pakistan inda sy lyta hai us mein pig shamal hota hai us mein dala hi pig jatta hai is peh b ap khor kren agr ap tak mera sms pohnchy allah apki hafazt frmay aamein

  • shakeel

    great great work but buhat afsoos hy yahan khud to kui acha kaam nahi krta agr kui kray to usay kesy be sharam kya jaata hy
    kui kah rha hy k chauti chauti shops pe qn jatay hn factory's m qn nahi jatay
    bhai wohan ap chaly jao
    kui kahta hy media apni ratings bahranay k leiy kuch bhi krta hy
    ye bat theek hy per agr kui acha kaam ho chahy ratings barhany k leiy ho to is m kya burai hy hamen maloomat to mil rhe hn baqi agr inka karaubar bhi chal rha hy to kya harj hy ????

  • sohail

    is mulk main kuch bhi mumkin hai

  • mr42O

    lol pig leather in shoes. Abe bhai last time i was in Pakistan found out most of stuff we eat has pig stuff in it as LAZ chips. I tried to contact this show but did not found contact info any one can help ?

  • Kashmire

    اس کی ماں اور آپکی ماں میں‌ کوئی فرق نہیں کسی کی ماں کو گالی دینا اپنی ماں کی گالی دینے کے مترادف ھے اس لئے گالی دینا بری بات ھے۔

  • Kashmire

    اس کے چمڑہ میں چند فاصلوں پر 3 سوراخ ہوتے ہیں ایک اچھی معلومات ھے اس پر ایک اور پہچان بھی ھے کہ اس کا چمڑہ بہت نرم ہوتا ھے اور اس کا چمڑہ اور گوشت کو جتنا باریک چاہیں کاٹا جا سکتا ھے، اس کے چمڑہ کے بٹوے بھی بہت باریک ہوتے ہیں۔ اس لئے جو بٹوے استعمال کرتے ہیں وہ اپنے بٹوے دیکھ لیں اگر تو نرم ہیں تو وہ یہی چمڑہ ھے، اس لئے اس کا استعمال مضر ھے اور احتیاط بہت ضروری ھے۔

  • ahmadu noorzai

    iqrar bhai is good men // exlent program by iqrar // good men / good show

  • ahmadu khan chaman

    iqrar bhai good program // real muslam iqrar bhai // sada salam ap ki musalmani aur imandari ko

  • Unknown

    a few pairs from whole Karachi and I am sure no one is intentionally doing this. Instead of insulting/harassing the businessman he should have caution the business. This anchor is just an idiot.

  • True Indian

    Hey I also checked up my shoes and guess what………….it is made of pig leather….I was so releaved…Thank God pigs are under every Indian's feet….hehehehehehehehhe

  • Ashif

    very very good program I thoroughly appreciate this effort to the host that he gathered all the courage and find out that may ALLAH bless him and let him do the same for the betterness of the nation I like this guy

  • Promusica

    Iqrar, few of above cursed u and ur team for making this program which without any doubt based on concrete evidence. Let them bark and do whatever u are doing. We know that most of the anchors are blackmailers and doing what few of above tried to explain. It does not mean that we should hide any of these issues which is directly related to our prayers. I researched on few of above and u will be surprised to know that most of the brothers commented above in negative are whether Kharji, Christian brothers or Ahmadi. So, dont see those comments because these peope are biased, partial and illinformed. Please do another program on SOOD or Interest. God bless u and ur team.

    • shahjee

      U live in USA.They do pig farming.Pigs also breath in and out ,the same Air.Human ,Animals and also Pig waste goes into water.Same water is recycled for Human Use after filteration. U should also stop breathing the same AIR and drinking the same water.But U do not stop breathing in the same Air and using the same Water. Pig Skin ,after going through chemical process,its nature is Changed. Most of the TV Achors R blackmailer to justify their Fat Salaries.

  • manzer

    great show iqrar well done but pakistani nation koi change nahi chahti yeh isi tara zaleel ho gi magar apni ghlti nahi many gi

  • malik

    Lanti to Islam to chor day (ager tujahy islam ki talimat say flu hai )

  • jobi110

    sorry to say but the host of this program is pakka haramzadaa

  • FIre

    Total useless programme.

    I don't understand these reports and presenters. WHY they go to small shops everytime, why don't you get the factories and owners who are actually behind making of these crap shoes.


  • saqi

    galat program ha …. kia tumha pata ha k aj tak tum na jo jota pahna wo sb bakra ki khaal sa bna hai ?

    • Madiha

      Mr. saqi ek kam k bary mein laa ilm ho kar wo kam karna aur ek janty hoee wo kam krna boht farq hotaa hai.

  • Disgusted

    In addition I would be more concerned if the shoes are not made up of some endangered species.

  • Disgusted

    What is wrong with you people? It is all right to wear the shoes made up of pig shin.
    You leave your shoes outside the mosques any way.
    I would be the first one to wear those shoes if they are comfortable and durable that is all I care.

    • PakRaptor

      I have seen many TV commercials that eating pork is good for health… Why don't you make yourself comfy on that too? I'm sorry if you are a non Muslim but if you are Muslim then you should be sorry.

  • Mokan

    I am not surprised!!!! Soor is wearing soor shoes))))

  • Easy Load

    I agree the efforts he made and the programme he conducted was excellent and appreciateable, but one thing is missing that is – awareness in shopkeepers about the material they are seeling. In Pakistan, business runs in a simple way – shopkeeper give a order to supplier and the supplier provides the required product as per given order, how come shopkeeper check every single piece and examine whether this is Hallal or Haram. Where is the Quality Control department? Why don't QC guys randomly check random products of random companies in order to verify the things which are prohibited in Islam shouldn't be sale out in market? Why not suppliers asked to take a certificatae from Government of Pakistan / PCSIR confirming they will not supply any such product(s) which are against our religion or prohibited in Islam? I think it will be quite wrong onle to blame shopkeepers and comment of anchor "You (shopkeeper) should know what material of shoes he is selling" keeping in mind how the bussiness runs in Pakistan – this comment has a loose point.

  • Shahid Majeed Shahid

    یہ بے غیرت میڈیہ صرف اپنے پروگرام کی کامیابی کیلیے کس طرح سے مزہب کو بیچ رہا ہے۔ حالنکہ اسلام میں سوور کا گوشت کھانا منع ہے ۔کیوں کہ سوور کا گوشت انسان کی روح پر اثر کرتا ہے اور سوور کی حرکات انسان میں آ جاتی ہیں ۔ اس کی کھال سے بنے ہوے جوتوں سے جس کا انسان کو علم تک نہیں کہ وہ وقع ہی میں ہے یا نہیں سے ایمان اور ثواب پہ کس طرح فرق پڑ سکتا ہے ۔
    قوم کو زہنی مرض بنا کر رکھ دیا ہے ان نام نہاد پڑھے لکھے جاہلوں نے !!

    • shakeel

      waah siaanay kahin k pig najis ul aen hy ye wo wahid janwar hy jisky kisi bhi tarah se use haram hy
      khana bhi haraam pahnna bhi haram dawa lena bhi haraam

  • funcar

    so what? it is only haram for those jo jootay khatay hain,,, jootay pehen leney say is maslay ka kia talluq hai bhai…
    lahmul khinzir is only forbidden to eat …and thats what Quaran said… Agar koi sharab say lamp jalata hai to kia wo lamp ki roshni bhee haram ho jayey gee.. this is strange programme on ARY… and then the host is insulting shopkeepers on nationall tv. I cant buy his argument

  • Al Haddad

    Br Iqrar ul hasan, your effort is innovative and admirable. Regretfully, our legislative assembly members busy in other activities but legislation. We as Pakistani are unaware of many other haram things in our day to day life. Thanks for this effort it has indeed drawn attention to this important subject.

  • danish

    sab bukwass hai or jotaa pehannay say kuchnahi hota is terha to snake kay shoes bhi hotay hian shair ki khaal kay bhi hotay hian
    bongi hai bus

  • ashfaq

    bhai ap both good kam krta ho , ap kei sari team ko lambi umar naseeb ho.

  • zahur ahmed

    i love that boy he save us from haram warna hum logon ko kia pata tha k hum kia pehan rhay han or kia kha rhay han……

  • Molvi.Shakeel

    Mein ek scholor hooon aur pig ka leather touch karna haram nai hai. these mullahs on TV are fraud & want to impose their own jurisdiction on us to remain society.

    • Adnan Saram

      lagta hai yeh dukan wala molvi hai

    • Adnan Saram

      Bs yehi kaho ga k ''Little Knowledge is dangerous thing"

  • Shahid Furqan

    Soower… ki khall kay jotay….police walla bhi shakal say riswat khoor lag raha hai

  • SAAD

    Pig haram janwar ha app pig khareedo ya uski khaal ka bana huwa joota dono he haram hain ..!

  • hilal ahmad

    karachi ki sari khale altaf bhatta khor ne kha liye to awan ko is liye suwwar wali leather istamaal karna pari

  • zara

    u did a great job
    Allah pak apko n apki team ko lambi umar dy n hifazat main rakhy(AMEEN).
    now point is that l further kam hona chahye like prevention etc.

  • Sana Siddiqui

    bohat acha kam kia h apne is tarah r kuch nhi to logo ko kuch to pata chalay ga t ak wo bach saken aisi research agay b jari rakhen aur Insha Allah ap kamyab b hon gy …. Meri duaen to lazmi sath hon g aur sab se b kahun gi dua ka.
    Sana Siddiqui From Faisalabad


    very good job iqrar brother khuda ap ko lambi umer atta kare aur asi tarha ap kaam karte rahe

  • Sharjeel

    Great initiative. MashaAllah! MAy Allah reward all of you.

  • Imran Hameed

    Wholly mess……………….. we are losing the norms rapidly.

  • Usman

    well mere opinion mai the host did a good job but es ko chahiye k ye dukandaar se cameron k baghair pehle baat karle k yaar esi esi cheez hai agar wo na mane tu phir ap record kardo es ka kya matlb ap ek dukan mai ghos k cameron k saath mai hota tu mai b react karta on air esa kisi k sath nai karte but well this is Pakistan and ye show be tu kisi tareekay sa chalana hai lol

  • Patriot

    Excellent Show…May Allah Pak Bless The Team Alot….and shame to those who dont consider pig Haraam…i feel sorry for them…May Allah Pak Protect Us From Every Bit Of Haraam…Aameen Suma Aameen…

  • Your Loss

    Thank You Sar E Aam Team you done a wonderful Job God Bless You and keep it up expose these criminal which living in our respectable society and one more thing i really appreciate that you hide those shop names and owner names who very humbley accept your allegation and promise they will send it back and they will check all the leather shoes Thank You for that also because they way very humbly talk with you they deserve that to give them at least single chance.

    • rabatha273

      hahaha, Respectable Society U say??? Where PseudoMullah and Bakio Media ,start controversy on side Issues for their own Benefits. Illuterate masses follow them like a Brainless Sheeps.

  • zeshan

    well Done iqrar.

  • junaid

    good job sare aam



  • Mohammad saeed

    In Quran the flesh of apig is forbidden to eat , no where in Islamic jurisprudence I have not found that the skin of pig forbidden to use.i do not agree with ulema as their comments are based on lodgic

    • tabarak ali jilani

      skin is the part of a pig, so it is haram…

      • rabatha273

        Pig Skin , when treated with Chemicals,totally change its nature.>>> Live Pig breath in the Air and the same Air is breath by Humans.Human and Animals Waste goes into water and same water is consumed by Human after going through process of filteration.In UR logic of Haram than U should not be Breathing Air and Drinking Water. Lets C how long U will live without it.

        • True Muslim

          You should better follow your beliefs and Faith and let Muslims live with their faith, Dont be so smart to prove anything, If any non-muslim wants to eat pork then he can but when you try to prove it to some Musli, he or she would make fun of you and will sue to at the end of the day.. So Its not your matter to prove that the ugliest animal in any muslim's eye is halal.

          • rabatha273

            @True Muslim ,better U educate URself. Dont twist my words,cuz I never said Pig is Halal.I am better Muslim than U think.

        • km aqal waly

          jay aqal na ho to bachay bat nae krty….!
          oh yra tum islamic talimat mey trameem nae kr skty hain…..

    • عبداللہ

      - محترم محمد سعيد صاحب @

      اگر آپ باعمل مسلمان ہيں اور قرآن پر ايمان رکھتے ہيں تو آپ کو معلوم ہونا چاہيۓ کہ "شريعت" قرآن اور حديث دونوں کو ملا کر بنتی ہے۔

      جيسے "سود" کا صرف " لينا " قرآن ميں حرام ہے اور " دينے" کا ذکر نہيں مگر اللہ کے نبیۖ نے سود سے متعلق احاديث ميں نہ صرف سود کے لينے اور دينے والے پر بلکہ سود کا ايگريمنٹ لکھنے والے پر بھی اللہ کی لعنت کا ذکر کيا ہے۔

      مگر کچھ لوگ پھر بھی سود پر گاڑی اور گھر ليتے ہيں اور دليل يہ ديتے ہيں کہ قرآن ميں کہاں سود "دينا" منع ہے ۔ يہ دليل "منکر حديث" لوگوں کی ہے جو کہتے ہيں کہ ہم صرف قرآن کو مانتے ہيں۔

      حالانکہ قرآن ہميں حکم ديتا ہے کہ رسولۖ کا حکم مانو اور جس بات يا چیز سے اللہ کا رسولۖ روک دے اس سے باز آجاؤ۔

      اسی طرح اگر آپ احاديث کا مطالعہ کريں تو آپ کو خنزير سے متعلق احکامات مل جائيں گے۔

      آپ کا يہ دليل دينا کہ قرآن ميں صرف " لحم الخنزير " يعنی سور کے گوشت کو حرام کہا گيا ہے اس ليۓ سور کا چمڑا استعمال کرنا ٹھيک ہے ، بالکل غلط ہے !!۔

      علماء کرام کے سامنے تمام احاديث اور سنن کے حوالے موجود ہوتے ہيں جس کی روشنی ميں
      وہ کوئ فتوی ديتے ہيں۔

      اللہ مجھے، آپ کو اور سارے "پاکستانيوں" کے ہدائيت دے ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ آمين

  • haris

    nice job iqraar ul hassan welldone

  • Khushal Khan

    u father is pig sela

  • Mohib e Watan

    go to indian talk shows and do same thing with them like sela, neo and nitts do with Pakistanis

  • najam

    fuk u sela

  • Zulnoon Malik

    by me:
    jab dees vedaish aur har jaga pay
    kuch aisi halatt ho jayee
    aur chain sakoon be apna
    kuch is tarah se khoo jaye
    kay chain sakoon ki needon main
    jab bechaini si ho jaye
    jab apni aur logo ki bataon main
    uljhan uljahn si ho jayee
    tum chor char kay sab uljhanain
    Allah kay hawalay kar daina
    Allah kay hawaly kar daina

  • Ghani mehmood

    Its very bad astagfirullah




    • haris

      haraam haraam hy good quaility k liye kch b krega u fool or wo khud islye khel rha hy ta k tm jeson ko smjha sake idiot

  • Shamire

    I dnt Think so media ko aaisa karna cahaya logo ko badnam karnay he bajai ya samples govt ka pass la janay cahaya tha ka ya brand band karo and in logo ka tawun mangtay apna program chalanay ka liya logo ko zaleel kar rahay kasoor manufacturer ka ha logo ko kya pata ya kam govt ka ha


    u son of pig

  • jabirmemon

    Good job iqrar bhai, but its a big responsibility of govt of pakistan. kiun ke asie or bhi boht se issues hain kab tak or kitne issue rase kerte rahe gey app ! kisi bhi country me koi bhi cheez jab import ki jati hai to us ki lab testing hoti hai , but unfortunately pakistan me import to dur ki baat hai local chezen bhi t hek tarhanse bechi na manufacture nahi ki jaati !


    great program

  • Mohib e Watan

    pheley hum pig waley kaam toh chorie'n, jis sey hum apnay docerey bhayo'n ko nuqsaan paho'nchaatie'n hein.

  • Nasir Jaan

    JAzak ALLAH, Iqraar waqaee aap nay hum sum subb ki aankhain khol dien warna iss baray koi sochta bhi tha abb juta ya juti letay huye ye zaroor dekhna parray ga, iss k alawa aap nay aur bohat si baton per say parda hataya hay ALLAH taal aap ko himmat aur issteqamat … Aameenn

  • adnan

    jo is ki khall ko halal khy rahy hain , ye log wo hn jo bath room my karny waly sary kaam napak qarar dyty hain, magar ye log usy kha lain gy , kio k soower to haram hy magar joty halal , wah, matlab k taswer ka ak rokh sahi aur dosra galat, gooood, to thk hy ji, bath room my karny waly kaam galat, magar jb bat khany ki ho to sahi, khao kaho ji, ankho dykhi makkhi khao. aur khaty jao

  • ZaiNab Amir

    really great job iqrar :)
    Allah aapko iska ajjar dein..
    nd in sabko hidayat…
    :( bohat afsos hoa ye dekh k.. musalmaan ho k..uff tauba

  • gul

    pig is ur dad sela

  • ab achakzai

    Allah has also made your sister a "woman", so why don't you marry her, after all she is a woman too….

    • Mohib e Watan

      sela indian hindu hey, beside that neo and nitts are also indian hindu becareful, treat them like piece of sh!t

  • Saleem Jaffer

    This presenter Iqrar should have been little bit careful in choosing the small shopkeepers who made their daily livings. Pls note that one shop keeper said to him….. Sare dundhe ka sitianaas kar dia hai; The poor shopkeeper was not physically very strong and there were a large number of people outside watching the TV Reporting Team, and so the shop became black-listed.

    I think the TV Reporter should have exercised caution, because no one knowingly will sell pig leather shoes.
    However we have a bigger PIG and his name is Zardari and I won't miind if shoes are made from his skin leather.

  • Saad

    Good work! curse to all who intentionally sell these haram shoes.

  • Zahid Naqvi

    I don't mind if shoes are made from Pig's Leather…… and now make shoes from Zardari skin leather.

  • saeed

    Best way is use pakistan products. As we ain't got pig related consumer products, but we got pigs in our society ranging from public to politician…all walks of life.

  • tanveer abbasi.

    good job

  • RomeRajpoot

    Great Job & GOD Bless u

  • mirza

    very good work ary team….ap ny bht acha kam kiya han …ap ny hamre eyes khol de…..ALLAH PAK ap ki team ki hifazat karay…….

  • ali

    great job

  • Khanjee

    nice research work app apnay lia Sadqa jariya banalia hai is program say
    may bhi ajj say careful hoker shows loga

  • kashif qazi

    nice program …next time they should visit to landa bazars ..they r also selling jackets made of pig leather in cheaper prices…as i notice that last time in 2009 when i visited pakistan……u can easily see that very clearly in jackets….good work

  • Adnan Khan

    nice work

  • khan

    iqrar bahai allah ap ko azat ata farmaa Allah bless you

  • saad

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    Allhamdilillah .Some one stand up for this.Insah Allah one day some of them getup for Islamic Banking .For pakistan only Islamic Banking.

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    This is Islamic Republic of Pakistan….We are a FREE nation….We do whatever we like…..

  • Ahmed Khan

    Yar yei bakwas mai tang karnay paunch gia , kisi ko kia pata kai pig leather hai shoes mai ya nahe ?
    un ke zimidari kaisay hai ?, agar har shoe ko test karay gai tou price will skyrocket .

    • Mianjee

      Manufacturer should declare it, and the sales person must know what kind of leather is used for making shoes. They always tell the customers that "This shoe is made of Cow leather or Goat leather or Calf leather".
      In Singapore many stores declare that " The pig leather is used for making this shoe" This is just to inform Muslim community or any community who they dont want the pig leather.

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  • Sher Khan

    Lanat hai iss Anchor par jo loggon ko iss tarah zalil kar raha hai .. kai SHOPS walon ko nai pata hota kay yeah pig leather shoes hain ya nai …. magar iss tarah loggon ko zalil karna because they dont know about pig leather is disgusting..

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  • aisha

    Yes it happen with me too i am in chicago and once i was odreing a shoes online from shoe store and came to know that it is made up of pig please when you buy some thing make sure wha tkind of leather is used,

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    Yes this is common in usa .Once i was odering a shoes online in america and came to know that it was made up of pig leather ,thanks to Allah that i dint orser it ,so please when ordering any shoes make sure what kind of Leather is used.

    • Affan javaid

      nice job sar e aam. :)

  • Ali

    Really shoes made with pig leather, AND this is the big story?? Our country is devolving into a big pile of you know what and we are reporting on pig leather. Who gives a $#$. This reporter should be ashamed of himself, trying to pick on poor shopkeepers trying to make a honest living. We are not eating the pig right? These mullah's other than abusing little boys and girls and eating of charity have nothing better to do than give fatwa's on these topics which are absolutely irrelevant to any and all, other than Mr. JAWAD over here in the comments who thought that YES, this problem should take priority! What a joke..

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      sir u r great

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    the shopkeepers are not responsable for this issues ,they r only responsable for the sale of that shoes ,even that they did'nt know what sort of shoes they wear . its not made up of only pig ,may b some percent of pig leather include for its strengthness or good qualities .

    • Noman Nawaz

      they are responsible because they professional han awan ka kasoor nahi

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