If Imran Khan get a chance he will bring more destruction than zardari, Ch nisar blasts on Imran

Chaudhry Nisar Press Conference report – 22nd October 2012

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If Imran Khan get a chance he will bring more destruction than zardari, Ch nisar blasts on Imran, 3.0 out of 10 based on 443 ratings

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  1. TAHIR SAJJAD says:


  2. shahkar says:


  3. afzal says:

    isko petro pine ko do ke hosh aa jae

  4. Amar says:

    ch. Nisar is an idiot . He does not know , what he is talking about. He really need to change his Wig since his father nawaz and shahbaz have planted new hair.

  5. ali rehan says:

    chaudhry nisar a great leader ……………………………

  6. Mustafa says:

    ahhaahh sucha f**king retard, these american slaves make me laugh ! you all niggas work for america !

  7. faizi says:

    bahut khob admin.sach karwa bhut hai na?

  8. faizi says:

    zem tv per IK ki favour karnay waly sirf 2.4 us k chamchay hain jo us ki haddi kha kr different id bna kr comments krtay hain.m 100 % sure.no future of yahoodi league

    • rajak says:

      dear ,judge the speaker by its output,any social work although 60% of pak is punjab and PMLN is ruling punjab 5th time.talk on national issue,any courage to make system change.so beautiful and full of nature is your country but these corrupt leaders,jaaly jamhooriyat,status co are looting and supporting the vision less,courage less(musharf caught from ear), and dropped in saroor palace. pata na hilia.CHANGE IS ESSENTIAL TO IMPROVE THE COUNTRY.iF again noora kushti then next 5 years will be again double.

  9. faizi says:

    zem t.v pe IK ki favour karnay waly us k 2,4 chamchay hain jo different id bna kr comment krtay hain.m 100% sure.no future of pti

  10. jahanzeb says:

    Pagaloon ki batoon ka jawab ni dety………

  11. patriot121 says:

    is hanooo sey koi yeh poochey k hud tumhari party ne itni deir tbahi o kmai ki hai, uska hisaab tou do pehley.
    jhootey kaminey plm n k kuttey

  12. cfr says:

    Nawaz Shreef can do any thing to come in power but as he come in power he bite his Mohsan (Father like Zia & GM Jatoi) Examples are given as under.
    1- Nawaz Shreef become son of Ziaulhaq and remain his son untill become prime minsiter. As he beame PM after 3YEAR OF Zia's death, he decleared Zia as Dictator.
    2-GM Joti support Nawaz Shreef in Punjab but after wining the election, he become PM by trating GM Jatoi, This seems he left his second father.
    3-He made Zardari his third father and trated him after comming in power in 2008.
    4-Jamat i Salmi supported him as a little brari (SIN) but after comming in power be became a big SIN and bite Jamat i Islami by doing chatrool of islami jamit tulba in punjab universty

  13. Sohail says:

    Admin why this videos isn't show on iPad

  14. Warrior Race says:

    Mr Beans :) what a joker

  15. sharique says:

    ch nisar pagal hogia hai , i will vote for imran khan .

  16. Zohaib malik says:


    Mumin does not get bitten from the same Snake twice..so i assume people of pakistan will rather vote for imran khan …!! InshALLAH…May ALLAH give him Good heath and grant Mr IK with victory……..!!!!!!!

  17. HAY says:

    I don't need to listen to make a comment. Mr. Bean lakh lanat teray tay

  18. Truth only says:

    It would have never happened if we (the middle class and the elite) had come out of our drawing rooms to cast our vote to the true deserving leaders. We never bothered to stand in a queue at polling stations, and the rest of us voted for the species like him.
    But NOW in the coming elections we all to need get out of our resorts and use the power of vote, intelligently for the future of our Nation.
    Only a sweeping victory would bring a solution to such aftermaths of the errors committed in the past.
    Every one of us knows that IMRAN KHAN's P T I is the best talented option !!

  19. Imranhypocrite says:

    My dear PTI lovers have misunderstood Ch. Nisar. He is actually saying in better interest of this country. Look Zardari has no experience of running govt. so we have seen the fate of Pakistan. Though, he remained minister for some time in BB government. But, IK never became even a minister. He remained member NA for 5 years but had almost no impression on the affairs of NA, no speech on national issues like drones etc. Now, if govt is handed over to IK, it will bring even more destruction to land. Pakistan current scenario doesn't afford a govt of an apprentice. It needs an experienced person like Sharif.
    Now, I will again say that my PTI lovers should seriously distinguish between glamor of leadership and actual capabilities and most importantly experience of running govt matters.

    • Truth only says:

      OH dear dear dear hypocrite bro, I am Laughing Out Loudly ………. what a golden advice from an intelligent person !! wha wha wha ….
      After having seen all the dumped filth about pml-n elite been revealed, corruption, mismanagement, ill governance and the whole situation in which our country is now ___________ and you still are recommending the same people and awarding them as they were STILL a solution to our problems.
      Aap ki inn ada'on pe merr na jeye koi …..

  20. Falak Shair says:

    ya sari Nawaz k cahaly hain or nawaz sharif bara kusra hy

  21. Farooq says:

    KUTEY ney Sanp kha lia….. (SNAKE)…

  22. Waqas says:

    ufff is ki bataon sa Nafrat ho gye ha ….I hate Nawaz and his Family Party ……. do # loog

  23. Umar says:

    Jitna paseena Imran Khan nay sari zindagi bahya hei, pori Muslim League N mil ker bhi us ka muqabla nahin ker sakti

  24. M Ali says:

    V funny imran khan u should leave politics and Pakistan n come back in London

  25. ESHRAN says:

    Babbar Shari you are so funny bro. I wish he listen you …… great advise mr been you must try it

  26. ESHRAN says:

    ha ha it says in punjabi. "" Tapsi ty thus karsi"" Imran koi wazeer aala punjab hy k woh lahore main rehta. …..funny MR Been

  27. amir says:

    yai pagal ho jay ga isi tera imran khan kay khalaf bol bol ker issko kon sunta hay…

  28. voice_pakistan says:

    and PML N and CH nisar bring worse and 10 times more destruction than zardari & imrankhan …so we elect Imran khan for less destrution and less harmfull for us pakistanies….

  29. malika says:

    what blast gents?
    is it blast on IK?
    Ch. sahb spit on sky and spit came back on his face.There is no comparasion of nisar with IK.cH.nISAR IS just a malashia (masahib) (darbari) of a goonga,bahra,brainless,vision less king mr.noora.

  30. Asadullah says:

    oe kote zara smbal lo tm us k khilaf kaho b to kia kaho kuch hai hi nahi kehne k liye aur tm logo ne jo boya hai wo kato kameeno bus aur kitna kao ge is pakistan ko

  31. Exposed says:

    Such a shame..mutmain bagharat.

  32. Azlan /shah says:

    Chup kar Chaudry Nisar. Mr. Been

  33. isko lammay paa k chittar maro……………………chawal kahin ka

  34. arifwaheed says:

    Mr Bean tumhay RAT KE ANDHEREY mai,n GENERALS se MILNEY ka bara SHUQ hay aur general Pasha ,Pasha kehtey howey nahi thatey they ab ye batawo ke ye General DURRANI kon hay hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha Bean ki BOLTI BAND

  35. ebiz110 says:

    For POS baseless, brainless, ignorant tapeworms Noora supporters!!! Why don't you admit it your wanna be leaders are coooooooorrupted, greeeeedyyyy!!! gutslessssssssss, POSSSSSS, sold whole country for their personal gain brick by brick, and they were able to finally make this country living POS by grace of your coooooooorrupted, greeeeedyyyy!!! gutslessssssssss, POSSSSSS, wanna be leaders. See there is a reason thats why I called you guys POS baseless, brainless, ignorant tapeworms Noora supporters!!!

    Agitation, political activities in which an agitator urges people to do something rather than hiding like gutless POS retard Chor Bakwas Shatan since he got caught red handed eating sh1t from ISI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. ebiz110 says:

    For POS baseless, brainless, ignorant tapeworms Noora supporters!!! Why don't you admit it your wanna be leaders are coooooooorrupted, greeeeedyyyy!!! gutslessssssssss, POSSSSSS, sold whole country for their personal gain brick by brick, and they were able to finally make this country living POS by grace of your coooooooorrupted, greeeeedyyyy!!! gutslessssssssss, POSSSSSS, wanna be leaders. See there is a reason thats why I called you guys POS baseless, brainless, ignorant tapeworms Noora supporters!!!

    Agitation, political activities in which an agitator urges people to do something rather than hiding like gutless POS retard Chor Bakwas Shatan since he got caught red handed eating sh1t from ISI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. aghani says:

    Sir, there is also sweat in playing.u may tell if u have done any thing good for nation except supporting corrupt incapable,no vision,no courage to change system,making mafias strong and strong by the govt fund.IK has made so big hospital no example in the world,big university with out govt funds. Noora people may be want to some thing like largest human flag,lap top from govt fund etc.but nothing from their own.no education time keeping even in lahore govt schools,colleges.what good governance. totally parasite on socity.

  38. Fawad Chaudhry says:

    Mr. Bean Murdabad!

  39. tahir says:

    chodri nasar is liye imran khan k khilaf bol raha ha kiyu k in ki chori to ab pakri gayi kayi log hamain chor kar imran khan ko vote na dai dain wo ye nahi janta p t i to pailay hi in jeeti hoyi bas aik formelti poori karni ha election main.

  40. tahir says:

    chor machaye shor hahahahaha chori nasar

  41. AHMAD says:


  42. Casteal says:

    Lol He is funny guy

  43. khan says:

    imran khan or nawaz shareef nay ppp ko baywaqoof banya hai imran or nawaz appas main media par nora kushti kertay rahay hain ta k ppp ki jaga imran famous ho jaye or har banday ki zuban par PTI or Nawaz Shareef ye naam a jayen . or ajj asa hi hoa hai ppp ki baat b koi nahi kerta. mere liya dono party aik jasii hain

  44. Changaiz says:

    The only problem with this statement is that Imran Khan will bring more harm than Z BUT PML N and Sharifs who arenot at all Sharif as we just saw on CCTV cameras HAVE done more harm than Zardari as Punjab is doing worst among all provinces. Kaisa :)

  45. shahid khattakh says:

    Mr.. ISi SE PASA KANE WALO …..AB TO MAN LOO….JO SUPREEM COURT NE FAISLA DE DIYA… imran khan is more powerfull / respecful thn u

  46. Javed says:

    Only Nooras have courage to criticize others inspite of such a big decision against their theft of 1990 elections . Establishment ki pedawar

  47. fahim says:

    aur mr bean tumhara kam hay madari pan ka aur tum bandaro ko hi nachaoo, aur tumhar hashar bot jald samnay a jaye ga jaB IMRAN KHAN PRIME MINISTER ban ker tumhari aur tumhari team ko jail main chki pisway ga ,, lanti bean

  48. Hanan says:

    Chal nikal … Mr. Bean teri yeh fankariyan ub dekh ker hansi aati hai … what a joker :)

  49. Sunny says:

    He is telling the truth…..IMRAN KHAN is going to be destructive for them (PML-N, PPP and the rest of the clan) for sure……

  50. Pakistani says:

    Mr. Bean Supreme court k faisalay k baad pagal ho gya hai……….Pagal Khanay mein phone karoooooo.

  51. naveed says:

    shuadry saab punjab ka chief mininter kon mian shabaz sharif to zemidari kis ki mian shabaz sharif ki raha imran khan ki baat to wo to iktedar mein bhi nahi phir usne punjab mein mashallah aik cancer hospital to banaya hai

  52. Ali Rana says:

    Full of shit ………….3rd class Mr.Bean:)

  53. Imran Ali says:

    Love you all those guys who support PTI and do comments for the Great Leader Sir Imran CAN.. feel shame for all noora league supporters, worshipping idols of PMLn and they know that they all are useless… LOve you Imran CAN… thanks for being hope for us…

  54. shahid says:

    siyasat kisi ke baap ki jagir nahi …sab ka haq hai woh siayasat kare koi bhi pakistani ho ….yeh jagir darana batain mat karo …ager tum logo ko kaha jaye ki sarya bechne wale kya siasat kae gay phir ..?????

  55. shahid says:

    aur tum logo ki hakoomat aa gai to phir yeh quam quam nahi rahe gi …….gali gali gunda gardi ho gi …punjab police ab qabu mai nahi …tum ayye to gali gali mai badmashi kare gi ……ALLAH bachaye tum logo se

  56. afzal.khan says:

    oi pappu yaaar!! tang na kar. ja or ja ke apne malikon ki jooti saaf kar apni hilti dum se. Shabash!!! Ohh, and before you go, I am about to throw a stick. Go get it… Good boy!!!

  57. Scarface says:

    u DOLT u MUTT do u even kno wht AGITATION is
    i dare ur IMRANA BAJI to create a disturbance before the UN
    they'll lock him up u FOOL
    n he'll cry like a lil BEACH

    accept the fact tht ur IMRANA BAJI is a master of U-TURN

    cuz where i come frm


    • Sunny says:

      Maryam Baji aise na karo………
      Khawateen ko aisi zubaan zaib nahin deti…..

    • ali_ss says:

      lol another hussain haqqani… be safe beb.. imran wont hit the pussy cats like u.

    • ilyas says:

      well abusive language tu PTI use karte hai, tu ap kon…………:P
      or rahi baat aik zuban ki tu ap pathan tu nahi pir ap ko kiya pata aik zuban kisay kahtay hain……?
      sochiay ga zaroor.
      my dear brother main aik mashwara daita houn ap ko agar bura na lagay bring you mental level at zero remove everything about politics and and political people and than think.
      i am sure you will be having a better thinking power.
      i am saying that we people of Pakistan are egoistic and we do not change decision even though we know that we are wrong. just cuz we think our ego will hurt and what will people think i lost, i change my decision.
      so funny and strange we do not have the power to make deciosn of our own life and we talking about Pakistan.
      We are mentally slave people.

  58. ebiz110 says:

    For POS baseless, brainless, ignorant tapeworms Noora supporters!!! PTI postpones anti-drone rally before UN in New York for 26 oct because he had a reason, not like gutless POS retard Chor Bakwas Shatan hiding since he got caught red handed eating sh1t from ISI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has postponed the anti-drone rally in front of the United Nations Headquarters in the New York City on October 26.

    PTI sources said that the decision to postpone the protest was taken after the PTI United States chapter extended a request in this regard due to Eid al-Adha, falling on the same date and that scores of party activists wanted to celebrate the Eid with their families in Pakistan.

    “The request was made directly to Imran Khan as many party activists are planning to return to Pakistan to celebrate the religious festival with their near and dear ones,” sources said.
    When approached through short messages on his cell-phone, Imran Khan confirmed to have postponed the agitation following the request by PTI’s US activists.

    • Scarface says:

      u DOLT u MUTT do u even kno wht AGITATION is
      i dare ur IMRANA BAJI to create a disturbance before the UN
      they'll lock him up u FOOL
      n he'll cry like a lil BEACH

      accept the fact tht ur IMRANA BAJI is a master of U-TURN

      cuz where i come frm


  59. ebiz110 says:

    1st point I don't know if I was dreaming another day or I saw a news about that POS Bakwas Shatan caught red handed eating Sh1t from ISI?????? ohh well this is nothing new for POS Bakwas Shatan he is #1 gutless, retard corrupt Noora anyway!!!

    Dumb Mr whatever you guys call him, he looks as much retard as his bosses

    2nd point
    The PML-N's provisional government in Punjab Province came under intense media, opposition, and public anger after failing to counter the Dengue fever outbreak due to its lack of apathy and inadequate steps and seriousness to enforce environmental awareness and regulations. In recent, the prestige of PML-N's also suffered after the government's Health and Environment ministry failed to properly scanned the quality of medicines, resulting in major counterfeit and environmental crises that put party's environmental and health policies in great doubts.

    3rd point by Muhammad kamal"
    Now a days it's common propaganda from nawaz league that , if people voted for PTI , it will help Zardari to win again. Its the old dirty tactic from nawaz league , that they always use policy of making people afraid of PPP, and win votes, or personal attacks on their opponents to discourage their supporters.

    They don't win on their performance. Now Once again they r using this policy. But I want to remind people the reality of their propaganda. First of all It was nawaz sharif who was great enemy of Zardari. He kept him in jail in both of his terms as prime minister. He said him security risk for pak, corrupt, disloyal to pAk , and made many cases against him and benazir bhutto.

    But during his exile in Saudia Nawaz sharif made Benazir bhutto his sister and Asif Zardari his brother. Just for coming back in pakistan and coming back in power he forgot all corruption of Zardari. During 2008 election Nawaz sharif fully cooperated with Zardari and said even to vote for him or PPP. After elections just to come in power in punjab Nawaz Sharif made alliance with Zardari .

    Nawaz league voted for Yousaf gilani as prime minister , and PPP voted for shahbaz sharif for C.M. Even in presedential election nawaz league supported Zardari by not challenging his nomination papers in election commission, nomination a weak candidate justice saeed against him, while Pml (Q) and some other parties were agree to vote for Javid hashmi. If it had happened Zardari could not be President. When Zardai govt was damaging pakistan economy, deptt, law and order, and were doing mega corruption

    4th point

    Nawaz sharif kept silent. Even Nawaz sharif openly said to contuinue his support for Zardari even if PPP leaves him. After 30 october 2011 jalsa of PTI , his eyes opened.

    He started to pose like opposition. But on inner side they were still cooperating , like in constitutional amendments, by- elections, senate elections etc. and this indoor co operation is still continue for care taker govt . So I can say with assurity that Nawaz sharif and zardari are same. Nawaz league is opposing Zardari just to show them real opposition. They will again make alliance after election with Zardari, if they need it to come in govt. because their motto is just to gain power at any cost. And it will not happen Insha Allah because PTI is number one in popularity in about all surveys done so far. secondly the number of registered members for PTI has reached to one crore. Important thing is this that total number of votes PPP got on 2008 Elections was one crore, and Nawaz league was 70 lacs.

    Thirdly PTI is untested party, so people people of Pakistan who are willing change,they r in favour of testing new party PTI. PTI has promised to give tickets to honest and 70 percent new persons. It will certainly have great impact on voters. Fourth is 3 crore 50 lac bogus vote is out and of same number new voter is registered. About 35 of these voters this time is new and young, and is in favor of PTI. Fifth is nawaz and Zardari are tried a and tested and established corrupt politician. While Imran khan has huge credibility of honest person, good organizer, courageous, kind and true Pakistani. So PTI has great chance of winning. Last and most important thing is many religious , spiritual persons(peers, murdhids) have predicted Imran khan to come in power.

    Same is predicted by some famous palmists etc. so Inshallah Allah next time Is PTI time , Imran khan time. Just one last thing for PTI supporters, they tell people that if they voted for Nawaz , he will again make alliance with Zaradari, as he did before."

  60. imran says:

    only option for PMLn is say sorry publically and quit politics the political dent they suffer is enormous and unrepairable .

  61. Zubair says:

    Yeah you're right they need a MBBS of Electrical Engineering Degree to be a good polititiani..

  62. lion says:

    Nawaz Norray ka Baywakouf Nokar.

  63. Scarface says:

    these JAHIL TPI PITBULLS expects us pakis to support their STUPID oss movement
    IMRANA BAJI was suppose to go to N WZ never went there
    IMRANA BAJI was suppose to protest before the UN and he backed out like a FREAKING CHICKEN
    y would i ever back a STUPID FOOL who is scared of the MQM terrorists and a master of U TURN

    IMRANA BAJI agar apnay baap kaa hai aur PAROSI kaa nahi tu deh dharna UN kaay SAAMNAY :)

  64. kaka_pehalwan says:

    he is a full of shit that's all i would say.and ppl who likes to keep geting f**ked by the pml(n) and zardaari i would ask them this plz keep supporting your f**kers becouse you ppl deserve this,

  65. pakipower says:

    animal and birds association(a&b) complained that people calling ch nisar ullo ka patha ,gadha, kutta etc…they all say they gona sue all post if the insult them ,,,,,kindly janwer ki izzat karain ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  66. Inam says:

    Like Azizi says " mahnat kar hasad na kar ". Shame on you Mr. Nisar

  67. khan says:

    imran khan or nawaz shareef nay ppp ko baywaqoof banya hai imran or nawaz appas main media par nora kushti kertay rahay hain ta k ppp ki jaga imran famous ho jaye or har banday ki zuban par PTI or Nawaz Shareef ye naam a jayen . or ajj asa hi hoa hai ppp ki baat b koi nahi kerta. mere liya dono party aik jasii hain
    dono main say jo b a jaye acha hi ho ga mulak k liye lakin ppp ko nahi ana chaye.

  68. mansoorjaved says:

    Ch. Bean.. bus ab iss mulk kee jaan chor do. Reham khaao or dffa ho jao iss mulk sai. Tum khud bhe munaafik ho.. or tumharey leaders bhe khbees or munaafik hain.

    Laanat ho tum sab pai.

    Aaj har sacha or akalmand aadmi Imran Khan kai sath hai. Kuch bhe kar lo.. hum nai vote ussi ko dena hai.. bhaaar mai jaao tum

  69. Guest1 says:


  70. shafiq says:

    mr been johty py lahnat


    ha ha ha……look who is talking….

  72. Inam says:

    Nisar sahib please bring your house in order and forget about Khan Sahib. People know who the kuptan is. Barking like this only makes you look ugly!

  73. KIA MAIN JOT BOLYA says:



    jo baap ka na howa woh tumhar hosaktai?

  74. insaaf says:

    look whos talking itsMR BEEN ULOO KA PATA

  75. Aamir-usa says:

    This fool needs to shut up and worry about getting a wig that looks more natural…

  76. FunnyBunny says:

    Ch Nisar if your view point is very impressive and you are very popular in these poor people then call "jalsa" in Lahore and gather more people then this cricketer Lahore's jalsa, after that i will respect your comment that you know about what is "mazdoor kay paseenay ke khusboo", which we already know in a 'bakery' show.

  77. sirtaj says:

    saray nnnnnnnnnnora league keee baaj gaee….hai hai hai ker rahain hain.

    Ab supreme court a faisla kyoon nahin mantay…yeah court a hukam hai kay FIA investigation karain…tumhain manzooor nahin hain….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaay….

    parrraaaan mooo taaaaaar……hahhhahahah

  78. harun says:

    Ch Nisar do you know who is your Dad? you write with your name ch, and khan as well i think your mum raped by khan please confirm from your mother who she slept

  79. Asif Khan says:

    This is stupid and he is cheap person. He is very proud of his dirty experience in politics and calling Imran Khan a new player. Shame on you Nisar. You are no where near the great man Imran. You were the broker between army and Nawaz during 1990.

  80. Rollinaces says:

    Hes an Absolute and utter Lunatic .. Fake Wig

  81. AWAN says:


  82. ubaidullah says:

    Ch Nisar even don't know how to criticize ….haha funny speech!!

  83. zakaria says:

    Apni hashar dekh lega tu.Inshallah

  84. Shamim Adil says:

    Pagal hogaya hai.

  85. Shamim Adil says:

    What a disgrace person he is. Totally idiot.

  86. Asif Khan says:

    Extreme mismanagement. Sad to see school infrastructure crumbling but no one to take care and no value of the new generation and their future. Sad to see. It is time to show middle finger to politician during election who play with our future.

  87. Waqar says:

    What an Idiotic look on Ch Nisar face, He doesn't have balls to Face Imran Khan.

  88. @undefined says:

    i want say all pti lovers pls don't get angry when some one use bad words they do this cause like this they have some cheep publicity pls ignore t hem

  89. S Z Khan says:

    Mr petrolium, you can only smell the petrolium ministery but not taste it this time INSHAALLHAH. tumhari masoomiat pe nisar. tell me when and where did you smell the blood of a laborer.

  90. jan says:

    Chutya Nisar you are really one of a shameless man in the Group of PML Nasoor. Because you know it’s the time for you to show you sincerity with the Pakistan, and ask to Mr. Ghanja that why you took money from ISI to destabilize the democratic system of Pakistan.
    Mr Chutya Nisar you should appreciate to the great leader Imran Khan, because his every word is coming true now, whatever he said about Afghan war, about Mr. Ghanja.
    Finally be sure Imran Khan is the next PM of Pakistan inshallah.

  91. Babu says:

    Where is the video?

  92. asim says:

    nisar tera time khatam ho gia ha.apny bashan ghar me ja kar dy.awam marwa di ha tm ny sath mil kar zardari ky noora leauge.

  93. Adnan says:

    Shamefull and disgusting Man – Nisar Ali Khan

  94. alam says:


  95. Fahim rajput says:

    Failed! ,Mr bean!

  96. Tahir says:

    HaHa Ha HA Ha, Oh! Janwar Gaunwar,

    Lair, is IK in the Government?????
    Dangi spread because of your mismanagement, stupid lair what IK have to do with that???InshaAllah PMLN's days are over, bring back the money you guys received fro MIA.PMLN is Bunch of thugs

  97. Scarface says:

    oye JAHIL PTIBULLS phelay Mr. Bean spell karna seekho JAHILON

    phir mock karna


  98. Scarface says:

    IMRANA BAJI day BAYLEE, zardari tay ULLO kaa PATHA ultaf HUMPTY DUMPTY

    kabhi in dono kay baaray mein kuch nahi kheta

    PML u should thank IMRANA BAJI cuz i was never gonna vote but when i noticed that IMRANA BAJI was only against u all i decided to vote for u guys

    SAADA vote PML

  99. Scarface says:

    u r rite man thts y i'll never vote for TPI PITBULLS

    i can only vote for PML or Jamat e Islami

    IMRANA BAJI is PAAGAL he's scared of the MQM terrorists

    Zardari aur IMRANA BAJI kay dost MQM DHESHAT GARD.

    IMRANA BAJI apnay baap kaa hai tu bol MQM kee DHESHAT kay KHILAF

  100. luv@pakistan says:

    100% rightly said by ch nisar,

  101. Truth says:

    Mulah Nawaz Sharif ney to mulk ke halat badel deya they na, jo ab yeh shoor kerraha ha.

  102. 123 says:

    Shame on you,,, Imran Khan is not part of the governement!!!!

    you are in Punjab Governement not Imran Khan!!!

  103. waseem says:

    Mr bean on one can easily see the frustration on their faces. Tum log humara aqa hi aur kisi aur ko siyasat maien ana nahi dta jis trha hum log hamza shahbaz aur Bilawal bhutto ki ghulami karna ka liya pada howa haien

  104. Revol Ution says:

    Jab Allah SWT aik faisla kar day usay duniya ki koye taqat nayan badal sakti.

    Allah SWT kay huqam say PTI Government banayee ghee.

  105. ali says:

    bakraey walay ki paseenay ki khushboo hum ne daiki hai..cm ki beiti aur daamad k hathon…hahahahaha

  106. Revol Ution says:

    Nawaz and Shahbaz are badly exposed.

    As Imran says, "Allah Alhaq hay" . PMLN can cheat people of Pakistan but cannot cheat the Lord of Universe (Allah).

    In month of Ramadan, PMLN played dirty game but all in vain.

    Wa tu hizo mun ta sha, Wa tu zilo mun ta sha……………….

  107. babbar Shair says:

    ser tou vig la , tanu koi howa lagy

  108. ali says:

    hahahahaaha…bechara gabra gaya hai

  109. GUD SHOW says:

    they r getn crazy now haha
    its not imran its awam whoes rising n realising mistakes done by them in past

  110. Pamada says:

    Ch sahab apni dual nationality tu chroo tusi pa jee! !!!!!!!

  111. Imranhypocrite says:

    Ch Nisar has again proved that IK is B team of Zardari.

    • muhammadkd says:

      yes you are right he is B team but they are himself A team of zardari but rather will say more loyal to zardari then Pakistan and because zardar ,nawaz and shabaz Madari.May be in comin days all they will called themselves bhutto ka hawari

  112. inqalabi says:

    IK is just another move of PP!!

  113. Arif says:

    We proud you imran khan!!!!!

  114. mudassar sharif says:

    i love you khan saheb……………..i love pti………i believe in pti

  115. Rao Rizwan says:

    lanti insan

  116. mudassar sharif says:

    imran to bahut acha insaan ha………..app ki jegga koi be aa gay…………us ko vote deen gy…..tum ko ni……kabi ni……tum jotay ore lantey insaan ho…..hate you pmln…..love you pti

  117. ajmal says:

    tu haramo no 1 hai

  118. new icon says:

    Ane wale election mein Pmln aur shareef brothers ki fakhrya pesh kash Sharbat-e-Kartoot Siyah

    Ajza-e-murakabi yani sharbat-e-kartoot siyah mein mandarja zel cheezen shamil hain.

    Dengue——-bad governance ki wajah se na jane kitni jane zaya karna
    Real issues ko solve karne ke bajaye political stunt———like danish school, laptop, sasti roti etc.
    Friendly Opposition——–char sal se noora kushti khelte rahna
    Jaali Adwiyat
    Dost Mohammad Khosa-sapna khan case
    Jaali digrayan
    Sasti roti
    Yellow cab corruption
    Bad Governance—–jarayem mein izafa
    Naqli Bal
    Forward Block——horse trading ke zarye pujab ki hukumat chalana
    Hamza Shahbaz-Ayesha Ahad Case——-Aurton ke sath bad sulooki
    IJI———Hameed gul ka aiteraf
    Asghar Khan Case———-jis ka faisla achuka hai main beneficiary Nawaz shareef
    Ziaul Haq Ka mission——-Dictator ki goad mein parwan charhna
    General Jilani ki sarparasti——–khud Establishment ke kandhe istemal karna aur IK pe jhoota ilzam lagana
    Kargil Jang——-America se jakar mafi mangna foj ko marwana
    Musharaf se Maafi——–Kaghaz ke sher do din jail mein na guzar sake
    Raymond Davis——–punjab ki tehweel mein hone ke bawajood use chor dena
    Band Oufits se rabte——Rana Sana Ullah ka khule aam un ke jalson mein jana
    Khud sakhta Jilawatni
    Siyasi Inteqam———jhoote case banana aur khud hi zardari se se us ki mafi mangna
    Itefaq Foundry ki corruption——-case face karne ke bajaye stay order lena
    Hudaibia Mills Crruption———case face karne ke bajaye stay order lena
    Money Laundering——-UK aur Jeddah mein multi million dollars se business karna lakin koi money trail nahi
    Lota Siyasat
    Saif-ur Rehman
    Morosi Siyasat
    Emel Cansi
    PTI ki naqal
    state resources ka apni party ke liye istemal
    Pakistan ke bajaye soobayet ki siyasat
    Ghareeb Sweeper per zulm——-cctv ki footage ajane par hulke dafat laga kar beti aur damad ko bachana

    mandarja bala cheezon ke ilawa mazeed beshumar ajza is mein shamil hain maslan khaja asif, mushahid ullah khan, pervez rasheed aur bohat se doosre.Kisi bhi mulk ko tabah karne ka nadir nuskha 5 bar azmooda is election mein aik bar phir azmaye mulk tabah na hua tau hamara nam bhi shareef brothers nahi

  119. mudassar sharif says:

    @@MR. BEANS

    tum na 25 saal punjab ma hokomat ki …………kia dea haam ko……wohy jootay police makablay…..jootay perchy……reshwat khoor police……wohy lantey putwaray……police gardy…..eak essa thana bataooo poray punjab main batoo….jehaan reshwat ki bagare percha darj hota ho…..eak …saraf eak bataoooo

  120. muhammadkd says:

    No Guys he is absolutley cent percent right.This country is for choudries,Nawabs,Khans,Industrial tycoons and landlords,This country is for Zardari,Nawaz shabaz Madari and we are their servants and he is our choudry ,we are born servants and they are choudries,Nawabs so only they have the right to rule over us.Why Imran khan like honest man will rule us.He need to play cricket ,we were born for jobs and they are born to rule over this 180million dead people.Khan is a middle class self Made man.He struggle and he is stupid that he struggle for this dead nation and at the end day again all dead nation will vote for their masters and he is our master.So he give good advice to khan you only need to play cricket,This 180million donkeys and monkeys are our servants and you do your job and we will control our servants by our means,This country must be ruled Zardari ,Nawaz Madari.

  121. Rehan says:

    Inshallah PML N win Kray gi mai haj karnay ja raha hun Inshallah apni prty PML N ky liye special Dua karon ga PMl n Zinda Abad

    • bilalakbar606 says:

      Aray bahi plz plz plz pmln ke liye dua mat karna kyoun kay un ko tu roz badua milti hai hum ghareebo se. Aap ko shyed maloom nahee ke na sirf pakistan balkay poray punjab mein kya police culture hai. kitni gandagi hai aap ko jab police ke chitaar parein gay tu kabhe dua nahee karo gay in ke liye. Hum ne yeh sab bardhasht kya hai jaiisay lahore mein sweet teeth bakery walay larkay ke mukooon aur tudhoon se patai ke thi. Allah na karay kay aap ya aap kay maa baap ya behan bahi ke sath aisay hu. jab unko chithar parein gay tu aap kabhi pmln kay liye dua nahee karo gay. Because inhi leaders ke policies ke wajah se police ka ganda nizam change nahee hua aur na hee yeh karay gay. example bakery case…

    • muhammadkd says:

      yes Pakistan need PML as they can destryoed the remaining remants of pakistan as quickly as possible.You are right my dear as they deserve this country .They do this corruption only in Punjab but they need to do this in all over pakistan .Your prayers will inshallah accepted.Thnaks God you like ppl are living in this country.Must watch this video.

    • alam says:

      sath mey umrahb karna lekin ab inshallah IK jeetey ga. humien yeh merasien leader aur nahe chahien

    • Ali says:

      Tum bi shahbaz sharerf ko apmi bahan day do aur pir ye alfaz dohrao to pir mana ja sakta hai ……ha ha ha ha

    • mansoorjaved says:

      Zaroor dua karna merey bhai.. kiun kai PML N nai khud to kuch nahi kyaa.. shayd kis yateem maskeen kee dua hee lag jaye.

      Or haan.. apney lye bhe zaroor dua karna.. kai Allah tumhey akal dai.. tumhey aankhey dai, jiss sai tum dekh skko.. tumhey kaan dai jiss sai tum sunn sako.. or tumhey woh dil dai jiss pai mohar naa laggi ho. Iss kai ilawa sab sai important yee, kai tumhey bar bar aik he soraakh sai dassey jaaney kaa jo shok hai.. uss shok ko door karey.

    • clayton says:

      ibi say shroo ho jao inshaallh pti will make government both in punjab and center

  122. s.khan says:

    Chottia parshad, i.e, f**king idiot.

  123. mudassar says:


  124. Truth only says:

    Where was IMRAN in dengue outbreak ?_______LOL _______ was IMRAN a part of government __ ???
    What a Pussy this Mr. Bean's twin brother is,
    What a stupid man he is and stupid allegations,
    One can just laugh at him,
    One enjoys more listening his talk than Mr. Beans,
    He and his followers are living in fools paradise,
    They think, they can still fool the people with such accusations.
    I feel pity for him & his brainless co !!

  125. mudassar says:

    @patroliam minister

    too eak jota ore zalil insaan ha….i dont believe you…..i dont trust you

  126. mudassar says:

    i hate patroliam minister

  127. NUST Community says:

    yeh to shakl sa hi chwal lgta ha

  128. tanveer saudi arab says:


  129. maverick says:

    Mr. been (Chaudry Nisar) sherm tum ko mager nahi ati…..begeraat brigade kay rukeun, Mian brotheran kay jotuon main palnay walay…aise batein aik honest aadmi IMRAN KHAN kay liaye tumahray mun say ache nahi lagtein…OK…samjh aye yaa phir dobara samjhayon…

  130. tanveer saudi arab says:



  131. ZAHIDSZ says:



  132. tanveer saudi arab says:





  133. ali imran says:

    PML N zindabad
    imran is going down for sure

  134. king_79 says:

    You can expect only jokes from Mr Bean, nothing else…

  135. Ali says:

    sab ise mr. bean kehte hain…….bhai plz mr. bean ki bhi koi izzat hai yaar

  136. hafiz says:

    shut ur dirty mout…mr bean.

  137. naeem hassan says:

    meri jan imran khan.pti zinda bad

  138. meer ali says:

    Mr. Bean ka damaaghi tawaazan theek nahi.

  139. waris ali says:

    tu jaisay marzi bhonk lay salay vote hum ne phir bi Imran Khan ko daina hai

  140. z mian says:

    تم وہ کتے ہو
    جو حرام کھا کر بھی بھوکے ہی ہو

    اتنے چانس ملے اگر کوئی اچھا کام کرتے تو فوج کے ہاتھوں ذلیل ہو کر کیوں اقتدار سے نکلتے
    شرم کرو تم نوز شریف کے تلوے بھی چاٹو تو وزیراعظم نہیں بن سکتے
    بندر کیا جانے ادرک کا سواد

  141. abdul jabbar says:

    Es ko khwab ma bi imran khan ath ha pagal ha mr ben

  142. diya says:

    Mr Bean tumhara dimagh kharab ho gaya hai……aur Imran Khan k darr sey tum chorron ki neendain haram ho gai hain………………Imran Khan Zindabad

  143. diya says:

    Mr Bean apnay nooray ko bta dena…………..ab tum chorron ki Pakistan mai koi jagga nahi hai………..Imran Khan is our Prime minister Insha ALLAH

  144. himayoun says:

    Aby tu nissar kis ka hai lutaro ka ,be zameru ka ,dharpoku ka ,zalmu ka ,mujremu ka ,aayashu ka ,election choru ka,fouj ki goud mai palny walu ka, yaa masoom awam ka jis nay aap ko achhi tarah pehchan lia hai, Ab tumary liey aik hi rasta bacha hai ke tum imran par nissar ho jav ,

  145. Iftikhar Jadoon says:

    O Mr Bean……. Imran Khan tum jesay chorron aur daakuon sey laakh darjay behtar hay…….and Insha ALLAH Imran Khan will be Pakistan's Prime Minister very soon

  146. Bilal Kiani says:

    yeh to pagala gya hai..
    oye theri okat he kya aus cricketer k sath compare kry to PMLN ko..

  147. brazentruth says:

    This man is nothing but a piece of shit —

  148. kanwar atif says:

    Imran khan ghota insan hi.

  149. Asif says:

    Tusnami kissi Nisar Kutey ka bhonkanay sey nahin rukay ga.

  150. sabir khan says:

    biggest lair of PMLN ,In fact PMLN are afraid with the popularity of PTI. They don't have any policy and proven corruption in the past.
    Ch.Nisar understand this that today voter is not illiterate that what bullshit you say they believe it. they can understand all the political game. Imran Khan is clean man who has vision,determination ,hardworking. presently only Imran khan can save this country. VOTE TO IMRAN KHAN.

  151. schawkur says:

    Fake conversation by the Fake wig, Mr. Bean of Pakistan (Nisar) from the Fake Family Party of Nooraz & Katoraz Corporation, which runs the country on a Fake mandate…

  152. himayoun says:

    Aby tu nissar kis ka hai lutaro ka ,be zameru ka ,dharpoku ka ,zalmu ka ,mujremu ka ,aayashu ka ,election choru ka,fouj ki goud mai palny walu ka, yaa masoom awam ka jis nay aap ko achhi tarah pehchan lia hai, Ab tumary liey aik hi rasta bacha hai ke tum imran par nissar ho jav ,

  153. Tahir says:

    Lol, he sounds so silly. You rigged 1990s election, shame on you!

  154. Guest says:


  155. malik says:

    ch sab app ko or app ky leder ko apny baap ki kasm election ky bad pakistan may rahna.wrna app dono ka baap koi nai

  156. rulers_here says:

    ooo mian saab jaan deo
    sadi wari aan deo ….
    IK will be the next PM Insallah

  157. Sunnnnnnnnnny says:

    the man with fake hair….. sala america ka kutha….

  158. Harris says:

    Mr Bean Pagal ho gaya hai.

  159. election btaye ga……….ch sb……IK sb ap logon se bohat bra leader ha aur gareebon ka bhi jitna aap ko khial ha puri dunya janti ha
    PTI zindabad

  160. sajid says:


  161. alisherdil says:

    …. to compare …. great imran khan ……..with nawazz shreff … i think its zayadati with imran khan …… as nawazz shareef is not of that stature and value to b compared with great imran khan
    ….whts …. aukkaat of …..NAWAZ SHAREEF ………. he was a ""BLACKSMITH"" ( lohaar) as owns ……… ittafq foundry ……

    …….AND FROM SELLING …….. .. iron …. nawaaz shareef is now richest person in pakistan ……….. wht nawazz sharef has given to pakistan …… just ….. hollow slogans ….. deception … fraud … cheatings ……….. despite 25 years being chief minister of punjab ………nothing jts daramae bazi .. rangg baziii …….. .. and to see wht imran khan has given to country despite nothing … in power…. but soooo hign standard ….. landmark cancer hospital and ……namal college ……
    regardiing ….. chuadhry nisaar …… its aukkakat is just petrolium ministry……………

  162. Redrose_519 says:

    kutty kameny insaan siyasat tu serf tum noora kushti ky logo ko aati hy tum hy na… kia gul kilay abi tak bs serf mazak krna atta hy or kuch nai apni ya bkwas bnd karo our dafa ho jao jaan chor do pore qaom ki…..

  163. pando says:

    Did you ever see any farmer wearing wig? How come to talk about farmers.You don't let anybody to ask you any question in your constituency .You are not suitable to democracy at all.

  164. sehrishch says:

    mr,Been k bachay hamara leader baat karta h tu pata chalta h k koi padha huwa insaan baat kar raha aur such bolta h aur mr, been apnay leader ko baat kartay dekha h jaisay TANGAY WALA baat kar raha ho Bas 1 sawal k jawab Quom maangti h k tum ne hum per 12 saal hakoomat ki h tum loogoon ne sawaay ZILLAT k siwa kia dia h shame on u mager tum ko sharm kahan se aay gi na jaanay tum kis mati k banay huwe ho PTI ZINDA BAD IMRAN WE LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  165. Saad says:

    yeh to mulazimmm aadmi hai . jo malik kehay ga wohi bolay ga .. Ch. Nisar you willl not get any petrolium minitry this time !!

  166. munzir says:

    Ujray ujray se patwari khan nazar aatay hain

    Nooray ki barbaadi ke asaar nazar aatay hain

  167. khan faheem says:

    BUS karo ab ch nisar sarry zindaghi jhot bola, patta nahe our kitna quom se jhot bologhey,

  168. miansabir says:

    Don't try to defend your self Ch. Nisar (Poodle of Nawaz Sharif). We have seen about you. You are just looters and damaged the pakistan. Recently, Supreme Court of Pakistan exposed your leader's real face. Don't try to defend yourself and finding faults in others. We want credibility, you are answerable.

    Stop now, and give the chance to clean politician.

  169. sirji says:

    yeah vo loog hain Joo Na kuch kergain gay or Na hee kernay dain gay..

    Bus Kerdooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Jan Chor dooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    Ju bhi loota hay…Lay jaaao saath…Maaf karooo….

  170. Ehsan Khan says:

    P M L N Zindabad Ch Nisar Grait leader

    • sirji says:

      Zara oos kay kargardgi bhi bata dooo. Takay Hum Maan jaain vo aik Great Leader hai…Please zaroor bataana..

    • khan faheem says:

      mr, Eshan khan, kittan great leader jitna nazzar a ra hi? haqiqat ko kub tak chopaioghee,

    • longlivePakistan says:

      ehsan bhai aik baat batain,kia waqai apka dil sa yeh awaz ati hai ke nawaz shareef sb hi mulk ko change da sakta hain,actually koi nawaz shareef ka khilaaf nahi hai,baat sirf itni hai kah ab mulk ka jo halat ho gia hain isko daikh ker buhat afsoos hota hai,ab i think ksi asi government ki zarorat hai jo waqai tabdili chahti hai…….
      aur bhai imran khan ho ya nawaz shareef hamain insa na to koi zati dushmani hai aur na hi muhabbat.hamain to bus apna mulk ka sochna hai,imran khan ko islia itna zayada support kia jata hai kion ka sab ko lagta hai ka is banda ka baas koi vision hai,iska koi goal hai,jab yeh waziristan,or balochistan gia to really dil main iskalia buhat qadar hui ka iska Allah per yaqeen hi isko bila khoof wahan la gia.or dosri baat yeh kah yeh aik educated person hai,dunia ka har forum pa jitna acha imran khan nai defend kia itna acha defend kerta hua main nai kabhi ksi ko zulfiqar bhoto ka baad nahi dakha.
      islia bhai plz be positive aur sab ko chorain sirf wo sochain jo hamara Pakistan ka lia mufeed hai……

    • khan says:

      Bacharoon ko apna anjaam nazar ah raha hai……………….they are dying their on death………………

  171. golee says:

    Gaaaaaaanddddd lagy phatny tu niyaaz lagy Battny
    sorry but ye tu eys ei

  172. furqanfarooq says:

    shut up u mr bean….
    We love Imran Khan!!!
    Will Vote only for PTI!!!!

  173. ranjha says:

    bonkna choor do choro

  174. mohammed rafiq says:

    choor ro ka sardar….chodry nisar.

  175. honestmuslim says:

    Koi ha jo is Kutt……….y ka moonh band karwaya?….i cant bear his barki……..g……mouth…

  176. Raza says:

    Mr Bean ,,,,,,,, Kharkoss Insaan

  177. javedammar58 says:

    chaudry nisar international call rates par bi to boonnnkkoo

  178. usman says:

    yeh bnda jitna qabil ha sb ko pata ha..
    we love only KHAN SAB

  179. honestmuslim says:

    Nisar sahab bas kuch aur months sabar kar lo…..bas election ke din anay doo..then.ham tumahay
    batayain gey ke ehtsab kiya hota ha..aur kesay tum logo ne jo mulk ko luta ha ha us ka hasab lia
    jata haa…..just wait…..

  180. munzir says:

    Seems to me PML-N feeling the heat of Imran Khan political surge, IK ever increasing popularity getting on their nerves & taking its toll a very heavy toll, PML-N will soon become dinosaures of Pakistani politics

  181. PMLN drama says:

    oy Mr been fiker na karo tum logon ka b hashar ho ga INSHALLAH ap logon her dafa drama karty ho

  182. PAA KHUSHI says:

    shutup laier

  183. Raza says:

    What you guys have done ? Choor Kahi Ke

  184. rabiya says:

    mansikk santolaan ….ch nisar

  185. malik says:

    The worst Terrorists are….Billionaire Thugs…… Corrupt Leaders/Nawaz/Zardari /Generals….. SOLD OUT MEDIA


    Army MORAL is BOOSTED by ….BY THREE GENERAL’s Corruption in NCL


    Creeps Robbed everything………..and as Diversion Created FAKE/Uncircumcised Taliban

  186. honestmuslim says:

    Yar intah darjay ka…LAANTI….GHATIA…KAMEENA…KHABEES BATAN….shakhas ha ye ch..nisar..
    In sab choor dakaoo ko ab IMRAN fobia ho giya ha….in sab choro ke lia IMRAN ab aik drawana khwab
    ban chuka ha..IMRAN TERI SATTEY HI KHERAAN……

  187. J.K says:

    بولا شریفوں کا نوکر پھر بولا،کرکٹ کا کھلاڑی اور جو چور نہ ہو جس نے وطن کا مال نہ لوٹا ہو چپ رہنے یا ساتھ دینے کے لیے پیسے نہ لیے ہوں جو تقریریں کرتا ہو وہ سیاست نہیں کر سکتا کیا دلیل ہے جیسے خود تقریروں کے ساتھ لوگوں کےگھر کھانا بھی دینے جاتا ہے پاکستان کا کوئی فرد خواہ وہ کسی بھی شعبے سے تعلق رکھتا ہو وہ کہے کہ ستار ایدھی یا عمران خان کو غریبوں کسانوں کا نہیں پتا کہ وہ کیسے زندگی گزارتے ہیں تو سمجھ جاؤ اس بندے سے برا چول باز کوئی اور نہیں کل تک کیا پاشا پاشا کرتا رہتا تھا اب خود اپنے بارے میں بتاۓ کہ کس کس تالاب میں ہاتھ دھوے ہیں شرم مگر ان کو نہیں آتی

  188. malik says:

    SCHOOLS………..TURNED into… STABLES….Donkeys/Cows/Buffalos

    Education is ………………………………………..NOT on Govt. Priority List.
    Lack of Funding for Education…………Ghost Schools/Schools turned into Farms.

    Amina…………..Talented student Parents unable to put her through school….?
    Ejaz…………………………..distributed Newspaper to pay for his school….?
    Imran Syed………………….Parents sold house to put son through school….?
    Qanoos Khan………………….Dig into Garbage to pay for his school………?
    Moshin Ali…… Pita bread at Tandoor to support family/School ….Millions Kids wasted?

  189. malik says:

    Nawaz Malangi(Night Raider)…………………..Zardari Farangi (Broad Day )

    Pakistani BANIAS ….ZARDRI/NAWAZ…………Worst then JEWS

    People’s Stolen Tax money…… Stashed in England….People Starving /Suffering

  190. Truth only says:

    Where was IMRAN in dengue outbreak ?
    LOL, what a Pussy,
    What a stupid man he is,
    One can just laugh at him,
    He and his followers are living in fools paradise,
    They think, they can still fool the people with such accusations.
    I feel pity for him & his co !!

  191. Jee4Bee says:

    Ye Ch Nisar jo hay ye absolutely stupid banda hy is ko sharam he nhe ati. Kaha Imran Khan or kaha ye PML-n k dolls. Es ko kia pata k is k apnay halqay mian kitnay logon ki anson gir rahi hay. Imran the Great ne Shaukat Khanum or University bana k sabit kia hay. K woho hokumat main na honay k bawajood azeem karnamay anjam de k Azeem insan ban gaya hain. He is our Hero in every field.


  192. nomi says:

    mr bean you are the most stupid politics p in the history of pakistan

  193. Asghar Jan says:

    hahahhhahaha taras ata ha mujay PMLN wako pay……… yar ab becharo ki pass koi point nahi ki tehrek insaf ku necha dekhae…….bechara choudry nisar

  194. Omer says:

    poooor Mr.Bean is crying….. he got mad

  195. malik says:

    tum logoon na qoom ko kiya diya,,mulk ko police state bna rakha ha,,,sham on u,,,

  196. mr salehkhana says:

    oye mr been patwari ki aulad imrankhan london nahi balochistan wor wazirstan jata hai hai hemat tum logo mie tu jake dekao choro

  197. pakhtoon khan says:

    Mr been ko itna bebus kabi nahi deka, uskey lihjey me bharpoor shikast khordagi hey

  198. ali says:


  199. Proudly Secular says:

    Welldone .This Anchor is contributing to Awarenss about the conditions of Schools . In Pakistan everyone is corrpt from village farmers , to Education department , to teachers getting paid but not coming to schools , to the ministry of education , to the full government and its allies . It is not about a specific party , the same were the conditions when religious parties were in power in some provinces like KPK . Actually , Islam did not help to bring any practical morality in Pakistani nation . Islam just wasted people's time and taught them to live on empty promises . Major portion of the country is illiterate , without having developed social morals . The only morals Mullahs have taught in this country are about Sexual issues and Parda . Regarding the rest of the moral values , this nation religious mullahs contributed nothing and supported destruction of schools, murdering people in the name of God , using religion for getting votes , spreading hate between nations , suppressing and depriving women of their general right to get their education and other rights . Islam claim rights for women but it does not happen in practice becuase the different teachings contradicts each other and have opposite effects on each other and in reality it does not give results . It looks good in theory only .

    • Truth only says:

      Well Brother First of all, your thoughts are not of a secular but of an Atheist, I do agree with you to a certain extent.
      The problem is not in the religion but in it's interpretation and a complete lack of propagation of the main and major part of the religion, that is to say the 'Haqooq ul Ebaad'.
      I am quite sure that you a 'NRP' and should be living in an European or an American society, which might have impressed and encouraged you to have such thoughts.
      What you see in these welfare societies is actually the results of the implementations of the real islamic laws regarding """ Humanity """, that is to say the implementations of 'Haqooq ul Ebaad'.
      In another post i had commented on this in more detail, it was about the Haqooq Allah (25% of Islam) and Haqooq ul Ebaad (75% of Islam). The progressive culture & it's reward that you see in the welfare states is the result of this 75% of Islam ( which is implemented there vigorously by laws) and we the muslims who are just running after 25% of Islam (under sa*dis dogmatism) and forgetting totally about the rest and fruit full part of 75% of Islam are getting the reward accordingly !!
      So the problem is not in the message but in it's interpretation !!

  200. munzir says:

    what a shameful character "Patwari Ka Sarghunna" he is, lanat on him beshumaaaar

  201. mohammed rafiq says:


  202. Shoaib Butt says:

    bhale o ch nisar u r rigt the best is pmln
    opration ki 6 sal makhalfat kerta raha
    mager aik dam ichanak shamali wazeeristan main opration ki hamaiyt whayyyyyyyyyyyyy
    mr sunami
    do u feeeeeeeeeeeeeel pakistani is illetrate

    • Aijaz Afridi Sunami says:

      haha ha………shame on you ………..yes you r right ……..imran khan ko sayaset nahi aati….wo sayaaset jo tum log kerte ho awam ko lotne ki ……wo sayasat ko ibaadat ki tarah karta hay .Allah us ko kameyaab kare Ameen

  203. Pakifriend says:

    yeh choohay ki aulad sirf us waqt bayan deta hai jab Imran Khan out of country hota hai. special dramay baz hai

  204. remindme says:

    ja dafa ho mr bean andar say tum log bhi jantay ho kay imran khan bazi lay gia. gaoon main ja ker election larta hay kisi educated area main aao apnay body guards kay baghair phir tumhay pata chalay kay pakistan ka parha likha tabka tumharay aor ganjay brothers kay baray main kia sochta hay

  205. Bhatti Agapi says:

    ch nisar yeh dar ke sab kuch keh rahe hoo na . imran khan to jite ga

  206. new pakistan says:

    phaat gayi nisar miya?

  207. MUBASHE says:


  208. riz says:

    Imran bhai send his butt to moochi after u done with mr; bean

  209. MUBASHER says:

    Chal dafa ho Ch. Noora uraf Ch. Thana , Patwari…
    Just Shut up..
    Just Shur up
    Jusy Fity Mounh..
    All Gays.. VOTE FOR PTI.

  210. riz says:

    Imran Bhai take his butt and slam it hard and dont give him chance to take breath…huuuuu haaaa poo poo

  211. riz says:

    patti now your will get more patti with Imran Khan…. he will take your butt …. watch… his action

  212. Samar Ul Haq says:

    ahahhahahahahahahahahahh bechara is ko bolo nora apni ami ke andar se truk chala sheek kar aya tha

  213. riz says:

    mr; bean take out your hair and talk….. garbage

  214. riz says:

    Go & do it ur self u cheat,,,,,

  215. waqas says:



  216. Maaasooom says:

    Yoooon Lugta Hai Kay Imran Khan nay Is Kay Saaaath Koi Khas Qism ke Zeyadti Ki Hai Aur Phut Kay Gulay Main Main Aa Gayee Hai Ch Saaaaaaaaab Hosla Kurooooooooooo Agay Agay Dekheyai Hota Hai Keya

  217. M shahid Butt says:

    dont worry brothers is ki dum par Imran Khan ka paoo hai is lia he is barking….

  218. waqas says:




  219. ziaratwali says:

    ha ha look his face like dog and he is talking about imran khan kk ur the one thats way ur my number one no body cant stop u go forever

  220. Kaptaan says:

    Chowdhri sirf bhonkne sai kuch nahee hoga pehlai jawab doo keh ISI sai kitnai paisai lia thai.

  221. ahmed says:

    Imran nai oxford university sai Law kiya hai, waha ja kar cricket khaila kartai thi, aur graduation k bad cricket start kar li thi. if you think its a lie then why is he a vice chancellor of Bradford university.

  222. mohammed rafiq says:

    asghar khan case made them fill their toilets more at raiwand.where is ganjoo now ? come on tv to admit his guilt.these clever monkeys are spinning the subjects.

  223. powear says:

    paghal ho gea ha bechara

  224. alam says:


  225. hasnain says:

    hahahahaha bechara ooooye khan sahb tusi jaan dyo inay roo pena wa…..:P

  226. Dean says:

    Its not about Imran khan, tell us about your boss talking money from ISI under the table. Asghar Khan case has nothing to do with IK.

  227. lion says:

    Ya lo aik aur aya Nawaz Nooray ka paltoo Nokar Nisar.

  228. Dean says:

    Look who is talking.

  229. Malik Aamir says:

    Janab Ch. Ssb. waqay he Imran Khan will bring more destruction for people like you……..we accept him anyway

  230. mohammed rafiq says:

    choor thugh lootary.badmash.gunday .their days are over.i like to see day he takes his wigs off.

  231. ali_ss says:

    wig wala bandar….. Imran to jab aay ga tab aay ga, tum logo ka to in and out sab ab khul kay awam kay samnay aa gia hay.

  232. fayaz says:



  233. Rashid Pti says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….just one comment….I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM! :)

  234. tahira says:

    abi gusra nasar dekhoo ahgy hoota hi kia tum looge choor ho Inshallah tum sab ko kali kotri mein band kirna ka time ah gia hi .inshallah tu sab N waly kuty kee mot muroo gy

  235. sohaibbinriaz says:

    PTI PPP PMLN Sirf ek dosre par tanqeed karna hi janti hn awaam k o mill kar bewakoof bana rahe hn imran khan or nawaz shareef …. In Sha Allah aney wala Waqt MQM ka hy Mazloom Haq Parasto Ka hai
    Pakistan Zindabad
    G.A MUttahida

  236. malik says:

    siyasat jo tum lougon ne ki hai ghadar,e,watan beghairto mulk tou tum lougon ne lout lia sharam se doob marna chahye tum sub ko

  237. Wolf Khan says:

    kio pml-n apni maa k pait se politics sikh kur ai thee kia….pml-n is enemy of ALLAH

  238. Usman says:

    jhoot bolna esay kehte hain

  239. Khan says:

    Bichary N-league waly bhoklahat ka shikar ho gai…

  240. RASHID says:

    Choudry Nisar will be almost 60 years old and 60 years is the average age of Pakistani. I mean he should serve the country in a good way otherwise he will not get a chance to serve the nation. But unfortunately he does nt care about this.

  241. haha ha………shame on you ………..yes you r right ……..imran khan ko sayaset nahi aati….wo sayaaset jo tum log kerte ho awam ko lotne ki ……wo sayasat ko ibaadat ki tarah karta hay .Allah us ko kameyaab kare Ameen

    • himayoun says:

      Aby tu nissar kis ka hai lutaro ka ,be zameru ka ,dharpoku ka ,zalmu ka ,mujremu ka ,aayashu ka ,election choru ka,fouz ki goud mai palny walu ka, yaa masoom awam ka jis nay aap ko achhi tarah pehchan lia hai, Ab tumary liey aik hi rasta hai ke imran par nissar ho jav ,

  242. Guest says:

    Bhai kxa hua atni jaldi hawa nikal gai ha??

  243. Guest says:

    Saala, phat gaie…

  244. naveed says:

    Kion Phaat gi na. Gunjay ledaroo.
    PTI se dar gaey na.

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