Raja Parvez Ashraf Speech – 19th October 2012


Raja Parvez Ashraf special Speech

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  • ebiz110

    Do you know why these POS chor corrupt Nooras Bakwas Shatan and his retard family and POS chor corrupt Nooras Gardari Bimari, and his retard family and others POS noora wanna be leaders trying to be in the power??

    They already got billions of pounds sitting in overseas fake bank accounts same money the sucked from poor awam, but why they still want power???

    Their properties, business, corrupted money would last them for hundreds of years, but why they still want to suck more blood from this poor awam???

    Answer is very simple, they know if Imran Khan comes into the power their corrupted money which they looted from this country for years, wont be safe anymore, that's they main reason, personally they don't give a sh1t about Pakistan or Pakistani people. just look at Pakistan today, each and every department is Failed or going to busted. Whole country is FAILED, but they don't give a damn!!!!!

    As you heard a lot times Gardari Bimari and his Chamcha Bakwas Shathan telling US don't worry, kill all we don't care as long you guys are happy and we are getting our share..

  • ghulam abbas

    watch from5.58 he is saying.
    alhmdolillah aj hmari qaid bb shaheed is dunia me nhe hyn….
    nalaiq ko pata nhe ya jan boojh ker Alhamdolillah kah rha ha..

  • honestmuslim

    Supreme Court ne bohat acha faisla diya ha.Pheli dafah howa ha kisi Higher Court ne kisi Army ke
    officers k khalaf faisla diya ha…we should salute to SC.aur ab SC ko chahay ke wo PPP…PMLN..ke
    khalaf jitnay bhi cases pending hain un par fori hearing karay ta ke ye imression khtam ho ke.SC
    Nawaz ke khalaf achtion nahi leti…is se siyasai badmashi jo phaili howi ha mulk k ander wo saf ho gi
    Aur phir INSHALLAH IMRAN will be next PM…and we will see a new Pakistan emerging.

  • honestmuslim

    I salute to SC court for this brave decisions on ASGHAR KHAN petition.Now time has come to
    take action against all culprits . don't put this to ZARDARI corrupt…he will use this for blackmailing and
    Muk Maka…

    • kunjahi

      zalim zardari jwab do Murtza Benzir kay qtal ka hsab do

  • mohammed rafiq

    harr channel pay shoor hay…..ganja noora choor hay.

  • https://www.facebook.com/muhammad.adrees1 Muhammad Adrees

    yr ya kia ha is ko sharam b nhi ati asi batain karta hoa

  • Imran haq

    FOR our beloved PM……..
    Chaman ko ujarhny k liye aik ullu hi kaafi tha
    Us baag ka kia ho jiski her shaakh pe ullu betha ho.

    May u cursed….

  • http://www.facebook.com/enaam.hanid Enaam Hanid

    Raja Sahib, what is a hurry for u to get this SC ordr implemented. Why not many other SC orders, which are held up and in trash tray? Why u asked for 4 weeks just to write a few lines to Swiss authorities whereby BB, her mother and spouse all are involved in money laundering?.

  • http://www.facebook.com/enaam.hanid Enaam Hanid

    Raja Sahib, I doubt if any action will be taken or SC decision will be implemented by you in toto. I feel u will be selective. First get your own house in order and get back the money plundered by PPP/coalition ministers including 60 million in Swiss banks. Then take action against those Generals who took money from the national exchequer and given to the politicians. You appreciate this SC decision, what about other SC's decisions? Don't be hypocrite and be straight forward and bold. BB died for the lust of the power and nothing else otherwise, your government would have done something good for the poor of the country and not looted money.

  • sarnad

    If majority of the people make a middle class individual their PM, we crib and try to redicule him . Please have patience and as we have saying SUPREME COURT IS SUPREME so let it be. It is unfortunate that LEADERS whom we have been charishing are actualy the biggest DISHONEST and played with the MAJORITY of Pakistanies mandate. VERY VERY UNFORTUNATE. Sorry for PML N leaders the Shareef Brothern have doomed our future.Must say good bye to POLOTICS.

    • Truth only

      By the way he isn't an elected but an appointed prime minister …… !!

      • Kunjahi

        Raja prime minister haha heehee

  • faraz

    good press conference

  • rajh javea

    khota khota hi hota hai chahe woh prime minister ya president hi kyu na ban jae.na shakal na aqal na personality.kitne sharam ki bat hai.


    he wana say PML N .PPP ZINDABAD

  • sahbir mehmoon

    what exactly he wana say can u say straight away dont be make people fool any more u dumbass

  • ayazkhan1

    sarey zaindghy curruption ki………..ab wazira azam….lanat ess currepution pa…..ore raja rental pa

  • ayazkhan1

    raja rental………hahahahah…..hehehehhe

  • https://www.facebook.com/bhatti.agapi Bhatti Agapi




  • Kunjahi

    Please tell us who killed murtza butoo and mob trams benazir butoo

    • Kunjahi

      Benazir tere khoon ka hasab Zardari ko dena hoga swam ko

  • schawkur

    Raja P.A. is right. Zardari really wanted to get rid of Benazir so that he could fulfill his impossible evil dream of heading a Coalition of Corrupts in Pakistan in the name of Benazir and her Zardari-written will. Well done Zardari, well-cashed deaths of Bhutto family.

    • Kunjahi

      We will reject you in this election because we still love benazir butoo

  • Zahid Naqvi

    What is this Kana Raja Rental bull sh*tting. He and Zardari will never take any action against Generals.
    This Supreme Court has ordered this Kana Raja Rental to write to Swiss Authorities. So in the end Deal will be that those Politicians who took money in 1990 can keep that and Zardari can keep $65m. What a Gandu PM have we got..

    come on Imran Khan we want you now.