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  • ebiz110

    Do you know why these POS chor corrupt Nooras Bakwas Shatan and his retard family and POS chor corrupt Nooras Gardari Bimari, and his retard family and others POS noora wanna be leaders trying to be in the power??

    They already got billions of pounds sitting in overseas fake bank accounts same money the sucked from poor awam, but why they still want power???

    Their properties, business, corrupted money would last them for hundreds of years, but why they still want to suck more blood from this poor awam???

    Answer is very simple, they know if Imran Khan comes into the power their corrupted money which they looted from this country for years, wont be safe anymore, that's they main reason, personally they don't give a sh1t about Pakistan or Pakistani people. just look at Pakistan today, each and every department is Failed or going to busted. Whole country is FAILED, but they don't give a damn!!!!!

    As you heard a lot times Gardari Bimari and his Chamcha Bakwas Shathan telling US don't worry, kill all we don't care as long you guys are happy and we are getting our share..