Off the record on ARY News – Khurram Dastagir, Jamshed Dasti – 16th October 2012


Off the record on ARY News – Khurram Dastagir, Jamshed Dasti – 16th October 2012

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  • chali

    Chief justice take action
    bhatti is a brave man

  • albanova

    You GEO you corrupt owner MIR Shakeel ur Rehaman!!! shame on u, FOr PPP Wahadeeha Shah this media shows all but when CM punjab Daughter kidnapp the young boys. no coverage at all, shame on corrupt media. double standard ,,,,,,,,,

  • kaptaan

    Yeah woh mafia hai jo awam ka khoon choos rahai hain…thanks to Social media that the issue brough to light….wurna yeah sharifo kai buchai humara aor humariee annai wli nasloo ka khoon issi turha choostai rahainga…WAKE UP PEOPLE GET RID OF THIS SHARIF MAFIA IN THE NEXT ELECTION WURNA AAPKI AANAI WALI NUSLAI BHEE UNKO UPNA KHOON DAITEE RAHAINGEE.

  • Imranhypocrite

    Election campaign starts now on media.. Please write "Paid Content" on top of tv screen. So PTI and PPP going to election together this time…lol.

    • guest!

      chutiye…. ghareebon per zulm ko tum paid campaign kehte ho….. yad rakhna ALLAH k han andhair nahi…. aur yeh Pubjab ki CM ship qayamat tak nhi chalay gi…. tch tch tch…. in a US senate's words, Pakistanis are mother sellers they can sell their mothers for money…. and the reason for this statement was due to a$$ hole Nawaz's policies!

    • tanoli

      tumhain sharam naheen aahi yeh baat kertay howay imranhy kal tumharay baap k saath yeh howa tu kiya keroo gey

    • kalo karant

      thooooooooooo jahil da puter lakh lanet tere aqal te phudooooooooooo

    • kalo karant

      tere aqal lan te noray peshab kita aye ki phudooooooooooooooo ghareeban te zulam kiney kiya see lan de aqal waliya

    • chali

      Paid by PMLN

  • Imranhypocrite

    See PTI and PPP united…………… At least people have seen their real face that they are actually together working against Nawaz Sharif.

    • kalo karant

      thooooooooooooooooooo lan de aqal waliya es masle te sabh ne eko ei zaban bolni aye lund de muhn walya kinay kiya se londyan noon gareeeb no mare

  • Saleem

    Mubashir luqman on ARY now
    Mehr ka husband ARY per
    Malik Riaz money now on ARY

    Boycott ARY

  • Ali

    ye mamla jaane kab khatam hu ga ke kisi be jammat ke head kuch be karte rahe ge ya un ke family walae
    ye un ke kutty is tara aa kar defend karte rahe ge.

  • Khalid raja

    We appreciate ARY News on telecasting the program on such good qoverness of Zalim-e-Aala. Shame on Khurram Dastagir on defending the family of Zalim-e-Aala.

  • azadpakistani

    Kis detai se jhoot boltay hain…..
    PMLN is denying what is blatently obvious.

    Please do not insult Pakistani people.


  • Sunny Maghol

    I 100% agree on it

    • Humna Being

      oyee khuram dastgir ALLAH se daro, ek din tum ne bi marna hai, ALLAH ne agar tum ek gareeb admi banaya hota to phir tumhari akal thikanay aa jati

      • azadpakistani

        With respect I do not agree with Mia Arshad. Apologies to the poor is not an answer. People in power can buy apologies, like they did in case of Raymond Davis. A crime is committed, culprits should be punished.

  • Sunny Maghol

    This Dangi Brotherian using government mechinary takin power against poor people in the eyes of common people I also blive nothing going to be happend

  • ali_ss

    go dengue go, go dengue go, go dengue go

  • umair

    i dont like Mr. mehmood ur rasheed . he seems me a munafiq type .. but i like other pti leaders
    what u think about him?

  • Habib

    supreme court must take sou moto action against these people

  • Ahmad

    This is the only real show on this issue
    Keep it up, @Kashif Bhai

  • yasir

    Jamshaid dasti point of view is the exact one….The culprits are Shahbaaz shariif's daughter and son in law

  • Hasan

    Mr. Bhutti did very good job. God bless him. I hope elite class will have to change their attitude. Elite class don't want to change themselves but their is no other option.

  • Hasan

    Mr. Kashif: Please do not discontinue this debate until the victims will get justice. The whole nation will be thankful to you. Please keep continue your next programs on the same topic until Shebaz Sharif's daughter and son in law both go behind the bars.

  • pk jp

    main sirf ek baat bolon ga tamaam dekhnee walo se
    plz khuraam dastagir ka face ghor se dekhen aisa peela face sirf mujrim ka hota hai

  • FunnyBunny

    Do you want Sue Motto on this issue?

  • speak truth

    Good job Kashif abbasi you raised this isue we appriciate you dont comback untill accuse get punished keep going Crim minister's dayghter and son in law should behind the barr..

  • Ikram Chaudhry

    Dasti nay Shahbaz Sharif kay kapray uttar diyay.
    Well done Dasti.

    • ali_ss

      wot actualy u wana say? be clear dude , lol

  • Trevor Gajek

    apperciate kashif abbasi for this awesome show on his facebook page. we need people
    like him in the media amd need to makeour voice heard so good anchors like him keep fighting for our rights

  • Wasif

    Wah re wah chief justice tera insaf. Ab kyun nahi laita Suo motto.

  • T A

    Chief justice ko notice lena chahiay our asal mujrim ko saza milni chahiay ta k dosray log jo aisa kartay hai unhay sabak milay

    • Hasan

      CJP is sleeping now. He will not take action.

    • kalo karant

      aj pata lagya aye cheif justic di sirf hik akh aye

  • m.arif

    really good show,

  • Moin

    well done bhatti saab and kashif abbassi saab, and well done Dasti saab.

  • bab

    Jab mian nawaz shareef ki leader(Roohani baap)Zia murdood ni shaheed Bhutto ko kis kanoon ki taith pansi di the kia bhutto shaheed muka-e-wardat per majood thei.Chief justice koo koi ja ki jgaee aur apni cossion rana sana-ullaha ki leader ki beeti ki khlaif action lee.

  • jhelum

    kasif bahe zindabad bati saab zindabad

  • bab

    App loog pagal hoo gaye hain ghreebon ka leader 04-04-1979 koo shaheed kar dia gia tha ab in ki leye koi nahi aai gaa tum ghreeb isi kabalo hoo.

  • Asfund Nuswwar

    These so called powerful politicians and movers-shakers of Pakistan and all their children, friends, relatives and business associates should be presented as dinner to hungry wild boars in thier cages. Common man of Pakistan needs to strike fear into the hearts of such people and their families.

  • Umair_Ali

    punjab k sharifo k bachy bhi sharif !!!!! in bagerto ne punjab to door k baat lahore ko tabah ker dia hai,, lahore ka her badmash in k kadmo main betha hota hai, lahore ka her Kabza group ko in bagairto ki sarprasti hasil hai. in ka 2 tagy ka mulazam bhi subo uth ker Chief Minister bana hota hai, shame on you sharif brothers after all u have to die one day,

  • Faisal Raza

    The real culprits are CM's daughter and his son in law not the Police Chillar.
    I am sure Chief Justice of Pakistan will take notice of this if he believes in Justice. An independent commision should be formed on this and Verdict should come out in one month Because:
    Delay in Justice means no Justice.

  • pmln_ppp_suck

    geo dasti. dasti zindabad

  • Hijaab

    Where is Supreme Court Sou Motto ??????????????????????????

  • I. Rohilla

    Khuram Dastagir is a liar and a hypocrite, he is trying to argue about a poor boy getting justice in Punjab against the daughter of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. I may believe if someone tells me that he lives on Jupitor but I will not believe this fake story from Khrum Dastagir.
    I have a queston, who is paying for sixteen hundred security personal assigned to protect Sharif family in Punjab and why they need so many people for their security.

  • Muhammad Ali Kiani

    how can a body guard be so influencial to call in police officers on duty on his own accord without the orders of the people in high ups , poori qoom ko bewaqoof samajhtay hein yeh , they think that everyone has the same iq level as them , shame of shahbaz sharif and his family

  • Sikander Butt

    No FIR against Shahbaz Sharif's daughter. Laanat hai hazaar baar Noora family per.

  • Yasir Malik

    PMLN Aik Gundaa Party hai. Poori qaum kee ankheen ab khul janee chahyeen.

    No difference between PMLN and MQM.

  • Shahzad Ali

    This is Pakistan.
    I wish Pakistan would never have got independence.
    Hum Phir Kalay Angraazoon kay Gulam ban gayay.

  • Muhammed Shamsi

    Kashif nothing will happened, the plaintive will be forced to drop the case back, these people are above the law, or should I say laws are not made for them, they are made for people like you and me, who are actually GHULAMS and they are our MASTERS, and we get the treatment we deserve, what should we expect from our Master it would not even cross his mind for a second that his Daughter or his son in law could be questioned for beating up a GHULAM, people like you and me are killed for less.

    Khuran Dastagir is from the same mould he is not different, if you think for a second that he would accept that what happened was done on the behest of Mian Shab Daughter and Son in Law, you have another thought coming.

    And sorry to say Chief Justice of Pakistan takes sue motto on Waheeda Shah on slapping a pooling officer and take sue motto on Atiqa Odo two bottles of Whisky will never take sue motto on this, and Chief Justice Lahore High Court can’t take a case against a secretary working for Khadim e Alla, without getting his permission first would dare do anything against the Sharif’s, these people are above the law, last time a Court tried to stand up to the Sharif’s we all remember what had happened to the Supreme Court. They can take cases against PPP or any other party but not them.

    And sorry to say media is the same, you have tried but most every channel Waheeda Shah’s case was head line for weeks, that one slap was made into 15 slaps, but that was PPP, most channels did not even bothered to cover this, shame on them.

    Last but not least Inshallah time is coming when shoe would be on the other foot, and all these pathetic psychos corpuses will be laying on the streets, and that time is not that far, we have seen in our life Qadafi, Hasni Mubarak, Sadam Hussain, Shah of Iran, Marcos, etc, “JUB ZULM ITNA BAR JATA HA TO ALLAH TALA KA HISAB HOTA HA” I am waiting for that, because these people will never learn from history, how unfortunate.

  • Bashir

    Kashif thank you for a follow up program on this issue. I hope that you will do more follow up programs on this issue till the victims get the justice…………. This political coorrupt mafia needs to be taught a lesson every step of the way. ………… Jamshed Dasti job well done……….. Kuram Dastagir I enjoyed listening to you but on this subject you were very il-logical and only defending the powerful and your bosses……….Arif Bhatti sahab keep up the good work and bring this case to a truthful conclusion.

  • Waqar Syed

    This is terrorism. She should be in Jail.

  • Shafqat

    Why Shahbaz Sharif's daughter is above the law?
    She should be punished by the guy whom they have beaten.

  • Hira Sajjad

    Police definately reacted on the instructions of Nawaz family.
    This is Taliban sooch.
    Why not supreme court has taken action on this crime?

  • Fareed813


  • Yasir Malik

    Justice my foot. Why not CM's daughter being arrested?
    Where is SUO Motto now?
    Is CJ Ifkihar sleeping now?
    Gunda Raj of PMLN.

  • e4gl3

    Question from Kashif__Dasti___Mehmo0d__&__reporter "kia ye FIR sahi kati gae hai,guards ne kis k hukam pay ye sab kia, ye case punjab govt k liay test case hai..etc…………..

    Answer from Khuram dastagir " Dengue……….Dengue……..Dengue……….Dengue………Dengue……………..Dengueeeeeeee………………. :) :)

    "sawal mashriq………jawab maghrib"…………takreeban fitay mo0 PML-N tera :)

  • Shabbir

    shame on you, so called "Khadm e Aala" and shame on your family.

  • sohail khalid

    kashif bhai apka 15 16 oct ka program daikha ye aik mindset he agr us khatoon ko pata hota k wo kisi shahensha ye wazir e ala ki baiti nai khadim e ala ki baiti he jo kisi gareeb ke baite ko laptop day rahe he kisi yateem bachi ko danish school me dakhla de rahe he ager wo waqai khadim e ala he tu jis bache k sath ye zulim hoa wo bhi kisi ka baita aur bhai he aur wo bhi sub se pahele insan he tu usko zaror insaf dilaye ge warna ye cc tv photage un k liye agle election me galay ki hadi ban nay wala he thanx

  • affan

    Noon League and PPP, they are all bull chits. Begairat, Haramzadai, Ghaleez

  • pakistani pti

    dastgeer game khel rha hei

  • khan

    jamshed dasti zinda bad……………………………………..

  • pakistani pti

    Begarat hain wo log jo phir b en ko vote detay hain

  • murtaza

    shame on shareef family chief justice plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss take action

  • Wnaz

    fock baldy brothers



  • jora

    kashef sab jn sab ko imran khan thak kare ga insahallha

  • aamir

    khurram itni besharmi khuda ki kasam begarti ki intha hai

    allah opper hai nawaz sharief nai

  • Balouchi

    punjab ki awam bohat beghairat hai, sirf batain he karti hai. ja kay zalim e aala kay ghar par halla kyon nahi bolti?

    • Pukhtoon

      very ture…they are only good in talking like khuram dastagir….when it come to action, every one is looking at others face. shame on punjabi zalim e aala

    • Mian Sahab Jaan dioo

      I'm punjabi and I totally agree with you.

      • Balouch

        i like punjabis, after all that young boy who got the beating was also punjabi brother. but it make me crazy to see all punjab do nothing abt it.

  • fahad ali

    salam i m from uk there r so many same incidents in pakistan every body who has money & power thy can use the police & thy can use every thng in pakistan no body thnk about poors & r dastgeer lak sb defendng a wrong decion in pakistan all politician r same thy hav no concern aabout poor people

  • Qasim

    Love u kashif , great show, shame on u noora league..

  • adam197

    Arshad say shame on media they show this video then bro show mr bean video
    long live pakistan

  • jawad

    kashif abasi good job lage raho bhai insaf delao inko

  • Adnan Malik

    Beti aur Daamaad ko jail main daal dena chaiye

  • farhan


  • faiz

    EK intahi gareeb lareky ko Rondha gia , Gareeb Police Walo se , Or Gareeb hi Pakrwa Diya Gia Ye mera Pakistan.
    Ye Waqiyat 1000 ki tadad me rozana hotey hai – Prbolem ye ki Zulm sehna wala Bhi Otna Hi Mujrim Hai- Kb Tak Hm Allah Ki Aas Laga Ge – Allah bhi uski Madad Jo Khod Apni Madad Nahi Kartey –
    In nazwz family ko bhi maro kabhi to moka mily ga gareebo maro inko ab issi tarah se hi halat change hon ge Mil jao Is ZaLimo , Firono Ki Kehlaf

  • Ablesky11

    Shame on you Arshad. first the FIR that was launched was a cover up. Lies after lies with total failure on part of PMLN to accept the truth. Uptil now they have cheated the poor totally. They did send these burly men to beat up a small kid. If they had any courage they would have picked on some their size. Arshad it is people like you who support the wrong things and refuse to acknowledge the right that are a disgrace to Pakistan.

  • Azra Batool

    CJ Must take Notice of it and Order to produce the victims and If they Managed to Handle Some One Make Petition on it


    simple si baat hay jis ke lathi ius ke bhees……no one do anything about this …2 din is case ke baat ho gee phir kis ko yaad reh jayay ga kay asa koi wakeya bhi hoa tha….

  • qaiserkk

    kuch na kaho aur …………………………..

  • Raja

    Well done Kashif Abbasi , pmln defending wrong case here, CM,S daughter and sun-in-law should be punished.

  • mohsan

    dear CJP this is test cease for you open your eyes if you will not take action then i am very sure in upcoming election there is no peace.and you will be as well have no safety please make sure you are safe and this is your duty don,t forget your duty you are not only a CJP you are a human be a human and take action on a daughter of politicization

  • abdullah

    the way they are beating the innocent guy i wish we can beat shabaz sharif and nawaz sharif and their son in law, this is totally ridiculous. May ALLAH show them what they are doing to the poor people

  • Bilal Din Malik

    zardari khush ho ga jamshed dasti say

  • UmEr

    PMLn Murdabad Cm Badmashi khatam karo apni our Insaaf do bachy ko chawalain na maro apni…

  • Bilal Din Malik

    raja riaz aik bat zindagi mein theek kehta hai yeh shehbaz shareef MUGHAL SHAHZADAY HAIN

  • Khuram

    Khadim Ala ki Beti Zalim e Ala nikli

    • Hasan

      Khadim Ala bhi Zalim hi hay. Show kara hay k Khadim hay.

  • farhan


  • umer

    Khadim alla sb se alla….

    • azadpakistani

      Not only difficult but painful for PMLN supporters to defend. Paid spokes persons has no choice, but you have. Do you want these people to get into power? Today this poor cleaner, tomorrow may be you or your dear one. For how long this has been going on in Pakistan? what you see is just tip of iceberg.

  • Arshad

    Shame to media, every anchor has showed this footage in his programm yesterday. SS has taken notice and arrest culprits, now what they are discussing about. We have huge huge matters to discuss, but shame to mr. kashif abbasi you are doing this program for political objects. shame shame.

    • farhan


      • faiz

        SHame On U Arshad What Action Has Taken WHo ordered This . THat Poor Guy is the Terriorst or attacker who send this elite forces . we all have to answer in Front of Allah pls do not take a side to whom u indirectly getting Allah's Azab. Shabaz Shirf will not in ur Qabr

    • adam197

      then media do what show mr bean video
      long live pakistanean video

    • sbajwa

      Shame on those who are still trying to defend these badmashs. Khurram is a pig who is eating the sh-t of these gundas.

  • mohammed rafiq

    this gorilla kurum ditagir trying to defend his masters daughter.

    • Ablesky11

      Please do not call him a Gorilla for Gorillas have some self respect and will not attack defenceless young. He is a paid lackey who is a mini Pharoah. A mini firon. All these people forget that Allah watches and indeed HE will exact a tough revenge from them unless they repent and seek HIS swt forgiveness.

  • BuTurabi

    افتخار چوہدری صاحب کو چاہیئے کہ وحیدہ شاہ کیس کیطرح اِسکا از خوُد نوٹس لیں تاکہ اُنکی دوسری آنکھ کھُلی ہونے کا کوئی ثبوت مِلے ورنہ ہم یہ کہنے پر مجبور ہونگے چوہدری صاحب ’’گوجرانوالہ مارچ‘‘ کا بدلہ چُکا رہے ہیں اور پیپلز پارٹی والوں کا یہ الزام جو حقیقت کا روپ دھار چُکا کہ ہر کیس پیپلز پارٹی کے خِلاف چل رہا ہے اور نورا لیگ کا ہر کیس لمبی تاریخوں اور سٹے آرڈر کے کمبل تلے چُھپا دیا گیا ہے سو فیصد سچ ہوگا۔
    کیس میں اغوا کی دفعات شامل کروا کر اعانتِ جُرم میں رابعہ عمران دُختر اُنگل شریف بمعہ چیلے چانٹے، گُرو گھانٹے کو گرفتار کروایا جائے۔

  • waqi

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  • waqi

    which party you will vote in next election. poll your vote on this link and see who is winning

    • T A


    • bab

      Dr dundan saz survey.bulshit