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  • chali

    Chief justice take action
    bhatti is a brave man

  • albanova

    You GEO you corrupt owner MIR Shakeel ur Rehaman!!! shame on u, FOr PPP Wahadeeha Shah this media shows all but when CM punjab Daughter kidnapp the young boys. no coverage at all, shame on corrupt media. double standard ,,,,,,,,,

  • kaptaan

    Yeah woh mafia hai jo awam ka khoon choos rahai hain…thanks to Social media that the issue brough to light….wurna yeah sharifo kai buchai humara aor humariee annai wli nasloo ka khoon issi turha choostai rahainga…WAKE UP PEOPLE GET RID OF THIS SHARIF MAFIA IN THE NEXT ELECTION WURNA AAPKI AANAI WALI NUSLAI BHEE UNKO UPNA KHOON DAITEE RAHAINGEE.

  • Imranhypocrite

    Election campaign starts now on media.. Please write "Paid Content" on top of tv screen. So PTI and PPP going to election together this time…lol.

    • guest!

      chutiye…. ghareebon per zulm ko tum paid campaign kehte ho….. yad rakhna ALLAH k han andhair nahi…. aur yeh Pubjab ki CM ship qayamat tak nhi chalay gi…. tch tch tch…. in a US senate's words, Pakistanis are mother sellers they can sell their mothers for money…. and the reason for this statement was due to a$$ hole Nawaz's policies!

    • tanoli

      tumhain sharam naheen aahi yeh baat kertay howay imranhy kal tumharay baap k saath yeh howa tu kiya keroo gey

    • kalo karant

      thooooooooooo jahil da puter lakh lanet tere aqal te phudooooooooooo

    • kalo karant

      tere aqal lan te noray peshab kita aye ki phudooooooooooooooo ghareeban te zulam kiney kiya see lan de aqal waliya

    • chali

      Paid by PMLN

  • Imranhypocrite

    See PTI and PPP united…………… At least people have seen their real face that they are actually together working against Nawaz Sharif.

    • kalo karant

      thooooooooooooooooooo lan de aqal waliya es masle te sabh ne eko ei zaban bolni aye lund de muhn walya kinay kiya se londyan noon gareeeb no mare