Chief justice & Parliament have to take strong action against this Secretarial war

Posted on October 13, 2012 User Submitted

Pakistan was made on the name of Islam, everyone was united on the name of Islam, and everyone struggled and got this country. But, the anti-Pakistani forces have injected a cancer virus which its funding is done by anti-Pakistani groups, and all these sectarian groups have started a war against each other from which the country has become disastrous and every day killings are happening, bomb blasting on the mosques, the people in the society have portioned due to the different sects and their mentality become very dangerous for each other, they are killing each other, the hatred has increased a lot for each other, but there is no strict actions against the people those are involved in it, and those people are giving hatred speeches, creating hatred in society on the name of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace,

Chief justice of Pakistan and the President of Pakistan and the Parliament must take immediate action without wasting a single minute, they must pass a law against any one who is giving hatred speech to develop hate for any other sectarian, they must be arrested immediately and must be punished according to the terrorist law, and all the sectarian organisation who are creating hatred in the society must be banned with immediate effect. We have already lost nearly 40,000 of innocent peoples lives. Enough is Enough! We have to make this extinct; this matter has now become the biggest threat of our country’s survivals. If you don’t do this now, you’ll never get a chance to do it again..! It has crossed the limits, it’s unacceptable now! We have to take a strong and strict action against this Secretarial Violence without even thinking about taking actions of kindness. Chief justice of Pakistan and Parliament have to take strong action against this Secretarial war, this is a question of Pakistan’s Survival — Meer Ikram Hussain