People’s Response to Imran Khan’s March and Mullah’s response which means nothing to people

Posted on October 9, 2012 User Submitted

People are overwhelmed with Imran Khan’s March against US Drones attach and he got remarkable attention all over the world to highlight the issue. While Mullah is talking about his participation in resolution in Parliament, which means nothing to USA and people effected in Waziristan. PPP was unable to answer as always and ran away like rat. People tell the truth. Now it does not matter how much criticism these shallow parties (Noora League, PPP, Mullah Leagues, MQM, ANP etc) do, people would not listen to them. They will remember that it was only Imran Khan who brought world’s attention towards their sufferings.

Face Book Video of Qabaili Poeple views About PTI Imran Khan March

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