Pakistani Women needs cheap convince like 50cc scooter to make there life easy

Posted on October 9, 2012 User Submitted

Pakistani Women should be given a chance to show their talent, they shouldn’t be dependant of anybody or anything, God Has gifted Women’s Talent, specially in Pakistan for easy daily routine life matters they need to have a easy and economical convince like 50cc scooter, To make their lives easy for their daily routine work, And it will bring a big change in Pakistani Society and women will feel more confident and they will participate like others in the family and in the society. We must promote this idea because it’s already being used in more than half of the world; women are playing a big role in their country development. This Idea will save a lot of time of a working woman and it will also save money, and they will be active like men in our society and they will share our household activities. And definitely it is going to bring a positive change and development.

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