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  • Amir Khan

    Oye yar yeh to pakra gaya he. Agar is video men koi sachae nahi to Pakistani laws ke mutabiq easily is channel ko maafi mangne per majboor kiya ja sakta he per haqeeqat bat yeh he ke ye jnab Sharab peetay huwe pakray gae the is liye hi to inhon ne channel per koi case nahi kiya. Is bat ka jawab daleel ke sath Kyun nahi diya Ashrafi Sab ne?? Is se bat saf zahir ho jati he.

  • Shahbaz Ahmed

    All preplaned agenda. Agencies and media involved in this planning. Also Zaid Hamid involved.
    This is not a new thing. This is routine practic that media and agencies are not with Ulamas. Allah sach ko sach aur jhoot ko jhoot ker dikhay ga. Inshallah.

    Jhoot ki tabahi
    Sach ki khair. Inshallah

  • https://www.facebook.com/wasim.ketan.94 Wasim Ketan

    All bullshit. Media always like this. Mullana Ashrafi is well respected clerk. I witness he never drink alcohol, intentionally someone add alcohol into his coke drink and he start vomiting and wants to go home but agencies never let him go without their pre plan agenda to make him notorious being drunk , this is a sign of non drinker person who start vomit having a alcohol volume in his body. If he use to drink he would never vomit. Laanat esy lougoon par jo dousroun par tuhmat lagaty hein. Khuda ke Lathi Be-Awaz hy.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wasim.ketan.94 Wasim Ketan

    Tahir Ashrafi ko intentionally coke mein alcohol de thy and he start vomiting, this is a sign of person who is not use to drink alcohol. He never drink I witness.

  • http://www.kashmir.no Ali Shahnawaz Khan

    Its really condemnable and a sign of highly immoral media behaviour against the private life of a citizen which needs to be protected in any civilized . I am really sorry, though I don't know the gentlemen personally